Mario Kart Dimensions includes many powerful items that can hinder or help the racer win the race. Mario Kart Dimensions introduces six new items to Mario Kart : the Boomerang, Whimp, Topmaniac, Freezie, Oil Drum and Dash Pepper. Below lists the rarity of the items, below that lists the descriptions, and finally every item in the game.

Name Type Common Places
Mushroom Speed 5-8
Triple Mushrooms Speed 7-8
Fireball Bounce 4-7
Banana Peel Stationary 1-3
Triple Banana Peels Stationary 1-2
Super Star Speed/Invincibility 6-8
Bob-Omb Bounce 5-8
Green Koopa Shell Bounce 1-5
Red Koopa Shell Lock-On 1-8
Blooper Distract 6-8
Golden Mushroom Speed 5-8
Fake Item Box Stationary 2-6
Triple Green Koopa Shells Bounce 1-3
Triple Red Koopa Shells Lock-On 4-6
Blue Spiny Shell Lock-On 7-8
POW Block Distract 4-7
Super Leaf Transform 1-6
Boomerang Bounce 5-8
Lightning Bolt Transform 6-8
Whimp Stationary 1-5
Topmaniac Speed/Invincibility/Transform 8
Freezie Transform 1-6
Bullet Bill Speed/Invincibility/Transform 4-7
Oil Drum Stationary 3-7
Dash Pepper Speed 8


Item Manual Description Effect
Mushroom A simple red-and-white mushroom from the classic days... Gives the user a speed boost
Triple Mushrooms Three of the super speedy mushrooms! Gives the user three speed boosts
Fireball The firey ball of heat from the powerful Fire Flower. Throws three bouncing fireballs
Banana Peel A useless item a certain monkey will like. Stays on the ground and will spin anyone who touches it out
Triple Banana Peel Even more of the useless yellow items. Three banana peel usages
Super Star Mario's most powerful power-up: the Starman! Grants the user invincibility and increased speed
Bob-Omb A bomb with a short fuse. Blows up after 3 seconds after thrown
Green Koopa Shell A Koopa Troopa's shell. Where's the Koopa now? Can bounce three times and will spin the person it touches out
Green Red Shell Another shell? OK, who's killing the Koopas!? Will home into the nearest racer ahead of the user
Blooper A squid!! Great, where's the fish and we can have a seafood platter! Will squirt ink on anyone ahead of the user
Golden Mushroom A kingly mushroom, fit for, well... ironically, the worst. Gives the power of the mushroom unlimited for 30 seconds
Triple Green Koopa Shells Three spinnin', bouncin' shells? WTF! Gives three Green Shell usages
Triple Red Koopa Shells More of those dastardly Koopa Shells? Where do they come from? Gives three Red Shell usages
Blue Spiny Shell The most powerful shell can not outwit even the fastest of racers. Homes into first place and will blow them up
POW Block Pow goes all the people! Will appear over all the racers heads and spin them if they don't hop in time (this occurs to anyone ahead of the user)
Super Leaf A magical leaf grown on Peach's Tanooki tree. Will give the user a tanooki tail to swat three people away.
Boomerang Boomerang Brother's powerful weapon.. When thrown, will home into a person two-places ahead of the user and hit them and will come back to the user, hitting anyone in the way. Sometimes it even goes behind the user.
Lightning Bolt A super shrinking power-up to slow everyone down. When used, it will shrink everyone except the user down, slowing them
Whimp A whomp's best bud; a kid! When thrown, the whimp will run into the nearest racer and push them backward, slowing them down
Topmaniac A super spikey galactic robot-thing that is very mean. When used, the user will turn into Topmaniac and will speed up to a place ahead
Freezie A frozen drop of water with a freezing face! When thrown, the freezie will incase any racer it touches in a shard of ice, slowing them
Bullet Bill An evil missile shot from cannons. When used, the bullet bill will turn the user into a Bullet Bill and work the same as Topmaniac
Oil Drum Mushroom Kingdom's oil that fuels the racer's karts! When thrown, it will cause many oil spills to appear on the track and will spin out anyone who touches one
Dash Pepper Yoshi's yummy pepper found only in the depths of outer-space. When used, the user will burst forward in a burst of speed, faster then a mushroom, and will bring the user to fifth place.


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