Mario Kart 8 is a game for the Wii U that was created in 2014. I wanted to tell my own ideas. I want to explain why I think I should do this: 1. The new characters were god AWFUL. None of the new characters make no sense to get in. 2. The Battle Mode was terrible. Their wasn't no cool new battle tracks, NOTHING! They were just the other tracks in the actual game just imported to fit for battle mode. I wish these happened instead


Image Character Description Weight
215px-MarioMP8a Mario Everyone knows who Mario is! Mario is here again to show off the racing skills! Medium!
LuigiHat Luigi Everyone should also know who Luigi is! Luigi wants to try racing at the tracks! Cruiser
Yoshi Happy YBA Yoshi Yoshi, the lovable dinosaur is ready to join Mario into racing! Medium!
BowserNSMBU-transparent Bowser Heavy
DKthumbsUp Donkey Kong Heavy
DiddyKong Diddy Kong Medium!
WarioMP7 Wario Heavy
WaluigiMP8Official Waluigi Cruiser
Toad Brawl Toad Feather
Toadette - Mario Party 10 Toadette Feather
Rosalina MK7 Rosalina Cruiser
Daisy MP10 Daisy Medium
Peach - Mario Party 10 Peach Light
Green Koopa New Koopa Troopa Feather
Shyguy MP9 Shy Guy Feather
Babymariositting Baby Mario Feather
Baby Peach Baby Peach Feather
DRY Dry Bones Light
King Boo Artwork - Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon King Boo Heavy
PeteyPiranhaPlant Petey Piranha Heavy
Mii Outfit A Mii Outfit A Mii Outfit A sports a unique racing outfit, however it might just be the least entertained one to look at. Depends

The Unlockable Drivers

Image Character Description Weight
Baby Luigi NSMBDIY Baby Luigi Feather
BabyWario Baby Wario Feather
Toadsworth2 Toadsworth Light
E Gadd Solo LM2 Professor Elvin Gadd Medium
250px-MP8 Birdo Birdo Medium
Kamek Suprised Kamek Light
Monty Mole NSMBU Solo Monty Mole Feather
FunkyKongJungleClimber Funky Kong Heavy
MushroombanditNSMBU Nabbit Medium
LordFredrik Lord Fredrik Heavy
Mii Outfit B Mii Outfit B Mii Outfit B is just like Mii Outfit B, except your Mii can now dress as Luigi, Mario, or Princess Peach. Depends
Mii Outfit C Mii Outfit C The new Mii Outfit Type, Mii Outfit C! This type let's you dress like Yoshi, and depending on your favorite color, the Yoshi color should get different. Depends

The Unlock Criteria

The Unlocked Character The Unlock Criteria
Baby Luigi Clear 150cc Shell.
Baby Wario Earn All 32 Expert Staff Ghost Data In Time Trials.
Toadsworth Clear Three Time Trials.
Professor Elvin Gadd Clear 150cc Lightning.
Birdo Clear 50cc Mushroom.
Kamek Clear 100cc Leaf.
Monty Mole Clear 100cc Lightning.
Funky Kong Clear seven Time Trials, Then get one star on all 100cc Retro Tracks.
Nabbit Clear Three Rounds Of Balloon Battle.
Lord Fredrik Have a completed save data of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze on the Wii U, then do 70 races or get 1,000 points online.
Mii Outfit B Clear 100cc Special.
Mii Outfit C Clear Mirror All-Star.
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