Mario Kart: Super Speeder, is the eighth console installment of the Mario Kart series. It has many old features, such as customization and bikes, plus many new features, such as story mode, and choosing he number of racers.


Tutorial: Learn to play the game

Single Player:

Story Mode: Race against over 50 Mario characters, unlocking some along the way

Grand Prix: Race against 12 other racers, choosing from 10 different cups, with 5 courses each

Vs. Race: Choose between 4, 8, or 12 racers, and choose any course to race on

Time Trials: Race to beat your own best time

Battle: Battle other racers in balloon battle, coin runners, and capture the flag

Multi Player:

Vs. Race: Choose between 4, 8, or 12 racers, and choose any course to race on

Battle: Battle other racers in balloon battle, coin runners, and capture the flag

Online: Play against other racers online

Playable Characters

In Mario Kart: Super Speeder, the only character unlocked from the start is Mii. New characters can be unlocked four ways; by playing the tutorial, by playing story mode, by beating normal staff ghosts, or by completing certain tasks to do with the Superstar Cup. The ones unlocked by tutorial or story mode are "Primary Characters" ones unlocked by beating staff ghosts are "Secondary Characters" and others are called "Ternary Characters". Each Primary character has a partner, who is always a Secondary Character.

Primary Characters: Mii - Anyweight

Mario - Middleweight

Peach - Middleweight

Yoshi - Middleweight

Donkey Kong - Heavyweight

Bowser - Heavyweight

Wario - Heavyweight

Toad - Lightweight

Koopa Troopa - Lightweight

Baby Mario - Lightweight

Dry Bones - Lightweight

Baby Peach - Lightweight

Pianta - Heavyweight

Diddy Kong - Middleweight

Shy Guy - Lightweight

Queen Bee - Heavyweight

Petey Pirahna - Heavyweight Hammer Bro - Middleweight

Kamek - Heavyweight

Wiggler - Heavyweight Rosalina - Heavyweight

Cheep Cheep - Lightweight Dry Bowser - Heavyweight Count Bleck - Heavyweight

Metal Mario - Middleweight Secondary Characters: (The characters are in pairing order, respectively)

Mii Outfit B - Anyweight

Luigi - Middleweight

Daisy - Middleweight

Birdo - Midlleweight

Funky Kong - Heavyweight

Bowser Jr. - Middleweight

Waluigi - Heavyweight

Toadette - Lightweight

Paratroopa - Lightweight

Baby Luigi - Lightweight

King Boo - Heavyweight

Baby Daisy - Lightweight

Noki - Lightweight

Dixie Kong - Middleweight

Snifit - Lightweight

Whittle - Lightweight

Lakitu - Lightweight

Boomerang Bro - Middleweight

Kamella - Heavyweight

Monty Mole - Lightweight

Polari - Lightweight

Blooper - Lightweight

King Bob-Omb - Heavyweight

Dimentio - Middleweight

Cosmic/Shadow Mario - Middleweight

Ternary Characters: (Have pairs within themselves)



King K. Rool


Boom Boom

Pom Pom

Rocky Wrench





In Mario Kart: Super Speeder, there are 11 cups, 6 nitro, 5 retro. In each cup, there are 5 courses. Each course is designed around one particular pair of characters. Some courses have warp pipes which can be necessary to complete the track, or can be used for shortcuts.

Nitro Cups

Mushroom Cup

Plumber's Circuit: a simple course in the shape of an M then an L with warp pipes at the start and end. Mario+Luigi

Isle Delfino: a beach themed course, similar to SNES Koopa Beach, but with a town in the middle. Pianta+Noki

Krocodile Isle: a course strongly based off the world map for DKC2. Donkey Kong+Funky Kong

Toad Town: a course that takes place in Toad Town off Mario Galaxy. It takes you through the streets and around the lake. Toad+Toadette

Minefield Motorway: a course in a minefield, with bob-ombs occasionally falling from the sky. Dry Bowser+King Bob-Omb

Flower Cup

Shy Guy Streets: a course with a similar map layout to N64 Yoshi Valley, but taking place in an urban area. Shy Guy+Snifit

Princess Towers: a course that takes place in the torrents of a castle. Peach+Daisy

Robbery Roadway: a course that starts out going into a bank, then through the vaults, underground, then back again. Wario+Waluigi Sunshine Bay: a short course on a beach with several rock pools. Baby Mario+Baby Luigi

Pipe Maze: a confusing course with many warp pipes, going to random areas. Petey Pirahna+Lakitu

Star Cup

Egg Valley: a short course in a valley with giant eggs everywhere. Yoshi+Birdo Flower Fields: the shortest course in the game, taking place in a field of flowers, with no obstacles. Baby Peach+Baby Daisy

Gangplank Galley: a course that is based of gangplank galley from DKC2. Diddy Kong+Dixie Kong

Ghostly Grove: a graveyard, with boos flying about. Dry Bones+King Boo

Underwater City: an Atlantis-like place, inhabited by cheep cheeps. Cheep Cheep+Blooper

Egg Cup

W1-1: a course strongly based off w1-1 from New Super Mario Bros with goons roaming the place. Koopa Troopa+Paratroopa

Honey Tree: a course taking place in the branches of a tree, then riding up the trunks, then riding the canopies. Queen Bee+Whittle

River Twygz Ride: a course in the River Twygz. Count Bleck+Dimentio

Factory Freeway: A course in a factory which appears to make Metal Marios, amongst other things. Metal Mario+Cosmic/Shadow Mario

Hammer House: a large house, with giant hammers and boomerangs everywhere. Hammer Bro+Boomerang Bro

Special Cup

Magikoopa Air fleet: a course based off Kamella's airship fleet, from Mario Galaxy. Kamek+Kamella

Underground Gardens: as the name suggests, Underground Gardens takes place underground, where there are many giant mushrooms, and holes in the dirt letting the sun in, causing flowers to grow in patches. Near the end, you go above ground an avoid falling into the holes. Wiggler+Monty Mole

Observatory Track: a track the is an exact replica of the Comet Observatory. Starting near the fountain, you go down to the garage, round to the terrace, up to the kitchen, on top of the library, into the bedroom, use the warp pad to get to the engine room, go through the garden, and back. Rosalina+Polari

Bowser Castle: Bowser+Bowser Jr.

Rainbow Road: Mii+Mii Outfit 2

Shell Cup

DS Cheep Cheep Beach: Cheep Cheep+Blooper

3DS Shy Guy Bazaar: Shy Guy+Snifit

Wii Grumble Volcano: Dry Bowser+King Bomb-Omb

SNES Donut Plains 3: Wiggler+Monty Mole

GCN Dry Dry Desert: Petey Pirahna+Lakitu

Banana Cup

N64 Royal Raceway: Peach+Daisy

Wii Toad's Factory: Toad+Toadette

DS Shroom Ridge: Yoshi+Birdo

GCN Wario Colosseum: Wario+Waluigi

GBA Riverside Park: Donkey Kong+Funky Kong

Coin Cup

DS Figure 8 Circuit: Mario+Luigi

SNES Vanilla Lake 2: Baby Mario+Baby Luigi

Wii Moonview Highway: Pianta+Noki

GBA Ribbon Road: Baby Peach+Baby Daisy

3DS Neo Bowser City: Metal Mario+Cosmic/Shadow Mario

Leaf Cup

3DS Rosalina's Ice World: Rosalina+Polari

Wii Wario's Gold Mine: Hammer Bro+Boomerang Bro

GCN Mushroom City: Queen Bee+Whittle

GBA Cheese Land: Diddy Kong+Dixie Kong

N64 Toad's Turnpike: Koopa Troopa+Paratroopa

Lightning Cup

DS Tick Tock Clock: Count Bleck+Dimentio

SNES Ghost Valley 3: Dry Bones+King Bob-Omb

3DS Melody Motorway: Kamek+Kamella

GCN Bowser Castle: Bowser+Bowser Jr.

N64 Rainbow Road: Mii+Mii Outfit 2

Superstar Cup

Peach's Castle: Toadsworth+Gearmo

DK Isle: King K. Rool+Kritter

Bowser's Kingdom: Boom Boom+Pom Pom

Honeyhive Galaxy: Rocky Wrench+Spike

?: Shroob+Fawful

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