Mario Kart GT is a Mario Kart game for the Nintendo GT, and it is the fourth game in the series for a handheld.


There are 36 characters in this game, 10 default, 20 unlockable, 6 downloadable.


Mario 150px-MarioNSMBWii Mario is a skilled Kart driver and a medium racer. He drives the Fireball 2.0, which, like Mario himself, is All-Around. Fireballs-Mario shoots three fireballs down the road, which when hitting an enemy, causes them to slow down.
Luigi Luigiiiiiii Luigi is Mario's brother, and a Kart driver as well. He drives the Poltergust Rider, which has good acceleration, but has not a lot of firepower. Plasmaballs - Same as Mario's Fireballs, but are slower, and shrink the rivals.
Peach Folder4000 peachness Peach is a medium driver and the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom. She drives the Princess Chariot, which has very high speed, but the lowest power in the game. Hearts - Peach gets three hearts around her which absord any items (except Blue Shells).


Toad Toad is a lightweight character and Princess Peach's servant. He drives the Turbo Mushmobile, which has low speed, and low power, but high drift. 5 Mushrooms - Toad summons 5 mushrooms to make him very fast.
Yoshi YOSHI!!!!!! Yoshi is a middleweight who lives with his tribe on Yoshi's Island. He drives the Prehistoric Cruiser, which has bad control, but is very powerful. Yoshi Egg - Homes in on an enemy and explodes, causing an item to go on the track.
Wario WarioGoodQual Wario is a heavyweight who runs WarioWare, a company that makes Microgames. He drives the Wario Bike, which has very high speed and power, but very low control. Fart Boost - Wario releases farts which make him faster.
Donkey Kong 110px-DKposes Donkey Kong is an ape that lives on Donkey Kong Island. He drives the Jungle Cruiser, which has lots of acceleration but low speed. Barrel Toss - DK tosses a barrel, which slows down enemies.


Bowser NSMBVR Bowser is the heavyweight king of Koopas. He drives the Koopa Clown Kart, which has lots of power, and high speed. Bowser Shell - Bowser tosses a ginormous shell at foes.
Baby Mario BabyMario Baby Mario is Mario's baby form, who has stopped Bowser, even as a child. He drives the Motorstroller, which has lots of control, but low power and speed. Rattle Boomerang - Hits a foe and then returns, can be used three times.
Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr. NSMBVR Bowser Jr. is Bowser's son, and heir to the Koopa throne, this middleweight drives the Hurricane Jr. which has high speed and power, but low acceleration. Mini-Shell - Bowser Jr. shoots a Bowser Shell, which is faster but less powerful.


Daisy 240px-DaisyMP8Official Daisy is the first unlockable character and mediumweight driver. She is the ruler of Sarasaland and drives the Flower Chariot, which has high acceleration, but low power. Flowers-Daisy sprouts Flowers, which do the same thing as Peach's hearts. Clear the Star Cup in 50cc with an A or higher ranking.
Waluigi 250px-WaluigiMP8a Waluigi is the second unlockable and a mediumweight as well. He drives the Purple Cricket, which has lots of power, but low speed. Bow-Legs - Waluigi grows huge and walks over other karts. Clear all Nitro Cups in 50cc with one gold star or more on each cup.
Diddy Kong 250px-DiddyDKCR Diddy Kong is a lightweight and DK's little buddy. He drives the Bongo Train, which has high speed, but very low power. Rocketbarrel-Diddy Kong sets off two rocketbarrels which make him go very fast. Clear the 50cc Leaf Cup.
Toadette MP7 Toadette Toadette is a lightweight and the girlfriend of Toad. She drives the Vroomer, which has high speed, but low acceleration and power. Pigtail Helicopter - Toadette uses her pigtails to have extra speed. Clear 50cc with all Star rankings.
Birdo 250px-MP8 Birdo Birdo is a glamourous dino who is Yoshi's girlfriend. She drives the Glamour Racer, which has good control, but low speed. Vacuum - Birdo sucks up an item, and uses it. Clear the 100cc Flower Cup with Yoshi.
Koopa Troopa KoopaCool Koopa Troopa is one of Bowser's minions. He drives the Shellshocker, which has very high speed, but very low acceleration. 5 Shell - Koopa Troopa gets 5 Shells, 2 Green, 2 Red, and 1 Blue. Clear all the Retro 100cc cups with 1 Star or more ranking.
Dry Bones Giant drybones Dry Bones is a skeletal Koopa Troopa and another of Bowser's minions. He drives the Skelecycle, which has high control, but low speed and power. Fright Jar - Dry Bones rolls a Fright Jar onto the track, which slows down opponents. Get 8 Expert Staff Ghosts on Time Trials.
King Boo KingBooSME King Boo appears in his original Luigi's Mansion design, he is the leader of Boos. He drives the Haunted Float, which has very high power, but low speed and acceleration. Boo Boost - King Boo summons Boos that push the kart, making it faster. Clear 100cc Nitro Cups with Luigi.
Professor E. Gadd Professor E. Gadd Professor E. Gadd is here! After being rejected from Mario Kart DS, The prof is back! He drives the Gaddvan, which has high control and speed, but low power. F.L.U.D.D - E. Gadd uses F.L.U.D.D as a weapon which slows down enemies when squirted. Clear 16 Time Trials.
Hammer Bro. Hammer Bro. Party 8 Hammer Bros. are an elite source to Bowser's army. This Hammer Bro. drives the Elite Koopacopter, which has high power and speed, but very low control. Hammer - Hammer Bro. chucks a Hammer at another kart, which when hitting the kart, makes three items appear. Beat the 150cc Star Cup.
Petey Piranha PeteyPiranhaPlant Petey Piranha is the leader of Piranha Plants. He drives the Ivy Rider, which has very high power, but low acceleration. Goop - Petey spits Goop onto a certain area of road, which slows down other racers who drive in it. Get 12 Expert Staff Ghosts on Time Trials.
Dixie Kong DixieKong Dixie Kong appears in a Mario Kart! She drives the Chimp Jeep, which has good speed, but very bad control. Helicopter Twirl - Dixie whirs her hair to make her be boosted. Complete the 150cc Special Cup.
Kamek KamekNSMBW Kamek appears in Mario Kart! He drives the Scholar's RV, which has low power and speed, but very high acceleration. Reversal Magic - Kamek reverses the Controls for other racers for 15 seconds. Get 16 Experts Staff Ghosts on Time Trials.
Baby Luigi Baby Luigi NSMBDIY Baby Luigi is the baby version of Luigi. He drives the Goo Goo Buggy 2, which has high speed, but low power. Tear Boost - Baby Luigi cries, the Tears making him faster. Clear 150cc Banana Cup with a Star Ranking or higher.
Rosalina Rosalinawavewand Rosalina is the queen of the Cosmos. She drives the Cosmic Explorer, which has good acceleration, but low speed. Luma - Many Lumas defend Rosalina's kart. They can bouncing back items. Win a race at least 30 seconds ahead of the Second Place racer.
Shy Guy ShyGuy Tiny guys with masks, and Yoshi's adversaries. This Shy Guy drives the Tribal Throne, which has high speed, but low control and power. Fly Guy - Shy Guy sprouts a propellor on his head, which allows him to hover for a while, avoiding all ground items. Clear all 150cc Nitro Cups with a Star Ranking or higher.
Monty Mole MontyMole Monty Mole is a tiny mole who hides in the ground. He drives the Minecart Carrier, which has high power, but very low control. Minecart - Monty rides a Minecart down the track, throwing gold and rocks at other racers. Get 24 Expert Staff Ghosts on Time Trials.
Wiggler Wiggler3 Wiggler is a tempermental caterpillar. He drives the Flutter Wings, which are very powerful and controlable, but low speed. Angry Rampage - Wiggler turns angry and stampedes uncontrolably down the course. Play 50 Battles.
Geno GenoSMWWii Geno is a warrior from Star Road, and a good ally to Mario. He drives the Warrior's Steed, which has high power and speed, but very very low control. Power of Wishes - Geno either burns, freezes, or zaps other racers. Clear 150cc with All Star Rankings.
Boom Boom and Pom Pom BoomBoomBamBam Bowser's minions work together as a tag-team! They drive the Air Glider, which is heavy but has low speed. Boomerang - Boom Boom and Pom Pom each throw 5 boomerangs. Complete Mirror Mode with all characters other than them.


Maria OmegaMaria Maria is one of Mario and Luigi's cousins, she is one of the 4 downloadable characters available with the game. She drives the Omega Sunset, which has high acceleration and control, but low speed. Mallet Maria - Maria gets a Golden Mallet and becomes Mallet Maria, flattening other players. 250 Wii Points
Luise LuiseOmega Luise is another one of Mario and Luigi's cousins, and is very timid. She drives the Glamour Carriage, which has a high amount of speed, but low power. Bulb Luise - Luise lights up the track, and can head through dark areas, she also can find hidden roads. 300 Wii Points
King K. Rool King K. Rool King K. Rool is the kroaking King of Kremlings, and is very heavy. He drives the Tropical Chariot, which has very very high power. Klaptrap - King K. Rool tosses a Monster Klaptrap onto the track, which bites anyone in it's way. 350 Wii Points
Kritter Kritter Kritter is one of King K. Rool's minions, he drives the Barrel Plane, which has considerably high power and speed, but very low control. Spike Throw - Kritter rolls his Spiky Collars onto the track, which cause racers to slow down. 400 Wii Points
Goombario Goombario NSMBDIY Goombario is a goomba who is Mario's friend. He drives the Shroomy Putt-Putt, which has high acceleration, but low Speed and Power. Headbonk - Goombario headbonks passing racers. 450 Wii Points
Goombella GoombellaNew Goombella is another one of Mario's friends, she drives the Archeoligist Jeep, which has high speed and acceleration, but low power. Tattle - Goombella looks at the opponents stats, and gains the closest one's for 15 seconds. 500 Wii Points


Mushroom Cup

  • Luigi Circuit - A easy course owned by Luigi. The only thing to look out for is The Chain Chomp.
  • Baby Jiggler - A course that leans to the side depending of the racers on it, a Toadie flies overhead, dropping items on the course. This course is owned by Baby Mario.
  • Dino City - A prehistoric city which is covered with moss, and the buildings are made of Rocks. This course is owned by Yoshi.
  • WarioWare - A strange factory where Wario makes his Microgames. It is very cartoony.

Flower Cup

  • Mario Circuit - A lush green place. Mario's enemies, Goombas are all over the track, as are maybe a few Beezos.
  • Koopa Playland - A giant playroom with Toy Trains and a Easel and paints. This course is owned by Bowser Jr.
  • Giant Labyrinth - A course with very twisty turns and lots of alternate routes. Wiggler owns this course.
  • DK Jungle - A jungle that goes through trees, up a mountain, and through a village.

Star Cup

  • Peach Castle - Peach's Castle, You visit different course in Super Mario 64, in this order, Bob-omb Battlefield, Cool Cool Mountain, then Lethal Lava Land. Peach owns this course.
  • Magician Theater - A theater where Magikoopas do magic. Kamek owns this course.
  • Star Road - A twisty course owned by Geno. It is covered with Star Kids.
  • Mecha Bowser's Core - The inside of Mecha Bowser, it is owned by Jackson.

Special Cup

  • Casino Land - Waluigi's Casino, it has 3 Different floors. It is owned by Waluigi.
  • Monty Mines - An underground mine. Monty Mole owns this course.
  • Bowser Castle - A very tall castle. Bowser owns this course.
  • Rainbow Road - The longest course in the entire game, it has only 1 lap.

Shell Cup

  • DS Luigi's Mansion - A redo of the course from Mario Kart DS, Professor E. Gadd is the ghost.
  • Wii DK Summit - A redo of the course from Mario Kart Wii, Diddy Kong is the ghost.
  • N64 Toad's Turnpike - A redo of the course from Mario Kart 64, Toad is the ghost.
  • SNES Ghost Valley 3 - A redo of the course from Super Mario Kart, The ghost is King Boo.

Banana Cup

  • NGC Baby Park - A redo of the course from Mario Kart Double Dash, Baby Luigi is the ghost.
  • Wii Toad's Factory - A redo of the course from Mario Kart Wii, Toadette is the ghost.
  • NGC Daisy Cruiser - A redo of the course from MKDD, Daisy is the ghost.
  • DS Tick Tock Clock - A redo of the course from MKDS, Hammer Bro. is the ghost.

Leaf Cup

  • NGC Peach Beach - A redo of the course from MKDD, Blooper is the ghost here.
  • N64 DK's Jungle Parkway - A redo of the course from MK64, Petey Piranha is the ghost here.
  • Wii Koopa Cape - A redo of the course from MKWii, Koopa Troopa is the ghost here.
  • SNES Bowser's Castle 2 - A redo from SMK, Dry Bones is the ghost here.

Lightning Cup

  • Wii Rainbow Road - A redo of the course from MKWii, Rosalina is the ghost here.
  • GBA Shy Guy Beach - A redo from MK:SC, Birdo is the ghost here.
  • SNES Mario Circuit 3 - A redo from SMK, Mario is the ghost here
  • Wii Bowser's Castle - A redo from MKWii, Bowser is the ghost here.
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