Mario Kart Joyride
Developer(s) Blender Maximum
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Genre(s) Racing

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Mario Kart Joyride is an upcoming video game for the Nintendo Switch. It is slated to be the ninth mainline entry in the Mario Kart series (or tenth if including the Switch Mario Kart 8 Deluxe port of the original eighth installment). The game, like 8 Deluxe, provides a heavier emphasis on Battle Mode than past installments, but also returns DS's Mission Mode in a new fashion as well.


Joyride's gameplay is mostly unaltered from that of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Players can customize their karts using a selection of bodies, wheels, gliders, and propellors to their liking. Characters are split into five weight classes, each with their own stats. The player moves by holding the A or Right button on the JoyCon (or the JoyCon Grip), and drift with the ZR or SR button. Item Boxes, which give the player a randomly-selected item for his or her use, can be found on the game's tracks. These items are used with the ZL or SL buttons. The B or Down button can also be used to break. Hitting the drift button immediately after hitting the pinnacle of a ramp will allow players to perform a "trick" that provides a short speed boost for the player. Gliding and driving underwater are possible as in the past two iterations, and anti-gravity driving returns as well. If the player(s) do not want to fall off the course, there is also a driving assist mode that will allow that.

Battle Mode

There are six types of Battle Modes. The first is Balloon Battle. In this mode, each character starts out with five balloons attached to their karts. The goal in this mode is to use items to either steal others' balloons or hit other characters, gaining more points. If a character loses all of their balloons, however, they will disappear from the main game. Instead, the character will be able to get only Bob-Ombs from Item Boxes, of which they can hold five of at a time. Characters can use these Bob-Ombs to steal Bob-Ombs from other players out of the game or to take balloons away from players still in. Characters still in the game can use items on characters out of the game, causing them to lose all of their Bob-Ombs. If a character out of the game gets five hits on players in the game, they will receive three balloons and get back in the game, retaining their previous score.

The second type of Battle Mode is Shine Thief. At the start of each round in this mode, a Shine Sprite is placed in the middle of the course. Characters will battle to get the Shine Sprite, and the person to reach it first claims it. Characters can then use items against the person with the Shine Sprite in order to steal it. The person who has the Shine Sprite at the end of the match will win.

New to the series is the mode of Card Runners; while primarily similar to the Coin Runners mode of previous titles, Card Runners has players collecting cards scattered throughout the course. These cards allow for some changes to the mode; cards are more scarce than coins had been in the game's predecessors, and the cards have items on them. Regular Item Boxes do not appear in this mode, so the characters can use items on their cards to attack and steal cards from others.

The next new mode is Dye Match. Each player in this mode has a Blooper that will automatically give any item from a box an "inky" effect, like leaving trails of ink behind shells. Every character has a different color of ink, and the main goal is to cover the map with your ink. Unlike the main game, other players' ink will not spin you out, but it will make you move a little bit slower. This mode is inspired by the Turf Wars of Splatoon.

The fifth game mode returns from 8 Deluxe: Renegade Runners. This mode is the only game mode that is always split into two teams: Authorities and Renegades. The Authorities always have active Piranha Plants, but they can use other items as well. The goal of the Authorities is to catch all the Renegades, and the Renegades have to try to not get caught for the duration of the match. Caught Renegades will be transported to a jail somewhere on the map, and they can be freed by other Renegades who hit a button under the jail.


It has been announced that 54 characters in total will fill the game's roster, and at least two of these characters will not have originated from the Mario series.


Mario 3 - SuperMarioRun
Luigi 2 Rio2016
Peach (Super Mario 3D World)
Yoshi Bowling
Birdo MP9
Bowserjr MP9
Bowser Jr.
Koopa Troopa
220px-Toadette - Mario Party 10
Baby Mario
Baby Luigi
DK Strong
Donkey Kong
Mario Party Star Rush King Boo
King Boo
Bowser MP10
Wario MP10
Petey Piranha MPSR
Petey Piranha
King Bob-omb MPSR
King Bob-Omb


Shy Guy CTTT
Shy Guy
BobOmbBuddy IggyKoopa321
Bob-omb Buddy
Ninji SMR
Sprixie Princess
Dr Mario Blue Virus
Diddy Kong
Dixie Kong - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
Dixie Kong
Dry Bones MPSR
Dry Bones
E gadd
E. Gadd
Motley Bossblob Jester
Motley Bossblob
Kamek Suprised
Hammer Bro. Party 8
Hammer Bro.
Tiny Kong
Koopa Kid
Rosalina - Mario Party 10
Wiggler MK7
Funky Kong Artwork - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
Funky Kong
Fig 20 critter
Kamella SMG
Dry bowser new render by nibroc rock-daxjexr
Dry Bowser
K Rool SSB4
King K. Rool
Whomp MPR
Gooper Blooper
Major Burrows
Major Burrows
Boss brolder
Boss Brolder
RoboMario New
Robo Mario
Metal gold mario 3 4 by nibroc rock-d90bucr
Gold Mario
Pink Gold Peach MK8
Pink Gold Peach
Super Team


Nitro Tracks

60px-MK8 MushroomCuptv.svg
Mushroom Cup
60px-MK8 FlowerCuptv.svg
Flower Cup
60px-MK8 StarCuptv.svg
Star Cup
60px-MK8 EggCuptv.svg
Egg Cup
60px-MK8 SpecialCuptv.svg
Special Cup
Petey Circuit Ancient Airway Crazy Cap Park Danger Zone Lethal Lava Sewers
Milkshake Lake Peach's Fortress Delfino Diner Hammer Bro. Hideout New Donk Highway
Yoshi Square Chain Chomp Playground Twilight Gardens Waluigi Gallery Bowser's Palace
Flowery Funhouse Sushi Station Noki Greenhouse Shooting Star Reserve Rainbow Road

Mushroom Cup

Flower Cup

Star Cup

Egg Cup

Special Cup

Retro Tracks

60px-MK8 ShellCuptv.svg
Shell Cup
60px-MK8 BananaCuptv.svg
Banana Cup
60px-MK8 LeafCuptv.svg
Leaf Cup
60px-MK8 BellCuptv.svg
Bell Cup
60px-MK8 LightningCuptv.svg
Lightning Cup
DS Figure-8 Circuit
MKWii Toads Factory
Wii Toad's Factory
MK64 Choco Mountain
N64 Choco Mountain
MKSC Cheep Cheep Island
GBA Cheep Cheep Island
3DS RockRockMountain
3DS Rock Rock Mountain
MK8 SweetSweetCanyon
Wii U Sweet Sweet Canyon
Wario Stadium MK64
N64 Wario Stadium
MKSC Boo Lake
GBA Boo Lake
MK8 TwistedMansion
Wii U Twisted Mansion
MKWii Moonview Highway
Wii Moonview Highway
MKDD Mushroom City
GCN Mushroom City
MKWiiCustom SNES Vanilla Lake 2
SNES Vanilla Lake 2
MKWii DK Summit
Wii DK Summit
MK7 Rosalinas Ice World
3DS Rosalina's Ice World
MKDS Bowsers Castle
DS Bowser's Castle
MKWiiCustom Donut Plains 2
SNES Donut Plains 2
3DS Shy Guy Bazaar
3DS Mario Circuit
MKWii Daisy Circuit
Wii Daisy Circuit
MKDD Rainbow Road
GCN Rainbow Road

Shell Cup

DS Figure-8 Circuit is one of the most altered tracks in the game. For one, the grass on the side of the track has been replaced with water that can be driven through (though the drivable water is mainly on the side of the track, and the fence that was previously on top of the grass has not been removed). The water is a stream that can make your character move at a faster speed, but it overall makes you go a little bit slower because ramps that you can do tricks off of have also been integrated into the track. The entire middle section of the figure-eight has been removed, replaced with two gliding areas on the higher and lower levels of the track. The last big addition is that there are now oil puddles at some spots. Aesthetic changes include the track taking place at night, the graphical upgrade, and two "finish line" flags decorating the start of the tunnel at the end.

Wii U Sweet Sweet Canyon returns from Mario Kart 8 and its remake. This course is almost, but not exactly, identical to its appearance in the previous game. Beside the slight graphical upgrade, the area after the gliding section at the track's beginning is now entirely underwater up until the split paths (though the water now has a pink color, resembling pink lemonade). The aforementioned split paths are also now recolored red and blue instead of green and pink. Additionally, all of the "chocolate" textures in the track have been changed to "strawberry" textures, with a more pink color.

GCN Mushroom City

SNES Donut Plains 2

Banana Cup

Leaf Cup

Bell Cup

Lightning Cup

Secret Tracks

Secret Cup A

Secret Cup B

Secret Cup C

Secret Cup D
MK8 Excitebike Arena
Wii U Excitebike Arena
Luigi Circuit Secret Slide Bullet Bowling Alley
Wuhu Skyline DaisyCruiserMK7
GCN Daisy Cruiser
MKWii DS Peach Gardens
DS Peach Gardens
Bowser Circuit
Mario Circuit Paintball Plaza RainbowRoadMK7
3DS Rainbow Road
DS Airship Fortress
MKGP Diamond City
GP Diamond City
MK8 Electrodome
Wii U Electrodome
Peach Circuit MKGP CastleWall
GP Castle Wall

Secret Cup A

Wii U Excitebike Arena is, like in both 8 and its remake, a randomly generated track. However, it is now more notably randomly generated than before, sometimes repeating obstacles and not just reusing specific sections for the random generation. Otherwise, the only change in this course is a graphical update.

Wuhu Skyline

Mario Circuit

GP Diamond City is the first of the two tracks to return from the Mario Kart Arcade GP games. However, this track actually combines two of the game's tracks, Diamond City and Snow Panic. This lengthens the course considerably, but not much else is changed about the course besides graphics and aesthetics. During the first lap, the course will take place at day, but the sun will begin to set when the player in first place gets to the second lap, and it will be nighttime in the track by the third lap.

Secret Cup B

Secret Cup C

Secret Cup D

Battle Mode Tracks

Joyride has more tracks in Battle Mode than in any previous Mario Kart game, with a total of 24 courses in all, half of which return.

Nitro Tracks
Retro Tracks
Astral Hill Ice Cream Lake MKWiiCustom SNES Battle Course 2
SNES Battle Course 2
MK64 Double Deck
N64 Double Deck
Sizzling Stove Nintendo Switch MarioKartDSCustom GBA Battle Course 4
GBA Battle Course 4
GCN Block City
Pure Heart Railway Kogwald Coliseum MKDS Tart Top
DS Tart Top
MKWii MKDS Twilight House
DS Twilight House
Field of Flight Tilting Tides MKWii Delfino Pier
Wii Delfino Pier
MKWii Chain Chomp Wheel
Wii Chain Chomp Roulette
Loop-de-loop Big Boo's Graveyard MKWii Galaxy Colosseum
Wii Galaxy Colosseum*
MK7 Honeybee Hive
3DS Honeybee Hive
TBA TBA MK8DX Dragon Palace
8DX Dragon Palace
MK8DX Urchin Underpass
8DX Urchin Underpass

* Wii Galaxy Colosseum was previously only available in online tournaments in Mario Kart Wii.

Crusade Mode

Crusade Mode is a new take on DS's Mission Mode, featuring a plot and more difficult missions. The story of this mode is centered around six "forgotten" Mario series villains who want revenge. Each of these villains has their own "world" of missions in-game, and defeating them in the boss mission at the end of their world will unlock them as playable characters.




Item Description Item Description
MKGPDX Style Item Box
Item Box
The Item Box can be found on the track. Hitting one rolls a random item to be used. NSMBWiiCoin
Coins can be found on the track, but not in Item Boxes. Up to 15 can be held at a time, and they give a short speed boost.
MKGPDX Style Double Item Box
Double Item Box
The Double Item Box can be found on the track, but it's more scarce than a regular Item Box. Hitting one will roll two items that can be used. NSMBU SMM Pink Coin
Pink Coin
There are 16 Pink Coins in the game, found in hidden locations on tracks. Collecting one will unlock a track in a Secret Cup that can only be played in Versus Mode until the rest of the cup's Pink Coins are discovered.
Green Shell
Green Shells can be fired in front of or behind the recipient. Hitting a player with this will cause them to spin out. TripleGreenShellsMK8
Triple Green Shells
Triple Green Shells are three Green Shells that can be fired individually. They will circle around the kart.
Red Shell
Red Shells are like Green Shells, but they home in on the character in front of or behind the recipient. However, they can be destroyed. TripleRedShellsMK8
Triple Red Shells
Triple Red Shells circle around the kart and can be fired. Each will home in on the character ahead of the receiver.
Bananas are thrown behind the kart. Any character that hits one will spin out. TripleBananasMK8
Triple Bananas
Triple Bananas circle around and protect those who receive it. They can also be thrown like single Bananas.
Dash Mushroom
The Dash Mushroom provides a quick boost for the character that uses it. This is not effected by off-road driving. TripleMushroomMK8
Triple Mushrooms
Triple Mushrooms give three Dash Mushrooms that can each be used separately. Like other items that come in threes, these circle around the kart.
Fire Flower
The Fire Flower lets the user throw fireballs either forwards or backwards. Fireballs that land on opponents will spin them out. Ice Flower
Ice Flower*
Ice Flowers are identical to Fire Flowers except that they slow targets down a bit once hit, and they freeze shortly instead of being spun out.
Golden Mushroom
The Golden Mushroom acts as a Dash Mushroom. However, this gives the player an indefinite amount of speed boosts for a limited amount of time. StarMK8
Super Star
A Super Star will make the recipient invincible temporarily. Speed will also be boosted during this period.
The Bob-Omb is an item that explodes with a large and powerful blast. It takes a few seconds before it goes off. LightningBoltMK8
Lightning shrinks every character ahead of the one who receives it. This will lower their speed and prevent them from performing tricks.
SMG Red Star
Red Star*
The Red Star will temporarily cause the user to move at a faster pace than others on the track. Any ramp will also send the user into gliding mode during this period. PottedPiranhaPlantMK8
Potted Piranha Plant
For a limited time, Potted Piranha Plants will bite anything that gets close to you for a short speed boost. If there isn't anything nearby, the plants will chomp at the air instead.
The Blooper can only be found in Double Item Boxes, but it will enhance the item that it's paired with an inky effect, like shooting oily paths with a shell or leaving dangerous ink behind when using a Mushroom. Poltergust 3000 Brawl
Poltergust 3000*
The Poltergust 3000 lasts for a limited time, but it acts a vacuum that will pull characters ahead of the user back and steal items from characters around you.
3D Land Chain Chomp
Chain Chomp**
The Chain Chomp is an item that will fire at the kart ahead of you and latch onto it, pulling you closer to them and causing you to drift whenever they do. This item, however, can be stopped by the character that it latches onto by drifting a few times in a row, and it will miss if the next kart is too far away. Cortoony Paintball Bob Omb
Smoke Bob-omb*
Smoke Bob-ombs are drastically different from regular Bob-ombs. They stay in the kart for the duration of the attack, and the fire toxic fumes ahead or behind the kart. Once the smoke has run out, the item will drop behind the kart and explode with a short range.
MKGPDX Style Fake Item Box
Fake Item Box**
Fake Item Boxes can be thrown onto the track. Upon contact, those who hit it will be slowed down and lose access to their item temporarily. BooNSMBWii
The Boo will turn the character that receives it translucent and intangible. It will then steal another player's item for them before giving them back their visibility.
When activated, the Luma will allow the user to spin around multiple times for ten seconds, gaining a short speed boost and spinning out nearby opponents. It will also prevent them from falling off the track when in use. BulletBillMK8
Bullet Bill
This item transforms the user into a Bullet Bill, speeding them up and driving automatically. Any players hit will spin out.
Spiny Shell
Spiny Shells race across the track, targeting the character in first, but hitting other characters in its way. It will stop at nothing... SuperHornMK8
Super Horn
...except for the Super Horn. This item sends out a loud sound wave, spinning out opponents and destroying obstacles in its range.

* marks items that have not been in the Mario Kart series before this title.
** marks items that have been altered from previous titles.


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