Grand Prix

Join Mario and his friends to clinch the trophy in the Grand Prix!
In-game description

You can choose between the characters to race against NPCs in 20 different races.


  • Mushroom Cup
    • Mario Circuit
    • Peach's Kingdom
    • Luigi Circuit
    • WarioLand
  • Alienated Cup
    • Yoshi's Planet
    • Rosalina's Ship
    • Mario's Galaxy
    • Bowser Land
  • Toad Cup
    • Toad's Mushroom
    • Toadette Island
    • Toadsworth's Delfino
    • The Toad Houses
  • Desert Cup
    • Sandtorm Isle
    • DoomSand
    • Wario Circuit
    • S.A.N.D.
  • Power Cup
    • Waluigi's Circus
    • Wario Ware
    • King Boo's Haunted Mansion
    • Bowser's Torture Circuit
  • Additional (free updates)


Ride for Infinity until you run out of lives in this brand new game mode
Mario Kart Beyond/Game Modes

Play one of the characters and race around a brand new circuit that is not unlockable. The circuit, unlike others, goes on forever and the karts have limited health, which will decrease from several conditions that is explained in the next section.


  • Heat
    Heat from lava pools below your kart will cause your kart to gradually decrease in health and will also reduce your engine health by gradually melting it, making you lose.
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