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Project Eternity
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Mario Kart 8
Developer(s) Project Eternity
Publisher(s) Project Eternity
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Wii U
Genre(s) Racing
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of USA.png October 13, 2012
Flag of Japan.png October 15, 2012
Flag of European Union.png October 23, 2012
25px-Flag of Australia.png November 1, 2012
Mode(s) Story Mode
Mission Mode
Grand Prix
Age Rating(s) TBA
Media Included 3DS Cartridge
Wii Disk
Wii U Disk

Mario Kart 8: Brutal Burst is an upcoming Mario Kart game. Mario and his friends will compete in races through the Mushroom Kingdom. There can be up to 12 characters at the same time in a race. There will be online mode with 12 racers from anywhere. You will be able to choose solo-races or double-races (where you can drive a kart with two characters). Each character will have their own kart and a special item that only he/she will be able to use.


Mario Kart 8: Brutal Burst will have Coins like the last Mario Kart game, and they will be used to buy characters, karts and tracks in the Mario Kart shop. There will be retro courses in this game, similar to the previous games. One difference is that there will be 5 cups with 12 circuits in each cup. Racers can use air gliders like in the previous edition and there will be propellers to navigate in the water. The vehicles will wear a float to float on the water. The float will be faster than the propeller, so you will have to be skillful if you want activate the float. You will be able to select the wheels, the aileron, the airglider, the turbo, the float, and the propeller at certain parts of races. Motorbikes will return, for they were taken out in Mario Kart 7.


3DS A Button.png A Button (Hold) Accelerate

3DS B Button.png B Button (Hold) Stop/ Go back

3DS X Button.png X Button (Press) Activate Glider

3DS Y Button.png Y Button (Press) Use Trick

3DS L Button.PNG L Button (Press) Use Item

3DS R Button.PNG R Button (Hold) Drift

3DS D-Pad.png Control Pad (Hold) Change map style

Circlepad.png Circle Pad (Hold) Steer your vehicle

3DS Select Button.PNG Select Button (Press) Change Map style

3DS Start Button.PNG Start Button (Press) Select Menu


Solo Mode

  • Grand Prix
  • Time Trial
  • Versus Mode
  • Battle Mode
  • Missions
  • Story Mode

Multiplayer Mode

  • Versus Mode
  • Battle Mode
  • Competitions (Multiplayer Mission Mode)

Online Mode

  • Versus Mode
  • Battle Mode
  • Competitions
  • Time Trials


Default Characters

Unlockable Characters

Downloadable Characters

Shopping Characters

* Different colours


Non Playable Characters


General Items

Items of each character


Mushroom Cup Flower Cup Sunshine Cup Star Cup Special Cup
Luigi Circuit Mario Circuit Daisy Beach Sunset Island Galaxy Circuit
Peach Castle Baby Circuit Toad Town Moonview Highway Celestial Cruise
Subcon City Sarasland Tour Dry-Dry Desert Waria Circuit Dry Bone Volcano
Goomba Highway Yoshi's Island Rosalina Gardens DK Ski Tour Bowser Castle
Airship Circuit Waluigi Casino Wario Factory Bowser Jr. Fortress Rainbow Road
Shell Cup Banana Cup Leaf Cup Thunder Cup POW Cup
Ghost Valley 1 SNES Cheese Land GBA Vanilla Lake 2 SNES Ribbon Road GBA Choco Island 2 SNES
Luigi Raceway N64 Royal Raceway N64 Kalimari Desert N64 Toad Turnpike N64 Yoshi Valley N64
Mushroom City NGC Daisy Cruiser NGC Dino-Dino Jungle NGC Bowser Castle NGC Sherbet Land NGC
Mario Circuit NDS Wario Stadium NDS Waluigi Pinball NDS Cheep Beach NDS Airship Fortress NDS
Toad Factory Wii Maple Treeway Wii Mario Circuit Wii Moonview Highway Wii Bowser Castle Wii

Shopping circuits

  • Wii Koopa Cape Price: 35 coins
  • Wii Coconut Mall Price: 35 coins
  • Wii Wario Gold Mine Price: 35 coins
  • Mysteria Boulevard New Price: 40 coins
  • Toadette Bazaar New Price: 40 coins
  • Koopa Park New Price: 40 coins
  • Inferna Castle New Price: 40 coins
  • Maria Iceberg New (coming soon)
  • Luise City New (coming soon)
  • Walice Pinball New (coming soon)
  • Noki Raceway New (coming soon)


General Karts (everybody can use it)

  • Cheep Charger
  • Turbo Cookie
  • Winged bike
  • Racing Coach
  • Dragonetti
  • B Dasher 3.0
  • Metallic Biker
  • Piranha Kart
  • Mach Bike
  • Pinball Machkart

Special Karts

  • Mario: Red Fire
    Mario Kart.png
    Peach Kart.png
  • Luigi: Green Fire
  • Princess Peach: Rainbow Dream
  • Princess Daisy: Mot-o-rama
  • Wario: The Fast Garlic
  • Waluigi: Motornight
  • Bowser: Bowser motorbike
  • Donkey Kong: Jungle 4x4
  • Toad: Motor-Mushroom
    Wario Kart.png
  • Yoshi: Yoshi's Egg 2.0
    Toad Kart.png
  • Baby Mario: El Sonajero
  • Baby Luigi: Sponge Kart
  • Rosalina: Shining Star
  • Bowser Jr: Bullet Moto
  • Diddy Kong: Magic Barrel
  • Toadette: Mushroom Femina
  • Birdo: Birdonator
  • Baby Peach: MechaYoshi
  • Baby Daisy: Blooper-bike

    Yellow Warp Pipes

  • Maria: Red Pipes
  • Luise: Green Pipes
  • Koopa Troopa: Motor-shell
  • Dry Bones: Skeleton
  • King Boo: The Phantom
  • Mii: Fast Parade
  • Sonic: The fast Blue
  • Mallow: Cloudy bike
  • Geno: Robotic Kart
  • Tail Boo: Forester Bike
  • Koopa Kid: Koop-trip
  • Hammer Bro: Hammer Coach
  • Boomerang Bro.: Boomer Coach
  • Pianta: Delfinoswagen
  • Toadsworth: Nostalgia 3000
  • Honey Princess: Bee Wisper
  • Metal Mario: Diamond Car
  • Lakitu: Cloudykart
  • Paratoad: Mushroom Ferrari
  • Boom Boom: Fortress-tank
  • Pun Pun: Airship-tank
  • Mr. L: Negative Kart
  • Mr. Γ: Negative Tank
  • Honey Queen: Bee Keeper
  • Honey Princess: Bee 1
  • Dark Carriage

    Waria: Yellow Warp Pipes
  • Walice: Dark Carriage
  • Dry Bowser: Flying Dragon
  • Funky Kong: Funk-a-plane
  • Dixie Kong: Erasematic
  • Petey Piranha: Piranha Pipes 2.0
  • Paratroopa: My Winged
  • Pauline: Donkey Kart
  • Mini Mario Toy: Little Clown
  • Baby Wario: Yellow Storm
  • Baby Waluigi: POW-Movil
  • Baby Rosalina: Moto-Galaxy
  • Baby Maria: Electro-crib
  • Baby Luise: Boo-vaccum
  • Baby Waria: Locomotiver
  • Baby Walice: Crazy Engine
  • Prince Boo: Naughty-Ghosty
  • Baby Petey Piranha: Piranha car
  • Yoshina: Yoshina Kart
  • Dry Bowser Jr.: Krokobike
  • Wart: The monster
  • Morton Koopa Sr.: Movil Throne


  • Standart
  • Parafoil
  • Super Glider
  • Peach Parasol
  • Flower Glider
  • Swooper
  • Golden Glider
  • Mario Wing Cap (New)
  • Helicopter (New)
  • Balloons (New)
  • Hot Air Balloon (New)
  • Rocket (New)
  • Propeller (New)
  • Fire Glider (New)
  • Bee Wings (New)
  • Paratroopa Shell (New)


  • Standart
  • Red Monster
  • Monster
  • Mushroom
  • Roller
  • Wood
  • Slick
  • Spongy
  • Slim
  • Classic
  • Golden
  • Gold Mantis Wheels (New)
  • Koopa Shell (New)
  • Spiny (New)
  • Carriage (New)
  • Toy (New)
  • Skates (New)
  • Cloud (New)
  • Silver (New)
  • Special Character (New)
  • Star Rider (New)


Survival Challenge

Survival challenge is a battle where you must survive if you want win. Every racer has a Health Meter like in Mario Sports Mix with 10 Health Points. You must finish the battle without losing all 10 Health Points. You must try to hit your rivals with items to win the challenge. Items like Bananas, Shells, and Fake Item Boxes take 1 Health Point out and items like Spiny Shells, Bob-ombs, and Thunder Clouds take 3 Health Points out.

  • Special Item: Life Mushroom adds a point to the person who takes it.

Balloon Battle

Balloon Battle is similar to Mario Kart Wii's Balloon Battle.

  • Special Item: Balloon adds a Balloon.

Star Fighters

Star Fighters is a battle where you must have the most stars. There will be 30 stars and you have to take more stars than the rest of competitors. The battle lasts 3 minutes and you can take the other competitor's stars out if you throw items. The winner will be the person who has the most stars in the end.

  • Special Item: Special Star is the item that you must collect.

Bob-Omb Battle

Bob-Omb battle is similar to Double Dash's Bob-Omb Blast.

  • Special Item: Bob-Omb is the weapon.

Battle Courses

Nitro Courses Retro Courses
Mushroom Plaza SNES Battle Course 1
Peach Gardens N64 Double Deck
Bob-Omb Factory GBA Battle Course 4
Whomp Forest GCN Luigi's Mansion
Bowser Galaxy NDS Nintendo DS
Dry Bones Desert Wii Funky Stadium
Coconut Park 3DS Wu-hu Town

Story Mode

You can see Story Mode here.

Mission Mode

You can see Mission Mode here.



  • Rosalina: Win the Star Cup in 150cc mode.
  • Bowser Jr: Win the Special Cup in 100cc mode.
  • Diddy Kong: Win the Sunshine Cup in 50cc mode.
  • Toadette: Win 10 races.
  • Birdo: Win 25 races.
  • Baby Peach: Compete in a Time Trial.
  • Baby Daisy: Compete in 12 different courses in Time Trial Mode.
  • Maria: Win the POW Cup in 50cc mode.
  • Luise: Win the Leaf Cup in 100cc mode.
  • Koopa Troopa: Win the Thunder Cup in 50cc mode.
  • Dry Bones: Win the Leaf Cup in 150cc.
  • King Boo: Win all 50cc Cups.
  • Mii: Visit Mario Kart Shop 10 times
  • Mr. Shop and Maliene: When you receive the letter and visit the Shop another time.
  • Roberto and Veronique: Visit Mario Kart shop 50 times.


  • Fire Flower: Win 5 races
  • Ice Flower: Win 5 races
  • 1st Pipe: Win the Special Cup in 150cc.
  • Boomerang Suit: Win the Sunshine Cup in 150cc-Mirror.
  • Bob-Omb Cloud: Win all the cups in 100cc.
  • Mirror: Win the Thunder Cup in 150cc.
  • Penguin Suit: Win the Star Cup in 50cc.
  • Rock Mushroom: Download the Galaxy Ticket.
  • Cloud Flower: Download the Galaxy Ticket.
  • Snowman Suit: Download the Dream Ticket.
  • Laser Mushroom: Download the Dream Ticket.


  • Sunshine Cup: Win the Mushroom and Flower Cups.
  • Star Cup: Win the Sunshine Cup.
  • Special Cup: Win the Star Cup.
  • Leaf Cup: Win the Shell and Banana Cups.
  • Thunder Cup: Win the Leaf Cup
  • POW Cup: Win the Thunder Cup


  • Standard Kart: Win the Special Cup in 50cc. (everybody)
  • Standard Bike: Win the Shell Cup in 50cc. (everybody)
  • Hero Kart: Win the Shell Cup in 100cc. (Mario, Luigi, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi)
  • Heart Coach: Win the Banana Cup in 100cc. (Peach, Daisy, Baby Peach, Baby Daisy)
  • Tornadus: Win the Mushroom Cup in 150cc. (Wario, Waluigi, Baby Wario, Baby Waluigi)
  • Bowser Bike: Win the Sunshine Cup in 150cc. (Bowser, Bowser Jr., Dry Bowser, Morton Koopa Sr., Dry Bowser Jr.)
  • Mushmellow: Win the Mushmellow Cup in 50cc. (Toad, Toadette, Toadsworth, Paratoad)
  • Speedy Egg: Win the Flower Cup in 100cc. (Yoshi, Birdo, Yoshina)
  • Moto-Rambi: Win the Flower Cup in 150cc. (Donkey, Diddy, Funky and Dixie Kong)
  • Stelar Dream: Win the Sunshine Cup in 100cc. (Rosalina, Baby Rosalina, Honey Queen, Honey Princess)
  • Cheep Coach: Win the Flower Cup in 50cc. (Koopa, Dry Bones, Paratroopa, Hammer Bro., Tail Boo, Boomerang Bro., Koopa Kid)
  • Lady Bike: Win the Mushroom Cup in 100cc. (Maria, Luise, Baby Maria, Baby Luise)
  • Monster 4x4: Win the Shell Cup in 150cc. (King Boo, Petey Piranha, Wart)
  • Sheller Monster: Download Boom Boom and Bam Bam. (Boom Boom, Pom Pom)
  • Negative Coach: Download Mr. L and Mr. Γ. (Mr. L, Mr. Γ)
  • Standard Kart 3DS: Download Metal Mario and Lakitu. (Metal Mario, Lakitu)
  • DK Rider: Win the Banana Cup in 50cc. (Pauline, Mini-Mario)
  • Twister Carriage: Win the Mushroom Cup in 150cc.-Mirror. (Waria, Walice, Baby Waria, Baby Walice)
  • Tropical Kart: Download Mallow, Geno and Pianta. (Mallow, Geno, Pianta)
  • Speed Star: Download Sonic. (Sonic)
  • Golden Champion: Win the Special Cup in 150cc.-Mirror. (everybody)

Classic Karts

  • Classic Standart Kart (SNES, N64, GBA)
  • Bloom Coach (NGC)
  • Goo Goo Buggy (NGC)
  • Gold Mantis (NDS)
  • Poltergust 4000 (NDS)
  • Cheep Charger (Wii)
  • Piranha Prowler (Wii)
  • Dolphin Dasher (Wii)
  • Magikruiser (Wii)
  • Cloud 9 (N3DS)
  • Birthday Girl (N3DS)
  • Bumble V (N3DS)


  • 150cc.-Mirror: Win all 150cc. cups.
  • Double dash: Compete in all the circuits in Time Trial.
  • Winter Circuits: Download Christmas Gift via Spotpass.
  • Time Trial Cup: Unlock a ghost in Time Trial.
  • Comet Observatory (Circuit): Download the Galaxy Ticket.