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Mario Kart Character Prix is a fanon game that's release date is TBD. The system it's for is also TBD.

Starting Characters:

Mario [Medium]

Luigi [Medium]

Peach [Medium]

Toad [Small]

Yoshi [Medium]

Wario [Heavy]

Koopa Troopa [Small]

Baby Mario [Small]

Baby Peach [Small]

Bowser [Heavy]

Donkey Kong [Heavy]

Mii [Any size]

Unlockable Characters: 

Daisy [Medium]

Waluigi [Heavy]

Rosalina [Heavy]

Toadette [Light]

Shy Guy [Light]

Baby Luigi [Light]

Baby Daisy [Light]

Baby Rosalina [Light]

Sprixie Princess [New, Light]

Luma [Kinda new, Light]

Pauline [New, Heavy]

How To Unlock all characters is by winning random cups, Like Mario Kart 8.


Mushroom Cup

Luigi Circuit

Moo Moo Mountains

Mushroom Peaks [not the Mario Kart Wii custom track course]

Peach's Playground

Flower Cup:

Mario Circuit

Toad Raceway

Daisy's Castle

Rosalina's Waterpark

Star Cup: 

Super Bell Hill

WarioWare Inc

Waluigi Circus

Sprixie Circuit

Special Cup:

Luma Circuit

Pauline's City

Bowser's Castle

Rainbow Road

Retro Tracks: TBD

Items: All Mario Kart series items [canon]


Grand Prix

Time Trials

Balloon Battle

Coin Runners

Bob-Omb Blast

Online Connectivity 

Mario Kart TV

Nintendo Network

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