Mario Kart 64 3D
Developer(s) Nintendo EAD
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) Racing
Series Mario, Mario Kart
Predecessor Mario Kart 64
Release Date(s) September 13, 2015
Mode(s) 1-12 players (local)

1-12 players (online)

Age Rating(s) E For Everyone
Media Included 3DS Game cart
 Mario Kart 64 3D is the enchanced remake of Mario Kart 64, adding 7 new, unlockable characters, as well as adding 2 new cups to the game, bringing the total of characters up to 15 and the number of courses up to 24. The game will be released September 13, 2015 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. the game can also be seen as a teaser for another racing game Nintendo has in the works that has yet to be announced.


Being a remake of Mario Kart 64, the gameplay is nearly identical. The racers must simply race in a Grand Prix of four courses with four default cups (the ones from the original) as well as two new unlockable cups, The 1-Up Cup and the Bowser Cup. The graphics are much more updated compared to the original and the characters use models instead of 2D sprites. The characters from the original games also have updated voice clips, although you can go to the options menu and change the characters' voice clips to their original ones. Luigi, Wario, Toad, and Peach have an extra option to change to their Japanese voice clips. Unlike the original game, you can decide how many racers will be in a race. You can choose the options of: 2, 3, 4, 5, or 8 racers. After you unlock a certain amount of characters, you'll be granted the option to change the setting to 10 racers or 12 racers as well. When playing online, the game will always have 12 players per race unless less than 12 racers can be found online.


This game includes the original 8 characters from Mario Kart 64 as well as 7 new ones, all of which are unlockables. There are three weight classes in the game, all of which have 5 characters per class. These classes are the lightweights, which have high speed and acceleration, but are easily pushed aside by heavyweights, which have low speed and acceleration. The middle weights have balanced speed and acceleration, they can still push the lightweights a little, but not as much as the heavyweights can. Nintendo purposely did not include any characters that first appeared after the year 1997 (The year Mario Kart 64 was released) in order to create an old, classic Mario feel. This rule is the same for the new courses. None of the new courses are based on any of the Mario games that were released after 1997.

Image Character Weight Class Stats Description
185px-Mario MK9
Mario Medium

Speed: 3/5

Weight: 3/5

The hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario is the main protagonist of the Mario series. He, along with Luigi and Kamek, are the most balanced characters.
Luigi MK8 Icon
Luigi Medium



Weight: 3/5

Luigi is the younger brother of Mario. He is as balanced as Mario and Kamek.
Peach MK8 Icon
Princess Peach Light

Speed: 4/5

Weight: 2/5

Princess Peach is often the damsel in distress in the Mario series. She is really fast, but large characters can easily push her aside due to her light weight.
Toad MK8 Icon
Toad Light

Speed: 5/5

Weight: 1/5

Toad, along with Goomba, are the fastest characters in the game, although they're extremely vulnerable to heavyweights and even medium weights may give him a hard time.
Yoshi MK8 Icon
Yoshi Light

Speed: 4/5

Weight: 2/5

Yoshi is Mario's dinosaur pal. He has the exact same stats as Peach.
Donkey Kong DK!!!
Donkey Kong Heavy

Speed: 2/5

Weight: 4/5

Donkey Kong is the main protagonist of the Donkey Kong Country series. He may be slow, but he is a heavyweight character, allowing him to easily push aside any lightweights in his path.
MKDS-Wario Artwork
Wario Heavy

Speed: 2/5

Weight: 4/5

Wario is a longtime rival of Mario. He possesses the same stats as Donkey Kong.
120px-MK3D Bowser
Bowser Heavy

Speed: 1/5

Weight: 5/5

Bowser, along with King Bob-Omb, are the heaviest characters in the game. Bowser may be very slow, but due to being such a large size, Bowser can very easily push aside lightweights and even middle weights may be in trouble against Bowser.


Image Character Weight Class Stats Description How to Unlock
100px-KoopaTroopa MP9
Koopa Troopa Light

Speed: 4.5/5

Weight: 1.5/5

The Koopa Troopa, a minion of Bowser. His stats lie in the middle of Peach/Yoshi's and Toad/Goomba's stats. Faster and lighter than Yoshi, but heavier and slower than Toad, Koopa may not be as easily pushed around by heavyweights as Toad, but he is certainly in as much danger to heavyweights as Yoshi and Peach.
Kamek Medium

Speed: 3/5

Weight: 3/5

Kamek is the adoptive father of Bowser. He appears to be the leader of the Magikoopas. His stats are the same as the Mario Brothers.
Diddy Kong Racer
Diddy Kong Medium

Speed: 3.5/5

Weight: 2.5/5

Diddy Kong is the nephew and best friend of Donkey Kong. His stats are in the middle of the Mario Bros' stats and Peach/Yoshi's stats. He is lighter and faster than the Bros but heavier and slower than Peach and Yoshi.
Boom Boom Heavy

Speed: 1.5/5

Weight: 4.5/5

Boom Boom is another minion to Bowser. He is heavier and slower than Wario and DK, but he is lighter and faster than Bowser.
Goomba Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Goomba Light

Speed: 5/5

Weight: 1/5

Goombas are the main minions of Bowser. The Goomba has the exact same stats as Toad.
Donkey Kong Jr. Medium

Speed: 2.5/5

Weight: 3.5/5

Donkey Kong Jr. is the son of Cranky Kong and the father of the current Donkey Kong. The DK Jr. seen here is a past version of himself, similar to the baby characters of the Mario series. He is heavier and slower than the Mario Bros but faster than the heavyweights. He was in the original Super Mario kart as a heavyweight but has been changed to a medium weight.
250px-MP9 Big Bob-Omb
King Bob-Omb Heavy


Weight: 5/5

Big Bob-Omb is the king of the Bob-Ombs. He was the first boss in the game Super Mario 64. Here, he possesses the same stats as Bowser.


There are 24 courses to race on, all 16 from the original N64 version, and 8 brand new ones. You start out with the first four cups and unlock the 1 Up Cup by getting first place on all the original cups. After getting first place on the 1 Up Cup, you'll unlock the Bowser Cup. Keep in mind you'll have to unlock the cups on each individual engine: 50cc, 100cc, and 150cc. After getting first place on all of the 150cc cups, you'll unlock the "Extra" engine mode which uses the 100cc engine and makes all the maps mirrored (So left is right and right is left).

Mushroom Cup

Luigi Raceway

Moo Moo Farm

Koopa Troopa Beach

Kalimari Desert

Flower Cup

Toad's Turnpike

Frappe Snowland

Choco Mountain

Mario Raceway

Star Cup

Wario Stadium

Sherbet Land

Royal Raceway

Bowser's Castle

Special Cup

DK's Jungle Parkway

Yoshi Valley

Banshee Boardwalk

Rainbow Road

1 Up Cup

Bob-Omb Battlefield


Roy's Cloud Land

Koopaling Airship

Bowser Cup

Diddy Kong's Tree Swing

Kamek's Lair

Mushroom Kingdom

Bowser in the Sky

Next Project

Nintendo has stated that Mario Kart 64 3D can be seen as a teaser for the next big project from Nintendo, involving racing. Nintendo says more info will be revealed at a later date.

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