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Mario Kart: Speedway Rush
Speedway Rush Boxart
Boxart of the game
Developer(s) Sapphire Dragon logo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
1 player - 8 players
Age Rating(s)
Everyone Rating Photo A CERO cero 460px-PEGI 7+.svg
Genre(s) Racing game
Series Pokémon
Predecessor Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
Successor N/A
Media Included Nintendo Optical Disc

Mario Kart: Speedway Rush (in Japanese: マリオカートスピードウェイラッシュ Mario Kāto: Supīdou~Eirasshu) is the newest title of Mario Kart, which was developed by Nintendo, along with the help of Sapphire Dragon Inc., being released for the Nintendo Switch, having the classic racing genre. It's the main 9th installment in the series, and the thirteenth overall in the series. This is the second Mario Kart title to be released for the Nintendo Switch and the first title to be included in a console with another game already existing.

A minor new feature introduced in Mario Kart, was the Riptide mode which lets the player turn its kart into a motorboat and ride the surface of water, as opposed to the underwater driving mechanic. Thus some courses have two ramps that lead to different paths, one is the surface path and the other for the underwater one. However, not every course has that function. Otherwise, no new gimmick was added unlike most recent games, as this compiles various features that were present in each game, for example, the Special Items from Double Dash!, the Mission Modes in Mario Kart DS, the aforementioned underwater and gliding mechanics, the kart customization and coins from Mario Kart 7 and the antigravitation from Mario Kart 8.

Similar to Mario Kart 8 and its Deluxe version, Speedway Rush! sees the addition of four new cups, the Bell and Cherry Cup which belong to the Nitro Courses and the Egg and Feather Cups, belonging to the Retro Courses, only that they are unlockable instead of being Downloadable Content.


Mario Kart: Speedway Rush, as mentioned before, brings the same classic gameplay and elements, having identical controls as in Mario Kart 8: Deluxe. Players pick their favorite character, and choose a specific kart, and can opt to use the default settings or customize the parts of the vehicles, such as tires, gliders, motors and propellers for the motorboats. Each vehicle and part has certain advantages and disadvantages the player can use to their liking, as sometimes they are mere aesthetic.

After picking their favorite character and vehicle of preference the player can pick a cup out of the 12 ones, though 6 are available from the start and the other half needs to be unlocked. The main premise is the classic one, being the first to reach the finish first. Much like in Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 8 the number of players in a race is twelve. However, the courses have different shapes, tracks and length, and they are filled of Item Boxes that, as expected, grants the player an item that can help go further on the race. However, the items one can get is actually determined on the position of the player in the race, for example, if the player is in the first place, they will usually have defensive enemies such as Bananas and Fake Item Boxes, while the ones that are in a lower place will receive more offensive and quirky items such as Shells and Mushrooms.

On the Double Cup mode, which can be unlocked after winning all the Nitro Cups in 50cc, lets the player experiment a past feature; the ability of having two characters racing in a single, taking the gameplay from Mario Kart: Double Dash, in where a character drives and its partner stands on the rear of the car, taking charge of the items, and even including the old exclusive items.

It should also be noted that there are some coins scattered during the course, and the player can pick them up, which they can raise the speed, but if you crash onto another player's kart, you'll lose coins. Being hit from an item makes you lose them too.

Some other minor mechanics such as the halfpipe tricks, being able to look backwards and gliding in the air, riding in the surface of the water or diving underwater return in the track, being indispensable to progress on.

Below there's a table that shows the point spread after reaching to the finish in a certain place, as it's varied and depends completely on the place. The higher your place is, the more points you receive. The player who has the most points is the winner of the golden cup, followed by the second and third place who receive the silver and bronze cups.

Point spread comparison
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Super Mario Kart,
Mario Kart 64,
Mario Kart: Super Circuit
9 6 3 1 0 0 0 0 - - - -
Mario Kart: Double Dash!!,
Mario Kart DS
10 8 6 4 3 2 1 0 - - - -
Mario Kart Wii 15 12 10 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
Mario Kart 7 10 8 6 5 4 3 2 1 - - - -
Mario Kart 8,
Mario Kart: Speedway Rush!
15 12 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Dark Blue background shows the character having a joyous winning animation, usually jumping, and the music is very triumphant and cheerful.

Light Sky Blue background shows the character having moderate winning animations such as clapping or slightly dancing. The music is normal.

Pale Blue background shows a sad animation, such as the character angered, facepalming or crying. The music is also cheerless and sad.


Feather Class

Baby Mario SR Icon Baby Luigi SR Icon Baby Peach SR Icon Baby Daisy SR Icon Baby Rosalina SR Icon Baby Donkey Kong SR Icon
Baby Mario Baby Luigi Baby Peach Baby Daisy* Baby Rosalina* Baby Donkey Kong
Baby Wario SR Icon Goomba SR Icon Shy Guy SR Icon Luma SR Icon Blooper SR Icon Cheep Cheep SR Icon
Baby Wario* Goomba Shy Guy* Luma* Blooper* Cheep Cheep*
Lemmy Koopa SR Icon Sprixie SR Icon Pearl SR Icon
Lemmy Koopa* Sprixie Princess* Pearl*

Light Class

Toad SR Icon Toadette SR Icon Toadsworth SR Icon Koopa Troopa SR Icon Dry Bones SR Icon Lakitu SR Icon
Toad Toadette Toadsworth* Koopa Troopa Dry Bones* Lakitu*
Diddy Kong SR Icon Dixie Kong SR Icon Monty Mole SR Icon Nabbit SR Icon Spike SR Icon Noki SR Icon
Diddy Kong Dixie Kong* Monty Mole Nabbit* Spike Noki*
Wendy Koopa SR Icon E Gadd SR Icon Diamond SR Icon Sarina SR Icon
Wendy O. Koopa Elvin Gadd* Diamond* Sarina*

Medium Class

Mario SR Icon Luigi SR Icon Peach SR Icon Daisy SR Icon Yoshi SR Icon Birdo SR Icon
Mario Luigi Peach Daisy Yoshi Birdo
Bowser Jr. SR Icon Hammer Bro. SR Icon Kamek SR Icon Cranky Kong SR Icon Larry Koopa SR Icon Iggy Koopa SR Icon
Bowser Jr. Hammer Bro.* Kamek* Cranky Kong* Larry Koopa Iggy Koopa*
Dr. Mario SR Icon Rexi SR Icon
Dr. Mario* Rex*

Cruiser Class

Wario SR Icon Waluigi SR Icon Rosalina SR Icon Pauline SR Icon King Boo SR Icon Wiggler SR Icon
Wario Waluigi Rosalina Pauline* King Boo* Wiggler*
Boom Boom SR Icon Pom Pom SR Icon Ludwig Koopa SR Icon Roy Koopa SR Icon Morton Koopa SR Icon Pianta SR Icon
Boom Boom Pom Pom* Ludwig Von Koopa* Roy Koopa Morton Koopa Jr.* Pianta
Mona SR Icon Kritter SR Icon Ruby SR Icon
Mona* Kritter* Queen Ruby*

Heavy Class

Donkey Kong SR Icon Bowser SR Icon Funky Kong SR Icon Dry Bowser SR Icon Petey Piranha SR Icon Honey Queen SR Icon
Donkey Kong Bowser Funky Kong* Dry Bowser Petey Piranha* Honey Queen*
Metal Mario SR Icon Pink Gold Peach SR Icon King Bob-omb SR Icon Big Bully SR Icon King K Rool SR Icon Joe the Shark
Metal Mario Pink Gold Peach* King Bob-Omb* Big Bully* King K. Rool* Joe the Shark*
Plessie SR Icon Dorrie SR Icon
Plessie Dorrie*

NOTE: Characters that are named in Bold mean that they make their first playable appearance in a Mario Kart Game and the characters labeled with an asterisk (*) mean that they are unlockable.


Mii SR Icon

Here in Speedway Rush! a maximum of four Miis can be saved per data, and the player can switch them out, without the need of sticking with a single one.

Alternate Costumes

Similar to Mario Kart 8, Speedway Rush provides a wide selection of palette swaps and alternate costumes that can be adjusted to the liking of the player. They do not affect actual gameplay though. Alternate Costumes can be bought at the Shop and doing so, it instantly unlocks every costume.

Default Partners

Much like in Double Dash! The player can play with the "Double Trouble mode, which lets you play with two characters in a car. By general, the partners are default and they share an exclusive item akin to them, having a default name to them. The player can however, switch the partner to it's liking. In the Mii's case, the player can customize the exclusive items and change the name of the team. If a player hasn't unlocked one of the default partners, then the character can be partnered with anyone, sticking with the default team name of the first character.

Unlocking Criteria

Much like in the Super Smash Bros. series, there are two ways to unlock an character, one is determined on how many races were won. and the other consists on clearing certain missions or winning some cups. After clearing an unlocking criteria, the player must race against the character in a course and the player must come out victorious to unlock the opponent.

Character Standard Criteria Racing Criteria
Baby Daisy
Win the Leaf Cup in 50cc Win 40 races
Baby Rosalina MK8Icon
Baby Rosalina
Unlock 4 Expert Staff Ghosts in Time Trial Mode Win 320 races
Baby Wario MKSR Icon
Baby Wario
Rank at least one star or higher in all 100cc Nitro Cups. Win 600 races
Shy Guy
Clear all level 1 missions Win 560 races
Luma MKSR Icon
Win the Star Cup in 150cc Win 1440 races
Blooper MKSR Icon
Unlock 16 Expert Staff Ghosts in Time Trial Mode Win 1360 races
Cheep cheep MKSR Icon
Cheep Cheep
Get at least one star or higher in all 50cc Retro Cups. Win 1400 races
Lemmy IconMK8
Lemmy Koopa
Win the Bell Cup in 100cc Win 880 races
Sprixie MKSR Icon
Sprixie Princess
Win the Star Cup in Mirror 150cc Win 1480 races
Pearl MKSR Icon
Automatically Unlocked when you have a saved data of "Super Mario and the Underworld Trials" Win 1520 races
Toadsworth MKSR Icon
Win the Special Cup in Mirror 150cc Win 840 races
MK8DX Dry Bones Icon
Dry Bones
Win the 50cc Lightning Cup Win 80 races.
Race on 16 courses in Time Trial Mode. Win 440 races
Dixie MKSR Icon
Dixie Kong
Win the 150cc Cherry Cup Win 400 races
Noki MKSR Icon
Get at least one star or more in all 100cc Nitro Cups Win 1280 races
Nabbit Icon MKO
Get at least one star or more in all 150cc Nitro Cups Win 1320 races
E. Gadd MKSR Icon
E. Gadd
Clear all level 2 Missions Win 640 races
Diamond MKSR Icon
Automatically Unlocked when you have a saved data of "Super Mario and the Underworld Trials" Win 1560 races
Sarina MKSR Icon
Automatically Unlocked when you have a saved data of "Super Mario and the Underworld Trials" Win 1600 races
Hammer Bro. MKSR Icon
Hammer Bro.
Win the Lightning Cup in 100cc Win 280 races
Kamek MKSR Icon
Win the Leaf Cup in Mirror 150cc Win 920 races
Cranky Kong MKSR Icon
Cranky Kong
Unlock 24 expert staff ghosts in Time Trial Mode. Win 1240 races
Iggy MK8Icon
Iggy Koopa
Win the Cherry Cup in 100cc Win 120 races.
Dr. Mario MKSR Icon
Dr. Mario
Clear all the Level 3 Missions Win 960 races
Rex MKSR Icon
Unlock 30 expert staff ghosts in Time Trial Mode. Win 1680 races
Pauline MKSR Icon
Win the Cherry Cup in 50cc Win 680 races
MK8DX King Boo Icon
King Boo
Win the Special Cup in 50cc Win 160 races
Wiggler MKSR Icon
Race on every course in Time Trial Mode. Win 1160 races
Pom Pom MKSR Icon
Pom Pom
Unlock 8 Expert Staff Ghosts in Time Trial. Win 1120 races
Ludwig MK8Icon
Ludwig Koopa
Clear all level 4 Missions. Win 480 races
Morton IconMK8
Morton Koopa Jr.
Win 240 races
Mona MKSR Icon
Race on 40 Courses in Time Trial Mode. Win 800 races
Kritter MKSR Icon
Win the Lightning Cup in 50cc Win 760 races
Queen Ruby MKSR Icon
Queen Ruby
Automatically Unlocked when you have a saved data of "Super Mario and the Underworld Trials" Win 1640 races
Funky Kong MKSR Icon
Funky Kong
Unlock 20 Expert Staff Ghosts on Time Trial Mode. Win 1000 races
Petey MKSR Icon
Petey Piranha
Win the Leaf Cup in 150cc Win 200 races
Queen Bee MKSR Icon
Honey Queen
Race on 36 courses in Time Trial Mode. Win 520 races
King Bob-omb MKSR Icon
King Bob-Omb
Clear all Level 5 Missions. Win 1080 races
PGPeach IconMK8
Pink Gold Peach
Clear all Level 6 Missions Win 360 races
Big Bully MKSR Icon
Big Bully
Win Special Cup in 150cc Win 1040 races
King K. Rool MKSR Icon
King K. Rool
Unlock every Expert Staff Ghosts. Win 1200 races
Joe the Shark MKSR Icon
Joe the Shark
Win all the 200cc cups Win 1720 races
Dorrie MKSR Icon
Clear all Level 7 Missions Win 720 races


Speedway Rush sees the addition of four new cups: Two Nitro cups and two Retro cups, increasing the total of 36 circuits to 48 circuits in a Mario Kart Game, excluding the DLC courses from Mario Kart 8.. Six of these cups are unlockable, with the Mushroom, Shell, Banana, Flower, Egg and Bell cups being available at start. To unlock the cups, the player must earn an antecedent cup, for example, to get the Star Cup ,the player needs to wim the golden Mushroom, Flower and Egg trophies, and same goes for the retro courses.

Nitro Courses

Mushroom Cup
Flower Cup
CatBell - SuperMario3DWorld
Bell Cup
Star Cup
Double Cherry Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Cherry Cup
Special Cup
Special Cup
Peach Circuit MKSR Wiggler Gardens MKSR Birdo Circuit MKSR Dr. Mario's Office MKSR Double Cherry Palace MKSR New Donk City MKSR
Candy Playground MKSR Toadette's Music Room MKSR Yoshi's Island MKSR Drill Canyon MKSR Ruinia MKSR Underworld MKSR
Cascade Kingdom MKSR Honeyhive Highway MKSR Atlantic Resort MKSR Frozen Shrine MKSR Comet Observatory MKSR Bowser's Castle MKSR
Hotel Delfino MKSR Cap Kingdom MKSR Scalding Scaffold MKSR Dry Graveyard Sprixie Land MKSR Rainbow Road MKSR

Retro Courses

Green Shell Artwork - Mario Kart 7
Shell Cup
Banana Cup
Yoshi Egg Tilted Artwork
Egg Cup
Leaf Cup
Feather Cup
Lightning Cup
Mushroom Bridge MKSR Mario Circuit MKSR Shy Guy Falls MKSR Sunset Wilds MKSR Sunshine Airport MKSR Wario's Stadium MKSR
Riverside Park MKSR Toad's Factory MKSR Cheep Cheep Lagoon MKSR DK Summit MKSR Broken Pier MKSR Dino Dino Jungle MKSR
Banshee Boardwalk MKSR Daisy Hills MKSR Dragon Driftway MKSR Mushroom City MKSR Coconut Mall MKSR Electrodome MKSR
Bowser Castle 3 MKSR Sweet Sweet Canyon MKSR Ghost Valley 3 MKSR Tic-Tock Clock MKSR Rosalina's Ice World MKSR GBA Rainbow Road MKSR


Not an exception in this game, Speedway Rush features a wide variety of items, some returning ones and other completely new ones. The game also sees the returning feature of exclusive items, originally added in Double Dash, each one unique to a certain character. The items are also determined on the position of the player in the race.

Item Description Item Description
Items found on the track
Item Box
These boxes can be found during the track, and picking one would bestow you a random item. Coin - New Super Mario Bros
Coins are found during the track and as you pick more of these, it increases your speed and being able to collect a maximum of 50 coins. Getting hit by an item makes the player lose 5 coins. They can also be used to purchase vehicles and its parts such as tires or gliders.
Red Coin SM3D
Red Coin
Red Coins are found in a much rare way than the golden ones, and a red coin is worth 5 golden ones. Animal crate
Crates are kind of like the item boxes, only that ramming into one would brake the car, showing an item inside, which are usually a Mushroom, a Coin, a Banana or in very rare cases, a Super Star.
Oil Puddle
Oil Puddle
Oil Puddles are harzards that can be found on certain courses, specially the Circuit and Factory themed ones. When a car runs into one, it will spin uncontrollably, much like a banana, though the spin endures more and they cannot be removed from the track. Firebar1
Fire Bar
Stage hazards usually found in volcanoes and specialty of Bowser's Castles, they are placed in a certain way to interrupt players. Anyone who touches the fire wil lspin uncontrollably. The Fire bars slowly rotate in the sense of a clock.
Regular Items
Using one gives the player a speed boost, much like when driving over a Boost Panel. In Battle Mode they can be used to steal balloons when making in contact. TripleMushroomMK8
Triple Mushroom
Grants you the use of three mushrooms instead of one, giving you the addition of more speed boosts.
Poison Mushroom
Can be placed behind the car like a banana, only that when someone drives over it will be shrunk like the effects of a Lightning Bolt. GreenShellMK8
Green Shell
They are thrown in a straight path, and when it bumps into a wall, it will change it's direction. Hitting a driver will knock them over. When it bumps several times or comes in contact with an item, it will break.
Triple Green Shell
When used, will grant three Green Shells that spin around the driver's car, acting sort of a shield. The Drivers can launch them as well though the other remaining will spin on the car still. RedShell - MarioPartyStarRush
Red Shell
When they are thrown, will start following the next driver in front to them, knocking them over. However if they touch a wall, they will break.
Triple Red Shell
Much like the Green Shells, after used they will spin on the car, acting like a shield, and can throw them away. Other drivers who come in contact with the shells will be knocked over. BlueSpinyShell - MarioPartyStarRush
Spiny Shell
When used, will fly through the track to the first placed racer, and crash onto it, creating an explosion that will also hit anyone on their way.
Banana Peel
They are left behind the car, staying in that place and anyone who drives over them will slip and spin uncontrollably. TriplebananasMK8
Triple Banana
After gathering and using one, they will trail behind the car and can be thrown or dropped any time. They can also sort of serve as protection against some items like the Red Shells.
Super Star
When used, it will make the driver invincible, gaining some speed boost, and anyone who makes contact with them will be knocked over and items will break in contact. The effect wears for a while. Lightningbolt
Lightning Bolt
When used, will shrink every user in front of the driver, making them slow. The effects will wear for a while, being quickier for the last drivers and endures more for the first drivers.
200px-Bobomb - MarioPartyStarRush
They can be flung to a farther distance than normal or drop behind the racer, in where a huge explosion will happen. It will explode faster when there's a racer near to them, though if it's hit, will explode automatically. MarioKartIcFakeItem
Fake Item Box
They can be placed behind the car, staying there. Unlike past games, the fake item box has a more identical color to the regular ones, and slowly rotate, making them harder to identify, if it wasn't for their inverted ?. However, they can't block shells, acting as useless defensive items.
WTurns the player invisible for a while, stealing a random driver's item and giving it to the user. They make the user practically invincible, as they can pass through racers and cannot be harmed with items. POW
POW Block
After using it, it will crush three times, and causes the drivers ahead to spin uncontrollably though won't affect drivers that are in the air. Bikers can also perform tricks and stunts to slightly weaken the block.
Bullet Bill
Transforms the user into a Bullet Bill, that moves faster automatically, hitting any driver that crosses into its way, and becoming invinible that no items can harm the user. As the user gets closer to the first place, the quickier will the effect wear off. SuperLeaf2
Super Leaf
After using one, it will grow a tanooki tail behind the car, spinning around, destroying nearby items, and flipping drivers away. The player can tap the button to keep spinning the tail.
Boomerang Flower
Gives the player a boomerang that can be flung in front or backwards, spinning around and hitting any driver who makes contact with, as well as destroying items on the way, such as bananas or shells. The boomerang is used with a limit of maximum three times, and in the third time it's flung, the boomerang won't return. PottedPiranhaPlantMK8
Potted Piranha Plant
After using it, the player will hold a pot of a Piranha Plant, who chomps anyone that gets near to the user, knocking them over. Each chomp gives the user a small boost and tapping the button makes the plant chomp faster.
Super Horn
When used, it blasts a huge expansive sound wave, destroying any items and knocking over characters that get into the radius. it's also the only item capable to destroy the Spiny Shell. CapefeatherMK8DX
Cape Feather
When used, makes the driver jump, allowing to do tricks and stunts and thus, earning small speed boosts. Landing onto other drivers make them steal the items. In Battle Mode, they can be used to steal balloons.
New Items
Lava Bubble SMR
Lava Bubble
Behaving like Bowser's Fireballs in the original Super Mario Kart, Lava Bubbles can be dropped behind the kart like a banana, but moving automatically, and won't disappear when a driver touches them. they will disappear after a while. Ink Piranha SM3DW
Ink Piranha Plant
Due to the addition of Blooper as a racer, the homonym item was replaced by the Ink Piranha Plant, in where it gets improved, as the ink is thicker, covers a bigger part of the screen, and slows down the drivers for a while. Behaving like the Blooper, the plant will flutter in front of all drivers ahead and will squirt ink to them.
Oil Barrel
An item that can be thrown in front only, as it wil lcreeate a small explosion of oil, covering the players, similar to the Ink Piranha Plant. It will leave an unremovable puddle of oil in the place where it fell. AcornCupMKNW
Super Acorn
A special item obtainable by the middle placed racers, that gives the car squirrel membranes, making it hover in the air, avoiding items and obstacles easily and gaining a quite small boost. However it's not immune to the explosions, including Spiny Shells.
Super Bell
After used, spikes will grow in the tires, making it able to drive on walls, as if the car entered in the antigravity mode. The effect will wear off for a while, and the driver will return to the track. Special Cup
Special Crown
Only available for the last racer, it's an extremely rare item that will teleport the racer in the 3-6th place of the race.
Cannon Box - Super Mario 3D World
Cannon Box
It's put on th user's head, and by each tap to the button, the player shoots a cannonball, which creates a small explosion. Tapping the button makes the user launch more cannonballs. After six cannonballs are used, the item will disappear. DoubleCherry
Double Cherry
Only available in the Battle Mode, it creates a duplicate of the driver, which can be used to trick opponents. After it's got hit by an item, the duplicate will disappear.
Ice Flower
Only available in the Ice Endurance Battle Mode, in where an Ice Flower after being used, will shoot iceballs, freezing the opponents that make contact with them, being unable to move at all.

Exclusive Items

A returning feature from Double Dash! was the use of Special Items, but they were renamed to Exclusive Items as these are unique items that can be only used by certain characters. Joe the Shark, Rex and the Mii are the only character that can use all of the exclusive items though. these items are obtained randomly, usually halfways the race. Some of them are offensive, while others are defensive and a third of them is for speed matters. Each exclusive item is usually shared by 3-4 characters, though not neccesarily shared by the same default partner.

Exclusive Item Description Characters
Fire Flower
Lets the user shoot fireballs repeatedly forwards and backwards which make racers spin uncontrollably and can be preserved for a short time for further uses. Disappears after a certain number of fireballs were used. MarioIconMK8BabyMarioIconMK8DryBowserIconMK8
Poltergust 3000 Brawl
Poltergust 3000
The user brings out a Poltergust which sucks other racers and slows them down, or spin uncontrollably if they are too close. It also can suck coins and items found in the way. LuigiIconMK8BabyLuigiIconMK8E. Gadd MKSR Icon
Three small hearts will rotate around the car, and when it makes contact with an item it will pick it up and let the user use it. PeachIconMK8BabyPeachIconMK8Sprixie MKSR IconPGPeach IconMK8
Flower Garden
Once used, the car will be covered by a flower shield, which protects any attack. The effect wears off after a while. DaisyIconMK8BabyDaisyIconMK8Wiggler MKSR IconHoney Queen MKSR Icon
Yoshi Egg
The Yoshi Egg is launched and it will bounce around uncontrollably, knocking racers over, and when it breaks after a bit, it will reveal three sets of items the user can pick, such as Mushrooms, Bananas, Bob-Ombs or even Stars. YoshiIconMK8LakituIconMK8Monty Mole MKSR IconPlessie MKSR Icon
Birdo Egg
It can be used two times, and when it is used, the egg will automatically trap the racer in front of them. Trapped racers can still drive, but in a much slower speed than usual. The egg breaks after a while. Birdo MKSR IconShyGuyIconMK8Pianta MKSR IconPetey MKSR Icon
Gold Flower
Similar to a Fire Flower, the player can repeatedly attack with gold balls, and when they finish their trajectory, they turn into coins. Racers hit by the gold balls will spin uncontrollably. WarioIconMK8Baby Wario MKSR IconNabbitIconMKSKing Bob-omb MKSR Icon
Ztar 2.0
Turns the user invincible like a normal Star, but leaves a poisonous trajectory behind that anyone who passes over it will spin uncontrollably. The moves of the car under the effects of a Ztar are quite franctic and a bit hard to control though. WaluigiIconMK8MK8DX King Boo IconRoyMK8Icon
MTUS Mega Mushroom
Mega Mushroom
After used, turns the user gigantic, allowing to crush any drivers the user passes by. It also gains a speed boost, and the effect will wear after a while. The user is invincible as well. As a curiosity if a Lightning Bolt is used, it will reduce the user's size to normal. ToadIconMK8Toadsworth MKSR IconDr. Mario MKSR Icon
Mini Mushroom
After used, it makes the user small, and quick which makes it easier to pass under the cars and avoid items such as Red Shells. The user also becomes invincible against Lightning Bolts. ToadetteIconMK8Lemmy IconMK8Noki MKSR IconDorrie MKSR Icon
Bowser Shell
Bowser Shell
After used, it will behave similar to a Red Shell, but once it hits a wall, it won't destroy but it will ricochet walls off. Items als o won't stop the shell, and after a while it will disappear. BowserIconMK8Boom Boom MKSR IconMortonMK8IconKing K. Rool MKSR Icon-0
Magic Paintbrush
Magic Paintbrush
After used, it will leave puddles of paint around the track, and cover those who are near in paint, making it hard to see, as the paint is thcker than the ink of a Piranha Plant. Any racer who slips on the paint puddles will spin uncontrollably and slow them down. BowserJrIconMK8DXLarryMK8IconBlooper MKSR Icon
DK Barrel
Acts similar to a Bullet Bill, the user enters intoa Barrel and will roll around the track automatically, crushing drivers who get into its way. After it's finished, it will make a small explosion that will spin racers uncontrollably. DKIconMK8Cranky Kong MKSR IconFunky Kong MKSR Icon
Giant Banana
Giant Banana
It can be placed or being thrown forward. Acting like a regular banana, but driven over into it will make the racer spin uncontrollably longer. The banana wil lalso split into three small banana peels. The giant Banana cannot be destroyed with normal items. Diddy Kong MKSR IconDixie MKSR IconBaby DK MKSR Icon
Brick Block Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Brick Block
An annoying item that after used, will be placed in front of the racers near to the user, obstructing their way. When driven over, it will slightly stop the racer, like a normal crate. Sometimes after broken will reveal an item, usually Mushrooms, Bananas or Stars. KoopaIconMK8Goomba MKSR IconCheep cheep MKSR Icon
Bill Blaster
A weapon that is set behind the kart, firing forward small Bullet Bills and making small explosions to who touches them. Bullet Bills follow the racers like a Red Shell. MK8DX Dry Bones IconMetalMarioIconMK8Pom Pom MKSR IconKritter MKSR Icon
Power Star
When used, a small Power Star will fly at the top of the user, expanding itself with energy, and then explode, damaging nearby racers. After the explosion, many Star Bits will fall through the track. RosalinaIconMK8Baby Rosalina MK8IconLuma MKSR Icon
Magic Wand
When used, it will grant a random spell, that can be used three times. The red triangle will be shot in a straightforward path, causing anexplosion, while the square will protect the kart from any items, and the circle increases speed. Kamek MKSR IconIggyMK8IconLudwigMK8Icon
Hammer Bro. Hammer
After used, it will automatically fling five hammers repeatedly, slamming over racers. After that, a giant hammer will appear, smashing users down. The user gains a slight boost. Hammer Bro. MKSR IconSpike MKSR IconBig Bully MKSR Icon
Manicure MKSR
Manicure Kit
After used, it will make the user race automatically, like a Bullet Bill, as it apparently improves the handling being more fluid, and quickly boosting the car, which seems to avoid any obstacles, even items with ease and style. However, if racers are near to the user and use an item like a red shell, it can knock them over. Pauline MKSR IconWendyMK8IconMona MKSR Icon
Mystic Stone - Rainbiw
Mystic Stone
After used, it will fly over and will start raining colorful Mystic Stones around the track, in where they cause small explosions and leaving a circle in the point where it fell. When driven over the circles, the drivers will spin uncontrollably. Pearl MKSR IconDiamond MKSR IconSarina MKSR IconQueen Ruby MKSR Icon
Any Exclusive Item

It lets the user randomly execute any of the aforementioned exclusive items.

Rex MKSR IconJoe the Shark MKSR IconMiiIconMK8


Grand Prix

Grand Prix MKSR

Much like past Mario Kart installments, Grand Prix is the main mode of the game, in where 5 engine classes are split, those being 50cc, 100cc, 150 cc, Mirror Mode and 200cc, last two which are unlockable, obtained after getting a gold trophy on all 150cc cups, and a gold trophy on every engine class cup, respectively. Players can also race in multiplayer or in online mode for the Grand Prix mode as well.

The rank of the cup is determined on how well you've driven during the four races in a certain amount of time, as this is required to unlock some characters.

Time Trial

Time Trial SR

Time Trial is a mode in where the player needs to complete a course in the fastest time as possible. At the beginning of each race, the player is given three Mushrooms. When competing against a expert ghost, if the player manages to arrive first to the goal than the ghost while exceeding five seconds, the player will unlock a harder version of the ghost. Players can also race against ghosts of other players across the world, or even against themselves.


Versus Mode SR

Versus Mode is a free mode, as the player can race in a single course, or in a random order. Here the player can also set their own rules such as the appearance of items, deactivating them and setting the difficulty of the racers, as well as activting the "Double Trouble" mode which features the mechanics from Mario Kart: Double Dash! They can also set the number of races played. Up to 4 players can play at once in this mode.

On the Double Trouble mode, only karts and ATVs are available to play as. Tag Team Racing is also a new mode in where it lets you pick 3 of your favorite characters, and when one of them clears a lap, you'll then race with the second character and so on.

Battle Mode

Battle Mode SR

Speedway Rush brings a whole variety of modes that can be considered as minigames, some of them returning from past Mario Kart games and others being completely new. Battle Modes are played on special arenas rather than courses, named Battle Courses. In most modes the palyer can either play individual or split into two teams.

Battle Mode Description
Balloon Battle
Balloon Battle is the Classic Battle Mode that has appeared on every Mario Kart Game so far. It's played in two ways: One in where the player is given 8 balloons though 5 are used in the car and the other 3 are in storage. When a balloon is popped out, it will be replaced by another of the storage. Once the player gets all of its balloons popped out, including the stored ones, the player will be deflated and out of the battle. Using Mushrooms or Feathers against an opponent makes the player steal a balloon. The alternate mode is the same as Mario Kart Wii in where the player is granted with 3 balloons and a point system, having as an objective to pop ut the balloons of the opposing team. If a player loses all of its balloons, it will be respawned in another part of the stage.
Coin - New Super Mario Bros
Coin Runners
A mode introduced in Mario Kart Wii in where Coins are scattered around the course and the player has to pick them as many as he can before the other team picks them up. The winner is the team who gets the most coins. Alternatively the mode can be played individually though the premise is the same. Knocking out an opponent with an item makes him lose its coins.
Renegade Roundup
One of the new modes introduced in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe which follows the premise of "cops and robbers" dividing the racers in two teams one which are the cops, having potted Piranha Plants permanently attached to their cars and the other team plays as the robbers trying to escape from the cops. When a Piranha Plant chomps on the "robber", it will be caught and held in a floating cage, and can be released when one of his teammates drives over a switch that opens the cage. The game ends when every robber was caught and held in cages, making the cops win, but if the time limit ends and there's still a robber roaming around freely, then the robbers win the game.
Shine Thief
Originary mode from Double Dash! that consists on a Shine Sprite randomly placed in the arena and a player has to grab it before anyone else does and enduring like this until it times up. The player can lose the shine sprite by getting hit by an item, where it will move to another spot of the arena.
200px-Bobomb - MarioPartyStarRush
Bob-Omb Blast
Mode appearing since Double Dash!, this is a mode that features hte exclusive use of Bob-Ombs, the only item that you can get from the Item Boxes. After hitting a rival with a Bob-Omb, the player will earn a point, though if it's hit by one it will lose a point instead. The required amount of points to win is 6 individually but in teams, it's 12 instead.
MPST Artwork - Peepa
Peepa Panic
A new mode introduced in Speedway Rush, in where it features the enemy Peepa. At beginning, two Peepa will automatically possess two racers and a time meter starts. The possessed ones by Peepa have to chase other racers, and when it makes contact with, they will pass the Peepa to the other racer. The game ends when it times up and the racer with the least amount of time possessed by a Peepa wins. Halfways the game, three more Peepa will appear and possess other racers.
Moon Bash
Moon Bash is a similar mode to the Mario Kart DS Shine Runners mode, in where ten Power Moons are scattered around the stage and the player has to pick the maximum number of Moons possible. When the player is hit by an item, it will lose its Moons and they will be scattered around the course. However there's a timer in the top right screen, and when it times out, the players with the least amount of Moons will be removed of the battle. The process repeats when one of them remains in the game.
Ice Endurance
A new mode introduced in Speedway Rush, in where there are more scarce Item Boxes, as only Ice Flowers will appear out of them. Ice Flowers behave like the Fire Flowers, shooting iceballs, though the difference is that when a fireball makes contact with a racer, they will freeze and are out of the game. The game ends when all but only one racer are frozen, making the standing one the winner.
Thunder Explosion
Thunder Explosion is similar to Peepa Panic, in where a Thunder Cloud will appear on the top of a racer, for a while and will not get away until it has made in contact with a racer, in where it will pass over the cloud. There's a timer for the cloud, and when it reaches zero, the cloud will fulminate the racer, and eliminate it from the game. After this, a new cloud will arise on another racer shorting the time a bit. The game ends when all but one racers are fulminated, and the standing one wins the game.

Battle Courses

Speedway Rush sees the addition of 16 Battle Courses, eight of them being new and the other eight being returning tracks, with one from each game, with the exception of Mario Kart 8.

Course Description
Nitro Courses
Super Bell Hill MKSR Super Bell Hill is a simple average battle course, being a reccomendable course for beginners. As depicted, the origin of the stage comes from Super Mario 3D World being the first level of said game. The arena takes place on a circular floating platform, with some golden bell-shaped trees scattered around and a giant one in hte center of the stage. There are also two clear pipes that connect from a side to another, and if someone enters the pipes, it will be automatically transported to the other side. A small fence surrounds the stage, protecting players from falling down.
Rainbow Castle MKSR Inspired on the homonym named board from the first Mario Party, the course takes place in a castle located the sky. Players can either drive in the main castle room, or exit in one of the many entrances where they will race in a platform filled of colorful clouds and rainbows. However the platform has many huge gaps that makes it easy to fall on them. Small towers reminiscent of Princess Peach's castle are placed around as simple hazards.
E. Gadd's Garage MKSR Again inspired on another board of Mario Party, this time originary from the sixth installment, as implied, takes place in a giant garage filled of conveyor belts going into different directions. The garage has an untidied appearance, flooded of gadgets and tools everywhere. Ramming onto a gadget hazard, like a rocket, a giant fan or a teleport turns them on, leaving many random effects. A crane also works to pick players up and put them on the next level which makes it easier for the player to avoid any items, in contrast to the teleport which it's immediate but doesn't protect the player from items. Oil puddles are also found scattered everywhere too, making the player spin uncontrollably if he drives over them.
Harvst Hazards MKSR A stage coming from the Donkey Kong Island, being inspired on the Harvest Hazards stage, from the fifth level of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, though it bars the mechanic parts of the jungle and the stage is mostly tropical. The stage is full of many fruits such as berries, pomelos, bananas and more. There's a lso a ginat tree with a house on it in where the players can enter and exit. The stage itself is a floating platform that has the shape of an acorn and there's no fence surrounding it, meaning that drivers can be knocked over the pits. Various Donkey Kong enemies also roam around the stage.
Mona's Pizza MKSR Inspired on the restaurant owned by Mona in WarioWare: Twisted! where its trademark image is Mona herself posing in a similar way to Mona Lisa. The arena takes place on a rectangular bar, with a pizza placed in the center that slows down racers when driving over it. Kitchen hazards such as salt and pepper shakers, cups, sauces, spoons and forks are scattered around the arena. The stage is pretty much simple, however there's no fence to protect the racers so falling off the bar is possible. Colliding on a cup will make it shatter, damaging the driver, and the liquid will be spilled, that when someone drives over it will spin uncontrollably. As a trivia, Mona's Pizza theme song can be heard here. 
Whomp Cavern Whomp Cavern, as implied, takes place in a mysterious, ancient and ruined cavern, which in the insides it seems to be a maze full of entrances, though the cavern is full of Whomps blocking some of the entrances, and others leaving the pass open. When a certain time passes, they alternate roles, meaning that the Whomps that left the pass open are now blocking it, while the others now open it. If a racer drives near to a Whomp blocking the pass, it will be crushed by said rock enemy. Some entrances lead the exit of the cavern, which seems to take place in a wasteland surrounding it, with rocks acting as fences and blocking the path.
Tostarena MKSR Based on the location from Super Mario Odyssey, it takes place on the lively mexican inspired neighborhood, the arena is pretty simple, as Tostarenans will simply dance in the background, making a lively and jolly mexican music. Players can enter in the houses and exit, though Moe-Eyes and Jaxis will also ram around the town. Various pools of water are scattered around, though they are so deep, that falling into one will make the player lose a balloon or coins.
Fountain of Dawn MKSR Actually inspired on the Fountain of Dreams, the Kirby stage in Super Smash Bros. Melee, the Fountain of the Dawn remains many similar aesthetics of said stage, as players will drive around the fountain, though they can climb up a huge tower in the middle. Sometimes small geysers will sprout in the fountain, making it flood, so racers have to climb the tower without drowning. There's no fence surrounding the fountain so it's possible to fall off from it.
Retro Courses
Snes Battle Course 3 MKSR Remaining the same layout as in the SNES version of Mario Kart, now with updated graphics, and it should be noted that here in this arena, the floor is slipper than usual and making it harder to hit someone with an item. The course is depicted to be quadrangular, keeping the colorful fences from the original Mario Kart, and the new addition of a small pond located in the center of the arena, in where anyone can miss a drift and fall into the pond.
Double Deck MKSR Being square shaped, the stage itself is a labyrinth made of decks. The course consists on two floors, the lower one being green and the upper one being red. To reach the upper floor, there's some ramps around the stage. There are also some wide, long halls that one can pass through, and at the top of the stage there's a large square gap in where racers can fall down back to the lower floor.
GBA Battle Course 2 MKSR This course wears a Bowser's Castle layout with a cross in the center, being predominantly square shaped, and having stone and mesh bridges, while having many lava moats and ramps t odo slight tricks and jumps.
Tilt-A-Kart MKSR The course is shpaed in a pixelated 8-bit version of Mario and using the same palette in Super Mario Bros. Prone to the name, the course tilts fro mside to side, depending on which one has the most racers standing in and hindering the battle. When a racer falls in the pit, it's respawned on a white platform floating at the top of the stage. The course has also the characteristic of Item Boxes tilting around the stage.
Top Tart MKSR As the name implies, the course takes place in a circular, colorful cake that resembles Cookie Land from Double Dash. The only Item Boxes are accessible in the air, so the player has to race in the Dash Panel located in the middle of the cake which makes them jump. There's many bumpy hazards that push the player away if he rams onto them, such as meringues or strawberries.
Delfino Pier MKSR A stage based off Delfino Island from Super Mario Sunshine, as the name implies, it takes place in a pier in a large square base along with a steep incline leading to narrow halls. Chimneys and a bridge also take place in the area as well, which carry some Item Boxes. After some time has passed, the bell will toll, which indicates the raise of the water level. There's some gates under the bridge and will open when the water level raises, showing a smal l storage.
Honeybee Hive MKSR Taking place in a beehive full of honeycomb walls where the player can drive over them. Honey drops can also be found in the stage, slowing down racers when they drive over them, along with small flowerbeds and bushes scattered around, with a turbine pipe placed in the middle of the stage which can blow racers to the top level of the stage. Small bee enemies named Stingbies wander around and sting on the player if they get too close.
Dragon Palace MKSR Being chinese themed and taking place in a pagoda courtyard and the racers can enter the pagoda by the entrance, which is a circular room and some stairs to access the first floor. As stage hazards, Koopa Trooas and other enemies can be seen practicing kung-fu, chanting or praying.

Mission Mode

Mission Mode SR

A returning mode from Mario Kart DS. In the game, players have to complete a certain number of missions which are useful to test the player's abilities o nracing, varying from simple ones such as picking up coins to other harsh ones such as racing against a character in a small amount of time.

Much like in it's origin game, there are eight levels, the first one being easy for beginners to the last one which is much harder., and each level has eight different missions that they need to clear to unlock the Boss Battle, i nwhere they fight against the boss.

Clearing all missions, including the boss of an level makes you unlock a new character.

Level 1

Mission Mission Mission
Mission 1
Mission 2
Mission 3
Mission 4 Boss Battle: Mission 5
Mission 6 Mission 7 Mission 8

Online Mode

Online Mode SR

As depicted, Online Mode is the mode in where one or two players can play over the internet against other players or friends. Here, players can usually compete each other to win races, cups or the Battle Mode. They can also team up as well, as there's various ways to play in Online.

Player is granted with a certain amount of VR/BR points which indicates the rating of Versus and Battle Modes, starting at 1000 points by default, that can either go up or down, depending on your placement in the races and how well you play with. Rating is also influenced on who do you play against as well

When it comes to courses, the player can vote to race on three different courses, or pick random courses. If more than one player picks a course, there will be a roulette destined to choose the course that will be played on. Players with friends can also set thier own rules as well.

The player can:

  • Race in Versus mode, being either Double Trouble and Tag Team Racing mode, be either worldwide, regional or with friends.
  • Opt to make a custom tournament once 11 racers join in.
  • Chat via voice along with other players.
  • Set Special Tournaments

Special Tournaments

A feature similar to the Mario Kart Wii Tournaments, in where the player can set small tournaments with their friends, so it can influence on the VR rating. However, Nintendo can also host tournaments each two weeks , notifying players in their Switch menu.

Once the player opts to play a tournament hosted by Nintendo, they will have to wait in a room, while they choose their favorite character and custom karts. After it's done, players have to clear some tasks such as racing against a boss and similar others. Players can also view a rank system as well as previous ones from previous tournaments.

Clearing a Special Tournament will grant the player special exclusive items, such as Kart parts or Mii costumes.


Since Mario Kart 7, Kart customization was a new feature added, in where it lets you change various parts of the karts, such as the car body, tires and gliders. Each combination sets a certain amount of stats, which are split into Speed, Acceleration, Weight, Handling and Traction. Speedway Rush also introduces exclusive karts to certain characters and brings past karts as well. Each kart raises a stat and decreases another to make them balanced, so usually the maximum number possible of kart stats is 1.25 and the minimum is 0.

Custom Karts can be saved in the game as well, and there are 3 types of vehicles: Karts, Bikes and ATVs. For the Double Trouble mode, karts will be altered so that they can be together in a single kart.

There's an in-game shop run by a usual Mario enemy, that lets you purchase more parts with your coins gathered in the races.

Vehicle Body

Vehicle Body Speed Acceleration Weight Handling Traction Character
Standard Kart*
0 0 0 0 0 All
MK8Gold Standard
Gold Standard
0.25+ 0.5- 0.5+ 0.5+ 0.75- All
Pipe Frame*
0 0.25+ 0.25- 0 0 All
Standard Bike*
0 0.25+ 0.25- 0.5+ 0.5- All
Standard Kart*
0 0.5- 0.5+ 0.5- 0.5+ All


Tire Speed Acceleration Weight Handling Traction Character
Standard Tires*
0 0 0 0 0 All
0 0.5- 0.5+ 0.75- 0.75+ All
0.5- 1 0.5- 0.25+ 0.25- All
0.25+ 0.25- 0 0.25+ 0.5- All
0.5- 0.25- 0.25+ 0 -1 All
0 0.5- 0.5+ 0.75- 0.75+ All
0.5- 1 0.5- 0.25+ 0.25- All
0 0 0 0 0 All
0.25- 0.25+ 0.25- 0.25- 0.5- All
0.25- 0.25+ 0.25- 0.25- 0.5+ All
MK7 Mushroom Wheels
0.25+ 0.25- 0.5- 1.25+ 1.25- All
0.25- 0.25+ 0.25- 0.25- 0.5+ All
Gold Tires MK8
Golden Tires
0.25- 0.5- 0.5- 0 0.5- All
GLA Tires
0 0 0 0 0 All
0.5+ 0 -1 0.5+ 0 All
Lemon Tires
0.5- 0.5+ 0 0.5- 0.5+ All
Green Shell Artwork - Super Mario 3D World-0
0.75- 0.25+ 0 0.25- 0.75+ All
Cyber tires
Art by [1]
0.75- 0.75- 0 0.75+ 0.75+ All


Glider Speed Acceleration Weight Handling Traction Character
Standard Glider*
0 0 0 0 0 All
Cloud Glider
0 0.25+ 0.25- 0 0 All
Wario Wing
0 0 0 0 0 All
Waddle Wing
0 0 0 0 0 All
Peach Parasol
0 0.25+ 0.25- 0 0 All
0 0.25+ 0.25- 0 0 All
0 0.25+ 0.25- 0 0 All
Flower Glider
0 0.25+ 0.25- 0 0 All
Bowser Kite
0 0.25+ 0.25- 0 0 All
Plane Glider
0 0 0 0 0 All
MKTV Parafoil*
0 0.25+ 0.25- 0 0 All
Gold Glider
0 0 0 0 0 All
Paper Glider
0 0 0 0 0 All
0 0.25+ 0.25- 0 0 All
BlueSpinyShell - MarioPartyStarRush
Winged Shell
0 0.25+ 0.25- 0 0 All
Colorful Kite
Colorful Kite*
0 0.25+ 0.25- 0 0 All
Ufo Glider MKSR
Unidentified Flying Glider
0 0.25- 0.25+ 0 0 All

Note: Vehicles marked with an asterisk (*) mean that they can change color depending on the character.

Driver Statistics

Much like Mario Kart 7, Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, drivers have their specific stats and are displayed with a gauge. These stats are divided into 5 sections:

  • Speed: The top speed of the vehicle.
  • Acceleration: When in a standing position, it's the rate of the vehicle it takes to reach its top speed.
  • Weight: The Weight of the vehicle. Heavy drivers can knock away lighter ones.
  • Handling: The turning ability of the vehicle.
  • Traction: The grasp of the vehicle, indicating on how much stable they can be in the floor, and will slip lesser in the ice. It also indicates the traction of the vehicle when going off-road.

The values are ranged in a scale between 1 and 10, and Miis can be ranged depending on their size and body build. Feather weights have the highest Acceleration, handling and Traction but the lowest weight and speed stats, while Heavy weights have it reversed. Medium characters are simply balanced.

Stats on the table are reported for using the Standard Kart, Tires and Glider.

Weight Class Character Speed Acceleration Weight Handling Traction
Feather BabyMarioIconMK8BabyLuigiIconMK8BabyPeachIconMK8BabyDaisyIconMK8Baby Rosalina MK8IconLuma MKSR IconLemmy IconMK8Pearl MKSR Icon 1 10 1 10 10
Baby DK MKSR IconBaby Wario MKSR IconGoomba MKSR IconShyGuyIconMK8Blooper MKSR IconCheep cheep MKSR IconSprixie MKSR Icon 2 9 2 9 9
Light ToadIconMK8ToadetteIconMK8Toadsworth MKSR IconLakituIconMK8NabbitIconMKSNoki MKSR IconE. Gadd MKSR IconSarina MKSR Icon 3 8 3 8 8
KoopaIconMK8MK8DX Dry Bones IconDiddy Kong MKSR IconDixie MKSR IconMonty Mole MKSR IconSpike MKSR IconWendyMK8IconDiamond MKSR Icon 4 7 4 7 7
Medium PeachIconMK8DaisyIconMK8YoshiIconMK8BowserJrIconMK8DXLarryMK8IconHammer Bro. MKSR IconKamek MKSR Icon 5 6 5 6 6
MarioIconMK8LuigiIconMK8Birdo MKSR IconIggyMK8IconCranky Kong MKSR IconDr. Mario MKSR IconRex MKSR Icon 6 5 6 5 5
Cruiser WaluigiIconMK8RosalinaIconMK8Pauline MKSR IconMona MKSR IconPom Pom MKSR IconLudwigMK8IconQueen Ruby MKSR Icon 7 4 7 4 4
WarioIconMK8MK8DX King Boo IconWiggler MKSR IconBoom Boom MKSR IconRoyMK8IconMortonMK8IconPianta MKSR IconKritter MKSR Icon 8 3 8 3 3
Heavy DryBowserIconMK8Funky Kong MKSR IconHoney Queen MKSR IconMetalMarioIconMK8PGPeach IconMK8Big Bully MKSR IconDorrie MKSR Icon 9 2 9 2 2
DKIconMK8BowserIconMK8Petey MKSR IconKing Bob-omb MKSR IconKing K. Rool MKSR Icon-0Plessie MKSR IconJoe the Shark MKSR Icon 10 1 10 1 1

Body Frame Sizes

Depending on the character, the size of the vehicle can vary, same as the hitbox range. Mii, again depend on how tall and fat are they.

Size Characters
Small ToadIconMK8ToadetteIconMK8Toadsworth MKSR IconKoopaIconMK8MK8DX Dry Bones IconLakituIconMK8BabyMarioIconMK8BabyLuigiIconMK8BabyPeachIconMK8BabyDaisyIconMK8Baby DK MKSR IconBaby Wario MKSR IconBaby Rosalina MK8IconLuma MKSR IconGoomba MKSR IconShyGuyIconMK8Blooper MKSR IconCheep cheep MKSR IconMonty Mole MKSR IconNabbitIconMKSSprixie MKSR IconBowserJrIconMK8DXLarryMK8IconLemmy IconMK8WendyMK8IconNoki MKSR IconPearl MKSR IconSarina MKSR IconDiamond MKSR Icon
Medium MarioIconMK8LuigiIconMK8PeachIconMK8DaisyIconMK8YoshiIconMK8Birdo MKSR IconRosalinaIconMK8Pauline MKSR IconMona MKSR IconDiddy Kong MKSR IconDixie MKSR IconHammer Bro. MKSR IconKamek MKSR IconIggyMK8IconLudwigMK8IconPom Pom MKSR IconSpike MKSR IconE. Gadd MKSR IconCranky Kong MKSR IconDr. Mario MKSR IconRex MKSR IconQueen Ruby MKSR IconMetalMarioIconMK8PGPeach IconMK8
Big WarioIconMK8WaluigiIconMK8DKIconMK8BowserIconMK8DryBowserIconMK8Funky Kong MKSR IconMK8DX King Boo IconWiggler MKSR IconPetey MKSR IconKing Bob-omb MKSR IconBoom Boom MKSR IconRoyMK8IconMortonMK8IconPianta MKSR IconHoney Queen MKSR IconBig Bully MKSR IconKing K. Rool MKSR Icon-0Kritter MKSR IconPlessie MKSR IconDorrie MKSR IconJoe the Shark MKSR Icon

Character Artwork


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