Mario Kart 9: Portal Panic is a game created by CrazySponge

Mario Kart 9: Portal Panic
Developer(s) CrazySponge
Publisher(s) Box Productions
Distributor(s) Nintendo
Director(s) CrazySponge
Producer(s) God It's CrazySponge
Designer(s) CrazySponge
Programmer(s) Not CrazySponge
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Genre(s) Racing
Series Mario Kart
Cost $59.99

Released for the Nintendo Switch in 20XX, it is another installment in the Mario Kart franchise, with the same overall gameplay. The game features several new mechanics never before seen in the series, so it is one jam-packed game.


The game features the normal gameplay of Mario Kart, where you play as a character racing against others in a race, where your objective is to win. There are also obstacles to dodge and power-ups to use to enhance the experience.

Portal Zones

The game's new gimmick. Like anti-gravity, you enter a zone in the race. In this zone, your kart gets a portal gun, which can be aimed with the right analog stick, and shot with the A button. When in Portal Zones, there is a floor and ceiling where portals can be shot on. The portals can be used in many ways, such as getting ahead in the race, tricking other players, or shooting power-ups (such as shells) into portals and out the other end.

Portal Realms



Ant-Gravity sections return! They work exactly how they did in Mario Kart 8, except for one thing. While in anti-gravity sections, randomly during the match, the power of the gravity will low down so much that you will be able to fly! That also includes being able to shoot power-ups such as shells in any direction.



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