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This is a DLC pack exclusive to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. It doesn't really have a theme, it just adds new stuff. The Supreme DLC adds in 5 new playable characters, new costumes for many existing characters and 2 new cups.

New tracks

This DLC pack adds in 8 new tracks.

Bee 'shroom cup (Nitro) Description Ice flower cup (Retro) Description
Donkhattan A New Donk City themed track. Mushroom City Back from Double Dash, it now has more details, several cameos and an anti-gravity section.
Waluigi's Casino A casino where you race around from the perspective of a mouse. It is vaguely reminiscent of Waluigi Pinball Wario Shipyard Also known as Wario Galleon, This track is back from Mario Kart 7. It looks more creepy and haunted.
Pixl Desert A Tostarena-themed track that is not a circuit. If you enter a pixel pipe then you enter the mural on the wall of a small piece of track reminiscent of the original super mario kart. Toad Factory First seen in Mario kart Wii, this track now has more moving parts and more detail.
8-Bit Highway Race around world 1-1, 1-2 and 1-4 alongside a mechanic similar to Pixl desert's murals on the wall. Bowser Castle (Gamecube) Another one from Double Dash, This track has more detail and is even more menacing.

New characters/costumes

This DLC pack adds in 5 all-new characters and 13 new costumes for various characters.


Name Picture Weight class
Petey Piranha
IMG 0707.png
Diddy Kong
MKXL Diddy 2.png
Honey Queen
MKPC Honey Queen.png
Medium Heavy
Zelda png-0.png


Original character New costumes
Mario Ice Mario, Fire Mario
Luigi Ice Luigi, Fire Luigi
Peach Fire Peach, Wedding Peach
Toad Green, blue, purple, yellow
Koopa Troopa Red
King Boo Luigi's Mansion King Boo
Link Red, blue
Zelda Breath Of The Wild Zelda