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Mario Kart 3DS
マリオカート3D(Mario Kart 3D)
MK3DS Boxart.png
Box Art of Mario Kart 3DS
Developer(s) Shooting Star Studios Logo.png
Publisher(s) Logo.png
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) Racing
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Japan.png September 5, 2012
25px-Flag of USA.png September 18, 2012
25px-Flag of Europe.png September 24, 2012
25px-Flag of Australia.png October 6, 2012
Mode(s) 1-12 Players (Local and Online)
Age Rating(s) ERating.jpg 3Rating.png
Media Included Nintendo 3DS Catridge

Mario Kart 3DS, also known as Mario Kart 3D in Japan, is a racing game for the Nintendo 3DS. It is the 8th installment in the Mario Kart series and the fourth in a handheld console. It is also, the second Mario Kart game for the Nintendo 3DS, being Mario Kart 7 the first.


The gameplay of Mario Kart 3DS is similar to Mario Kart 7 and other installments. The game returns Gliders, Wheels and other Kart bodies from MK7. It returns Special Items from Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. Also, Tricks and 1st person view also makes a comeback, as well as the behind look from Mario Kart Wii. The game brings brand new characters in the series, as well as new Battles and the return of Missions. The 12 players in one race thing also returns from Mario Kart Wii.

In Mission Mode, there are 8 levels (6 starting levels and 2 unlockable levels), while Mario Kart DS had 7. A new thing in the Kart Customization are the stickers. Stickers can be added to the sides of the kart body, to make it more unique and customized. Players can also customize their emblems just like in Mario Kart DS. Also, players can now unlock various special characters with QR Codes, something that is similar to Mario Tennis Open.


3DS A Button.png A Button Accelerate
3DS B Button.png B Button Brake/Reverse
3DS X Button.png X Button Use items
3DS Y Button.png Y Button Look backwards
3DS R Button.PNG R Button Power Slide
3DS L Button.PNG L Button Trick
3DS D-Pad.png Control Pad Switch to 1st person mode
Circlepad.png Circle Pad Steer/Auto Drift
3DS Select Button.PNG Select Button Options Menu
3DS Start Button.PNG Start Button

Pause Menu

DS Stylus.png Stylus Switch map view

Game Modes

Grand Prix

1 to 12 Players
As usual in the series, Mario Kart 3DS has the Grand Prix mode. In this mode a single player has to compete against computer opponents in order to obtain the trophies in the game. The Grand Prix has three engine classes, 50cc, 100cc, and 150cc. The higher the engine class, the harder the races will be against the opponents.

This mode is where characters and Kart's parts can be unlocked. By completing all the default engine classes, the player unlocks the Mirror Class.

Time Trial

1 Player
Time Trials allows the player to complete all the laps of a race course in the fastest time possible. Player's records are saved as Ghosts. With the Nintendo Network Connection players can exchange their Ghosts with other players, compare records, and also compete with their Ghosts.

Versus Race

1 to 12 Players (Nintendo Network Support)
In this mode players can customize the races by personally selecting custom settings, such as the computer's difficulty, the engine class and the requirements to win the races. Also, players can play individually or in teams. Nothing can be unlocked in this game mode.


1 to 12 Players (Nintendo Network Support)
In Battle Mode, the player can select one of the five types of battles available in the game and one of the 8 battle courses that appear only in this mode. 4 of the 8 battle courses are new, and the remaining 4 battle courses are from previous installments in the series.

Balloon Battle

Racers compete each other by popping the opponent’s balloons to gain points in a time limit. All the racers start with three balloons and must use the items from the Item Boxes to take away a balloon from their opponents. Hitting a rival is worth a score. If the racer has a balloon remaining and is hit, a point will be taken out and will be momentarily out of the battle to respawn with three balloons again and continue to play.

Coin Runners

In Coin Runners, racers collect the Coins spread in the battle course within the time limit. The racer that has the most Coins at the end wins. Racers can use the items to hit the opponents and let drop the Coins they've taken.

Shine Thief

In Shine Thief, players must get a Shine Sprite dropped on the course and keep in hand until time runs out; on the other hand, players who couldn't take the treasure can use the items against whom got the Shine to lose it.

Bob-omb Blast

Racers use Bob-ombs to hit their opponents and score points to win. The bombs can be obtained by running over an Item Box. Every player can hold up to five of these explosives, and throw whether forwards or drop them backwards. Any kart that make contact with the opponent's bomb or get blown by the explosion, will lose points.

Star Bit Collectors

Ten Star Bits are scattered onto the course at the beginning. Players need to capture the Star Bits, and avoid to be hit, as it causes a player to lose one Star Bit. The first player who got a certain amount of Star Bits or the most Star Bits within the time limit wins.


1 Player
Mission mode returned from Mario Kart DS, in which the player must complete some tasks and earn a ranking similarly to that in Grand Prix mode. It involves six levels, each containing eight missions and a boss battle. Two surprise levels are unlocked when certain records are achieved in the starting levels.

Missions List

Level 1

  • Mission 1-1: Drive through all 5 numbered gates in order, in Mushroom Circuit.
  • Mission 1-2: Collect all 10 coins, in SNES Donut Plains 2.
  • Mission 1-3: Destroy all 15 Item Boxes, in Toad Town.
  • Mission 1-4: Use the Green Shells and use them to hit 5 Cataquacks, in Sunshine Beach.
  • Mission 1-5: Drive through all 8 numbered gates in order, in Wii Toad's Factory.
  • Mission 1-6: Reach the finish before Baby Mario, in Toad Town.
  • Mission 1-7: Collect all 20 coins, in Honey House.
  • Mission 1-8: Perform 5 power-slide turbo boosts in 1 lap, in DS Cheep Cheep Beach.
  • Boss: Hit Peewee Piranha 3 times with Red Shells, in Grass Arena.

Level 2

  • Mission 2-1: Collect all 20 coins, in Moonlight City.
  • Mission 2-2: Drive through all 5 numbered gates in order, in Mario Circuit.
  • Mission 2-3: Reach the finish before Wiggler, in Cloudy Courtyard.
  • Mission 2-4: Get the Star and use it to hit 8 Ink Piranha Plants, in Daisy Greenhouse.
  • Mission 2-5: Crash into all 10 wooden crates and destroy every one, in Wii Daisy Circuit.
  • Mission 2-6: Destroy all 10 Item Boxes, in GBA Cheese Land.
  • Mission 2-7: Drive through all 10 numbered gates in order, in Cloudy Courtyard.
  • Mission 2-8: Perform 10 power-slide turbo boosts in 2 laps, in Toad Town.
  • Boss: Use the Super Leaf to get a tanooki tail and use it to dodge King Kaliente's coconuts and whack them at him 3 times, in Lava Arena.

Level 3

  • Mission 3-1: Destroy all 8 Item Boxes, in Peach Beach.
  • Mission 3-2: Collect all 20 coins while avoiding the Chain Chomp, in Luigi Circuit.
  • Mission 3-3: Drive through all 5 numbered gates in order and backwards, in Baby Room.
  • Mission 3-4: Use Bob-Ombs to destroy all 6 Pokeys, in Subcon Deserts.
  • Mission 3-5: Reach the finish before Yoshi, in DS Shroom Ridge.
  • Mission 3-6: Collect all 20 coins, in Koopa Stadium.
  • Mission 3-7: Perform 10 power-slide turbo boosts in 1 lap, in N64 Toad's Turnpike.
  • Mission 3-8: Drive through all 10 numbered gates in order, in GBA Lakeside Park.
  • Boss: Use the POW Blocks to make Major Burrows pop up half way out of the ground and then use shells to hit him 3 times, in Grass Arena.

Level 4

  • Mission 4-1: Reach the finish before Waluigi, in GCN Sherbet Land.
  • Mission 4-2: Drive through all 8 numbered gates in order, in N64 Wario's Stadium.
  • Mission 4-3: Break all 10 item boxes while avoiding the Fake Items, in Wiggler Forest.
  • Mission 4-4: Destroy all 5 Freezies, in Sherbet Land.
  • Mission 4-5: Collect all 20 Coins while avoiding Piranha Plants, in 3DS Piranha Plant Pipeway.
  • Mission 4-6: Perform 9 power-slide turbo boosts, in Bowser's Caslte.
  • Mission 4-7: Blast 10 Tiki Goons, in DK Jungle.
  • Mission 4-8: Drive through all 15 gates, in SNES Bowser's Caslte 3.
  • Boss: Reach the finish before Cosmic Mario does, in Moonlight City.

Level 5

  • Mission 5-1: Destroy all 15 Barrels, in Retro Hills.
  • Mission 5-2: Reach the finish before Baby Wario, in DS Tick Tock Clock.
  • Mission 5-3: Destroy all 10 crates while avoiding Rocky Wrenches, in Great Airship.
  • Mission 5-4: Drive through all 10 numbered gates in order, in Koopa Stadium.
  • Mission 5-5: Reach the finish before the golden car, in Wii Moonview Highway.
  • Mission 5-6: Perform 8 power-slide turbo boosts, in Gargantuan Land.
  • Mission 5-7: Collect all 20 Coins, in 3DS Bowser's Castle.
  • Mission 5-8: Break all 15 item boxes while avoiding the Fake Items, in GBA Rainbow Road.
  • Boss: Use Bob-ombs to hit Big Bob-omb 3 times, in Sand Arena.

Level 6

  • Mission 6-1: Drive backward and pass all the 8 obstacles without touching them, in Moonlight City.
  • Mission 6-2: Collect all 30 Coins, in Peach Beach.
  • Mission 6-3: Destroy all 10 item boxes, in DK Jungle.
  • Mission 6-4: Drive in the opposite direction and reach the finish before Mario, in Mario Circuit.
  • Mission 6-5: Collect all 40 coins, in Sherbet Land.
  • Mission 6-6: Get Stars and drive over 15 Piranha Plants, in Daisy Greenhouse.
  • Mission 6-7: Perform 15 power-slide turbo boosts in 1 lap, in Wiggler Forest.
  • Mission 6-8: Drive through all 8 numbered gates in order, in Luigi Circuit.
  • Boss: Collect Bomb Boos to hit Bouldergeist 3 times, in Phantom Arena.


Complete character roster.

Mario Kart 3DS includes 45 drivers in total, 19 starters, 18 unlockables and 8 QR drivers. Each character in the game has an own and unique item (Except Mii, who can use any Special Item that corresponds to their weight class). There are 5 weight classes: Feather, Light, Medium, Cruiser and Heavy. The weight classes not only affect the character's stats, but also, affect their weakness and strength.

If the player is feather, they can be easily pushed by light characters, while light and feather characters can be pushed by medium characters. Cruiser characters can be pushed by heavy characters, and heavy ones can push every other classes.

Starting Drivers

Image Name Class Special Item
MK3DS BabyMario icon.png Baby Mario Feather Morph Bubble - Baby Mario gets inside the Morph Bubble and will start bouncing with it, kicking away rivals and avoiding items for a short period of time.
MK3DS BabyPeach icon.png Baby Peach Feather Parasol - Baby Peach gets a Parasol, so she can hit opponents with it for a short period of time.
MK3DS BabyWario icon.png Baby Wario Feather Magnet - Baby Wario gets a Magnet, so he can get nearby Coins and also steal some from rivals for some seconds.
MK3DS Toad icon.png Toad Feather 1-Up Mushroom - It has a similar functionality to the Golden Mushroom, but Toad will be extremely faster, able to push away opponents.
MK3DS Koopa icon.png Koopa Troopa Light Golden Shell - Koopa Troopa throws a Golden Shell, this Shell will rebounce and will never stop until it hits anyone, when this happens, it makes a yellow explosion.
MK3DS ShyGuy icon.png Shy Guy Feather Spear Pack - Shy Guy is able to throw 5 spears, if anyone touches a spear, he/she will lose control.
MK3DS Mario icon.png Mario Medium Great Fireball - Mario is able to throw 3 giant fireballs that will bounce around burning opponents and leaving a trail of fire.
MK3DS Luigi icon.png Luigi Medium Poltergust - Luigi uses his Poltergust to suck opponents towards him and leave them losing control.
MK3DS Peach icon.png Peach Medium Heart - Peach is protected by 3 hearts, with them, instead of being hit by items, she will use them when touching her.
MK3DS Daisy icon.png Daisy Medium Flower - Daisy releases a bed of flowers surrounding her for a few seconds, so nobody can reach her or attack her.
MK3DS Yoshi icon.png Yoshi Light Yoshi Egg - Yoshi throws an egg, the egg then will act like a Red Shell and will trap the next racer inside the egg.
MK3DS Diddy icon.png Diddy Kong Light Peanut Popgun - Diddy fires peanuts from his Popguns for a short period of time, and these will bounce hurting players.
MK3DS Wario icon.png Wario Cruiser Super Garlic - Wario turns into Wario Man, so all of his stats will increase and he will be invinsible, also, he will have more chance to use rare items than normal.
MK3DS Waluigi icon.png Waluigi Cruiser Poison Star - Waluigi throws a Poison Star at the track and will bounce very fast, if anyone touches it, he/she slows down.
MK3DS Wiggler icon.png Wiggler Heavy Flutter Wings - Wiggler turns into a Flutter and will fly for a short period of time, so he can fly over all the karts and items.
MK3DS Pianta icon.png Pianta Cruiser Fruits - Pianta throws fruits from a basket, these fruits will kick away players behind him.
MK3DS DK icon.png Donkey Kong Heavy Giant Banana - DK pulls out a massive Banana and will act exactly the same as a normal Banana. However, when hit, it turns into 3 Bananas.
MK3DS Bowser icon.png Bowser Heavy Bowser Shell - Bowser throws a giant Spiked Shell that will act like a Green Shell, but it is more durable and stronger.
MK3DS Mii icon.png Mii Custom Varies depending on the Mii's customizable weight. Miis will use all the feather characters' Special Items if they're feather, light characters' items if they're light, medium characters' if they're medium and same with cruiser and heavy

Unlockable Drivers

Image Name Class Special Item
MK3DS BabyLuigi icon.png Baby Luigi Feather Chain Chomp - Baby Luigi releases a Chain Chomp that will incredibly increase his speed for a few seconds, it actually acts like the Bullet Bill, but is bigger and stronger.
MK3DS BabyDaisy icon.png Baby Daisy Feather Watering Pail - Baby Daisy gets a watering can for a short period of time, so she can leave a path of water to slip her opponents.
MK3DS BabyWaluigi icon.png

Baby Waluigi

Feather Purple Bob-Omb - The same as the Bob-Omb, but when it explodes, it releases poison liquid that will cover opponents visions like the Blooper, but for more time.
MK3DS Toadette icon.png Toadette Feather Lovely Mushroom - Toadette drops the pink Mushroom and if anyone touches it, he/she gets confused and will drive at the wrong way and other things for a few seconds.
MK3DS Paratroopa icon.png Paratroopa Light Giant Para-Shell - Paratroopa throws a giant Winged Red Shell that will crush the 3 opponents next to Paratroopa, when reaching the last one, it causes an explosion.
MK3DS Lakitu icon.png Lakitu Feather Spinies - Lakitu is able to throw 3 Spiny Eggs, these will turn into Spinies and will walk around the track for a limited time.
MK3DS Birdo icon.png Birdo Medium Birdo Egg - It is similar to Yoshi Egg, but instead of trapping the next opponent, it will crush the 3 most close rivals and then it will break releasing items such as a Mushroom, a Banana, and/or a Star.
MK3DS BowserJr icon.png Bowser Jr Light Paintbrush - Bowser Jr. gets a paintbrush and is able to drop paintballs for a few seconds. If anyone touches them, they will lose control.
MK3DS DryBones icon.png Dry Bones Light Dry Shell - It acts like the Green Shell, but it will bounce more and will not stop until it definitely brokes, also, it is a bit bigger and stronger.
MK3DS Dixie icon.png Dixie Kong Light Pink Banana - Dixie pulls out a pink colored Banana that will jump on the track and will slow down the opponent that touches it.
MK3DS HammerBro icon.png Hammer Bro Medium Sledge - Hammer Bro. gets a Sledge, so he can make 3 earthquakes similar to the POW Block, but a bit less stronger.
MK3DS Kamek icon.png Kamek Medium Magic Spell - Kamek throws magic for a short period of time, that magic can make different effects on the opponents that it touches, such as slowing down, confusing, etc.
MK3DS KingBoo icon.png King Boo Cruiser Pink Boo - King Boo releases a Pink Boo that will go to the rival with the most rare item in that moment and steal it to give it to King Boo.
MK3DS Boom icon.png Boom Boom Heavy Tornado - Boom Boom spins and releases a small tornado that will blow away opponents for a few seconds.
MK3DS Pom icon.png Pom Pom Heavy Pomerang - Pom Pom is able to throw 3 boomerangs at the closest opponents and take them towards her.
MK3DS Rosalina icon.png Rosalina Cruiser Star Wand - Rosalina uses her wand to make her and her kart shiny for a short period of time, so she can confuse nearby opponents.
MK3DS Petey icon.png Petey Piranha Heavy Goopball - Petey spits goopballs and leaves a path of goop to slip opponents for a few seconds.
MK3DS ROB icon.png R.O.B Cruiser Laser - R.O.B is able to shoot lasers so he can easily hit players at many directions for some seconds.

QR Drivers

These characters are unlocked using special QR codes.

Image Name Class Special Item
MK3DS MontyMole icon.png Monty Mole Light Wrenches - Monty Mole throws wrenches for a few seconds, that will bounce following opponents to hit them.
MK3DS Luma icon.png Luma Feather Star Bits - Luma is able to throw Star Bits for a few seconds, the Star Bits will hit opponents, making them lose control and their items.
MK3DS Tumble icon.png Tumble Feather Dice Block - Tumble hits a Dice Block, the number that appears in the block is the place he will swap with another racer, however, the Dice Block will only show the numbers of the places next to Tumble.
MK3DS NESMario icon.png NES Mario Light Retro Shell - NES Mario leaves a bunch of 8-Bit shells that will intervene on the track for a short period of time hitting players.
MK3DS EGadd icon.png E. Gadd Medium Poltergust 3001 - E.Gadd's kart will turn into a Poltergust that will suck any item in the track to use them in order for a limited time.
MK3DS DryBowser icon.png Dry Bowser Cruiser Dry Bowser Shell - It is a combination between Dry Bone's Dry Shell and Bowser's Bowser Shell, doing the same as the Dry Shell, but bigger and stronger like the Bowser Shell.
MK3DS HoneyQueen icon.png Honey Queen Heavy Bees - Honey Queen releases tons of Bees that will cover opponents visions with honey, and also, they drop some honey on the track, making them also to slip.
MK3DS DinoPiranha icon.png Dino Piranha Heavy Dino Egg - Dino Piranha gets inside his egg, and rolls around at incredible speed and crush rivals for a limited time, the player can control the egg, but is a bit difficult.

Unlocking Criteria

Main Characters
Baby Luigi Win 150cc Star Cup or play 50 races
Baby Daisy Win 100cc Special Cup or play 65 races
Baby Waluigi Unlock 10 Expert Staff Ghost Data in Time Trials or play 200 races
Toadette Win 150cc Leaf Cup or play 150 races
Paratroopa Win 100cc Lightning Cup or play 100 races
Lakitu Win 150cc Lightning Cup or play 80 races
Birdo Win 100cc Star Cup or play 250 races
Bowser Jr Win 150cc Special Cup or play 300 races
Dry Bones Receive at least 1 Star Rank for all 150cc Retro Grand Prix Cups or play 400 races
Dixie Kong Complete Time Trials on 32 courses or collect 1000 coins
Hammer Bro Collect 1500 coins or receive 600 NNC wins
Kamek Win 100cc Leaf Cup or collect 2000 coins
King Boo Receive at least 1 Star Rank for all 150cc Nitro Grand Prix Cups or collect 3500 coins
Boom Boom Unlock 20 Expert Staff Ghost Data in Time Trials or play 600 races
Pom Pom Win 60 races with a Super Mario 3D Land save file on your 3DS or complete Time Trials on all 40 courses
Rosalina Unlock 30 Expert Staff Ghost Data in Time Trials or receive 800 NNC wins
Petey Piranha Win 150cc 1-Up Mushroom Cup or receive 1,000 NNC wins
R.O.B Win 150cc Ice Flower Cup or receive at least 1 Star Rank for all 150cc Mirror Grand Prix cups
Monty Mole QR Code
Luma QR Code
Tumble QR Code
NES Mario QR Code
E.Gadd QR Code
Dry Bowser QR Code
Honey Queen QR Code
Dino Piranha QR Code
Outfit A
(Racing Suit, blue Mii logo)
Win 100cc Flower Cup or play 800 races
Outfit B
(Overalls/Dress, red Mii logo)
Win 100cc Banana Cup or win 2,000 WFC Races or Ghost Races
Outfit C
(Toad Costume/Toadette Costume, yellow Mii logo)
Win 150cc Flower Cup or collect 5000 coins
Outfit D
(Yoshi Costume/Birdo Costume, green Mii logo)
Win 150cc Banana Cup or Unlock all Expert Staff Ghost Data in Time Trials


Many classic items make a return in Mario Kart 3DS. Similar to its predecessors, players receive items by driving through an Item Box found on courses. When players drive through an Item Box, the Item Roulette will select an item.

Image Name Description
BananaMK8.png Banana Causes a kart to spin-out if the vehicle touches the slippery item, slowing them down.
TripleBananasMK8.png Triple Bananas This is essentially the same as the banana, but they come in threes. When used, 3 bananas automatically attach themselves to the back of the kart, and can then be dropped or thrown one at a time.
GreenShellMK8.png Green Shell Racers can shoot Green Shells forward in a straight line to hit opponents. The Green Shell is able to rebound from walls. After ricocheting several times, the Green Shell will automatically disappear.
TripleGreenShellsMK8.png Triple Green Shells When the player decides to use the item, a group of three Green Shells will rotate around the driver's kart protecting him or her from Bananas and other shells.
RedShellMK8.png Red Shell Red Shells, unlike Green Shells, have the ability to home in on the opponent whose rank is one higher than the user's.
TripleRedShellsMK8.png Triple Red Shells When the player decides to use the item, a group of three Red Shells will rotate around the driver's kart protecting him or her from Bananas and other shells.
Spiny Shell - Mario Kart Wii.png Blue Spiny Shell When thrown, the shell flies at incredible speed to the current head racer, bypassing all of the other positions. After finding its target, the shell hovers behind the vehicle to home in on it and explodes on contact.
MushroomMK8.png Mushroom It grants a Kart a brief burst of speed when used.
TripleMushroomMK8.png Triple Mushrooms This is basically the same as a Mushroom, but the player can use it three times.
GoldenMushroomMK8.png Golden Mushroom The Golden Mushroom gives the player an endless amount of boosts for a limited time.
Star MK8.png Super Star Stars make the player who uses it invincible, faster, and the ability to cross all types of terrain without losing any speed.
LightningBoltMK8.png Thunderbolt When used, a thunderbolt will temporarily shrink all the other racers, making them slower and weaker.
Fake item box.png Fake Item Box They resemble regular Item Boxes, but they do not bestow items to karts that pass through them, instead, the kart will crash.
BlooperMK8.png Blooper After the player has launched it, the Blooper will create a large ink blot on the screen of all the drivers who are currently in a higher rank than the player.
BobOmbMK8.png Bob-Omb If this item is thrown backwards, it explodes after three seconds. When thrown forwards, the Bob-omb waits until another driver veers near it and explodes by them.
BulletBillMK8.png Bullet Bill After activating the Bullet Bill, the player's entire kart will transform into a giant Bullet Bill, which will automatically rocket down the track, knocking over any enemies or projectiles in the player's way.
POW.PNG POW Block When dispatched by a player, the POW Block makes opponents spin out in a similar way to that caused by a Banana Peel, except that they lose all of their current items.
MegamushroomNSMB2.png Mega Mushroom When players use this item, they become bigger, able to crush other players for a certain amount of time, reducing their speed.
FireFlowerMK8.png Fire Flower Using it, a racer can throw several Fireballs forward or backward to make racers spin out.
SuperLeaf2.png Super Leaf When used, they create a tanooki tail on the back of the kart so they can spin and whip others with it. When activated, the Super Leaf lasts for 10 seconds, or until the player is hit by an item.
Ice Flower.png

Ice Flower (New)

Using it, a racer can throw several Iceballs forward or backward to encase racers in a block of ice for a few seconds.
NSMBWiiMiniMushroom.png Mini Mushroom (New) It gets thrown onto the track and once anyone touches it, they shrink.
Ice Shell.png Ice Shell (New) Racers can shoot Ice Shells forward in a straight line and act like Green Shells, but if a driver gets hit by one they will freeze for a few seconds.
Triple Ice Shell.png Triple Ice Shells (New) Acts like the Triple Green and Red Shells, but with the Ice Shell effects.


Main article: /Courses/

Mario Kart 3DS introduces 40 courses that include 20 new courses and 20 Retro courses. It also features four new battle stages, and four Retro ones.

New Courses

Super Mushroom SM3DL.png
Mushroom Cup
Flower Cup
Star Cup
Special Cup.png
Special Cup
3D 1-Up Mushroom Artwork.png
1-Up Mushroom Cup
Mushroom Circuit Moonlight Streets Luigi Circuit DK Jungle Airship Fire Armada
Toad Town Mario Circuit Peach Beach Sherbet Underland Gargantuan Wonderland
Sunshine Beach Cloudy Aeropolis Subcon Deserts Wiggler's Forest Maze Retro Hills
Honey Dome Daisy's Greenhouse Baby Playgrounds Bowser's Castle Rainbow Road

Retro Courses

Shell Cup
Banana Cup
Leaf Cup
Lightning Cup
Ice Flower SM3DW.png
Ice Flower Cup
SNES Donut Plains 2 GBA Cheese Land DS Shroom Ridge N64 Wario Stadium DS Tick Tock Clock
DS Cheep Cheep Beach GCN Mushroom City N64 Toad's Turnpike 3DS Piranha Plant Pipeway Wii Moonview Highway
Wii Toad's Factory Wii Daisy Circuit 3DS Rosalina's Ice World GCN Sherbet Land 3DS Bowser's Castle
3DS Shy Guy Bazaar 3DS Music Park GBA Lakeside Park SNES Bowser Castle 3 GBA Rainbow Road

Battle Courses

New Courses Retro Courses
Block Towers N64 Double Deck
Koopa Stadium GCN Block City
Tumble Party Chest Wii Chain Chomp Wheel
Lava Dome 3DS Wuhu Town

Kart Customization

Like in Mario Kart 7 players can personally customize the karts to their liking before getting to the race. The player can select wheels, the glider and a body. The game has 18 kart bodies, 13 types of wheels and 13 gliders. The game also introduces stickers, which can be placed on the kart sides. There are 22 different stickers.

Karts Wheels Gliders Unlockable Karts Unlockable Wheels Unlockable Gliders Stickers
Royal Coach
Shell Beast
Cloud 9
Bullet Blast
Egg Roller 02
Grip Monster

Super Glider
Balloon Glider

Shooting Star
Bubble 5
Koopa Clown
Pipe Frame
Fire B
Plumber Hat
Gold Standard
Red Fire
Wario Car
Wild Wing
Super Blooper
Piranha Prowler

Red Monster
Drag Racer

Peach Parasol
Flower Glider
Winged Shell
Bubble Glider
Power Star Glider
Beast Glider
Rainbow Glider
Gold Glider

Fire Flowers
Shine Sprites
Super Stars
Brick Blocks
? Blocks
Star Bits
Dice Blocks
Number (Choose)
Paper Marios
Bullet Bills
Warp Pipes
Racing Stripes
Nintendo 3DS


Main Article: Gallery

Beta Elements

Main Article: Beta elements

References to Other Games

  • Donkey Kong: In Retro Hills, there's part where a 8-Bit Donkey Kong is seen throwing barrels, obviously based on this game.
  • Super Mario Bros.: The course Retro Hills is based on this game, and also, NES Mario is a playable character.
  • Super Mario Bros. 2: The course Subcon Deserts is based on this game.
  • Super Mario Bros. 3: The course Mario Circuit makes reference to some elements from this game and also, Boom Boom is a playable character.
  • Super Mario Land: The course Daisy Greenhouse is a little based on this game.
  • Super Mario Kart: The Pipe Frame returns in this game.
  • Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island: The Morph Bubble returns as Baby Mario's Special Item.
  • Mario Kart 64: This is the second game where the Pipe Frame came from.
  • Mario Party 3: Tumble appears as a playable character and the battle course Tumble Party Chest resembles this game.
  • Paper Mario: The course Toad Town resembles Toad Town from this game.
  • Mario Kart: Super Circuit: This is the third game where the Pipe Frame came from.
  • Luigi's Mansion: The course Luigi Circuit takes place at the late afternoon of the outside of the Mansion. Also, Luigi's Special Item, the Poltergust, is from this game and E. Gadd is playable.
  • Super Mario Sunshine: The courses Sunshine Beach and Peach Beach makes reference to this game. Pianta appears as a playable character.
  • Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga: The Poltergust 4000 returns in this game.
  • Mario Kart: Double Dash!!: Special Items reappear and the Red Fire and Wario Car return from this game as unlockable kart bodies.
  • New Super Mario Bros.: The Mini Mushroom (first appearing in this game) returns in this game as an Item.
  • Yoshi's Island DS: Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Baby Peach and Baby Wario appear as playable characters, alongside Baby Daisy and Baby Waluigi (debut) who did not appear in the Yoshi's Island games. Also, the Parasol returns as Baby Peach's Special Item and the Magnet as Baby Wario's Special Item. The course Baby Room also makes reference to some elements from this game. Kamek is also playable.
  • Mario Strikers Charged: Ice Shells return in this game.
  • Super Mario Galaxy: Rosalina, Luma, Honey Queen and Dino Piranha appear as playable characters. The course Honey House resembles Honeyhive Galaxy. Also, the kart Shooting Star resembles Comets from this game and the Comet Observatory can be seen in the background of Cloudy Courtyard as well as the Starshroom.
  • Super Mario Galaxy 2: The course Cloudy Courtyard resembles Fluffy Bluff Galaxy and the course Gargantuan Wonderland resembles Supermassive Galaxy. Also, the Starship Mario can be seen in the background of Cloudy Courtyard.
  • Donkey Kong Country Returns: Tiki Goons and Screaming Pillars returns in this game. Also, DK Jungle is based on this game.
  • Mario Kart Wii: The Wild Wing, Super Blooper and Piranha Prowler return in this game as unlockable kart bodies.
  • Mario Kart 7: The game is actually similar to this game, returning Gliders, propellers and the Coin system, as well as the kart customization. The Standard Kart from MK7 returns in this game with the Cloud 9, as well as other kart parts. The game's also for the 3DS, having similar gameplay.
  • Super Mario 3D Land: Boom Boom and Pom Pom return as playable characters. The course Great Airship resembles Airship levels from this game, also, the Wiggler Forest have similar Mushroom Houses and resembles some levels.
  • Mario Tennis Open: The QR Code system returns in this game.


  • Courses returning from Mario Kart 7 are indicated by 3DS, But this game is also for the 3DS. This may create confusion in future Mario Kart installments.
  • The kart Plumber Hat is Mario's/Baby Mario's hat for every character, except Luigi/Baby Luigi, Wario/Baby Wario and Waluigi/Baby Waluigi.
    • If the player chooses Luigi or Baby Luigi, the hat will be green. If Wario or Baby Wario, it will be yellow and if Waluigi or Baby Waluigi, it will be purple.
    • Something similar happens to the Royal Coach kart body, having a different color for every female character, but staying the same color for male characters.
  • The Standard Kart look returns from Mario Kart 7.
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