Mario Kart Element
Developer(s) SpeedyC Studios
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Element
Release Date(s)
Early 2016
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Racing
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 Mario Kart Element is a racing game being worked on by SpeedyC Studios for the Nintendo Element. The game will focus on how the stage and character rosters will reflect on the gameplay. It's release is set for early 2016.


The gameplay feels remarkably similar to that of Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 8 when on normal ground. Drifting returns again, and so does fire hopping from Mario Kart 8. The course of the game is to drive in a selected vehicle to win. There are different ways to do this based on different game modes. There are occasions when players can dig underground, fly through air, drive in water, and skate on ice.

Grand Prix

Players select a cup (four tracks) to race on against 11 computer players. The players must complete three laps around each track to finish in 1st-12th place. Each placing in the 12 spots gives them a certain amount of points, once a race, to decide who wins. This mode can be played online with friends only.

It has been confirmed that there will be more game modes but little is known about them as of now.


There are currently 15 starting characters. SpeedyC Studios has also confirmed that there will be a number of unlockable characters. 

Playable From Start

Weight Character
Light Lighter

Baby Mario

Baby Peach
Koopa Troopa
Light Toad
Hammer Bro
Bowser Jr.
Medium Lighter Peach
Medium Mario
Heavy Heavy Rosalina
Donkey Kong
Heavier Wario


Nitro Cups

Cup Track
Mushroom Cup Mario Circuit
Kitty Canyon
Plessie Peak
Kitten Playpen
Flower Cup Cranky Kong Cruise
Shifty Boo Mansion
Kamek City
Peach Tower
Star Cup Shivering Mountain
Goomba Valley
Lakitu Cloudway
?-Block Factory
Special Cup Candy Carnival
Sunset Shore
Bowser's Castle
Rainbow Road


Item Description
Green Shell
Triple Green Shells
Red Shell
Triple Red Shells


Triple Bananas
Triple Mushrooms
Rock Mushroom

Turns player into a fast boulder, crushing everything in their path.

Fire Flower
Boomerang Flower
Cloud Flower Gives the player three cloud boost ramps.
Ice Flower

Allows player to shoot snowballs at other racers to freeze them for three seconds. When they emerge, they'll keep going at the speed they were in before they were frozen.

Tanooki Leaf The player's kart grows a tail to attack nearby racers. While flying, the player also has more control of where they go.
Cat Bell The player's kart grows a set of paws and a tail to attack nearby racers. While flying (or just off the ground,) the player can hold down the attack button to get to the ground quicklier than normal.
Mega Mushroom The player grows to be huge, and is given the ability to smash through weak stone walls for shortcuts. They can also crush players in their path.
Mini Mushroom The player shrinks to be tiny, and can drive on water, sneak through cracks in weak stone walls for shortcuts ,and isn't slowed down by off-road. However, the acceleration and speed become very low.
Invincible Star
Potted Piranha Plant
Bullet Bill
Golden Mushroom
Slot Machine

The player has a 3-slot slot machine like that of Super Mario 3D World. The slots have a Fire Flower, an Ice Flower, and a Tanooki Leaf. If the player doesn't match any, they get a mushroom. If the player matches two, they get one of the power ups they matched. If the player matches three, they get three of the power ups they matched.

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