Mario Kart 9 for Wii U/WaveSystem/Nintendo NX is the 9th installment of the Mario Kart series and is made for the Wii U, MegaToon WaveSystem, and the Nintendo NX.



  • Bold means unlockable.

Playable Characters

Middleweight Lightweight Featherweight Heavyweight Cruiserweight
Mario Princess Peach Toad Bowser Donkey Kong
Luigi Yoshi Koopa Troopa Wario Waluigi
Bowser Jr. Princess Daisy Toadette Wiggler Princess Rosalina
Magikoopa Diddy Kong Shy Guy R.O.B. Birdo
Spike Wendy O. Koopa Baby Mario Morton Koopa Jr. Funky Kong
Tanooki Mario Larry Koopa Dry Bones Metal Mario Ludwig von Koopa
Fawful Cat Peach Baby Peach Boom Boom Roy Koopa
Iggy Koopa Dixie Kong Lakitu Petey Piranha Pauline
Boo Baby Donkey Kong Lemmy Koopa Honey Queen King Boo
Hammer Bro. Blooper Baby Luigi Dry Bowser Cranky Kong
Nabbit Baby Wario Baby Daisy Pink Gold Peach Donkey Kong Jr.
Lapis Lazuli Toad Baby Rosalina Monty Mole Emerald Luigi Pokey


Vehicle parts (W.I.P.)


  • Standard (Kart/Bike/ATV)
  • Daft 9 (Kart)
  • Boot Basher (Kart)
  • ATVBeetle (ATV)

Special Bodies

  • Red Roadrunner (Mario's Special Kart Body)
  • Green Locomotive (Luigi's Special Kart Body)
  • Heart Coach the Second (Princess Peach's Special Kart Body)
  • ATV Rex (Yoshi's Special ATV Body)
  • Mushroom Biker (Toad's Special Bike Body)
  • Turtle Temper (Koopa Troopa's Special Kart Body)
  • The BW Motorcycle (Bowser's Special Bike Body)
  • Barrel Blaster (Donkey Kong's Special ATV Body)
  • Wario's Car (Wario's Special Kart Body)
  • Flower Speeder (Princess Daisy's Special Bike Body)
  • Dry Tank (Dry Bones' Special Kart Body)
  • ROBO-GYRO (R.O.B.'s Special Kart Body)

Retro Bodies

  • Pipe Frame (Kart)
  • DS Egg 1 (Kart)
  • Wario Bike (Bike)





Special Vehicles

  • Yoshi (When you are not playing as Yoshi)


Nitro Courses

Mushroom Cup Shell Cup Banana Cup Flower Cup Leaf Cup Lightning Cup Star Cup Special Cup
Mario Circuit Flower Rink Eternal Factory Green Hills Toad Circuit Electric Labyrinth Star Sanctuary Molten Lava Dungeon
Moo-Moo Arces Peach Circuit Bowser Castle 1 Birdo's Dream World Jr. Playroom 2 Daisy Circuit Koopaling Fortress Sunken Sewers
Goomba Beach Jr. Playroom 1 Luigi Circuit
(5 Laps)
Shy-Guy Island Waluigi Colosseum Yoshi Valley Wiggler Circuit Bowser Castle 2
Dust Desert Jungle Japes Wario Flipper Yoshi Circuit Klub Koopa Jr. Playroom 3 Comet Observatory
(2 Laps)
Rainbow Road

Retro Courses

Just like the Mario Kart 8 DLC Packs, even the retro courses that appeared in two games will be in it too.

SNES Cup N64 Cup GBA Cup GCN Cup DS Cup Wii Cup 3DS Cup WiiU Cup
SNES Bowser Castle 1
(5 Laps)
N64 Kalimari Desert GBA Riverside Park GCN Baby Park
(10 Laps)
DS Figure-8 Circuit Wii Mushroom Gorge 3DS Shy Guy Bazaar WiiU Water Park
SNES Choco Island 1
(5 Laps)
N64 Toad's Turnpike GBA Cheese Land GCN Mario Circuit DS Shroom Ridge Wii DK Summit 3DS Wuhu Loop
(3 Sections)
WiiU Toad Harbor
SNES Mario Circuit 4
(5 Laps)
N64 Wario Stadium
(2 Laps)
GBA Sunset Wilds GCN Mushroom City DS Tick-Tock Clock Wii Koopa Cape 3DS Neo Bowser City WiiU Electrodrome
SNES Vanilla Lake 2
(5 Laps)
N64 Yoshi Valley GBA Ribbon Road GCN Wario Colosseum
(2 Laps)
DS Peach Gardens Wii Moonview Highway 3DS Rosalina's Ice World WiiU Cloudtop Cruise

Downloadable courses

Egg Cup ??? Cup ??? Cup Bell Cup
GCN Yoshi Circuit ??? ??? TBA
N64 Royal Raceway ??? ??? TBA
Carnival Clash ??? ??? TBA
Koopa Road ??? ??? Mario Kart Theater

Other GPs

The Boss Raceways

Nitro GP Retro GP
(Boss of Goomba Beach)
(Boss of SNES Bowser Castle 1)
Very Gnawty
(Boss of Jungle Japes)
Huge Red Truck
(Boss of N64 Toad's Turnpike)
False Bowser
(Boss of Bowser Castle 1)
Mega Shy Guy
(Boss of GBA Sunset Wilds)
(Boss of Birdo's Dream World)
(Boss of GCN Wario Colosseum)
King Bob-Omb
(Boss of Klub Koopa)
Chain Chomp
(Boss of DS Peach Gardens)
(Boss of Electric Labyrinth)
Hookbill the Koopa
(Boss of Wii Koopa Cape)
Dino Piranha
(Boss of Comet Observatory)
Giga Lakitu
(Boss of 3DS Wuhu Loop)
Robo Mario
(Boss of Rainbow Road/The Rainbow Cup)
Gooper Blooper
(Boss of WiiU Water Park)

The Rainbow Cup (The Last Cup)

  • SNES Rainbow Road (5 Laps)
  • N64 Rainbow Road (3 Sections)
  • GBA Rainbow Road (2 Laps)
  • GCN Rainbow Road
  • DS Rainbow Road
  • Wii Rainbow Road
  • 3DS Rainbow Road (3 Sections)
  • WiiU Rainbow Road
  • Rainbow Coaster (5 Sections)

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