Mario Kart DRAX
Mario Kart Drax Box-Art by Nova
The game's box art
Developer(s) Drax&PupilProductions
Publisher(s) Nin
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Racing, Online
Release Date(s) Overall: June 19th 2014
Mode(s) 1-8 players
Age Rating(s) 3Rating

Mario Kart DRAX is a game for the Wii U. It has loads of characters and codes to use with a Special Edition Pack. Items are included and include over 20+ items. The game is made by Drax&PupilProductions. So the game is very fast paced, including race tracks with speed of up to 300cc. To see all the rest of the information, scroll down this page and read and whizz!


It was a lovely warm day in the mushroom kingdom. But in the lab of Bowser's Castle Bowser had made the fast paced machine. It could make everything in the mushroom kingdom fast paced! On the act as well, was of course his son, Bowser Jr. His silly act made it affect the whole universe!




130px-Toad Artwork - Super Mario 3D Land

Toad is a light charcter who has loads of speed and is very recommended at the beggining of the game.

Green Koopa
100px-KoopaTroopa MP9

Green Koopa may not be as much capable as red koopa because green koopa is not as strong and he may be quite clumsy with his shell.

Shy Guy
215px-Shyguy MP9
Shy guy has the same attrabutes as toad, but is a tiny bit heavier. Works recommended with the Dino Rider.
Baby Mario
Baby Mario1
Baby Mario is quite popular in the lightweight section and works very well with the prammer. In my opinion, better to use than the actual mario.
Baby Luigi
Baby Luigi can be very entertaining when it comes to celebrating, but the main thing is that if he wins with you, you're set for a laugh!
Baby Peach
Baby Peach is a true princess to all the babies and sets a huge example to them on the karts. But when showing true confidence, you have to win the game.
Baby Daisy
Baby daisy
Baby daisy may come after peach by charging the lightweights, but she can still boss the game with her little rules, so watch out guys, here comes baby daisy.

Toadette's mushrooms are roaming rounded the karts a bit too much. But she can obviously prove somthing to her brother toad. So she's going to grab his fame this time. May toad not come first!

Green Lakitu
Lakitu doesnt want to charge the game this time, he's left it to his rookies. He's also got his friend red lakitu into the game. So let him chill, give him a good game and be the part of mario kart.
Boo will creep you until your race is over. He's obviously a ghost! He was an item before, but now he actually wants to play! So watch your spooks and hide!


200px-Mario Artwork - Super Mario 3D World-1-
Yes, the most famous of them all, Mario! He's an epic character and the most famous character! His name is on the cover! So as usual, he play in kart just like he's done since Super Mario Kart. But can he top the rest? Find out by playing as him!
Luigi SSB3M
Wow, brothers against brothers. Must be amazing huh? Not when you're Luigi, shadowed behind Mario nearly every time. I feel really sorry for him. But can he prove it this time? Can Luigi beat Mario and show him whose boss? Wait and see...
Peach is a true princess. But when she met Mario, I guess you could say she went love bunny. But when it comes to racing she literally hates mario! True story, so what ever you do, don't get mario and Peach in a 1st and 2nd battle. It could get nasty!

She hasn't been a Mario Kart game as a default for a long time, she hasn't been much of a contender to other players has she? But maybe she could prove that she belongs at the start of the game. By pushing the barrier this time.

Yoshi is the big dino that everyone  thinks is cute. Now don't be silly, he's a dino. Dino's are meant to be scary. But couldn't the dino be scary in racing? The answer is yes. He can give you a big roar!
Birdo MPNLands
Wierd this is, right, Birdo is supposed to be a boy. Are you kidding me. She's a girl! If she was a boy would a boy have a bow on there head or huge eyelashes or a diamond ruby on there finger? Don't think so. I seriously don't get it.
Pauline hasn't made it to many Mario Karts over the years, that's why she got to this one. So she'd have to prove herself if she wants to get into the next one. Really nothing has been said about her, but she could go and make herself very much more famous if she wins a few cups.
Diddy Kong
File:Diddy kong,tropica lfreezw.png
Let me start by saying, diddy may not be a medium character! But because I was running out of idea's for default characters and that most the idea's were actually meant to be unlockable, I chose him. But he's so awesome on his technique on the game. His speed is quite average.
Bowser Jr.
SMG BowserJr
Yes, he's a big villian in this game, he made the whole universe fast-paced! Even his dad's castle! Bowser got angry and made him and Bowser Jr. go and fight too! So it's either the whole universe is cured, or just Bowser's Castle.
Mona is here and will be ready set forth in her Mario Kart DRAX debut. Can she show everybody that she can win even though this is her first time? I bet she can. Just wait and see...


Bowser is very fierce and will fight for all his will. But since he was the one that caused all this, they say he'll be hated for all his time if he want's to win. And if he does win, all the fast paced stuff will carry on forever!
Wario SSB3M
Wario will search and take all gold in the race. He probably wouldn't care if the prize wasn't coins. He also (and Waluigi) had a minor part with the fast paced problem too. But they escaped because they knew what would happen.
Waluigi rip
Waluigi is going to have a laugh with wario this time, because what they will do will mess everyone up. He may be against wario, but he can still pull hilarious tricks between them.
The stars are watching over the course yet again, yes, rosalina is in Mario Kart again! Can she beat the course and claim the prize? Lumas are watching!
Donkey Kong
DonkeyKong SSB3M
Donkey kong needs those bananas otherwise someone's going to take them! The winner will! So if he wants to get those bananas he has to get past tikis!
Petey Piranha
Petey Piranha is a default because it was the only likely (unlockable) to get into default. But he's going to bite the eveything out of your kart, so watch out, he's worse than a piranha plant!
King Boo
King Boo
King Boo is more of a scarer than boo. Every time a person calls up the ghostbusters it's King Boo! So could he scare the rest and come first? As I say, do and see!
Metal Mario
Metal Mario!
BANG BANG, that's the sound of the clanger of metal. Yep, you know who's here, it's metal Mario! That metal mushroom was hiding somewhere at the start of the game. You can name play as him at the start of the game!
Honey Queen
Poor Honey Queen has here little Bee minions as unlockables. But she's a queen! She can cope surely! Her beehive will help and she can amaze the mario kart generation.
Dry Bowser
520px-Dry Bowser MSOWG
He's a bit scary? Yes, Dry Bowser is a skeleton. Wierd right, from a koopa to a skeleton. Just by jumping in lava. Dont beat dry bowser or he'll take your bones out! Literally!



Baby Wario
Baby wario-nintendo-babies-25916206-543-671
Baby Wario has only just become rich. He might steal the trophy if he can get his sneaky little hands on it. He's always dreamed of becoming 'Gold Wario' in his words 'The superstar'. But if he doesn't win, his dreams might fade away.
Baby Waluigi
Baby Waluigi thinks himself as Mr. Amazing. But really he's a huge cheater. That sneaky so and so can't get pass these rules. He has to follow or he's diqualifed. So watch it you sneaky cheat.
Baby Rosalina
Baby Rosalina
Little cosmic stars have the power to do anything. Especially go karting. Baby rosalina can prove she's worth her cosmic stuff. If she's facing Luma that may be a problem. But all she cares is that trophy. Especially the star cup.
Baby DK
Baby dk
Baby DK is a proper monkey. He shows he is by tasking a kart and battling for first. He's one of the strongest babies so he'll show that by muscling and josling with them.
Baby Yoshi
Green Baby Yoshi
So many techniques but very lazy! Baby yoshi will waddle around the kart wondering where to go. He may even sleep at every place he meets! It could be droozeathon all over again!

Flying is not all that turtle does. It can go in a kart too you know. But parakoopa must follow his ground friend does it. If you've got wings it might be a bit tricky. So of course he could ask his friend koopa. Then in no time he might have won.

This alien down right wierd. We have no idea how they made a toad like that. This alien may take on a challenge of surviving away from his home town. It is said he is an alien but were not too sure.
The old guy is still going really well in karting, hitting at really good speed in his very own parade kart. As a slave for peach, his legs are getting quite puffed out. But he's still going to carry on. He may even win!
220px-SMG Polari
Polari is a true luma, supports rosalina everywhere they go, exploring new galaxies, and doing amazing stuff above the mushroom kingdom, in the sky. But now he's down below, doing what karting looks like. I bet that doing this, he'll feel like he has gravity.
Red Koopa
Very much stronger than it's sibling, Green Koopa, it has a more targeted shell and works perfectly around oppents. May be slower, but is stronger by the feather.
Red Lakitu
Red Lakitu from Mario Kart 7 By Shy Guy Yellow
Red lakitu will take a cloud race rather than a kart race. But he would really like to get in the game a bit better this time. Last time he was a kart repair!!!
Blowing up is it's main thing. But it's usually an item. This time the bob-omb is actually in the game - as a character! It's the bob-omb's debut and it can't wait to play!
Dry Bones
250px-MP8 DryBones
Colapse, what's that? It's dry bones bascically. But he'll get up and take the challenge on and carry on till the end. It may be hard, but the race is his favourite!
120px-SMG YellowLuma
Just like polari, but a bit weaker, the luma protects the skys and protects itself, but thats a hard process. So he joins the karting races feels what Mario's life is like down below. It says it feels amazing.
Toadbert SMN
By Boogity! Is it my first time in Mario Kart? I should say yes. It's a good one too. The game is all about winning and he could just about do it! Toadbert will love it if he beat toad. It would show mario and luigi that he can be there partner!


Mr. M (No Picture has Been Shown)

Mr. M is a true villian of Mario. He can be very sneaky at times and will beat Mario if he could. Mr. M and Mr. L work truly well together and are going to give Mario and Luigi a scare!

Mr. L
Bacically the same information for Mr. L his true rival, Luigi, might want to hide inside his bike or kart if he faces him on the track. Could be tough Luigi, so look out!
Hammer Bro.
Hammer Bro. likes throwing hammers as a job on games and all that, but I think it might be getting bored. Bowser's minions are very good at what they do, but many are getting tired or bored. So hammer Bro. went to Mario Kart! I bet the hammer bro. will love it!
MagiKoopa - Super Mario 3D World
There captain Kamek tells them they're going on a trip to Mario Kart DRAX, and they bring thier wands? Cheaters, magikoopas are cheaters. Plus, they're highly dangerous koopas. So the track may get a bit magical by swaying a bit or going camoflauge.
Leader of the magikoopas and really tired now. Kamek comes into the game wanting to use his sneaky spellls. But lakitu is watching even though he might be racing. Kamek's spells are even more powerful than his minion's powers!
Dixie Kong
Her and diddy kong will want a proper race together. You might get rivals, but these are some serious ones! These are siblings because they like each other! How could racing take them apart? We'll have to find out about these two.
Dr. Mario
Well, doctor mario could make up for all those injuries you get. Oh, wait, he wants to race? Good for him, everyone likes go karting right? Especially with a miracle cure when Mario hits a shell or a random item.
The most annoying (opinion) enemie in the mario games. It even comes up to you and stuns you in Mario Kart Wii! But because the goomba wants to be polite this time and join in with the game, he's going to play Mario Kart and have fun.
Classic Mario
I could have put jumpman in, but this is legit. Classic Mario will want an epic ride in Mario Kart would he? Going through the ages, and finding the true racer, this guy!
Monty Mole

Digging in the ground for the last few mario karts, monty mole wants doesnt want a boring challenge this time, he wants to race. Also many races ran the little mole over when he was digging up, so he wants revenge on them.

Tanooki Mario
What's the easy bit, flying around? Maybe. But Mario may already race, but does this count as cheating, Ihe's now got four kinds of him in the game! I don't think that's fair. But Mario probably wouldn't have a hard task anyway. So tanooki's will flutter and hit the track!
Dash Yoshi
Dash Yoshi
Super fast and the hardest character to get in the game. Dash yoshi will run run and run! So if you wanted to be the best you'd have to find out on the unlocking criteria!
Blimp Yoshi
Blimp Yoshi
Fly fly fly they say, blimp yoshi will float higher every time, it's not in the heavy section because floating like a balloon is bacically weightless.
Bulb Yoshi
Wow, it can burn your eyes on your screen! That's how bright bulb yoshi actually is. Not much affect apart from seeing extra shortcuts so it's mainly an average character.
We now bring a COUSIN into the rivalry. How much rivalry can you get? Maria will love it if she beat Mario and especially Luise! Her experience is quite weak because this is her debut game for mario kart. Good luck maria!


Boom Boom
Boom Boom will boom boom in your kart and crush it to pieces. He will crush anything that he is asked to by bowser. And has sidekick called Pom Pom.
Pom Pom
200px-Pom pom
The trickier of the two. May not be as strong as boom boom, but pom pom can put up fight by sneaking herself in different places and throwing her boomerang with brilliant aiming.
Wart by Tom
A king of dreams but sends out evil minions. Is he some kind of bad dream maker? I get a few of those. Sends out lots of enemys, and now wants battle those minions to a race of dreams, could it actually be a dream for wart to touch that trophy?
Funky Kong
One of the coolest characters and lots of people like funky kong. Can the cool stuff put on or if he loses, will everybody chose someone else? Can funky kong win to save his likeabliity?
Giant Wiggler11
Wiggler can wiggle his way through the tough courses that you can expericence as a worm. So as he can battle, he will.
King K. Rool
Ruling the kritters is over. He now wants to face them in a race that can be brilliant. But being a king can be rulesome he'd become even more rich if he wins the amazing trophys that are displayed in mario kart.
Kritters have left the gangs hideout and have gone searching for donkey kong. So they found him at the race track! So to do there task, the kritters decided to face him in the trophy to try and beat him.

Piantas love the thrilling beaches across the sunshine. But they got even more thrilled when they found out you could race in these beautiful places. So they got a kart made and brought themselves to the track.

King Bob-omb
MP9 Big Bob-omb Bust.Boss Image
The biggest bomb in the mushroom kingdom is coming to blow everyone up with a huge blast of a wheel. The explosion of the kart can float everyone away even bowser! But of course characters such as Mario will put up a fight.
Cat Bowser
Meowser Cat Bowser
Yes maybe bowser is a cat but if you've ever seen Super Mario 3D World he might have took a scare to everyone playing because the level was very difficult and tough. So if cat bowser can crawl up high heights and get you with his tail he can so watch out!
Chargin Chuck
Charges into your kart and harsh but fierce, chargin chuck can battle like a proper american footballer. But are these little ememies going to catch mario's eye so he can't win? The pesky enemies can do the trick!
Lubba knows rosalina and his fellow lumas very well. But this time it's not about the galaxy, it's about karting. Yes there may be tracks that include the galaxies, but it still doesn't mean they'll get along in there because it's about those trophies they all want.

False Bowser

SM3DL False Bowser
The disguise doesn't work any more, but it may mean that the tail can still pull a trigger on normal bowser. The tail is very powerful, but can it test everybody's strength.
Sledge Bro.
More hammers? It's not hammer bro. this time it's sledge bro, the very similar friend of his. They might not be exactly friends, but of course they work under there boss bowser. So they work well but can that prove at the race track?
Curve Bro.
We now see boomerangs instead of hammers, it's curve bro! Boomerangs come in handy very well as he will try to keep throwin and hittin!


Items are things that racers can use to attack or defend towards their opponent. As I said there are over 20 items to use and a description of how or what place you can get it. So here's the list of items you can find:

Gives racers a short boost when they get this item. (Found at: 3rd, 4th)
Double Mushroom
Double mushroom
Gives racer two short boosts. (4th, 5th)
Triple Mushroom
Red Shell
Double Red Shell
Triple Red Shell
Green Shell
Double Green Shell
Triple Green Shell
Mega Mushroom
Cape Feather
Boomerang Flower
Fire Flower
Super Leaf
Spiny Shell
Ice Shell
Thunder Bolt
Bullet Bill

Game Modes

Grand Prix

In grand prix mode, you or multiple players can fight to win the beloved prize - the cup! Play multiple tracks and fight your way through the tough stuff that is alerted! So beware! There are four tracks per cup.

V.S. Race


Elimination mode (All mini modes also available in Grand Prix Mode) lets you fight to stay in the game! It's not about who catches up and makes a tremendous come back! It's about staying away from last place! Every 5 seconds the elimination whistle will be blown by lakitu and if your still in last place your out!


In slalom mode you have to keep in the same gate with your kart to carry more and more points. In Grand Prix Mode you don't have a choice of how many points you carry (It's set) in normal V.S. mode you can set the rules of how many points you need to carry. The colors of the gates are red, blue and yellow. One gate may say 'x2'. This means that if you go through that gate it will double your overall score. Keep doing that, the multiple will keep going up so you have a huge chance of winning.

Point Grabber

In point grabber mode you have to grab points by staying in a position where there is multiple points. The points are shared out from 1-11 (12th doesn't grant you any points). Here are the points you earn in each position every second:

  • 1st 100 points
  • 2nd 90 points
  • 3rd 80 points
  • 4th 70 points
  • 5th 60 points
  • 6th 50 points
  • 7th 40 points
  • 8th 30 points
  • 9th 20 points
  • 10th 10 points
  • 11th 5 points
  • 12th 0 points

The first to 10000 points wins the race and comes 1st! You can change how many points you have to get to win but 10000 is very recommended.

Battle Mode

Coin Battle

In coin battle, you must collect as many coins as you can as yourself or as a team to win the match. The only ways to receive coins is to hit an opponent or collect them off the track. The more you get the more chance of winning you have. You may lose coins if an opponent hits you. For example, a green shell will takeaway 1 coin from your coin stack.

Balloon Battle

In balloon battle it is quite the same as coin battle. But a little easier. You have three balloons, every three balloons gone and its a point took off you. Items take a huge part in this battle mode. Every time you hit an opponent you grant yourself a point. Stronger items still only earn the same as weaker items. Collect up to as many points as you can and you win.

Time Trial

In time trial, you can play tracks and try to get an amazing score or play around and take funny stuff (PLEASE NOTE: Hacks). The main part of time trials is taking on ghosts from around the world. First, you should start easy, facing the unbelievably easy players. Then go on to face harder players, the bossed players are very hard to beat. If they are a bossed player, they will have a red mark next to there player/character icon. If they are a struggler (Very easy and beginner player) they will have a green mark next to there name. If you can beat a bossed player and get a really good score you may get the top score and get one of the prizes. If you get top score of the week, you are rewarded with an updated new kart part. If you have got top spot of the year on that specific track, you are awarded 100000 coins, which I a very good achievement to accomplish yourself with.

Online Wi-Fi

In Wi-Fi mode, you can play matches across the world! The great feeling of winning a match against the bossed opponents is great if your a beginner, but when you're a bossed yourself, you just keep on doing it. You can also play your friends on who you've added. If you want to make custom matches for it to be a favorite, make sure you don't make it to frantic, I know people think its it crazy, but it can get RAGE. You can also share your thoughts on Miiverse, with epic stamps as well (PLEASE NOTE: Stamps only available in the coin shop and packs).

Clan Mode

This is where it gets awesome. The clan war is what everyone loves! To play online with friends, gather points, win amazing prizes! Get together biggest and bet clan that will attract new comers and many other joiners. As it says above, you gather points and win amazing prizes. Every weekend there are epic tournaments where you and your clan mates can join together and race as a huge team. The more clan mates you gather and the more races you play, the more chance you'll have of winning! There are also huge tournaments that is held throughout the year, 'The Big Gunner's Clan Grand Prix'. It's called big gunners because if you win, you are officially a big gunner! So join up to one and you could win big!


Cups are what you call 'Grand Prix'. You have 4 tracks per cup and there are 12 cups overall in the game. 6 new, 6 classic. Some cups can be very tough as they go on, especially with the course challenge that gets harder as you go on. So here are the cups you would experience in the game and in brackets how the difficulty is of completing that cup:

  • Mushroom Cup (Easy, new)
  • Shell Cup (Easy, classic)
  • Flower Cup (Novice, new)
  • Banana Cup (Novice, classic)
  • Star Cup (Intermediate, new)
  • Leaf Cup (Intermediate, classic)
  • Boomerang Cup (Advanced, new)
  • Lightning Cup (Advanced, classic)
  • Special Cup (Tough, new)
  • Feather Cup (Tough, classic)
  • Rainbow Star Cup (Extreme, new)
  • Bowser Shell Cup (Extreme, classic)


Tracks are the races that belong to a certain grad prix. Just like what is shown above, those are the grand Prix's they belong to. Obviously there are classic tracks from previous Mario Kart games. The last track of the cup is usually the hardest, so I've shown in brackets how the difficulty is.Some classic tracks may have links to them, this means it's off a different internet page, please don't mind that because I have shown the tracks names in brackets. So Here are all of the tracks and belonging to which cup:

Race Mode

Mushroom2 Cup

  • Mario Circuit (Easy)
  • Beach Islands (Intermediate)
  • Toad Circuit (Tough)
  • Shadow Mario's Paintball Arena (Extreme)

Green Shell Cup

FireFlowerSM3DL Cup

  • Luigi Circuit (Easy)
  • Koopa's Shell Ruins (Intermediate)
  • Bone Alley (Tough)
  • Cloud Top Tremble (Extreme)

Banana Peel Cup

Star Cup

  • Star Road (Easy)
  • Crazy Course (Intermediate)
  • Sugarplum Mania (Tough)
  • Albridge Mansion (Extreme)

Super Leaf Cup

Boomerang Cup

  • Swizzleback Throwback (Easy)
  • Yoshi Circuit (Intermediate)
  • Boomway (Tough)
  • Goomba Bridge (Extreme)

ThunderboltNoGlow Cup

Crown Cup

  • Peach's Castle (NSMBU) (Easy)
  • Rumble Rocketeer (Intermediate)
  • Bowser's Castle (New) (Tough)
  • Rainbow Road (New) (Extreme)

Cape Feather Cup

Rainbow Star Cup

Bowser Shell Cup

Battle Mode Courses

New Courses

  • Tricky Traphouse
  • Hell of a Shell
  • Donkey Kong's Barrel Chase
  • Pirate Dugout

Classic Courses

Coin Shop

In coin shop, you can buy extra stuff to add to the game like updated stuff every week. Here are the stuff you can get.


There are different packs you can get. First pack is bronze (250 coins). Second pack is silver (500 coins). Third pack is gold (1000 coins). Also new packs may come out when special events come out or limited offers have been released, here are the special packs. Diamond (10000 coins). Platinum (25000 coins). Season Ticket (£29.99/$44.99). Jumbo pack (50000 coins). Premium pack (250000 coins). You can get different prizes with every pack depending on which pack you buy. Bronze gives you a glider or some upgraders. Silver gives you some wheels or a kart piece. Gold gives you a full kart kit or coins between 5000 and 20000. Diamond gives you characters of hard unlocking or bags of coins. Platinum gives you season tickets or up to 1 million coins. Season Tickets include the coin doubler, special edition features, 10 premium packs, 20 jumbo packs, 20000 starter pack coins and the fertilizer (kart pack). Jumbo pack contains 10 bronze packs, 5 silver packs and 2 gold packs. Premium pack contains the very best karts or mounds of coins or maybe a few characters.

Season Ticket (Full)

Special Edition Pack

If you don't get the special edition on it's own from the shop for £4.99 or $7.49. Don't worry, the Season Ticket includes it plus so much more! Here's what includes in special edition:



  • Shine Sprite Cup (New)
  • DK Barrel Cup (Classic)


Shine Cup:

  • Daisy Circuit (Easy)
  • Pianta Lagoon (Intermediate)
  • Sunshine Beach (Tough)
  • Mushroom Kingdom Ocean (Extreme)

DK Barrel Cup:

Kart Parts



  • Classic (All-Rounder)
  • Bodybuilder (Weight)
  • Prammer (Acceleration)
  • Zoom Zoom (Speedster)
  • Perfector (Handler)
  • Sandy Stune (Off-roader)
  • Monster (Weight)
  • Dino Rider (Acceleration)
  • Turbo (Speedster)
  • Tough Turner (Handler)
  • Grass Grinder (Off-roader)


  • Classic (All-Rounder)
  • Terror (Weight)
  • Goose Chaser (Acceleration)
  • Flash Dasher (Speedster)
  • Corner Cutter (Handler)
  • Snowy Supreme (Off-Roader)
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