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Publisher(s) FantendoByArend.png
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Release Date(s) February 2013
Age Rating(s) ERating.jpg 3Rating.png

Mario Kart Accelerated is the tenth and most current Mario Kart game. The game shall reuse elements from MK7 and 8. However, it adds a few new elements.


Mario Kart Accelerated utilizes features from many previous games. Motorbikes return from MKW, and you can preform tricks similar to that game. Coins return from MK7 and other games. They not only help boost your speed, but collecting coins helps you buy things in the Kart Shop. In the Kart Shop, run by Toadsworth, you can buy new karts, cups, characters, and battle modes or courses. You can also connect to the Internet and race and battle in oonline tournaments, or watch other players around the globe play in tournaments. The anti-gravity racing also returns from MK8.

A new function is the rare Super Boost Pads found in some courses. They look similar to the regular red Boost Pad, only blue with a diamond design. When your kart crosses this pad, you rocket forward for a few seconds, easily overtaking opponents. However, these replace where a regular Boost Pad would be in a level and they only appear if you are in 10th-12th place. The Mission Mode returns from Mario Kart DS. There are 5 sets, and each set has five parts. Within each part there are eight missions and one Boss Battle.

There are five main modes: Grand Prix, Mission Mode, Time Attack, VS Race and Battle Mode. Every mode with the exception of Time Attack and Mission Mode can be played in split-screen multiplayer.




Character Stats Special Item
Mario2 MK8.pngMario Medium
  • Speed - 3/5
    • Acceleration - 3/5
    • Weight - 3/5
    • Drift - 3/5
    • Off-Road - 3/5
    • Handling - 3/5


Ac2132e8c964e79d4204779c010d0b85.pngLuigi Medium
  • Speed - 4/5
    • Acceleration - 4/5
    • Weight - 2/5
    • Drift - 2/5
    • Off-Road - 3/5
    • Handling - 3/5

Poltergust 5000





Abilities and Info



The Mushroom is a beneficial recovery item that provides the racer who uses it a quick spurt of acceleration, allowing them to catch up with their opponents.
                Green Shell

The Green Shell is a classic item that has many different uses. It can be thrown to the front or the back, or can be placed at the back of the user/racer's kart as a defense from other offensive items. When it is thrown, it will speed through the track in a straight line until:

  • A - It collides with other driver, in which it will knock them over. They disintegrate instantly upon impact.
  • B - It ricochets off the walls five times, the fifth one destroying it. This makes them especially dangerous in tight spaces.
  • or C - It falls off the course.
                  Red Shell
The Red Shell is a classic item that works exactly the same way as the Green Shell, except it will home towards the racer directly in front of you.
               Spiny Shell
The Red Shell is a classic item that works exactly the same way as the Green Shell, except it has only one purpose: to utterly obliterate the front runner in the race.


Default Tracks

Mushroom Cup
Flower Cup
Star Cup
Special Cup
Mushroom Kingdom Park  Mario Circuit Waluigi Casino Daisy Boardwalk
Yoshi Village Shy Guy Carnival Spaghetti Slide King Boo's Mansion
Nabbit Oasis Glacier Downhill Cliffs Dusty Dry Pyramid Bowser's Castle
Skatepark Labrynith Samurai Temple Metal Highway Rainbow Road

Unlockable Tracks

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