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Developer(s) Omegadream
Publisher(s) Omegadream
Platform(s) Wii U

The Future Nintendo

Genre(s) Racing
Release Date(s) 2015
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer
Age Rating(s) ERating3RatingA CERO cero
Media Included Wii U Disc

Future Nintendo Disc Digital Download

Mario Kart: Super Racing is the ninth main installment in the Mario Kart series series and is for the Wii U and the Future Nintendo  .Also know as Mario Kart R in Japan, This game combines mainly the elements from Mario Kart Arcade GP series and contains all the courses from all previous Mario Kart game.


The objective in this game is to place first in the races as in all other Mario Kart games,

New features

The first new feature in the game is the boss system found at the end of all cups. To beat these bosses, the players must to won the race against the boss ( the boss is often advantaged ).

Some new items added in the game can teleport the opponents of the races in special races ( inchoisissable ) for some seconds.

A new mode named the " multiracers mode " give to the player, the possiblity to make a team on one kart ( from 1 to 4 racers on a kart " but the adding of more characters on a kart decreases the speed.
Proftitle screen

Title Screen

In some Battle modes stages, there is a lives counter

Old features

The coin system of Super Mario Kart is back in this Mario Kart Game.

The double item boxes system is back in this opus

Controls (Wii U and Future Nintendo)


  • 16px-ClassicController a: Make selection
  • 16px-ClassicController b: Go back one screen
  • 16px-Wiimote Dpad1: Move
  • 16px-Def Stick.svg: Move.
  • 31px-Wii U GamePad.svg: Slide in the menu / Make selection

Race Controls

  • 16px-ClassicController a: Accelerate / Rocket Start ( hold at 2 during the countdown before the race starts )

    Character Selection Screen (incomplete)

  • 16px-ClassicController b: Brake / Reverse
  • 16px-ClassicController x: Use current item / Stop r.oulette
  • 16px-ClassicController y: View from behind the kart
  • Wii D-Pad Right/Wii D-Pad Left: View rigth or left
  • 16px-Def Stick.svg: Move
  • 31px-Wii U GamePad.svgMenu management (items management and players location in the race).

Game modes

Single player

  • Grand Prix
  • Time trial
  • Kart maker


  • Balloon battle
  • Items Showdown
  • Coins runner 
  • Kart battle
  • Aircraft battle
  • Boat battle

Multiplayers \ Online mode

  • Grand slam


Starting Driver

Name Picture Stats
Mario 11111 Medium


Weight: 50 

Off-Road: 95

Luigi 2222222222 Medium


Weight: 50 

Off-Road: 95

Peach 333333333333 Light


Weight: 35 

Off-Road: 97

Daisy 44444444444 Medium


Weight: 40 

Off-Road: 96

Yoshi 5555555555555 Light


Weight: 30 

Off-Road: 98

Toad 66666666666666 Light


Weight: 25 

Off-Road: 99

Wario 77777777777777 Heavy


Weight: 70 

Off-Road: 92

Waluigi 888888888888 Medium


Weight: 55 

Off-Road: 94

Donkey Kong 99999999999 Heavy


Weight: 65 

Off-Road: 93

Bowser 101010101 Heavy


Weight: 80 

Off-Road: 91

Dino Piranha Gftbdyfubyfhb Heavy


Weight: 80 

Off-Road: 91

Unlockable drivers

Name Picture Stats
Pac-Man Pm111 'Light'


Weight: 25 

Off-Road: 99

Ms.Pac-Man Mspm 'Light'


Weight: 25 

Off-Road: 99

Blinky Blinky1 'Medium'


Weight: 50 

Off-Road: 95

Birdo 144444444442 'Medium'


Weight: 55 

Off-Road: 94

Shy Guy 1555555566 'Light'


Weight: 25 

Off-Road: 99

Toadette 16166116 'Light'


Weight: 25 

Off-Road: 99

Pianta 1717171717 'Heavy'


Weight: 65 

Off-Road: 93

Mii Mii Logo 'Medium'


Weight: 50 

Off-Road: 95

Fantendo Characters

You are free to add yourself

Name Picture Stats
Lumoshi aka Korra fanboy Lumo


Weight: 55

Off-Road: 60

Legendary Pop-Fizz aka Mr. Stupid Kevin's Kanine Kare


Weight: 100

Off-Road: 54

Iceboy aka Avery Anderson Ice12 Medium

' 'Weight: 50 

Off-Road: 93

Sloopy678 aka White White (AoW)


Weight: 20

Off-Road: 85


BlackCatBell MA!


Weight: 60

Off-Road: 90

Flameguy9981 aka Awesomeness (y"GQRDQB


' 'Weight: 50 

Off-Road: 93

Racing Courses

There is five types of courses :

  • Short, with 7 laps
  • Medium, with 3 laps
  • Long, with 2 laps
  • Boss, with 4 laps
  • Training, with infinite laps ( players must press start+select to quit the course 

Luigi cup

Name of the course Picture Type
Luigi Raceway Lc12 Medium
Luigi Circuit (GCN) LC2 Medium
Luigi Circuit (Wii) LC3 Medium
Luigi Circuit (GBA) LC4 Medium
Gloomy manor 640px-GloomymansionLMDM Boss 

Yoshi cup

Name of the course Picture Type
Yoshi Circuit (GCN) YC1 Medium
Yoshi Falls (DS) YC2 Short
Yoshi Park 1 (ARCADE) YC3 Long
Yoshi Park 2 (ARCADE) YC4 Long
Yoshi Valley (N64) YC5 Boss

Mario cup

Name of the course Picture Type
Mario Raceway MC1 Medium
Mario Circuit (3DS) MC2 Medium
Mario Circuit (GCN) MC3 Medium
Mario Circuit 1 MC4 Short
Mario Circuit 2 (Wii) MC5 Boss

Toad cup

Name of the course Picture Type
Toad Circuit (3DS) TC1 Medium
Mushroom City (GCN) T'as le look coco Medium
Mushroom Bridge (GCN) TC3 Medium
Toad's Turnpike TC4 Long
Toad's Factory TC5 Boss

Royal cup

Name of the course Picture Type
Royal Raceway RC1 Long
Peach Garden RC2 Medium
Daisy Hills RC3 Medium 
Daisy Circuit RC4 Medium
Daisy Cruiser RC5


DK cup

Name of the course

Picture Type
Donkey Kong Jungle (3DS) DKC1 Medium
DK Summit (Wii) DKC2 Medium
Donkey Kong Jungle (ARCADE) DKC33 Long
DK Mountain (GCN) DKC4 Medium
Banana Temple (ARCADE) DKC55 Boss

Rainbow cup

Name of the course

Picture Type
Rainbow Road (3DS) RR1 Long
Rainbow Road (GBA) RR2 Long
Rainbow Road (N64) RR3 Long
Rainbow Road (SNES) RR4 Medium
Rainbow Downhill (ARCADE) RR5 Boss

Delfino cup

Name of the course

Picture Type
Coconut Mall (WII) DT1 Medium
Delfino Square (DS) 2DT1 Medium
Delfino Plaza 3DT1 Long
Noki Bay 4DT1 Medium
Delfino island Grand Tour 5DT1 Boss

Battle Courses

Name of the course

Big Donut (N64)


Battle Course (SNES)


Skyscraper (N64)

Block Fort (N64) BR1BR1BR1BR1
Double Deck (N64) BR1BR1BR1BR1BR1

Training Courses

Name of the course

Picture Object of the training
Figure-8 Circuit TC1TC1 Learning the basics
Baby Park 2TC1 Skids
Moonview Highway 3TC1 Dodge obstacles
Sherbet Land 4TC1 rolling sliding

Wuhu Loop

5TC1 No Real Object


Found on tracks

Received With Item Boxes


This list follows the order of appearance of each of these bosses.

Beta Elements

Beta titles


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