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Mario Kart Maker
Official logo
Developer(s) Ninkancho
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Display
Genre(s) Game creator
Series Mario Kart
Super Mario Maker
Predecessor Who knows at this point?!
Mario Kart Maker is a Mario Kart course creator, released by Ninkancho for the Display in autumn 2016 to build hype for the release of Mario Kart D. The game allows players to create their own tracks in four different graphical styles based on the games Super Mario Kart, Mario Kart 64, Mario Kart DS, and Mario Kart 8, then upload them to the Internet for others to play.


Mario Kart Maker lets the player build a Mario Kart course by placing and editing track pieces and other objects from the Course Maker mode. Course settings can also be changed, including the game style, course theme, lap count, and lighting of the course. The player can change their character in the editor, as well as the Engine Class they are using, but must get first place in a 100cc race as Mario to be able to upload the course. At any point while editing, the player can press the starting light icon to start or stop playing their course, which works the same way as Super Mario Maker's clapboard.

Outside of the Course Maker, one to five players can wirelessly connect to the Internet to access the Course World simultaneously. From here, Player 1 can choose from lists of new, popular, and bookmarked uploaded courses to play. Each player can change their character and Engine Class at any time from this menu. Player 1 can also start a Maker Grand Prix, which plays out like a Grand Prix in the main Mario Kart games, but with the drivers racing on randomly selected online courses.

If up to two players are connected to Course World, they can join an online room to play against other remote players either worldwide or regionally, or with friends. Players vote on which of three randomly selected online courses they would like to play, using the names and minimaps to form their decisions. Courses are selected based on how many votes they got, except in the case of a tie, wherein one of the courses that tied will be selected randomly.

Game styles

Game styleDescription
Super Mario Kart Based on the first Mario Kart title, Super Mario Kart, which was released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and unique in the series for its use of Mode 7 instead of true polygonal 3D. In Mario Kart Maker, courses made in this style are still in a de facto three-dimensional form, but are rendered as a large, flat, sixteen-bit sprite.
Mario Kart 64 This game style is based on the Nintendo 64 installment of the series. Though a hugely successful title, its age has started to show, with polygons and low-resolution sprites clearly visible on the televisions of today. Mario Kart 64 was nonetheless chosen as a game style to appeal to its large fanbase, as many see it as the best Mario Kart in the series.
Mario Kart DS A game style based on Mario Kart DS for the Nintendo DS, being the only handheld title represented in Mario Kart Maker. Mario Kart DS, while still rather polygonal-looking, is less noticeably so. This style is unique in that players can see a zoomed-in minimap complete with textures and hazards as they race, based on the touchscreen functionality of that game.
Mario Kart 8 The most recent of the styles, and you can tell. The game style is full of vibrant colors, smooth models, and impressive lighting, and is the only one of the four to include the tricking gameplay mechanic. Released for the Wii U, Mario Kart 8 was notable for its phenomenal graphics, live-recorded music, and gameplay, which have been carried over for Mario Kart Maker.

Course themes

Playable characters



Track piece A length of the track that can be driven on when not at too much of an angle.
Block Just a solid cube.
Item Box
SMK: Question Panel
Gives the driver a random item when touched. Can be set to only give certain items, a property shared between all Item Boxes.
Coin Adds a coin to the coin counter of a driver that touches it.
Ramp MK8: A trickable surface.
Dash Panel Provides a speed boost when touched.
Glider Panel Activates the kart's glider.
Antigravity Panel Activates antigravity.
Antigravity End An invisible object only appearing in the editor, which spans the width of its track piece and deactivates antigravity when crossed.
Grass An off-road surface that slows drivers down.
Mud An off-road surface that slows drivers down and makes it harder for them to control their kart.
Water A fluid that provides floatier physics for karts submerged in it.
Lava A fluid that cannot be driven in. Drivers that fall in must be rescued.
Barrel Breaks when hit. Can be set to release certain items when broken.
Boulder Falls onto and rolls down the track periodically.
Chain Chomp Periodically lunges out at the track, bound by its stake. A driver that touches one will flip out.
Cheep-Cheep Hops out of water or flails around otherwise, spinning out any driver that touches it.
Falling Block A block that falls down and disappears when touched.
Fire Bar Rotates around its central axis, spinning out any driver to hit the fire. Number of spokes can be changed.
Goomba Waddles in place, spinning out anyone to touch them.
Monty Mole Tunnels through the ground and hops out. Their trail can be tricked off of.
Oil Slick A puddle of oil that spins out a driver that touches it.
Pipe A solid cylinder. Emits bubbles underwater.
Piranha Plant Lunges at nearby drivers.
Swooper Slows down a driver that hits it. Most potent in groups.
Thwomp Pounds the ground periodically, crushing anyone underneath.


  • Mario Kart Maker was originally planned as a mode in Mario Kart D, but had to be cut and made its own title due to technical limitations in both the cartridge storage and the servers.

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