Mario Kart 9 is the 10th installment in the Mario Kart Series, after Mario Kart 8 Deluxe's release on the same platform. The game will release for Nintendo Switch sometime in late 2018, so the date will be announced later in the year.



There are so far 16 confirmed characters to return to the series, plus two new ones, making that 18. This is a list of all the confirmed characters at the time being.

Image Name Description Size Status
Mario It's everyone's favourite hero! Mario - a heroic man who saves Princess Peach from Bowser's cluctches. Now, he's came to the Grand Prix with his driving skills. Medium At the start
Luigi Mario's younger but taller brother, he's always had determination on the race course. Medium At the start
Peach The Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, she regularly gets kidnapped by Bowser. But on the race course, she really takes on her opponents. Medium At the start
Yoshi Mario's trustworthy sidekick, Yoshi hails from his own island with a host of colourful friends at his side. He has a craving for fruit, too! Medium At the start
Wario This man's only about the money! He has his own gold mine and has rivalry with his good counterpart Mario.
Waluigi With tricks on his side, this long-legged enemy of Luigi is more technical then you think.


There will be 16 new (Nitro) courses and 16 familiar/returning (Retro) courses coming to the game. Some of them may have exclusive features not available in others such as shortcuts.

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