Mario Kart 9 (Tigertot)
Developer(s) Ghostrealm Studios
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Genre(s) Racing
Series Mario Kart
Predecessor Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
Release Date(s) 2018
Age Rating(s) E for Everyone
Media Included Cartridge
Available Input Joy-Cons, Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
Mario Kart 9 is the newest entry in the Mario Kart series developed by Ghostrealm Studios and published by Nintendo. It is the first true Mario Kart game for the Nintendo Switch since Deluxe was a port of Mario Kart 8.


The core gameplay of Mario Kart 9 is the same as previous entries: race to first place, use items to get there, all that usual stuff. However, this game returns to the two people per kart formula seen in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! for the Nintendo GameCube, with one character driving and the other using items. Tricks return from Mario Kart Wii, kart customization, gliding, and underwater driving return from Mario Kart 7, and anti-gravity segments return from Mario Kart 8.

Grand Prix

The main racing mode, where you go through a cup that consists of four courses. The base game has four cups worth of new courses, four retro course cups, and four DLC cups, with two of them having new courses, and the others having retro courses. The All-Cup Tour also returns from Double Dash, but has been reconfigured into a mode meant for relaxing with never-ending races.

Time Trials

For those who want to see how fast they can clear a course. Ghost racing remains an option.


The primary mode for those who want a quick race. Laps can be adjusted like in Double Dash, and you can also turn on or off teams, certain items, and other useful things.


Battle Mode has several different options, with teams capable of being turned on or off for each game mode except Renegade Roundup, where it's always on, and Lightning Cloud Crisis, where it's always off.

Balloon Battle

Pop your opponents' balloons with items. You can now choose between the point-based matches seen in the more recent games, or the traditional deathmatch that was in games before Mario Kart Wii.

Shine Thief

Try and hold the Shine Sprite for twenty seconds.

Bob-omb Blast

Balloon Battle with Bob-ombs only. Choose between deathmatch or point modes.

Coin Runners

Collect as many coins as you can.

Renegade Roundup

Two teams: cops and criminals. Cops have to catch the criminals, criminals have to evade the cops and free their teammates. Unlike Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, you need to obtain a Key from an Item Box before you can unlock a cell.

Lightning Cloud Crisis

One player starts with a Lightning Cloud, and must pass it onto another player. If a player has the Lightning Cloud for too long, it zaps them and eliminates them from the battle before moving onto another player. The battle ends when there's only one man standing.

LAN Mode

Grand Prix, VS, and Battle can be played with other Nintendo Switch units via LAN Mode, which is useful for tournaments and playing with friends.

New Features

Of course, you can't have a Mario Kart game without new features. Mario Kart 9 places a heavy emphasis on making Mario Kart more fun than ever by reintroducing Double Dash mode, special items, and more.

Balancing Adjustments

  • Standard mode still uses the weight class system seen in past entries.
  • Balanced mode is a new addition that makes the only difference between characters their special items. Speed, weight, acceleration, and all other stats are equalized to allow for a more balanced experience.

You can choose between Standard and Balanced modes whenever you want. In addition, the heavier weight classes have been nerfed, as their top speed has been reduced by 30% to allow for other weight classes to have the advantage. Item distribution has also been adjusted to allow for a more balanced gameplay experience.


Each character is paired with another character, since some characters share special items.

Characters Image Special Item
Mario & Luigi 233px-Mario - Mario Party 10Super Luigi ! Giant Red/Green Fireball
Peach & Daisy 255px-Peach SM3DL200px-Daisy MP10ff Heart
Yoshi & Birdo Yoshi egg yoshi render312px-Birdo MP9 Yoshi/Birdo Egg
Baby Mario & Baby Luigi 250px-Baby Mario NSMBDIYBaby Luigi NSMBDIY Chain Chomp
Koopa Troopa & Paratroopa Koopa Troopa-0250px-Paratroopa New Gold Shell
Donkey Kong & Diddy Kong Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Giant Banana
Bowser & Bowser Jr. 1186px-Bowser HUGE250px-Bowser Jr (Mario Party 9) Bowser's Shell
Wario & Waluigi Sochi 2014 olympic wario 3d render by ratchetmario-d8j2g4eWaluigi 2 Triple Bob-ombs
Toad & Toadette 170px-Toad - Mario Party 10290452-toadette mario party Propeller Mushroom
Baby Peach & Baby Daisy Baby PeachBaby Daisy Ice Flower
Petey Piranha & King Boo Petey Piranha MPSR266px-King boo mmwii Potted Venus Fire Trap
Rosalina & Luma 371px-Princess Rosalina Super Mario Galaxy480px-SSB4 Luma Artwork Grand Star
Dry Bowser & Dry Bones Dry Bowser SSB4 Mod RenderMKXL Dry Bones Banzai Bill
Metal Mario & Pink Gold Peach Metal Mario!640px-Pink Gold Peach MK8 Metal Box
Shy Guy & Wiggler Shy Guy CTTTWiggler-0 1-Up Mushroom
Paper Mario & Yoshi Kid Paper MarioYoshi Kid Cards of Conquest Hammer
Boom Boom & Pom Pom 551px-Pom pom576px-SM3DL Boom Boom Solo Art Super Boomerang
Miis Mii 002 Any special item in the game, excluding the Giant Green Fireball and the Birdo Egg.


Nitro Courses

Every Nitro Course has at least one anti-gravity segment.

Mushroom Cup

Course Description
Mushroom Stadium A stadium set at nighttime, with anti-gravity segments.
Yoshi's Island An island course that features a brief underwater segment alongside Goombas and sharp turns.
Boo Mountain A steep, rocky mountain with glider segments and Boos everywhere.
Luigi Circuit A track that sends you through a dense forest, as well as mechanical bridges.

Flower Cup

Course Description
Mario Circuit A track built around Peach's Castle, with the race going inside the castle at one point.
Arctic Valley A tundra with frozen water providing shortcuts.
Waluigi Circuit A massive, sectioned course with firebars, big ramps, and Thwomps.
Shy Guy Desert A hot, dry desert with underground segments.

Star Cup

Course Description
DK Circuit A jungle-themed course with a barrel cannon and a volcano segment.
Piranha Harbor A stormy, sea-themed course with Piranha Plant statues and bridges between islands.
Daisy Highway A sectioned course featuring a large highway crammed with traffic.
Luma Park A space-themed amusement park with a roller coaster as the main segment of the course.

Special Cup

Course Description
Peach Circuit A peaceful, sectioned track with Goombas, water segments, and a large glider drop.
Delfino Cape A track located around Corona Mountain from Super Mario Sunshine, with falling rocks and anti-gravity segments along the sides.
Bowser's Castle Bowser's own castle, complete with lava flooding the castle as the laps go on, Thwomps slamming down on parts of the course, and Banzai Bill launchers.
Rainbow Road A rainbow colored track high above a city in the night sky, with steep drops, constant turns, and plenty of boost pads.

Retro Courses

The Retro Courses in Mario Kart 9 are from every game, with two from Super Mario Kart, two from Mario Kart 64, two from Mario Kart: Super Circuit, two from Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, two from Mario Kart DS, two from Mario Kart Wii, two from Mario Kart 7, and two from Mario Kart 8.

Shell Cup

Course Changes from the Original
DS Mario Circuit Anti-gravity has been added to the pipe segment and the area near the lake.
Wii U Shy Guy Falls No change.
SNES Donut Plains 2 A shortcut now exists through the water.
GBA Boo Lake Anti-gravity has been added near the end of the course, as well as underwater segments.

Banana Cup

Course Changes from the Original
Wii Toad's Factory A large gliding segment has been added at the factory's exit, and anti-gravity now exists in the areas where the conveyor belts were.
N64 Wario Stadium A glider segment now exists near the large jump, which has been resized to suit the glider.
3DS Rock Rock Mountain Anti-gravity now exists in the cave segment.
GCN Mushroom City Glider ramps can now be found on certain cars, and anti-gravity segments have been added around the buildings.

Leaf Cup

Course Changes from the Original
3DS Rosalina's Ice World Anti-gravity segments have been added throughout the cavernous parts of the course.
DS Shroom Ridge A large glider segment now exists during a large drop, and anti-gravity has been added to the tunnel. Glider ramps can be found on certain cars.
N64 Choco Mountain A Chain Chomp has been added, as well as anti-gravity inside the mountain.
SNES Mario Circuit 4 One of the larger turns is now an anti-gravity segment.

Lightning Cup

Course Changes from the Original
Wii U Cloudtop Cruise Cannonballs now rain down on segments of the course due to the nearby airships.
Wii DK Summit The barrel cannon now uses the glider mechanics. The half-pipe areas now use anti-gravity.
GCN Bowser's Castle The lava-filled chamber now has anti-gravity, along with the area that has the Bowser statue. The moat jump now involves a glider.
GBA Rainbow Road Anti-gravity segments now exist throughout the track, as well as frequent gliding segments.

DLC Nitro Cups

Egg Cup

Course Description
Metal Coliseum A large stadium with electricity hazards and statues of Metal Mario.
Wiggler Valley A canyon featuring multiple paths and a large tunnel segment.
Bowser Jr.'s Airship A massive, sectioned course that takes place on an airship.
Goomba Mountain A snowy mountain shaped like a Goomba.

Super Bell Cup

Course Description
Toad Tower A sectioned course built around a skyscraper.
Birdo Beach A course that takes place near the ocean, with Cheep Cheeps constantly jumping in and out of the water.
Baby Stadium A childlike stadium with statues of all four baby characters in it.
Bob-omb Ruins A collapsed temple full of explosive traps.

DLC Retro Cups

Bullet Bill Cup

Course Changes from the Original
GBA Sunset Wilds The area with the Shy Guy tents is now a full-on village, and the day-night cycle causes areas to gain anti-gravity.
SNES Bowser Castle 1 Anti-gravity now exists in the central portion of the track, which has been increased in size slightly.
N64 Banshee Boardwalk A large glider jump now exists, as well as an underwater section.
Wii U Sunshine Airport No change.

Blooper Cup

Course Changes from the Original
DS Figure-8 Circuit Now features anti-gravity sections alongside a long glider jump.
Wii Moonview Highway Anti-gravity now exists in the tunnel, and cars have been added that feature glider ramps.
3DS Wario Shipyard Anti-gravity now exists inside several ships.
GCN Rainbow Road Anti-gravity and glider segments now exist.

Best of Mario Kart Cups

Bob-omb Cup

Course Changes from the Original
SNES Vanilla Lake 2 Freezies can be found throughout the course, and an underwater section now exists.
N64 Mario Raceway The area with the pipe near the sand is now an anti-gravity section.
GBA Sky Garden Most of the course now features uneven terrain, a glider jump, and anti-gravity.
GCN Wario Coliseum A good chunk of the course now features anti-gravity, and the central bowl area features a glider jump.

Boo Cup

Course Changes from the Original
DS Waluigi Pinball The area leading to the pinball section features anti-gravity.
Wii Maple Treeway Most of the branch sections feature anti-gravity, and the barrel cannon now uses glider mechanics.
3DS Maka Wuhu The area inside the mountain uses anti-gravity.
Wii U Electrodrome No change.

Battle Mode Stages

Mario Kart 9 features four new Battle Mode stages, and four returning stages. All new stages have anti-gravity.

Stage Description/Changes from the Original (if retro)
Battle Coliseum A large stadium with anti-gravity and lots of room to attack others with items.
Wario Factory A mechanical setting with conveyor belts limiting or improving movement across the track.
Koopa Pyramid A multi-floor pyramid with areas on both the inside and the outside.
Chomp Cliff A steep cliff with Chain Chomps and tight bridges.
Wii Funky Stadium Anti-gravity segments now exist along the sides of the stadium.
GCN Tilt-a-Kart When the stage is tilting, anti-gravity is temporarily activated.
N64 Double Deck Anti-gravity now exists throughout a large segment of the stage.
DS Tart Top Glider segments have been added along the top of the course.

DLC Stages

Stage Description/Changes from the Original
Boo Desert A desertlike field with Boos and giant skeletons providing cover.
Grumble Peak A massive volcanic mountain with lava raining down on the area.
GBA Battle Course 4 The water pools now function as if they have actual water in them.
3DS Sherbet Rink The road around the stage has anti-gravity.

Best of Mario Kart Stages

Stage Changes from the Original
SNES Battle Course 2 The area where you can fall into water now effectively forms a second layer, with a ramp between the two added in the north.
N64 Block Fort No change, since people would throw riots if it was changed.
GBA Battle Course 2 The central platform is now elevated.
GCN Cookie Land No change.
DS Nintendo DS The DS now rotates, and the top screen features anti-gravity. The top screen also has the Mario Kart 9 title screen instead of the Mario Kart DS one.
Wii Chomp Wheel Anti-gravity now exists along the sides, as well as in the center.
3DS Honeybee Hive The sides of the hive now feature anti-gravity.
Deluxe Battle Stadium No change.


The Egg, Super Bell, Bullet Bill, and Blooper Cups exist as DLC, alongside the four regular Battle Mode stages. In addition, there is a Best of Mario Kart DLC pack that features the most popular tracks and Battle Mode maps from each previous game.

Mission Mode

Mission Mode returns from Mario Kart DS. However, it has been revamped to essentially become a single-player campaign of sorts, as an alternative method of unlocking cups and characters as opposed to running Grand Prix over and over again.

Story Premise

Your two characters are invited to the Mushroom Kingdom's ninth annual racing tournament, with the prize being ten thousand coins. You're competing with other racers to win the tournament and obtain your rewards.

Level 1

Mission Course Description
1-1 Mushroom Stadium Drive through all five numbered gates, and then finish the race before your opponents!
1-2 Waluigi Circuit Win the race, but item boxes don't respawn!
1-3 Wii U Shy Guy Falls Collect every coin on the track!
1-4 Arctic Valley Use your three Spiny Shells wisely, because you won't get any other items!
1-5 GCN Mushroom City Drive through the city backwards!
1-6 Mario Circuit Successfully hold Peach's Castle for at least three minutes using the Item Boxes in the castle. Don't let anyone inside!
1-7 N64 Double Deck It's Balloon Battle, but for every ten coins you collect, you gain a balloon!
1-8 Luigi Circuit Use Green Shells to eliminate all the Goombas on the course!
Boss Wario Factory Defeat King Bob-omb by sending his Bob-ombs back at him!

Level 2

Level Course Description
2-1 Wii Toad's Factory Break all of the crates on the conveyor belts!
2-2 Yoshi Beach Drive through all six of the numbered gates before Yoshi and Birdo do!
2-3 Boo Mountain A standard three-lap race, but with no items!
2-4 N64 Wario Stadium Perform two Ultra Mini-Turbos in one lap!
2-5 Battle Coliseum Plant Bananas in the target locations!
2-6 3DS Rock Rock Mountain Don't touch the ground before Peach & Daisy!
2-7 Koopa Pyramid Lure your opponents into the quicksand at the center of the pyramid!
2-8 DS Mario Circuit Dunk a Bob-omb inside a Piranha Plant's pipe!
Boss Shy Guy Desert Reach the finish line before Gobblegut!

The Star Cup is unlocked after completing Level 2.

Level 3

Level Course Description
3-1 Luma Park Drive through the six gates on the roller coaster!
3-2 GCN Mushroom City Blow up five cars with a single Star!
3-3 Waluigi Circuit Avoid the extra Chain Chomps!
3-4 DS Tart Top Beat your opponents in all five laps!
3-5 DK Circuit Avoid Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong's barrels as you race to the finish!
3-6 Koopa Pyramid Knock the Spiked Topman off of the top of the pyramid!
3-7 Arctic Valley Slide across the icy field farther than your opponents!
3-8 Piranha Harbor Drive backwards through the whole track!
Boss GCN Tilt-a-Kart Hit Bouldergeist with five Green Shells!

Sandbox Mode

A new feature, Sandbox Mode strips away all regulations and limitations to let you explore a track or Battle Mode map as you see fit. You're also able to spawn in CPU drivers, items, and other hazards to allow for experimentation and potentially custom gamemodes.

Objects that can be spawned

  • Item Boxes (Single & Double)
  • Coins
  • Pipes
  • Chain Chomps
  • Thwomps
  • Boost Pads
  • Goombas
  • Glider Ramps
  • Conveyor Belts
  • Firebars
  • Lap/Section Markers
  • Cars
  • Piranha Plants

Custom Gamemodes

Sandbox Mode also functions as an editing tool of sorts. You can place objects around the course as you see fit to adjust the settings. Want Battle Mode on Mario Circuit? Go ahead. How about a race through Luigi Circuit with ten Chain Chomps around the course? It's possible. How about a sectioned race across Funky Stadium? You can do it. Custom creations can be shared online and downloaded for some customized fun.

Ultimately, what you do in Sandbox Mode is up to you.


On the Track

Item Image Description
Item Box ItemBoxMK8 Gives the backseat driver an item based on their position.
Double Item Box Double Item Box MKDB Gives both drivers items based on their position.
Coin Coin Grants a tiny speed boost and increases top speed. Up to ten Coins can be collected.

Regular Items

Item Image Description
Coin Coin Grants the player two coins and a tiny speed boost.
Green Shell Greenshell Travels in a straight line, knocking over anybody it hits. Can bounce off of walls.
Triple Green Shells
Three Green Shells spin around you, protecting you from items and knocking over anyone who hits them. They can be thrown like regular Green Shells.
Red Shell Red Shell NSMBU Locks onto the closest kart and hits it. Cannot bounce off of walls.
Triple Red Shells TripleRedShellsMK8 Three Red Shells spin around you, protecting you from items and knocking over anybody who hits them. Can be thrown like regular Red Shells.
Banana Banana3 Will knock over the first driver to hit it on the track, or the first item to hit it.
Triple Bananas TriplebananasMK8 Three Bananas spin around you, protecting you from items and knocking over anybody who hits them. Can be thrown like regular Bananas.
Mushroom MushroomMarioKart8 Grants a speed boost.
Triple Mushrooms Triple Mushroom Three Mushrooms orbit your kart, and can be used individually.
Golden Mushroom GoldenMushroomMK8 Grants unlimited Mushroom boosts for a short amount of time.
Fire Flower Fire Flowerkº Allows you to throw fireballs at other karts for a short amount of time.
Star MK8star Grants a speed boost as well as immunity to items, stage hazards, and terrain that hinders speed for a short amount of time.
Blooper BlooperBlue Sprays ink on other racers, reducing their visibility and traction for a short amount of time.
Bob-omb Bob-omb (MKWii) Explodes after a short time, knocking over all karts in its radius.
Spiny Shell SpinyShellMK8 Targets the kart in first place, knocking over any karts in its way, and causing an explosion when it hits the first-place kart.
Lightning LightningCupMKNW Shrinks all racers, causing them to spin out, lose their items, and drive with reduced speed for a short amount of time.
Bullet Bill Bullet billmanguyuidujgf Transforms you into a Bullet Bill, causing you to rocket across the track with auto-pilot, knocking over anything and anyone in your way.
Feather CapefeatherMK8DX

Exclusive to Battle Mode.

You perform a midair spin, which is capable of stealing Balloons in Balloon Battle, or the Shine in Shine Thief.

Boo MK8 Deluxe Art - Boo Turns you invisible, granting immunity to items and obstacles. Also steals an item from a random kart.
Boomerang Flower 762px-BoomerangFlowerMK8 Allows you to throw a boomerang three times.
Potted Piranha Plant
Potted Piranha Plant Smash 5
Automatically bites, granting a speed boost each time. Bites can destroy items and knock over enemy karts.
Super Horn SuperHornMK8 Emits a shockwave that knocks over any racers in the area as well as destroying items in the area. The Super Horn is the only item capable of destroying a Spiny Shell.
Ultra Nine

9 (placeholder)

A Coin, Bob-omb, Mushroom, Star, Blooper, Green Shell, Red Shell, Banana, and one of your characters' special items spin around your kart for you to use.

Special Items

Item Image Character Pair Description
Giant Red/Green Fireball Fireball NSMB Mario & Luigi Throws a massive fireball onto the track that knocks over any karts in its way, while also burning up any shells or bananas it hits.
Heart HeartRed Peach & Daisy Protects your kart from the next item that hits it, while also granting you said item after the hit. Cannot protect against Spiny Shells or other special items.
Yoshi/Birdo Egg Yoshi Egg BuildBirdo Egg NSMBDIY-0 Yoshi & Birdo Throws an egg onto the track that homes in on the closest racer, before exploding and releasing three random items onto the track.
Chain Chomp MP9 Chain Chomp Bust Baby Mario & Baby Luigi A Chain Chomp drags the kart across the track, attacking anything in its way, much like the Bullet Bill. However, what make it different is that it eventually breaks off the kart and rampages across the track for a short amount of time.
Gold Shell Gold Shell Artwork - New Super Mario Bros. 2 Koopa Troopa & Paratroopa Functions similarily to the Red Shell, except when it hits a kart, it will home in on the next nearby kart, repeating the chain for three karts. Cannot be destroyed by walls.
Giant Banana Giant Banana Donkey Kong & Diddy Kong A massive banana falls onto the course. When hit, it releases five smaller bananas.
Bowser's Shell Bowser Shell Bowser & Bowser Jr. A massive shell resembling Bowser's is thrown across the track, hitting anyone in its way. Can bounce off walls, and will be destroyed after a certain amount of time.
Triple Bob-ombs Triple Bob-omb Wario & Waluigi Three Bob-ombs rotate around your kart, and can be thrown like regular items.
Propeller Mushroom 200px-Propeller Mushroom Toad & Toadette Launches you into the air and activates your glider. Cannot be used to achieve shortcuts.
Ice Flower Ice Flower Baby Peach & Baby Daisy Allows you to throw snowballs, which freeze nearby karts briefly. Frozen karts travel slower and cannot steer for a few seconds.
Potted Venus Fire Trap

(placeholder)Potted Piranha Plant Smash 5

Petey Piranha & King Boo An upgraded Potted Piranha Plant that shoots fireballs whenever it bites.
Grand Star Grand Star SMG Rosalina & Luma A massive Grand Star begins floating around you. The next time you are hit by an item, the Grand Star flies to the person who used the item and explodes.
Banzai Bill BanzaibillNSMBU Dry Bowser & Dry Bones An upgraded Bullet Bill that goes farther and faster.
Metal Box Metal Box Smash Metal Mario & Pink Gold Peach Transforms you into metal, making it harder for enemies to push you around, making it easier to push others around, and allowing you to perform Mini-Turbos easier.
1-Up Mushroom 1-Up Mush Shy Guy & Wiggler Grants a speed boost while giving you ten Coins.
Hammer Bbrhammer Paper Mario & Yoshi Kid The character in the back seat picks up the Hammer, using it to send shells backwards, knock Bob-ombs out of the way, and provide speed boosts through a spin attack.
Super Boomerang ALBW Boomerang Boom Boom & Pom Pom An upgraded Boomerang that can be thrown five times and is much larger.

GhostNet Achievements

Achievement Method of Obtaining
Oh Come On!!! Get hit by a Spiny Shell while in first place, on the last lap/segment of a course, while on the last turn of the course.
Rivals Hit the same person with every offensive item you get from the Ultra Nine.
Carrying the Team Be the only person to capture renegades in a round of Renegade Roundup.
Using Tilt Controls Get everyone in the online lobby to say "I'm using tilt controls!"
Timed It Right Escape from a Spiny Shell with a Mushroom.
Lazy Use a Chain Chomp or Banzai Bill right after using a Bullet Bill.


  • Dry Dry Ruins from Mario Kart Wii was going to be a retro course, but was cut and replaced with Choco Mountain due to the developers wanting more representation from Mario Kart 64.
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