Mario Kart Arcade GP: Wii U Edition


American Boxart MKAGPWiiUdescr = The American Wii U version of the game.
Developer(s) Fantendo
Publisher(s) Yoshifraga97 (tbc)


Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Racing, Arcade
Series Mario Kart (series)
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag_of_Japan.png June 2013

25px-Flag_of_USA.png June 2013

25px-Flag_of_Europe.png June 2013

25px-Flag_of_Australia.png June 2013

Mode(s) Single Mode

Multiplayer Mode Time Trial Online Play

Age Rating(s) 30px-ERating.jpg 32px-3Rating.png 44px-USK6.png 50px-OFLC-G.png 40px-CERO_A.gif
Media Included Wii U Disk

Mario Kart Arcade GP: Wii U Edition (Jap:マリオカートアーケードGP:WiiのU版) is a racing game from the Mario Kart Series for Wii U,developed by Fantendo and published by Yoshifraga97 (tbc) from Fantendo. This game is downloadable at the Nintendo eShop, copyrighted and mixed with Mario Kart Arcade GP  and Mario Kart Arcade GP 2 and similar to Mario Kart Double Dash!! and Mario Kart DS. The gameplay and the elements are actually the same as the original game, especially Pac-Man characters are playable too. There are mostly new elements from the arcade to the Wii U, especially to the Wii U Gamepad. 


It's similar to the original game. But the gameplay is similar to Mario Kart 8 too.


All playable characters from Mario Kart Arcade GP 2 return along with two new character Mii and Metal Mario. They haves two karts available: a standard go-kart and a personal kart that increases speed, but reduces acceleration. When you play as your (of other) Mii, you can customize your own kart.

Default Characters


Character: Name: Special Kart: Standard Kart:
159px-IconMarioAGP2 100px-NameMarioMKAGP2 373px-KartSpecMarioAGP2 373px-KartStandMarioAGP2
IconLuigiAGP2 NameLuigiMKAGP2 KartSpecLuigiAGP2 KartStandLuigiAGP2
IconWaluigiAGP2 NameWaluigiMKAGP2 KartSpecWaluigiAGP2 KartStandWaluigiAGP2

Strong Acceleration

Characters: Name: Special Kart: Standard Kart:
IconPeachAGP2 NamePeachMKAGP2 KartSpecPeachAGP2 KartStandPeachAGP2
IconYoshiAGP2 NameYoshiMKAGP2 KartSpecYoshiAGP2 KartStandYoshiAGP2

  Easy Control

Characters: Name: Special Kart: Standard Kart:
IconToadAGP2 NameToadMKAGP2 KartToadSpecAGP2 KartStandToadAGP2

High Speed

Characters: Name: Special Kart: Standard Kart:


Character: Name: Special Kart: Standard Kart:
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