Mario Kart Mania is a game developed and published by Nintendo.  It contains its largest roster yet and even includes the likes of Kirby and King DeDeDe!

This time, the Mario universe isnt' the only driving ground, as two Kirby-themed tracks cross into this addition, and a very special cup has tracks hailing from other Nintendo-themed universes as well!


The gameplay elements of both Mario Kart 8 return in this exciting new installment!  Zero gravity racing, jump tricks, gliding and underwater racing all come back with a returning element back from Mario Kart Double Dash; character-exclusive items.

Much like in Double-Dash, you also cannot hold items behind you, or make shell shields with triple shells.* It requires some timing to block items such as red shells.

  • - Koopa has an exclusive triple shell that can be laid out into a shell shield


There are 40 total characters: 21 Playables and 19 Unlockables. The Characters are divided into 5 weight classes by color: Feather, Light, Medium, Cruiser, and Heavy

Playable Characters

Mario - Fireball

Luigi - Green Fireball

Peach - Heart Shield

Yoshi - Green Egg

Bowser - Bowser Shell

Bowser Jr. - Graffiti Ball (NEW - Spins out racer in front, makes it hard to see ahead, and develops into a puddle that can spin out more racers (YOU included))

Donkey Kong - Giant Banana

Toad - ???

Wario - ???

Waluigi - ???

Koopa - RC Shells (NEW - Blue shells that can be used in a triple shell shield)

Wiggler - Rage (NEW - For 5 seconds, shells that hit you will give you a large speed boost; no Blue Shells)

Lakitu - Cloud9 (NEW - A small boost in every one of Lakitu's stats for a long period of time (25 seconds)

Kirby (NEW) - ???

Boo (NEW) - Vanish (NEW - vanish for 10 seconds, becoming invulnerable to items. 20% chance to steal item of highest place you are ahead of that has an item)

Kamek (NEW) - ???

Pianta (NEW) - ???

Noki (NEW) - ???

Dixie Kong (NEW) - ???

King K. Rool (NEW) - ???

Hammer Bro. (NEW) - Hammer Barrage (NEW - Throws a series of hammers (or drops them) that will send karts flipping in the air if hit; dropped ones only last a few seconds)

Unlockable Characters

(Edit - The unlock guidelines will all be redone in the coming days to be far more reasonable than before)


Diddy Kong

Shy Guy

Mii* (outfit one)


King Boo


Dry Bones


Boom Boom and Pom Pom (NEW)

Honey Queen

Dry Bowser

Funky Kong

Petey Piranha

Mii* (outfit two)

Mallow (NEW)

Geno (NEW)

King Dedede (NEW)

  • - Mii's weight is based on individual Mii

New Courses

Mushroom Cup

Luigi Circuit

Toad Town

Moo Moo Ridge

Shy Guy Valley

Flower Cup

Diddy Kong's Shell

Dreamland Park

Peach's Sweet Garden

Birdo Pool

Star Cup

Daisy Beach


DK Safari

Goomba's Jumping Gala

Special Cup

Koopa Seaside Swim

Wario Casino

Bowser Castle

Rainbow Road

(Easter) Egg Cup

Zebes Expedition

Hyrule Castle Grounds

Lumiose City

Smash Bros. Tour

Retro Courses

Shell Cup

SNES Mario Circuit 1

N64 Royal Raceway

GBA Cheese Land

N64 Choco Valley

Banana Cup

SNES Vanilla Lake 2

GBA Sky Garden

SNES Choco Land 2

GBA Ribbon Road

Leaf Cup

GCN Mushroom City

DS Tick Tock Clock

Wii Grumble Volcano

3DS Rosalina's Ice World

Lightning Cup

SNES Donut Plains 1

GBA Sunsets Wilds

Wii Bowser Castle

3DS Music Park

Battle Courses

New Battle Course

Pop Star Arena

Beehive House

DK Jungle Ruins

Bob-omb Factory

DeDeDe Castle

Retro Battle Course

SNES Battle Course 1

N64 Double Deck

GBA Battle Course 3

GCN Tilt-A-Kart

DS Twilight House

Wii Delfino Pier

3DS Sherbet Rink

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