Mario Kart Arcade GP 3 is the sequel to Mario Kart Arcade GP 2 made by Master Productions Incorporated and is the third installment in the Mario Kart Arcade GP series. Not only do Pac-Man characters appear as guests, but Sonic characters appear as guests as well. The game is avaliable on WiiWare, 3 months after the game's release for 2000 points.

Multiplayer mode can be played when two, three, or four machines are next to each other. Mario Kart Arcade GP 3 is avaliable at arcades in January - Feburary 2012.


Mario Characters

Pac-Man Characters

  • Pac-Man - Medium
  • Ms. Pac-Man - Medium
  • Pac Man Jr. - Light
  • Blinky- Heavy
  • Clyde - Heavy

Sonic Characters

Mushroom Cup

Name Laps Normal Ghost Staff Expert Ghost Staff Description
Mario Circut 3 Mario Luigi A medium sized course that has obstecles from Mario's past adventures.
Luigi Circut 3 Luigi Mario A simple small course thatr goes around in a loop and once in a while a Luigi blimp passes by or it rains.
Bowser's Castle 3 Bowser Bowser Jr. A large course that takes place in the dangerous Bowser's Castle that's filled with enemies, traps, and lava pits.
Peach's Castle 3 Peach Daisy A large sized course that goes from the putside of Peach's castle, to the inside, and all the way to her garden.
Daisy Cruiser 3 Daisy Peach A large sized course that takes place on Daisy's Cruise. It's a simple track with not alot of obstecles except for tables and Snifits.

Flower Cup

Name Laps Normal Ghost Staff Expert Ghost Staff Description
Bowser Jr's Airship 3 Bowser Jr. Bowser A large course based on Bowser Jr.'s Airship and the only hazard are bullet Bills.
Green Hill Zone 3 Sonic Tails A large course that takesplace on Sonic's homeland. Robots are widly all over the course so becareful.
Pac-Land 3 Pac-Man Ms. Pac-Man A medium sized course where Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, and Pac-Man Jr. live at.
Donkey Kong Island 3 Donkey Kong Diddy Kong A large course that takes place on Donkey Kong Island where Donkey Kong and many other Kongs live at.
Comet Observitory 3 Rosalina Peach A medium sized course that takes place on Rosalina's Comet Observatory. Once in a while the Observatory takes racers to Good Egg Galaxy, Gusty Garden Galaxy, and Puzzle Plank Galaxy.

Pac Cup

Name Laps Normal Ghost Staff Expert Ghost Staff Description
Pac Mountain 3 Pac-Man Pac-Man Jr. A large mountain course located in Pac-Land that has many traps.
Pac-Labyrinth 3 Ms. Pac-Man Pac-Man A huge labyrinth that's easy to get lost.
Pac-Tunnel 3 Pac-Man Jr. Ms. Pac-Man A long tunnel course that kind of hard to see sometimes and cars can some and run over racers.
Diamond City 3 Wario Waluigi A medium sized course that takes place where Wario and friends live at.
Central City 3 Sonic Tails A large sized course where the infamous "City Escape" took place at and GUN can fire missels at racers so be careful.

Ring Cup

Name Laps Normal Ghost Staff Expert Ghost Staff Description
Metropolis City 3 Knuckles Tails A large city course where racers can go though building and crash into billboards.
Waluigi Pinball 3 Waluigi Wario A large sized pinball course and in the middle of the course giant pinballs come out to strike at racers.
Amy Acers 3 Amy Sonic A large acre filled with plants, trees, and plantations.
Eggmanland 3 Dr. Eggman Shadow A large dangerous amusment park course that's filled with evil robots.
Tails' Trackway 3 Tails Shadow A medium sized course that's similar to Luigi Circut. The track has many planes flying across it and once in a while a plane comes down to the track making a landing.




Item Name Description Range
ItemBoxMK7.png Item Box When a racer goes through this item, he/she will get a random item from a slot. 1st-12th
SuperMushroom.png Mushroom The Mushroom gives the racer a boost of speed. 1st- 12th
BananaPeel.png Banana Peel When thrown the Banana will stay on the ground until a racer touches it and spins out. 1st- 4th
GreenShell.png Green Shell When thrown the Green Koopa Shell will go all over the course until it touches a racer and he/she will spin out 1-5th
RedShell.png Green Koopa Shell When thrown the Green Koopa Shell will go directly at a racer making him/her spin out. 1st-6th
TripleMushroomsMKC.png Triple Mushrooms The Triple Mushrooms do the same thing like a regular Mushroom, but three times the mushrooms. 3rd-12th
TripleBananaPeels.png Triple Banana Peels The Triple Banana Peels do the same thing as a Banana Peel, but three times the peels. 4th-11th


Blooper When used the Blooper will squirt ink at all the other racers thus making them hard to see. 4th-12th
MKDD Bob-omb.png Bob-omb When tossed the Bob-omb will wait for 4 seconds until it explodes and when it does near a racer, he/she will flip around high up in the sky. 3rd-12th
ThunderboltNoGlow.png Lightning Bolt When used the Lightning Bolt will shrink all the other racers. 7th-12th
TripleGreenShells.png Triple Green Koopa Shells Triple Green Koopa Shells are like regular Green Shells, but three times the shells. 3rd-12th
TripleRedShells.png Triple Red Koopa Shells Triple Red Koopa Shells are just like Red Shells, but three times the shells. 4th-12th
BulletBillWii.png Bullet Bill When used the Bullet Bill will send the racer at fast speeds all the way to 3rd, 4th, and maybe even 2nd place. Whenever a racer is in the way he/she will flip arond. 8th-12th
Star.PNG Starman When used the Starman gives the racer invincibility for only 12 seconds making him/her drive at fast speeds and plowing everyone who touches the racer with the star. 6th-12th
180px-BooMP8Official.png Boo When used a Boo will search for the nearest racer with an item and if one does have one then the oo steals it and gives it to the summoner of the Boo. 6th-12th
MKAGP CreamPie.jpg Cream Pie When thrown at a racer the Cream Pie makes the racer that got hit by the pie spin around. 3rd-12th
SquareTires.png Square Tires When used the racer will bump into another one thus making the other racer have sqaure tires making him/her having it difficult to drive or turn around. 5th-12
Galaxy Tweester.png Tweester When used the Tweester will send the racer spining around the track and when other racer gets in the tweester then he/she will be thrown 8 feet in the air. 9th-12th
FakeItemBoxMKC.png Fake Item Box When tossed it will be placed at a random place and if another racer touches the box he/she will spin around. 5th-12th
GoldenMushie.png Golden Mushroom When used the Golden Mushroom will give the racer 10 times the boost of speed. 8th-12th
640px-ChainChompMP8.png Chain Chomp When used the Chain Chomp will plow over every racer in it's way and gives the summoner a ride to 4th or 3rd place. 9th-12th
MKAGP Tacks.jpg Tacks When thrown the tacks will be all together at once on a random area on the track and when a racer goes through the tracks he/she will spin around. 6th-12th
Spiny Shell - Mario Kart Wii.png Blue Spiny Shell When used the Blue Spiny Shell will go all the way to the racer in 1st place and strike him/her making the racer flip around. 6th-12th
PieTin.jpg Basin The Basin can be used by going up to a racer and whacking im/her with the tin making the racer spin around. 2nd-12th
Metal Mushroom.png Metal Mushroom The Metal Mushroom can be used and when used it will turn the racer into Metal and to be indestructable for 16 seconds. The racer may get a little slower, but anyone who passes in your way will spin around. 4th-12th
SuperLeaf3D2.png Tanooki Leaf The Tanooki Leaf is an item that can be used and when used the racer's kart grows a Tanooki Tail and can swipe anyone who passes their way and when another racer is swiped they spin around. 3rd-12th
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