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Mushroom Cup

Birdo Circuit

A simple circuit shaped like Birdo, with many stands filled with Piantas, Koopa Troopas and Shy Guys. Parts of the course are suberged in water and some parts are covered in dirt track. At the end of the course there is a Giant Birdo Egg, which the players drive into and glide out of.

Character Body Wheels Glider Time
Normal Time Trial Yoshi Standard Kart 7 Sparkle Spiky Shell Balloon 2:14:378 Nin*==Kony
Expert Time Trial Birdo Moo Moo Car Monster Standard 7 2:03:383 Nin*YOKO

Xananab Ruins

A circuit themed with Xananabs with many sharp turns and short jumps. The second half of the course is inside a huge cave with many cracks and Tiki Goons. There is also a river which needs to be crossed at the end.

Character Body Wheels Glider Time
Normal Time Trial Diddy Kong Goomba Jet Sponge Banana Parachute 2:31:920 Nin*iwaco
Expert Time Trial Donkey Kong Tiki Tripper Dirt Track Standard 2:17:298 Nin*Katie

Cheep Cheep River

A long winding river in the middle of the forest with many jumps and twists. Cheep Cheeps appear as common enemies on the track and will spin you on impact. At the end, the course goes on to a bank and onto a bridge flying up and down.

Character Body Wheels Glider Time
Normal Time Trial Baby Luigi Aero Glider Standard Mario Cap 3:01:738 Nin*YABUKI
Expert Time Trial Kritter Tot Tyke High Tech Flower Glider 2:43:990 Nin*mokke

Cookie Courtyard

A station made entirely of cookies with bumpy roads and uneven landscapes. The course follows the cookie train around the course and goes down into Cookie Valley and back up to the station.

Character Body Wheels Glider Time
Normal Time Trial Dry Bones Phantom Metal Count's Cape 2:34:678 Nin*♪msk
Expert Time Trial Shy Guy Bowser Bike Slick Goo Goo Glider 2:18:728 Nin*♪Ryo

Lakitu Stadium

A huge stadium designed by Lakitu with many tight upcurving spirals and loose spinies. At the end of the course there is a section with bounceable clouds.

Character Body Wheels Glider Time
Normal Time Trial Lakitu Bullet Bike High Tech Standard 2:15:190 Nin*Koh
Expert Time Trial Funky Kong Bee Booster Roller Diamond 1:58:911 Nin*Taeko

Flower Cup

Wiggler Grove

A nature reserve owned by Wiggler with many sharp turns and awkward jumps. Logs and leaf piles appear as neutral items on the course and Goombas appear as hazards. At the end of the course, there is a long glider section with many Wiggler Boosters.

Character Body Wheels Glider Time
Normal Time Trial Diddy Kong Goomba Jet Dirt Track Flower Glider 2:32:510 Nin*Kentan
Expert Time Trial Wiggler Rapide Metal Cheep Cheep Cape 2:12:438 Nin*Matt

Pianta Palms

A calm and relaxing beach with Piantas and Nokis. A golden sand beach with a leaf bridge and a small island. Drive along the beach, across the bridge and onto the island. Suddenly, Shadow Mario appears out of nowhere, warping you to his realm. Drive along the cosmic realm and reach the end to escape.

Character Body Wheels Glider Time
Normal Time Trial Petey Piranha Growlster Candifloss Peach Parasol 3:38:149 Nin*Tkdr
Expert Time Trial Pianta Blazing Beast Mushroom Parafoil 3:24:717 Ret*RLingo

Honeyhive Circuit

A circuit designed around the Honeyhive Kingdom. Follow the asphalt track around the kingdom but watch out for honey dropping Bees and Mandibugs.

Character Body Wheels Glider Time
Normal Time Trial Bee Boo Pipes Coin Swoop 2:54:230 Nin*morimo
Expert Time Trial Queen Bee Bumble V Slick Count's Cape 2:45:839 Nin*Syun1

Sledge Bro Pier

Yoshi City

Star Cup

Alpine Temple

A peaceful temple right in the heart of the Mountains. Drive through the endless maze of hidden passages and dead ends and then, drive out onto the beautiful countryside up in the mountains.

Character Body Wheels Glider Time
Normal Time Trial Shy Guy Tot Tyke Golden Mario's Cap 2:27:109 Nin*ITRO-S
Expert Time Trial Dixie Kong Boomobile High-Tech Swoop 2:17:920 Nin*SRIWtm

Diddy Park

A hustling, bustling park inhabitited by many jungle creatures. Drive through the huge park, around the huge Diddy Statue and down along the bank into the miniture forest area.

Character Body Wheels Glider Time
Normal Time Trial Baby DK Bowser Bike Rock Goo Goo Glider 2:12:192 Ret*Dupree
Expert Time Trial Diddy Kong Golden Frame Monster Flower Glider 1:59:727 Nin*raba

Rocket Reef

Drive around the purple rocked arena, dodging Bullet Bills and driving over steep hills. Continue your path all the way to the rocket, fly up into the air and glide back down to the start.

Character Body Wheels Glider Time
Normal Time Trial Baby Mario Wire Frame Red Monster Count's Cape 3:21:102 Nin*SASAKI
Expert Time Trial Boom Boom Cosmic Spike Dirt-Track Professor's Jet 2:48:951 Nin*OBSHNN

Supermassive Sprint

Drive along the huge Brick Blocks, dodging Mega Goomba's and gliding over mega jumps.

Character Body Wheels Glider Time
Normal Time Trial Bowser Boo Pipes Diamond Birthday Balloon 1:31:481 Ret*Tom
Expert Time Trial Diddy Kong Bubble Bike Mushroom Spiky Shell Balloon 1:15:469 Nin*JIKU

Koopa Loop

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