Mario Kart 9
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Genre(s) Kart Racing
Release Date(s) release_date(s)
Mode(s) mode(s)
Age Rating(s) age_rating(s)
Mario Kart 9 is a kart racing game, and is, officially (because no one acknowledges the arcade games) the 9th installment of the Mario Kart Series. The game was published and developed by Nintendo and releases on the Nintendo Switch.


The game is very similar to past games. You choose characters of differing weight classes, drive either karts or bikes, race through different race tracks, and use items to help you and hinder others. Anti-gravity returns from Mario Kart 8, allowing players to drive along walls. Each race feautres 12 racers, similar to Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 8. The game features several modes, including Grand Prix, Time Trials, VS, Battle, among others. There are 32 tracks in the game, 16 new ones, and 16 from older games, featured in groups of 4 is 8 different cups (Mushroom, Flower, Star, Special, Shell, Banana, Leaf, and Lightning). The game features 4 difficulties, 50cc, 100cc, 150cc, and 200cc. Mirror Mode is now available for every difficulty, though in this game, it isn't its own cup, meaning you can't get trophies from this mode.

Items once again return for this installment. Items come from item boxes scattered all across the tracks, which give out items depending on which place you are in (usually the lower your place, the better items you get). The player can also hold two items, similar to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Along with that coins return, this time not as an item. Coins are also scattered across the tracks, and increase the speed of racers who hold them. However, in this game, coins have more of a purpose, with the new Item Upgrade Mechanic. By pressing the Y button, you can upgrade a held item, at the cost of a few coins. This makes coins more important than just giving you speed.


C-Stick Steer, Choose Menu Item
A Select, Accelerate
B Cancel, Brake, Reverse
X Look Behind
L Use Item
R Drift, Hop, Trick


Grand Prix

Grand Prix is a staple in the Mario Kart franchise. Here, you race is cups to get trophies. Cups consist of four tracks, all in a row. To win, you have to get points. You get points depending on which place you happen to end up in when your cross the finish line. After the races, the player who has the most points get a Gold Trophy. 2nd place get Silver, 3rd place gets Bronze, and 4th place through 12th place gets nothing.

Time Trials

Time Trials is a mode where you race all alone, attempting to get a time on a specific track. You are given three mushroom every race, and no other items. Not only are you able to do that, you can also race ghosts (the times of other players), including those of Nintendo Staff Members, other people, or other even your own times. This can't be played in multiplayer.


VS is a mode where you can simple race on any track, in whatever order you want. You are also able to customize to rules of your races, including the number of laps, computer difficulty, and even being able to toggle on and off which items will appear in the race (Want a race with only spiny shells? Go ahead). There are even special settings that can be activated in a special menu in the VS options.

  • Tripleinator: Every single item is now tripled (even triple items are tripled).
  • Kablooey: If you get hit by an item, bump into a player, or even touch a wall, your car will explode and be sent into the air.
  • Ludicrous Speed: Every racer's speed, handling, acceleration, weight, and traction are off the charts.
  • Rubber Banding: Everybody not in 1st place (including racers) have a speed and handling boost.
  • Special Exclusivity: If special items are on, only characters who can use those items can obtain them (seeing as Special Items are availabe to everyone in this mode).
  • Frantic Mode: All items can be collected, no matter what place the player is in.
  • Infinite Wallet: Players can hold an infinite number of coins, and their speed is able to increase with no boundaries.

Battle Mode

Battle Mode is a mode featuring a variety of game with special rules and other stuff. Most, but not all, take place in Battle exclusive arenas. You are also able to control the rules similar to VS. The games will be shown here:

Balloon Battle In this classic mode, players have to fight eachother. Each player is given a balloon, and if they get hit by an item they lose that balloon. If you lose all your balloons, you lose. Last man standing wins. This takes place in an arena.
Coin Runners Coin Runners is very simple. Collect as much coins as possible in the time limit. In this mode, your coin limited is unlimited. This takes place in an arena.
Shine Theif In this mode, players fight to gain possession of a Shine Sprite. Once having possession of it, players must avoid getting hit before a 20 second timer gets to zero. If you are hit, the Shine is dropped (allowing another player to get it), and if you get the shine again, you have to start back at 20 (or 10 if you held onto the Shine for 10 seconds or longer). This takes place in an arena.
Bob-Omb Blast This mode is very similar to Balloon Battle. However, it solely focuses on Bob-Ombs. You are able to hold up to 10 Bob-Ombs, and have to throw them at enemies to get points. However, if you get hit, you lose points. Player with the most points by the time time ends wins.
Target Drive In this mode, racers drive along a circular track. They have to break randomly appearing targets with items to collect points. After three laps, the player with the most points win. This is the only mode with a unique track.
Egg Capture In this mode, several eggs appear in the arena. You have to grab them, by running into them, and then bring them to your base. The team with the most eggs wins. Players can steal eggs from their enemies too.


In Online, players can go online and race and battle other players. Players are given a rank (starting at 1000 points) and players can increase/decrease it depending on how good they play in online.


You can't have a Mario Kart game without characters. Like the last game, each character is split up into one of five weight categories: Medium, Light, Feather, Cruiser, and Heavy


Mario Smackers Luigi
Princess Peach NSMsBW
Princess Daisy-0m
Mario Luigi Peach Daisy
Yoshi Artwork - Mario Padrty Island Tour
KoopaTroopa MP9
Yoshi Koopa Troopa Toad Shy Guy
250px-Bowser - Mayroh Party 10
Wario Waluigi Donkey Kong Bowser


Diddy Kongg
Bowser Jr. Sunrise
220px-Toadette - Mario Party 10
King Boo2js
Diddy Kong Bowser Jr. Toadette King Boo
215px-MPSR Petey Piranha
Pauline Spirit Icon SSBE


Rosalina Petey Piranha Pauline  Dry Bones

Weight Classes

Feather Toad, Koopa, Shy Guy, Toadette 4
Light Peach, Daisy, Yoshi, King Boo 4
Medium Mario, Luigi, Diddy Kong, Bowser Jr. 4
Cruiser Waluigi, Donkey Kong, Rosalina 3
Heavy Wario, Bowser, Petey Piranha 3

Unlock Criteria

  • Get a gold trophy in any cup

Diddy Kong

  • Get a gold trophy in Flower cup in 50cc
Bowser Jr.
  • Get a gold trophy in Star cup in 100cc
  • Get a gold trophy in Special cup in 150cc
King Boo
  • Beat all Nintendo Staff Ghosts in Time Trials in the nitro courses
Petey Piranha
  • Get a gold trophy in every cup in 200cc
  • Get a gold trophy in every cup in Mirror Mode
  • Beat all Nintendo Staff Ghosts in Time Trials in the retro courses
Dry Bones
  • Collect 10 coins in Coin Runners on easy difficulty
  • Collect 20 coins in Coin Runners on normal difficulty
  • Collect 50 coins in Coin Runners on hard difficulty
  • Use only bikes in all 50cc courses in versus
Metal Mario
  • Use only bikes in all 100cc courses in versus
  • Use only bikes in all 150cc courses in versus
Hammer Bro
  • Use only bikes in all 200cc courses in versus
  • Use only karts in all 50cc courses in versus
  • Use only karts in all 100cc courses in versus
Funky Kong
  • Use only karts in all 150cc courses in versus
  • Use only karts in all 200cc courses in versus
Dixie Kong
  • Play as Diddy Kong in 10 balloon battles
Dry Bowser
  • Play as Dry Bones in 50 balloon battles
  • Beat 30 races online

Kart Pieces


Standard Kart A standard go-kart. Has all-around stats.
Golden Standard A golden plated version of the Standard Kart. Very high speed.
Pipe Frame A go-kart designed after the karts used in Mario Kart 64. Has good acceleration and handling.
Flamin' Formula A kart designed after a Formula One race car, with flame decals on it. Known for its high speed for poor handling.
Sports Coupe A kart returning from Mario Kart 8, it's your standard sports car. It has good speed and weight.
Badwagon A kart returning from Mario Kart 8, it's a pink muscle car remeniscent of Wario's car from Mario Kart Double Dash. It has good speed.
Prancer A kart returning from Mario Kart 8, the Prancer resembles a horse-drawn carriage, even having two mechanical white horses in the front that gallop up and down as you drive.
Barrel Blaster This kart is made out of a minecart, with a rocket barrel acting as an exhaust. It has great speed but bad handling.
Bowser Bomber A kart designed after a tank. It has spikes and shell plating, making it resemble Bowser.


Standard Bike A standard motorcycle. Has all-around stats.
Golden Bike A golden plated version of the Standard Bike. Very High Speed
Mach Bike Named after a bike in Mario Kart Wii, this super-bike has a high speed stat, but poor handling.
Sightseer A motor scooter with three wheels. Has good acceleration and handling, but low speed.
Wario Bike Returning from Mario Kart Wii, this bike is the same one Wario rides in the WarioWare games. It has good acceleration and handling but average speed.


Standard  Standard car tires. Average stats.
Golden Tires Golden Standard Tires. Very high speed.
Slick Smooth tires that have a high speed stat.
Slim Thin tires that have a good speed stat (not as good as Slick), and underaverage handling and acceleration.
Monster Very large tires. Good weight stat.
Wooden Wooden tires that look similar to how they did in Mario Kart 8. Good acceleration and handling, okay speed.
Roller Small tires. Very high acceleration and handling. Not much speed.
Tank Treads Large tank treads. Great off-road capabilities, but poor handling.


Super Glider A standard hang glider. Has average stats.
Golden Glider A golden hang glider. Very high speed.
Parafoil A standard parafoil. Good acceleration.
Peach Parasol A pink umbrella. Good acceleration.
Para-Wings Two wings that pop out the sides of the kart. Good speed.

Bolded items need to be unlocked

Every 50 coins you get while racing unlocks a random part (with the exception of the Golden Parts). 

How to unlock Gold Parts

Golden Standard
  • Get 3 stars on every cup in every CC.
  • Get 2500 coins.
Golden Tires
  • Play 2000 races.
  • Get 2000 coins
Golden Glider
  • Get 2000 points in Online.
  • Get 1500 coins


Nitro Cups

Mushroom Cup Flower Cup Star Cup Special Cup
Luigi Stadium Mario Circuit DK Glacier ?
Koopa Resort Shy Guy Park Mesmerizing Mansion ?
New Mushroom City ? Cloudy Festival Bowser's Castle
Dry Dry Junction Yoshi's Dino Sanctuary ? Rainbow Road
  • Luigi Stadium: A racetrack very similar to Mario Kart Stadium, only it's themed to Luigi. At the start of the race, players drive down this huge ramp into a glider section into the actual track. The track is very simple, a simple, roundish shape with a part where you drive along a huge statue of Luigi, before going into a jump.
  • Koopa Resort: This racetrack takes place on a remote island resort. Players start on the side of a beach. You drive along said beach, dodging Piantas, Koopas, and Toads, sunbathing on the beach. You then go onto this bridge, then jump off into a water section, You emerge on a road leading into a large hotel. You drive through this hotel, before going into a glide section into a pool. You emerge out of the pool, race through the jungle a bit, before returning to the finish line.
  • New Mushroom City: Obviously referencing Mushroom City (a track in Mario Kart: Double Dash), This takes place in a large city at night. You pass by huge buildings, and drive with many cars you need to avoid. Since the track is so long, only two laps are needed to beat this track.
  • Dry Dry Junction: The stage starts off in a large wild-west style town. Drivers turn left, passing by multiple buildings off waving Toads and Shy Guys (wearing cowboy outfits of course). You then leave the town, into a sprawling desert. As you ride, a train appears beside you, throwing coins onto the road for you to pick up. The train leaves as you fall into a large ravine. Players drive along the ravine, as they see Shy Guys mining and singing along with the song. Then, you leave the ravine, see the train once more, and then make it back to the town.
  • Mario Circuit: The track starts off with a drive through a town (Toad Town to be precise). You pass by Peach's Castle as you enter a cavern through a large pipe. The cave is filled with pipes and large flowing crystals. After driving a bit through the cave, a large glide ramp appears, you fly through a waterfall and end up back at the starting line.
  • Shy Guy Park: This track takes place in a large theme park. Players pass by a Yoshi Merry-Go-Round and a few other attractions before going into a pipe. This launches the racers onto a roller coaster, where they must dodge the cars of this dueling roller coaster, as you race. Then, the racers go onto a glide ramp. They pass by a Ferris Wheel with a Shy Guy Mask on it before going back to the finish line.
  • Yoshi's Dino Sanctuary: Obviously inspired by Jurassic Park, players start by driving into a large field filled with dinosaurs. They pass by an enclosure for Rexes. After crossing the starting line, it is noted that the Rexes escape, and that players must evacuate. The players take an alternate path as dinosaurs from before are very aggitated, stampeding across the trees. Players then dive into a river, where an angry Dorrie attempts to attack the players. After that, the final lap starts. The rexes are seen once more as the racers drive into an active volcano. Here, they hop from rock to rock, trying to avoid the lava. Then, comes the final part, a spiral tower that leads to a fan that marks the end of the race. Once the player in 12th place enters the spiral, a large Blargg appears from the lava, and races up the tower to attack the racers. During this, if you fall off the lava, or if the Blargg catches you, you are immedatley counted as 12th place (or anything over if someone already got eaten). However, once you reach that fan, you go into a glider section and fly away from the Island.
  • DK Glacier: This track takes place on a large icy mountain.
  • Mesmerizing Mansion: This is your standard haunted track. The track is pretty simple, you drive inside the mansion and go through three rooms. However, these rooms are picked from around 50, and are randomly chosen every lap. Every lap has you racing through a different track, I guess.

Retro Cups

Shell Cup Banana Cup Leaf Cup Lightning Cup
300px-MK8 SunshineAirportCourse
Mario Circuit (DS) Ghost Valley 3 (SNES) Sunshine Airport (WiiU) Vanilla Lake 2 (SNES)
Riverside Park (GBA) Shroom Ridge (DS) Wario Stadium (N64) Broken Pier (GBA)
MKWii DK Summit
Maka Wuhu
Choco Mountain (N64) DK Summit (Wii) Maka Wuhu (3DS) Bowser's Castle (GCN)
Toad Factory (Wii) Electrodrome (WiiU) Wario Coliseum (GCN) Rainbow Road (3DS)

Battle Tracks

Nintendo Switch ? ? ? ?
Tart Top MKDS
1164890-funky stadium
Block Fort (N64) Battle Course 4 (GBA) Tart Top (DS) Funky Stadium (Wii) Sweet Sweet Kingdom (Switch)
  • Nintendo Switch: Might as well keep the trend going. Similar to Gamecube and DS, you drive atop the game's console, this time a Switch in handheld mode. It's a generic rectangular court. However, once time get to one minute, the Joy Cons detach, making the course smaller.


Track Items

Item Box
When driven into, they give a player an item.
Double Item Box
When driven into, gives the player two items.
When driven into, they give the player a speed boost, and increase their top speed for every one they have collected. A player can hold 10 coins at once.

Standard Items

These are items that can be used by every character in the game.

Banana Peel
The Banana Peel is a simple item that has appeared since the first game. The item is quite simple. Throw it forward, or place it behind you, and anyone who drives over it will spin out. It can also be used as a shield to block Red Shells. By using 1 coin, the Banana will be larger, and harder to avoid.
Triple Banana
When used, three bananas appear behind you (similar to past games). These can be thrown out, left behind, or be used as a shield.  By using 3 coins, all your bananas will be larger.
Green Shell
Green Shell Artwork - Mario Kart Wii-0
The Green Shell is one of simplest weapons in the game. It can be fired forwards or backwards. It travels in a straight line and richochets off of walls. A green shell can also be held behind the racer, allowing for a makeshift shield against Red Shells. By using 2 coins, the Green Shell becomes more durable, able to hit multiple enemies. It also becomes larger.
Triple Green Shell
When activated, three green shells surround the player. These can be thrown or used as a shield. By using 5 coins, the Green Shells become larger and more durable.
Red Shell
Red Shells, when thrown, will home into the player in front of you (or behind you if you throw it backwards). By using 3 coins, the Red Shell is able to hit two racers.
Triple Red Shell
Three Red Shells circle you kart, and you can throw them or use them as a shield. By using 7 coins, your Red Shells are able to hit two racers.
Spiny Shell
This infamous weapon, when activated, will charge forward. It goes to first place and explodes, sending the player in them flying into the air. By using 5 coins, the Spiny Shell not only hits the racer in first place, by everyone in front of you (though they won't explode).
Bob-omb walking
The Bob-Omb can be thrown forwards or backwards. After a few seconds of being thrown, they will attempt to walk toward the nearest racer and explodes, sending them into the air. By using 4 coins, the Bob-Omb's explosion will be larger, and you will be immune to the explosion.
ACL Super Mushroom
The Mushroom, when used, gives the user a speed boost, and also allowing them to drive over rough terrain. By using 3 coins, the Mushroom's boost becomes longer.
Triple Mushroom
Similar to Mushroom, only you get three uses. By using 7 coins, your Mushroom's boosts will become longer.
When used, the player becomes temporarily invincible and also gains a small speed boost. It also allows them to drive over rough terrian. By using 8 coins, the Star lasts longer and attracts nearby coins.
Upon activation, all players infront of you are struck by lightning, and shrink, decreasing their speed and making them vulnerable to crushing by you. This item can't be enhanced.
Bullet Bill
When used, the player turns into a massive bullet bill. They can speed forward, knock enemies  away, and get back into the game. This item can't be enhanced.
The Cape Feather is a unique item. When used,you jump into the air  and activate your glider. A great way of activating new shortcuts, but it can backfire if you aren't careful. By using 4 coins, the jump the feather can steal items.
Super Horn
Upon activation, this device sends out an ear-piercing shockwave. It spins out all surrounding enemies, and destroying most enemies in the vicinity, including Spiny Shells. By using 6 coins, the Super Horn gains an extra use, and also has a longer range.
Super Crown
This is the only new item that isn't a Special Item. When used, it puts a crown on your head, and you are highlighted on the map. The crown increases your speed, acceleration, handling, etc. This gives the user a huge advantage. However, you are bumped into, get hit by an item, or fall off a cliff, you will drop the crown, allowing someone else to grab it. After a long time, the Super Crown goes away. At the cost of 10 coins, the Super Crown becomes untakable.

Special Items

These are items that can only be used by certain characters.

Fire Flower
New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Fire Flower

This special item allows the user to shoot fireballs at a rapid speed. Fireballs richochet off walls and spin out players that touch them. 

This item can be used by: Mario, Luigi

By using 4 coins, the fireballs shot from the Fire Flower will be bigger, and faster.
Heart SMO unused shop icon

This cute little heart, upon activation, creates a barrier around the user. If the player runs into an item, or if an item hits them, rather than being hit, it goes into the user's hand, allowing it to be used. Unlike past games, the Heart is now timed rather than goes away after collecting 2 items.

This item can be used by: Peach, Daisy

By using 3 coins, the Heart will be timed rather than pick a set number of items. However, you can pick up as many items as you want during that time.
Yoshi Egg
Lime Yoshi Egg-0

The Yoshi Egg doesn't act like it does from the past games. When used, the user becomes encased in a large egg. Their speed is increased, and they become immune to items. However, your handling will decrease dramatically. So, if you press the L button again, you will break out of the egg, hitting anyone around you.

Them item can be used by: Yoshi

At the cost of 6 coins, the egg becomes a bit easier to control.
Golden Mushroom

The almighty golden mushroom allows the player to do infinite boosts for several seconds. A great way to get back into the race.

This item can be used by: Toad, Toadette

This item can't be enhanced.
Gold Shell

The Gold Shell is an item very similar to the Green Shell. It is more durable, able to withstand hitting multiple enemies, and creates an explosion when it hits someone.

This item can be used by: Koopa, Shy Guy

Triple Gold Shell When activated, gives you three gold shells, that circle around you.
Magnet NRI

The Electro-Magnet creates an electrified barrier around the user. This attracts coins, and if another racer touches you, they shrink. However, it only lasts a few seconds, and doesn't protect against anything, except for Lightning.

This item can be used by: Wario, Waluigi

At the cost of 4 coins, the Electro-Magnet has a longer range, and protects against 1 item.
Giant Banana
The Giant Banana is exactly what it sounds like. After being thrown or left behind, it acts as a giant obstacle. If a player slips on it, not only do they spin out, but the banana also leaves behind three smaller bananas.
Bowser Shell

The Bowser Shell is the king of all shells. It acts similar to a green shell, but it is absolutely ginormous, able to hit multiple enemies in one fell swoop.

This item can be used by: Bowser, Bowser Jr.


The Boo, when activated, makes the user invisible. When invisible, the player is immune to all items, and can drive over uneven terrain without losing speed. Also, the Boo will run off and steal the best item being held by the other players, and give it to you.

This item can be used by: King Boo

At the cost of 6 coins, you become invisible longer, you gain a small speed boost, and Boo can steal 2 items.
Launch Star

The Launch Star is a unique item. When used, a Launch Star is place a few meters away from you. Driving into it will give you a massive speed boost, but it makes it a bit hard to turn while the boost is happening. Also, enemies can use it. After some time, the Launch Star goes away.

There is a way to use the Launch Star in devious ways. Known as Launch Tricking, it involves placing a Launch Star in the path of a pit or obstacle. When a player goes through the Launch Star, they won't be able to avoid the pit or obstacle.

This item can be used by: Rosalina

At the cost of 6 coins, launching from the launch star become easier to control (though only you get that benefit)
Piranha Plant

The Piranha Plant returns from the last game. Unlike its predeccesor, it drives beside you instead of in front of you, allowing you to hit enemies infront and behind you. 

This item can be used by: Petey Piranha

At the cost of 5 coins, the Piranha Plant's reach become much higher.


  • Capture the Egg is inspired by Fire Mountain in Diddy Kong Racing.
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