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Mario Kart Blowout
Developer(s) NinRMAX
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Racing
Release Date(s) TBA 2016
Mode(s) VS, Worldwide Match, Grand Prix, Stamp Collection.
Age Rating(s) Rated E
 Mario Kart Blowout is a upcoming racing game for the Wii U, It will be released sometime in 2016. Mario Kart Blowout has new and returning features in the game. Mario Kart Blowout uses Miiverse Stamps so you can draw art and send it to people all around the world.


Returning Features

  • The Chain Chomp Item is back in the game.
  • The Anti Gravity element is back in the game.
  • Customizing karts is back in the game.

New Features

  • Players can now customize bikes.
  • Miis now have different voices.
  • There is now a mode where you can make a stage.


Image Name Description

How To Unlock

Weight Special Item
FileBaby Mario MK9
Baby Mario Baby Mario is the younger version of Mario. He is a fast character.


Feather Super Duper Star.
FileBaby Peach MK9
Baby Peach The cute princess is back into the race. Baby Peach is very slow but has great drift. ??? Feather Three Blue Shells 
FileBaby Luigi MK9
Baby Luigi The little green plumber is back into the race. He is a good player for newcomers. ??? Feather Green Flower
Baby Daisy Artwork Baby Daisy Baby Daisy is a fast character, She's a great character for newcomer. ??? Feather Orange Heart
Mario mario kart RPG
Mario Mario is the hero of Mushroom Kingdom. And of course he is back in the game. ??? Medium Three Golden  Mushrooms
Luigi MK8
Luigi The green plumber is back into action. Luigi is Mario's brother and he is really happy that he's in the race. ??? Medium 3 Ghost Shells
120px-Peach MK7
Princess Peach The princess of Mushroom Kingdom is ready and starting her engines. ??? Medium Pink Mushrooms
Princess Daisy The princess of Sarasaland is back into action. Daisy is Peach's best friend. ??? Medium 3 Orange Shells
Wario's Car
Wario The grumpy yellow dude is in the race. He is Waluigi's friend. ??? Heavy 10 Golden Mushrooms

Waluigi Waluigi is Luigi's rival. He is the worst at speed. ??? Heavy Purple Spiny Shell
Donkey Kong Mario Kart
Donkey Kong The king of the jungle is ready to burn some rubber. His sidekick Diddy Kong is also in the game. ??? Heavy Banana Mushroom
FileDiddy Kong MK9
Diddy Kong The youngest in the Kong family is ready for action. He is one of the fastest racers. ??? Small Banana Star
120px-MK3D Bowser
Bowser Bowser is the king of koopas and really hates Mario. Bowser is a slow character. Speed: 2
Acceleration: 3.25
Drift: 5
Handling: 2
Off-Road: 2.75
Heavy Spiny Shell Chaos
Mii Players can design their Miis. You can make a mii of you or a friend. ??? Players Choose. Players Choose.
Bowser jr bullet bike by belleysr-d5ay0us
Bowser Jr Bowser Jr is back in the race. He is one of the fastest drivers. ??? Feather Baby Shell


Image Name Description How To Unlock Weight Special Item
FileKing Boo 2.0
King Boo The king of boos is back into action and ready to burn rubber. Make one stage. Heavy Spooky Shell
FileDixie Kong MK9
Dixie Kong Dixie Kong is also one of the youngest kong in the kong family. She is a fast character. Get 3 star rate. Feather Banana Heart.
Princess Rosalina Rosalina is a slow character but she has really good drift. .Get 5 star rate. Heavy Luma Flower
Toadette Kart Artwork Toadette Toadette is Toad's sister. She is really fast. Beat Leaf Cup. Feather 3 Pink Mushrooms
Shy Guy MK7 Shy Guy Shy Guy is well, shy. He has great Drifting skills. Beat Star Cup. Feather Shy Attack

New Cups

Mushroom Cup

Shy Guy Raceway

Rosalina's Hockey Rink

Fire Flower Fields

Toadette's Toy Store

Flower Cup

Wet Wet River

Wuhu Town Plaza

Goomba Garden

Haunted Airship

Star Cup

Thwomp Hideout

Luma Playhouse

Mushroom Arcade

Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo Cup

Dreamland (Kirby)

Hyrule (Zelda)

Nintendo Land (Nintendo Land)

Rainbow Road (F Zero, Mario Kart)

Retro Cups

Lighting Cup

Wii Koopa Cape

N64 Mario Raceway

GCN Baby Park

Heart Cup

Coming Soon.....

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