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Mario Kart Dimensions
マリオカート3Dブラスト!(Mario Kart 3D Blast!)
Developer(s) GhoulGIsmallified.png
Sora Ltd.
Next Level Games
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) Racing
Release Date(s) Q3/Q4 2012
Mode(s) Single Player, Multiplayer

Mario Kart Dimensions is a Kart Racing video game for the Nintendo 3DS game system, and is developed by Ghoul Games, Inc., Sora Ltd. and Next Level Games. Mario Kart Dimensions is the eighth main-stream game in the Mario Kart series, the fourth for a handheld console, and the second game on the Nintendo 3DS. The game will allow the player to exchange ghost data and records with Mario Kart 7. Mario Kart Dimensions is set to release in Q3/Q4 2012. The game can also link up to the SP1DR game Mario Kart Rush to unlock new features and downloadable content. Mario Kart Dimensions is considered the spiritual successor to Mario Kart Powers.


In Mario Kart Dimensions, Coins, which appeared in Super Mario Kart, Mario Kart: Super Circuit and Mario Kart 7, will reappear and will, like in Super Mario Kart and Mario Kart: Super Circuit, make you go faster. Also, like Mario Kart 7, the player will be able to go back underwater with the use of a new collectible power-up: the Morph Bubble. The Morph Bubble will give the player a yoshi shaped submarine, which can shoot one torpedo (and more can be obtained through bubbles with a torpedo ted inside it).

Unlike in Mario Kart 7 and Mario Kart Wii however, the Gliders and Motorbikes do not return. However, creating your own kart and emblem do. When creating your kart, you have the option of saving up to 20 karts, and you can place decals (such as a Bullet Bill with flames, or Shine Sprites) on the sides of your kart. Not all karts can have decals.


3DS A Button.png A Button (Hold) Accelerate your vehicle
3DS B Button.png B Button (Press) Stop your vehicle (Hold) Drive in reverse
3DS X Button.png X Button (Press) Use item
3DS Y Button.png Y Button (Press) Use item
3DS R Button.PNG R Button (Hold while turning) Drift
3DS L Button.PNG L Button (Hold while turning) Drift
3DS D-Pad.png Control Pad (Down) (Hold) Look backwards
Circlepad.png Circle Pad (Tilt) Steer your vehicle
3DS Select Button.PNG Select Button (Hold) View current standings
3DS Start Button.PNG Start Button (Press) Pause the game
DS Stylus.png Stylus (Tap Screen) Pause the game

Battle Mode

Mario Kart Dimensions, like past games, features a battle mode, which can be played by one to eight players (local 1-4, online 2-8). The objective in battle mode is to eliminate all of your enemies, either by collecting their balloons, having more coins, having the Shine Sprite longer or hitting them with a certain item.


There are four battle modes that you can play in Mario Kart Dimensions: Balloon Battle, Coin Runners, Shine Sprint and Item Roulette. Each mode has it's own strategy, rules and action. In Coin Runners, collect as many coins as possible before getting hit by an item. In Balloon Battle, eliminate enemy players by hitting them or stealing their balloons. In Shine Sprint, collect the Shine Sprite to eliminate the players who haven't had it. And in Item Roulette, hit an enemy with a specific item to eliminate them.


Default Characters

Unlockable Characters

  • Miis are also featured as the thirtieth (eighteenth secret) character in the game. The colour of the outfit depends on the Mii's favourite colour, and the class that the Mii is in depends on the height and weight of the Mii.

Unlocking Criteria

Main Characters
Dry Bones Win 50cc Special Cup or Play 60 races
Shy Guy Win 50cc Lightning Cup or Play 75 races
Toadette Play Time Trial on every course or gain 7500 WFC Points
Koopa Paratroopa Play Time Trial on all Retro courses or gain 8000 WFC Points
Baby Luigi Win 100cc Special Cup or Play 250 races
Retro Mario Win Mirror Mode Special Cup and Lightning Cup or Play 15000 races
Princess Daisy Win 100cc Lightning Cup or gain 9000 WFC Points
Birdo Play Time Trial on all Nitro courses or gain 10000 WFC points
Bowser Jr. Collect 1000 coins or win 100cc Leaf Cup
Diddy Kong Collect 1500 coins or win 100cc Star Cup
Kamek Win 150cc Star Cup or collect 3500 coins
Dixie Kong Win 50cc Leaf Cup or collect 2000 coins
Waluigi Win 50cc Star Cup or collect 2500 coins
Wiggler Win 150cc Leaf Cup or collect 3000 coins
Boom Boom Win 150cc Lightning Cup or glide for a total of 1 hour
Rosalina Win 150cc Special Cup or glide for a total of 30 minutes
Pom Pom Have Super Mario 3D Land on your 3DS or win Mirror Mode Star Cup
Petey Piranha Win Mirror Mode Leaf Cup or collect 4000 coins
Outfit A
(Racing Suit)
Win 100cc Flower Cup
Outfit B
Win 100cc Banana Cup
Outfit C
(Yoshi Costume)
Win 150cc Flower Cup
Outfit D
(Koopa Costume)
Win 150cc Banana Cup


Mushroom Cup Flower Cup Star Cup Special Cup
Luigi's Circuit Pipe Sewers Soda Lake Donut Plains
Sky Fortress Cheep Cheep River Chai Hills Subcon Desert
Pinna Playground Ghost Mansion Supermassive Station Bowser's Castle
Airship Ruins Prehistoric Path Cement Factory Rainbow Road
Shell Cup Banana Cup Leaf Cup Lightning Cup
GCN Baby Park GBA Yoshi Desert N64 Frappe Snowland NDS Wario Stadium
MKP Retro Hills SNES Donut Plains 3 NDS Mario Circuit GBA Boo Lake
3DS Piranha Slider MKP Sherbet Mountain GCN Mushroom City Wii Bowser's Castle
SNES Vanilla Lake 1 N64 Luigi Raceway MKP Tutankoopa's Curse GCN Rainbow Road

Battle Courses

New Stages Retro Stages
Stardust Fields Wii Block Plaza
Peach's Castle Grounds SNES Battle Course 1
Dimble Clearing GCN Tilt-a-Kart
Bowser's Lava Lair 3DS Sherbet Rink
Delfino Plaza MKP Vanilla Dome


Items are an important part of racing, as they can help or hinder you. Items can be collected by driving through an Item Box on the courses. Once a player has driven through an Item Box, that will start the Item Roulette that appears in the top left corner of the screen. Depending on the place you are in, results in a different item, as you would tend to get Banana Peels, Green Shells and Red Shells if you were in first, while a Bullet Bill, Blue Spiny Shell and Lightning if you were in last.

Mushroom Triple Mushrooms Fireball Banana Peel Triple Banana Peels
Super Star Bob-Omb Green Koopa Shell Red Koopa Shell Blooper
Golden Mushroom Fake Item Box Triple Green Shells Triple Red Shells Blue Spiny Shell
POW Block Super Leaf Boomerang Lightning Bolt Whimp
Topmaniac Freezie Bullet Bill Oil Drum Dash Pepper

Kart Customization

As with Mario Kart 7, players can customize their karts to their liking. The player can select wheels (which will change the drift and off-road abilities), a body (which will change the weight and speed abilities) and a seat (which changes the handling and acceleration abilities). There are 25 kart bodies (8 default), 8 types of wheels (4 default) and 6 seats (2 default). In addition, there are 15 decals that can be placed on the side of many karts.

Karts Wheels Seats Unlockable Karts Unlockable Wheels Unlockable Seats Decals
Standard (S/M/L)

Cloud 9
Shell Shock
Banana 1
Star Power






? Blocker
Sprinter B
Pipe Frame
Piranha Skipper
Wand Racer
Princess Power
Mushroom 1
Wario Car
Red Flame
Egg 1
Bumble V
Dry Bomber
Rambi Rider
Wild Wing


Drag Racer


Drag Racer

Bowser Claws & Marks

Shine Sprites
Bullet Bill
Brick Blocks
Paper Mario
Koopa Shells
Super Stars
Racing Stripes
Number (Choose)
? Blocks

Unlocking Criteria

Unlockable Type Unlock Criteria Unlockable Type Unlock Criteria
Shine Sprites Decal Collect 10 Coins Bullet Bill Decal Collect 20 Coins
R.O.B. Decal Collect 30 Coins Brick Blocks Decal Collect 40 Coins
H7-90 Kart Collect 50 Coins Bowser Claws & Marks Decal Collect 50 Coins
Mushrooms Decals Collect 60 Coins ? Blocks Decal Collect 70 Coins
Lumas Decal Collect 80 Coins Penguins Decal Collect 90 Coins
Wild Wing Kart Collect 100 Coins Toads Decal Collect 110 Coins
Paper Mario Decal Collect 120 Coins Koopa Shells Decal Collect 130 Coins
Super Stars Decal Collect 140 Coins Futuristic Seat Collect 150 Coins
Number Decal Collect 160 Coins Racing Stripes Decal Collect 170 Coins
Flames Decal Collect 180 Coins Classic Seat Collect 200 Coins
Tank Wheel Collect 250 Coins ? Blocker Kart Collect 300 Coins
Rambi Rider Kart Beat Mushroom Cup on 100cc Dry Bomber Kart Collect 350 Coins
Sprinter B Kart Collect 400 Coins Bumble V Kart Collect 450 Coins
Drag Racer Wheels Collect 500 Coins Bouncer Wheels Collect 550 Coins
Recliner Seat Beat Flower Cup on 50cc Cactent Kart Collect 600 Coins
Egg 1 Kart Collect 650 Coins Red Flame Kart Beat Shell Cup on 100cc
Piranha Skipper Kart Beat Banana Cup on 100cc Wand Racer Kart Collect 700 Coins
Princess Power Kart Collect 750 Coins Wario Car Kart Collect 800 Coins
Mushroom 1 Kart Collect 850 Coins Hoverpads Wheels Collect 900 Coins
Pipe Frame Kart Collect 950 Coins Drag Racer Seat Collect 1000 Coins

Downloadable Content

By connecting with the game Mario Kart Rush, players are able to gain various extra content, including three characters, a new cup and a new item. The characters, however must be unlocked after they've been downloaded.


Unlocking Criteria

Noki Connect with Mario Kart Rush, then beat Shine Cup on 150cc
Pianta Connect with Mario Kart Rush, then beat Shine Cup on Mirror Mode


Shine Cup
Gelato Speedway
GCN Peach Beach
NDS Delfino Square
Corona Caverns


Name Type Common Places
Watermelon Stationary 3-6
Item Card Description Effect
Watermelon A tasty fruit, grown on Gelato Beach. When it hits a racer, it will cover them (and their screen) with watermelon. Unabling them to see as well.

Beta Elements



  • This is the first game in the Mario Kart series to be released for a handheld console of a previous game. In this case, it is released for the Nintendo 3DS, which had Mario Kart 7 released for it in December 2011.
    • This is also the first game in the series to be released with a partner game, in a similar manner to the Pokémon series. In this case, it is released alongside Mario Kart Rush.
  • Oddly, the PAL boxart for the game does not include the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection symbol, yet supports Wi-Fi.
  • This this the first Mario Kart game to include a button to view the current standings. This feature is re-implemented in the partner game Mario Kart Rush.
  • This is the first game in the series to include in-game appearances from other video game series.
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This page is a work of fiction, and does not depict an actual product.