Mario Kart 9 is an upcoming game developed by Pentastudios for the Super Pentastar. It is the ninth game in the mainstreem Mario Kart series, and the twelfth counting the arcade games.
Mario Kart 9 Star
Developer(s) Pentastudios
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Super Pentastar
Release Date(s)
single player, multiplayer, online multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
pegi 3
Genre(s) racing
Series Mario Kart
Predecessor Mario Kart 8
Media Included Disk/Download

This game introduces many small mechanics, like cannons, buttons, musical notes and the big new Story mode. Bikes, ATV's, gliders, underwater and antigravity returns from past installaments. But the biggest new mechanic is the starbits, which replaces the coins from Mario Kart Wii. They can be shot from your kart by tapping an object on the pentapad, which serves as a second screen.


The gameplay is very similar to past installaments, especially the last ones. Players can pick one of many different characters from the Mario universe and a kart for them to drive around courses, trying to take the first place. In this game, there is ten players in each race, which has never been seen before. After each race, the players gets points after their placement. The points are added and set to a final score. Here is the point management:

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
12pts 10pts 8pts 7pts 6pts 5pts 4pts 3pts 2pts 1pt

Items can be obtained by Item boxes. First place usually gets weak items like green shells, while the lower places gets good items, like stars, so they can get higher up in the rankings.

The biggest new mechanic is the starbits. You can hold up to forty starbits, and they are used to shoot at special objects, like star counters, by tapping the pentapad.The star counter is an star-shaped object with a white number on it, which decreases by one every time a starbit hits the star-counter. When the counter reaches zero, something good will happen depending on the stage, like speed pads appearing. Hungry lumas will also appear in some courses, normally near the end. If you feed them with starbits, they will give you an item, depending on how much they were given. There are many small things to hit too, like balloons, piranha crawlers and freezies.


Most modes returns from past games, but there are some new ones in addition.

Grand Prix

1-4 players

Just like in past installaments, there is a Grand Prix mode, and it works similar. Ten racers compete in getting in first place, and getting the cup's trophy. Each cup has five tracks, and there is ten cups, five nitro and five retro. The player(s) has to choose between two default engine classes,50cc and 100cc. The higher the engine class, the harder and faster the races will be. After completing 100cc, 150cc will be unlocked. In the story mode, you can get 200ccmirror and reversed.

Story Mode

1 player


Time Trail

1 player


Battle Mode

1-4 players



1-4 players


Vs Race

1-4 players



There will be 40 total playable characters, 16 default, and 24 unlockable ones. The total amount of characters in the game is the highest in the series. There will be more characters to download in the DLC packs.

Mario Luigi Peach Daisy Rosalina Metal Mario Pink Gold Peach Green Bronze Luigi
Yoshi* Toad* Koopa* Shy Guy* Birdo Toadette Paratroopa Fly Guy
Bowser Wario Waluigi DK Diddy Bowser jr. Kamek Dry Bones
Baby Mario Baby Luigi Baby Peach Baby Daisy Baby Rosalina Luma* Greenie* King Boo
Larry Roy Lemmy Wendy Iggy Morton Ludwig


italics = unlockable drivers

star = alternate colors

Weigth TBA


There are currently 50 courses in the game, 25 new tracks and 25 retro tracks. The retro tracks is slightly bigger, and has added parts for the games gimmicks.

Nitro Tracks

Mushroom Cup Star Stadium Honeyhive Island Deep Sea Ruins Layercake Desert Rock-candy Mines
Flower Cup Mario Curcuit Peach Castle Mushroom Valley Daisy Garden Wario Cruise
Bell Cup Toad Park Conkdor Canyon DK's Ice Jungle Shy Guy River
Star Cup Meringue Clouds Koopaling Airships Bowser jr. Playroom
Special Cup Rosalina's Galaxy Yoshi village Gloomy Manor World Bowser Rainbow Road

Retro Tracks


Battle Courses



Just like in every other Mario Kart game, you can get items by driving into item boxes. there are two types of item boxes; normal ones and golden, spesial ones, that gives you one of the five special items. You can also recieve special items from hungry lumas.

Item places description
green shell 10 - 1 Goes in a straight line and knocks over the kart it hits.
red shell 6 - 2 Follows the player in front of you
black shell 6 - 3 Just like the green shell, but explodes at impact
spiny shell 8 - 5 Flyes to the first place and explodes at him/her
triple green shell 5 - 3
t. red shell 7 - 4
bowser shell Spesial
banana 10 - 1
banana peel 6 - 2
giant banana Spesial
mushroom 10 - 1
t. mushroom 10 - 5
golden mushroom Spesial
mega mushroom 8 - 5 Turns you giant, but slow. Good for squashing your rivals!
mini mushroom 7 - 2
fire flower 7 - 3
ice flower 7 - 4
boomerang flower 6 - 2
chain chomp Spesial
cannon ball 1 - 10
bob-omb 5 - 2
double bob-omb 7 - 4
bullet bill 10 - 8
fake item box 8 - 5
magnet 4 - 1
pink boo 6 - 4
super horn 3 - 1
lightning 10 - 7
blooper 8 - 5  red 
hearts Spesial



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