The Rosalina crew is a stadium and Yashi is a dumb in the game. Put 2 characters in a kart or bike.

Playable Characters

Lightweight Middleweight Heavyweight
Baby Mario and Baby Luigi Mario and Luigi Wario and Waluigi
Baby Peach and Baby Daisy Peach and Daisy Rosalina and Rosalinda
Dry Bones and Dry Boner Yashi and Yoshi Bosalina and Dosalina
Paragoomba and Goomba Birdio and Bordo Gosalina and Losalina
Noki and Naki Birdo and Bardo Funky Kong and Funkier Kong
Toad and Tooad Morio and Loigi Pianta and Pianto
Tooadette and Toadette Diddy Kong and Doddy Kong Painta and Painto
Boo and Bee Paper Less and King Tut Koopa Paragoombee and Goombee
Baby Morio and Baby Loigi Tiny Kong and Dixie Kong Petey Piranha and King Boo
Koopa Troopa and Paratroopa Potch and Doisy Princess Mackenzie and Princess Amy
Baby Potch and Baby Doisy Bowser Jr. and Bawser Jr. Bowser and Bawser
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