This game if for the Nintendo 3DS and coming out August 2013.


The land of the Mushroom Kingdom was a peaceful kingdom. Mario was in the middle of his lunch until a eerie darkness covered the sky. Mario knew this may only mean 1 thing. Bowser! He crushed the Car Comet, the comet that's also a car into 8 pices then he went to his floating castle up-above. a car came to Mario's house. Mario heard the "VROOM VROOM!" so he put his lunch in the fridge and got in the cart to Toad CurCuit. Let the adventure begin!

World 1: Mushroom Plains

World 1 feartures grassland courses

1-1: Toad Curcuit

In the first level of the game Mario must race 3 Goombas

1-2: Piranna Plant Slide

Mario must race a Piranna Plant

1-3: Mario Curcit

Mario must race Shadow Mario a secert exit will take you to 1-Pipe

1-4: Mushroom Gorge

Mario must race a  Green Koopa Troopa


This will take you to World 4

1-Fortess: Reznor's Tall Tower

Mario must race a Reznor. This has 3 parts

  1. Mario and Reznor go thorugh lots of gears and platforms
  2. Mario and Reznor now go thourgh Thwomps and Bob-ombs
  3. Mario and Reznor go to the top of the tower and paraglide out of it

1-5: Koopa Cape

Mario must race a Red Koopa Troopa

1-Castle: Lemmy's Cirucus Curcit

Mario must race Lemmy Koopa in his Bouncy Ball Mobile

World 2: Desert Wasteland

World 2 is a desert world

2-1: Dry Dry Desert

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