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Mario Kart 9 is the 9th installment in the mario kart's developed with the assistance of Nightcap Devs. for the nintendo switch.


Like Mario Kart 7 And Mario kart 8 (deluxe) players can customize their own karts. you can use the hang-glider to glide through the air and ride underwater. and like Mario Kart 8,you can ride on the walls and ceilings thanks to the anti gravity feature. but the anti-gravity also allows you to ride on water this time.



Alternate Skins/Colors

Vehicle Parts







Mushroom:Gives the user a small boost of speed.
IMG 0657
Triple Mushroom:Gives the player 3 mushrooms which circle around the kart.
Golden Mushroom:Gives the player infinite boosts for a limited amount of time.
(NEW) 1-up mushroom:Gives the user a small boost of speed. unlike the normal mushroom,the speed boost will make the user invincible and whoever gets hit by it will spin out.
Green shell:A durable,rebounding projectile which travels in a straight line and can riccochet of walls
Triple Green Shell:3 Green Shells that orbit your kart, which you can use as shields or to throw at opponents like normal Green Shells.
Red shell:Red Shells, unlike Green Shells,cannot bounce off walls. However, the Red Shell will home in on the opponent infront of you.
IMG 0652
Triple red shell:3 Red Shells that orbit your kart, which you can use as shields or to throw at opponents like normal Red Shells.
(NEW) Bombshell:A projectile which travels in a straight line. it will explode upon hitting a wall or a rival.
Blue Spiny shell:the Spiny Shell will speed down the track at miraculous speeds, bulldozing any poor player in its way, and then landing and exploding on top of the frontrunner's kart.
MK7 Spiny Shell Artwork - Super Mario 3D World-0
(NEW) Red Spiny Shell:the Spiny Shell will speed down the track and explode on top of the frontrunner's kart. unlike the Blue spiny shell.this shell will home in on everyone infront of the user.
Fire Flower:Allows you to throw a lot of fireballs in an amount of time.
Ice Flower SMWU-0
(NEW)Ice Flower:Allows the user to shoot frozen balls, which will freeze victims in a block of ice.
Boomerang:Allows you to throw a boomerang 3 times. a projectile that pierces through enemies and will return to you.
Bob-omb:The Bob-Omb is thrown either before or behind you, and when something drives into their explosion radius, or the fuse runs out, a large explosion will occur in its place.
Triple Bob-omb-0
(NEW) Triple Bob-omb:3 bob-ombs will circle around the kart. while you can throw 3 of them,using them as a shield is a bad idea.
Bob-Omb BuddySMWWii-0
(NEW) Bob-omb buddy: these guys are trap-items like the banana peel. once thrown,they will stand still on the spot you threw them. once an opponent gets within' range,it'll explode.
Banana Peel:A classic slip & slide item- a small "landmine" that will spin you out if you touch it. Throw it forward or toss it backward, but it also makes for a great shield.
Triple Banana:3 Bananas that orbit your kart
Star:the Star speeds up your kart and makes you invincible for a short amount of time.
Lightning Artwork - Mario Kart Wii
Lightning bolt:will strike everyone but the user. causing them to shrink.
Super Horn:This horn causes a shockwave,that will knock over the racers and destroy the spiny shells.
(NEW) brick block:another trap-item. if you place this on the track,a giant brick block will spawn on the spot you placed it. the opponents can bump into it and break it.bumping into it is like bumping into a wall. while it doesn't harm them,it's useful for bringing your opponents to an immediate halt.
N64 Fake Item Box Mario Kart 7-0
Fake item box:an item box that looks like it has an item in it...but if you try to run into it,you flip over.
Blooper:A blooper will blind your rivals with ink and making their kart slippier until you go off a boost, into water or after a few seconds.
Boo:turns you invisible and makes you phase through items. if someone nearby is carrying an item,it'll steal it.
Bullet Bill:Your kart transforms into a Bullet Bill and will move forward automatically. knocking over whoever gets in the way.
MP9 Chain Chomp Bust-0
Chain Chomp:returning from double dash,but behaves different. you will launch a chain chomp forward and it will started rampaging around the track for a bit,biting everyone in the way.
Piranha Plant:this thing will bite in front of you, giving you short speed boosts. it will also bite coins, shells, bananas and of course,your rivals.
Super Leaf NSMB2-0
Super Leaf:For a limited time,you can hit your opponents and deflect the projectiles heading towards you.
Yoshi Egg:will be fired in a straight line and will break upon impact. releasing 5 items inside.


Nitro Cups

Mushroom - New Super Mario Bros

Mushroom Cup

0.1.mario kart track concept mario s circuit by computerboy64

Mario's Circuit

0.2.mario kart track concept coconut shore by computerboy64 dde2h84-fullview

Coconut Shore

0.3.mario kart track concept spore forest by computerboy64 dde2h8u-fullview

Spore Forest

0.4.mario kart track concept moo moo ranch by computerboy64 dde2h9g-fullview

Moo Moo Ranch

Mushroom - New Super Mario Bros-1

Flower Cup

0.5.mario kart track concept shroom falls by computerboy64 ddf1ylz-fullview

Shroom Falls

0.6.mario kart track concept soda glacier by computerboy64 ddf1ym7-fullview

Soda Glacier

0.7.mario kart track concept super express rails by computerboy64 ddf1ymg-fullview

Super Express Rails

0.8.mario kart track concept spiny cheep bay by computerboy64 ddf1ymw-fullview

Spiny Cheep Bay

Mushroom - New Super Mario Bros-0

Star Cup

0.1.MK9 Sunken City Redux

Sunken City

0.2.Mario Kart Track Concept-Shroomy Driftway

Shroomy Driftway

0.3.Mario Kart Track Concept-Foreman's Site

Foreman's Site

0.4.Mario Kart Track Concept-Sarasa Oasis

Sarasa Oasis


Special Cup

D1.moon mansion 2

Moon Mansion

D2.goomba village 3

Goomba Village

D3.bowser's castle 2

Bowser's Castle

D4.rainbow road 1

Rainbow Road



Green Shell Artwork - Mario Kart Wii-0

Shell Cup

SNES Mario Circuit

N64 Wario Stadium

A3.GBA sunset wilds

GBA sunset wilds

A4.GCN Wario colosseum

GCN Wario's colosseum

Banana (Mario Kart Wii)-0

Banana Cup

B1.DS desert hills

DS desert hills

B2.WII dk summit

Wii D.K. summit

B3.3DS alpine pass

3DS alpine pass

B4.WII U electrodrom

Wii U electrodrome

Super Leaf NSMB2-0

Leaf Cup

C1.SNES vanilla lake

SNES vanilla lake

C2.GBA yoshi desert

GBA yoshi desert

C3.GCN mushroom city

GCN mushroom city

C4.DS 8 figure circuit

DS figure-8 circuit

Lightning Artwork - Mario Kart Wii

Lightning Cup

D1.WII mushroom gorge

Wii Mushroom Gorge

D2.WIIU shy guy falls

Wii U Shy Guy Falls

D3.SNES ghost valley

SNES Ghost Valley

D4.3DS rainbow road

3DS rainbow road

Battle Mode dojo

Shell Dojo

Battle Mode



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