From the makers of Mario Kart DS and Double Dash!!, comes the latest addition in the Mario Kart series.


Hint: To get it, finsh all the cups in every cc.

One day in Mushroom Kingdom, a new Double Dash!! contest (called Tag Team) beguin. Mario, Bowser, and everyone was running to sign in!! There are new cups and retro cups, as well as new features!

Playable Characters

Unlockable Characters


Mushroom Cup

Mario Circuit

Cheep Cheep Caves

Luigi Circuit

Moo Moo Medway

Flower Cup

King Boo's Castle

Choco Peak

Peach Lake

Lethal Lava Raceway

Star Cup

Baby Mario Carvinal

Toad Plains

Donkey Kong Rainforest

Wario Arena

Special Cup

Waluigi Casino

Laktiu Skyway

Bowser Castle

Rainbow Road OR Rainbow Heaven if playing 150cc or 150cc Mirror

Battle Arenas

Shy Guy Toy Box

Delfino Center

Nintendo DS Lite

Wiggler Forest



Grand Prix: Let's you race 7 other CPU people in a cup {See Cups}

Time Trials: You can race any coruse unlocked for the best time.

Verus: Race in a playset of races!

Battle Mode:

Bomb-Omb Battle: Use Bomb-Ombs to destory your enimie's balloons!

Gate Race: Race a course you unlocked and race through all checkpoints to win!

Coin Runners: Collect the most Coins by yourself, or in a team, to win!


Match Modes:

Basic Race: If you are new here, you can race some of the easy tracks, using basic items!

Master Race: Play a hardcore set of hard tracks, with lots of powerful items, for experts only!

Team Race: Play a old helping handful game of team race!

Battle: see Battle.

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