Mario Kart Double Dash!! 3DS is a Nintendo 3DS remake of the popular GameCube game Mario Kart: Double Dash!! made by Master Productions Incorporated. The game features new characters and some items such as Candy Kong and Dixie Kong, Rosalina and Lubba, and much more. Mario Kart Double Dash 3DS!! is Rated E, has Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, and was released in July - September - November - December 2011.


Default Teams

Mario and Luigi

Peach and Daisy

Wario and Waluigi

Bowser and Bowser Jr.

Baby Mario and Baby Luigi

Yoshi and Birdo

Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong

Rosalina and Lubba (NEW)

King Boo and Petey Piranha

Geno and Mallow (NEW)

Unlockable Teams

Toad and Toadette

Koopa Troopa and Paratroopa

Toadbert and Toadsworth (NEW)

Candy Kong and Dixie Kong (NEW)

Baby Peach and Baby Daisy (NEW)

Pianta and Noki (NEW)

Kat and Ana (NEW)


Nitro Cups

Mushroom Cup

Course Name Descrpition Character
Luigi Circut

Luigi Circut just a medium size course based on Luigi. It's a simple course with a Luigi blimp flying across the sky.

Pianta Village Pianta Village is a peacful village where alot of Pianta live. The courses take thourgh the viallage all can even go into houses. Pianta
Peach's Garden A new and imporved Peach's Garden where Toad Guards are around, the garden has a giant pool in the center, and the mze is larger than the original. Peach
Daisy Cruiser An improved Daisy cruiser where the ship is moving and instead of the race to start from the deck of the ship the course starts at the boiler room and finishes to the main deck of the ship. Daisy

Flower Cup

Course Name

Description Character
Mario Circut A normal couse that belongs to Mario and has three laps. The course is challenging because it has many different obstecles from Mario's past adventures and has a maze of warp pipes. Mario
Comet Observatory A pretty course with 3 laps owned by Rosalina. Rosalina
Toad Town The peaceful city of Toad Town the capital of the Mushroom Kingdom. This course belongs to Toad, Toadbert, and Toadsworth. The course take the the racers all over the city, but becareful for other Toads and houses. Toad, Toadsworth, and Toadbert.
Sarasaland The large desert kingdom owned by Princess Daisy. In this course racers will go thourgh the entire kingdom of Sarasaland where they have to go thourgh the outside, Daisy's Castle, and insside a dark pyramid maze. There are obstecles in the course like Pokeys, the Angry Sun, and Spinys. Daisy

Star Cup

Course Name Descrirption Character
Dimaond City A funky cool city where Kat, Ana, and Wario live. The course has 3 laps across the city. Wario
Waluigi Stadium A long big course owned by Waluigi. the course has two laps and is filled with crazy obstecles and traps. Waluigi
Peach Circut A nice big track owned by Peach near by Peach's Castle. Peach
Geno's Maze A confusing large maze owned by Geno. Geno

Rainbow Cup

Course Name Description Character
Donkey Kong Island A wild island jungle filled with many different creatures and Kongs. Donkey Kong
Baby Park A small course that has 5 laps owned by Baby Mario and Baby Luigi. Baby Mario and Baby Luigi
Petey Piranha's Playhouse A large greenhouse like playhouse filled with dangerous Piranha Plants owned by Petey. Petey Piranha
Yoshi's Circut A small beautiful course filled with tree and one large hole in the center with five waterfalls owned by Yoshi. The course has 4 laps. Yoshi

Speacial Cup

Course Name Description Character
Noki Bay A beautiful bay that has many Nokis. Noki
Bowser's Castle A large frightning castle filled with lava and traps owned by Bowser. Bowser
Bowser Jr.'s Airship A large airship with traps owned by Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr.
Rainbow Road A large colorful rainbow course that's in the sky. None

Retro Cups

Banana Cup

Original On Course Name Description Character
SNES Bowser's Castle 1 Bowser first catle from the original Super Mario Kart. Bowser
N64 Luigi Raceway A small course owned by Luigi with four laps. Luigi
GBA Riverside Park An adventerous course with three laps frm Mario Kart: Super Circut. Dixie Kong
DS Waluigi Pinball A crazy giant pinall track owned by Waluigi from Mario Kart DS. Waluigi

Leaf Cup

Original On Course Name Description Character
DS Luigi's Mansion A large creepy Mansion owned by Luigi. Luigi
N64 Koopa Troopa Beach A nice and silent beach from Mario Kart 64. Koopa Troopa
Wii Cocunut Mall A large mall in Isle Delfino. None
N64 Sherbet Land An icey wasteland with frozen water, snowmen, and penguins. None

Lightning Cup

Original On Course Name Description Character
DS Delfino Square An Isle Delfino track that takes from the start, to the alleyways of Delfino Square, the docks, and back to the end. Pianta
Wii Toad's Factory A factory owned by Toad filled with conveyer belts and stomping machines. Toad
SNES Ghost Valley A creepy boardwalk willed with traps and Boos. None
Wii Daisy Circuit A circuit that Daisy owns and takes place in the sunset of a little town. Baby Daisy

Shell Cup

Original On Course Name Description Character
GBA Sky Garden A large garden that lays on the sky. None
NGC Dino Dino Jungle Much like DK Mountain Dino Dino Jungle is larger, has large dinosaurs that roam, and water geysers. None
Wii Rainbow Road The most colourful track and it is owned by Rosalina. None
DS Tick Tock Clock The track originally from Mario Kart DS. It's design is basically sorta like Tick Tock Clock it had crazy gears and a tower. None

Unlockable Cups

Mega Mushroom Cup

Course Name Description Character
Yoshi's Island A large island with 3 laps that's in the shape of Yoshi. Yoshi
Princess Peach's Castle A medium track with three laps that takes racers thourgh Princess Peach's Castle. Peach
Wario's Woods A crazy medium course with 4 laps that takes place in Wario's Woods. Wario
Bowser Jr.'s Amusment Park A large obstecle filled amusment park course with 2 laps owned by Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr.

1-Up Cup

Course Name Description Character
Toadette's Tunnel A long tunnel with 3 laps that loops all the way to a freeway with cars passing by. Toadette
Waluigi Raceway A medium course with three laps, but be careful falling meteorites fall to the circut. Waluigi
Koopa Canyon A large canyon with 3 laps, but watch out for falling boulders and Koopa Troopas. Koopa Troopa
King Boo's Ruins An ancient ruins filled with Boos. The course later leads racers to a large temple where there are many traps. King Boo


Sample Name Description Range
Item Box When touched one racer will get an item 12-1st
MKDD Item Box
Double Item Box When touched the two racers will both get items. 12-1st
Mushroom Gives the racer an extra boost.


Fake item box
Fake Item Box When touched the racer will get hurt. 12-1st
Banana Peel This item will lay on the track when it's been tossed and when racers drive into it he/she will spin around. 12-1st
Triple Banana Peel This item will give the racer to throw banana at any directiion three times. 12-1st
Green Shell These type of shells would be thrown at any direction they won't go directly at a player, but will bounce it many directions until one gets hit. 12-1st
Triple Green Shells These shells do the same as a regular green shell, but players can do the same thing three times. 12-1st
Red Shell Unlike Green Shells these kind of shells will go directly at another racer. 12-2nd
Triple Red Shells These do the same thing as a regular Red Shell, but these can go directly at a racer three times. 12-2nd
MKwii TripleShroom
Triple Mushroom These ushroom will give the racers three times a boost. 12-3rd
Spiny Blue Shell
Blue Spiny Shell This shell will fly to the two racers in first place and strike them. 12-3rd
Bullet Bill This item will make the racers go relally fast and hit other racer to get to another range. 12-8th
Bomb-omb When tossed this item will explode when it hits racers or the ground. 12-2nd
Blooper When used the Blooper will squirt ink at other racers making them hard to see. 12-3rd
Lightning Blot What the Lightning Bolt does is that when used it shrinks all the other racers exept for you. 12-6th
Mega Mushroom
Mega Mushroom The Mega Mushroom make racers grow into gigantic size and can crush other racers. 12-7th
Star A star will give a racer be be invincible for a short period of time. 12-4th
Golden Mushroom The Golden Mushroom will give a racer a boost 8 times faster than a Mushroom. 12-8th
Boo When a Boo is used it will steal other racer's items and give it to your racers. 12-5th

Unlockable Content

See Mario Kart Double Dash!! 3DS/Unlockable Content


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