Mario Kart: Wild Ride is the tenth game in the mario kart series, and the eighth in the main series. This game will have 16 new courses, and the ability to customize karts, bikes and courses. This game will bring back many features from Mario Kart 7, such as Gliders, Propellers, and the ability to customize karts. Mario Kart: Wild Ride will be playable for the 3DS. It was released 3/30/12 in North and Latin America, 4/6/12 in Japan, and 4/14/12 in Europe and Australia. This game has 48 courses instead of the usual 32.


Default Characters

Light Medium Heavy
Toad Mario


Koopa Luigi Donkey Kong
Baby Luigi Peach Wario
Baby Mario Yoshi Waluigi

Unlockable Characters

Character Weight How to Unlock
Petey Piranha Heavy Get a 1 star ranking on 150cc Lightning Cup
King Boo Heavy Unlock all Battle Stages
Dry Bowser Heavy Get a 1 star ranking in all Mirror Nitro Cups
Funky Kong Heavy Unlock 15 Expert Staff Ghosts
King K. Rool Heavy Get an A or higher as an overall ranking
R.O.B. Heavy Unlock all 32 Expert Staff Ghosts
Kritter Heavy Get a 1 star ranking on 150cc Special Cup
Hammer Bro Medium Get one 2 star or up ranking (100cc)
Kamek Medium

Beat Story Mode

Dr. Mario Medium Win 20 Grand Prix's with Mario
Daisy Medium Get a 1 star ranking on 100cc Star Cup
Toadsworth Medium Unlock 25 Expert Staff Ghosts
Bowser Jr. Medium Get a 1 star ranking in all 100cc Retro Cups
Diddy Kong Medium Beat all 50cc Cups
Birdo Medium Play Time Trials on all 32 courses
Rosalina Medium Get a 1 star ranking in all Mirror Retro Cups
Toadette Light Play Time Trials on 15 different courses
Paratroopa Light Unlock 3 Expert Staff Ghosts
Dry Bones Light Get a 1 star ranking on 100cc Banana Cup
Baby Peach Light Get a 1 star ranking on all 50cc Nitro Cups
Baby DK Light Unlock 8 Expert Staff Ghosts
Baby Daisy Light Get a 1 star ranking on all 50cc Retro Cups
Shy Guy Light Unlock 20 expert staff ghosts


This game features 16 brand new courses, and 16 courses from past games.

Mushroom Cup

Course Summary Ghost
Mario Circuit This course takes you past Mario and Luigi's house, around a few chain chomps, and into grassy hills filled with goombas. Mario
Toad's Tower Blast onto the road to Toad's Tower!! Zoom through the spiral staircase, and glide through to the finish!! Toad
Baby Highway Ride into Baby Highway!! Avoid cars and other players as you head towards the finish line in this exciting four lap course. Baby Luigi
Luigi's Workshop In this exciting course, you must dash past blades, zip through machines, and drive your way to victory. Luigi

Flower Cup

Course Summary Ghost
Wiggler's Garden This course is based off of the Mario Party DS board of the same name. But instead of you being small, the garden is huge! Drive past giant wigglers and piranha plants and to the finish line. Petey Piranha
Twilight Desert As the sun sets, you must drive through the desert, and zoom through the perilous pyramid. But watch out for pokeys and mummy bones on your way to the finish. Shy Guy
Yoshi's Crater Zoom around a crater riddled with geysers and magma as you reach your goal. Yoshi
Ricco Cruise Race around Ricco Harbor and onto one of the cruisers. From there, you must zip through the ship and past the Gooper Blooper. Bowser Jr.

Star Cup

Course Summary Ghost
Koopa Rapids Koopa Rapids takes you through speeding rapids, pathways made of giant shells, and a roaring waterfall. Koopa Troopa
Wario's Treasure Chest

Zip through Wario's Storage Room...a gigantic treasure chest!! Avoid falling jewels and metals as you head towards your goal.

DK Canyon This long, two lap course takes you in and around a jungle canyon Donkey Kong
Boo Battlefield In Boo Battlefield, you must race through fortress ruins, potholes, and a boo infested battlefield. King Boo

Special Cup

Course Summary Ghost

Dry Bones Asylum

Speed your way through the deserted Dry Bones Asylum, where you must make your way through cages, mud, and empty cells. Dry Bones
Bowser Castle Drive into the castle of the Koopa King, Bowser!! Thwomps, podoboos, fireballs, geysers, and a giant Mecha-Bowser will plague you on this perilous course. Peach
Rainbow Road Race through this multicolor racetrack by mastering the stunts and tricks needed to survive this perilous course. Rosalina
Wild Ride World Race into the world of Wild Ride!! This course takes a small part of every nitro course in the game and mixes them together. This track does not have three laps. Instead, it has one long lap.

Retro Cups

Shell Cup

Course Summary Ghost
Vanilla Lake SNES A remake of the SNES course Vanilla Lake 1 Toadsworth
Luigi's Mansion DS A remake of the DS course Luigi's Mansion Luigi
Toad's Factory Wii A remake of the Wii course Toad's Factory Toad
Piranha Slider 3DS A remake of the 3DS course Piranha Slider Petey

Banana Cup

Course Summary Ghost
Koopa Troopa Beach A remake of the Wii course Toad's Factory Toad
Music Park 3DS A remake of the 3DS course Music Park Peach
Wario's Gold Mine Wii A remake of the Wii course Wario's Gold Mine Wario
Dino Dino Jungle GCN A remake of the GCN course Dino Dino Jungle Funky Kong

Leaf Cup

Course Summary Ghost
D.K's Jungle Parkway A remake of the N64 course D.K'S Jungle Parkway D.K
Bowser's Castle 1 GBA A remake of the SNES course Bowser Castle 1 Dry Bowser
Wario Ship 3DS A remake of the 3DS course Wario Ship Wario
Koopa Cape Wii A remake of the Wii course Koopa Cape Koopa Paratroopa

Lightning Cup

Course Summary Ghost
DK Jungle 3DS A remake of the 3DS course DK Jungle DK
Maple Treeway Wii A remake of the Wii course Maple Treeway Diddy Kong
Wario Colosseum GCN A remake of the GCN course Wario Colosseum Wario
Airship Fortress DS A remake of the DS course Airship Fortress Bowser


In Mario Kart: Wild Ride, there are five minigames, four of which are default

Bonus Packet

Characters Weight
Metal Mario Heavy
Lubba Heavy
Boom Boom Heavy
Whomp Heavy
Tiki Tong (Shrunken and w/hands) Heavy
Fawful Medium
DK Jr. Medium
Candy Kong Medium
Pauline Medium
Shadow Mario Medium
E.Gadd Light
Baby Wario Light
Dixie Kong Light
Toadbert Light
Lakitu Light

A few months after Mario Kart: Wild Ride was released, a bonus packet was created. The bonus packet had extra features that you could upload into your game via the games update system. The bonus packet gives you 15 new characters, an upgraded course editor, new vehicle parts, 2 new battle stages, and 4 secret cups, the nitro cups are the Shine Cup, and the Barrel Cup, and the retro cups are the Bob-omb Cup, and the POW Cup

Bonus Battle Stages

The battle stages from the bonus packet are...

1. Starship Mario

2. Midnight Mansion

Bonus Cups


Barrel Cup

Course Summary Ghost
DK Jr's Arcade Zoom your way into another world in DK Jr's Arcade! You must blast through the arcade and into another world!! DK. Jr
Grand Glacier Venture through Grand Glacier, where you must zip underwater, onto the ice, and inside the glacier. Things such as boosts, penguins, cracking ice, and ice cannons will appear to you on this amazing course. Pauline
Corona Mountain On this hazardous course, you must dash past spikes, lava balls, and goop blasters in order to reach the finish line. Shadow Mario
Boom Boom's Pillar Race your way through Boom Boom's Pillar!! Bowser's henchman has left a dangerous little course for you to drive on. But beware of bullet bills, deadly burners, and floating fire balls. Boom Boom

Shine Cup

Course Summary Ghost
Bowser's Inside

Journey through Bowser's inside, where you will encounter hazards such as viruses as you venture through the Koopa King's organs.

Baby Coastline Blast along Baby Coastline on an amazing adventure. Be sure to nab some boost pads and dolphins, but beware of harmful cannons and crabs. Baby Wario
Golden Temple Zoom into the Golden Temple from DK Country Returns!! Zip through the temple, towards your goal...the finish line. Tiki Tong
E. Gadd's Garage

Make your way through an advanced, more difficult version of Luigi Industries.

E. Gadd


Bob-omb Cup

Course Summary Ghost
Riverside Park GBA A remake of the GBA course Riverside Park Pauline
Daisy Cruiser GCN A remake of the GCN course Daisy Cruiser Daisy
Rock Rock Mountain 3DS

A remake of the 3DS course Rock Rock Mountain

Grumble Volcano Wii A remake of the Wii course Grumble Volcano Dry Bowser


Course Summary Ghost
Donut Plains 3 SNES A remake of the SNES course Donut Plains 3 Koopa
Delfino Square DS A remake of the DS course Delfino Square Toadsworth
Shy Guy Bazaar 3DS A remake of the 3DS course Shy Guy Bazaar Shy Guy
DK Mountain GCN A remake of the GCN course DK Mountain Donkey Kong


Returning Items:


3 Banana's

Red shell

Green shell

3 Red shells

3 Green shells


Blue shell(No wings)

Fire Flower

Super Leaf



Golden Mushroom

3 Mushrooms

POW Block



Mega Mushroom

New Items:

Luma: Transforms into a launch star and does what a bullet bill does (The launch star stays their for a second after it launches you ahead, so someone behind you might be able to get it)

Magnet: Pulls you towards the player ahead of you

Barrel: Incases the user in a barrel and allows you to move a bit faster. If you hit an item or another racer, the barrel explodes into 5 bananas (if you go into a barrel cannon, or a boost that launches you into the air, the barrel breaks open)

Shine: Acts like a star, except it lasts longer

Ice Flower: Allows you to freeze your enemies

Poison Mushroom: Drastically slows you down for 2–5 seconds, depending on what place you're in

Battle Mode

In Mario Kart Wild Ride, there are two types of battles:

Bob-omb Blast (from Mario Kart Double Dash)

Balloon Battle

There are 8 Nitro Battle Stages, three of which must be unlocked. They are...

Stage How to Unlock
Mario Mania Default
Kong Kanopy Default
Bianco Hills Default
Block Village Default
Nintendo 3DS Default
Royal Stadium Unlock 100cc
Bowser's Yacht Unlock 150cc
Sunset Mountain Unlock Mirror Mode

There are 6 retro courses, all of which are default. They are...

Tart Top DS
Luigi's Mansion GCN
Double Deck N64
Battle Course 4 GBA
Chain Chomp Wheel Wii
Galaxy Colosseum Wii

Story Mode

In Story Mode, you can use any characters that you have already unlocked.


Mario and his friends have come to Racing Kingdom, where they are planning to have a day of fun. However, as soon as they arrive, Bowser and his minions take over the 8 areas of the racing kingdom. Each area is one of the 8 cups that you must beat. After you beat the cup, you must battle the boss of that area in a Bob-omb Blast.

The boss depends on the area that you are racing in. This chart will tell you all the bosses.

Area Boss
Mushroom Area Koopa Troopa
Flower Area Dry Bones
Star Area Hammer Bro
Special Area Bowser Jr.
Shell Area Koopa Paratroopa
Banana Area King Boo
Leaf Area Kamek
Lightning Area Bowser

No matter what order you do the areas in, you must always do the Special Cup second to last, and the Lightning Cup last.

All of the areas will be played in 100cc

After you beat Bowser, he takes out a machine called the MegaMirror2000, and uses it to make the areas Mirror Mode. You must then beat all the areas again, except in Mirror Mode. Once again, you must do Lightning Cup last and Special second to last, but the bosses are a bit different.

Area Boss
Mushroom Area Dry Bones
Flower Area Hammer Bro
Star Area Kamek
Special Area Dry Bowser
Shell Area Petey Pranha
Banana Area King Boo
Leaf Area Bowser Jr.
Lightning Area Bowser

Once you beat Bowser for the second time, you have beaten story mode, and you have unlocked Kamek and you unlock a minigame and the only way to beat story mode, Fiery Fortress.

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