Mario Kart Paper Power
Developer(s) Nintendo
Genre(s) Racing
Mode(s) Single Player, Multiplayer, Online, Battle.

Mario Kart: Paper Power is a racing video game, made for the NintePC, as a sequel to Mario Kart 8. It is special, in it introduces the "Paper Power" mechanic.

It features many characters and tracks, more than ever seen before. DLC is planned, and the release is for Q4 2018, along with the release of the NintePC.

The game is heavily inspired by Mario Kart Sprint and Mario Kart: Speed Saga.


Gameplay works similarly to previous Mario Kart games, where 14 racers compete in a race to the finish. Like the traditional racing game, each race has a varying number of laps, with most having 3. The first person to reach the finish line wins the race, and the last loses. The place you finish in will give you a certain amount of points, which will be converted into "Racing Levels" and are required to win in a Grand Prix.

Underwater and Gliding return, along with the new "Paper Pad" mechanic. When you drive over the Paper Pad, your character will change into their Paper Form, which'll change their gliders into paper airplanes, and their underwater propellers into paper boats.

When using Paper Airplanes, you can glide faster than normal. You can't turn as much, but you can also catch onto currents. With the Paper Boats, you can drive on the water instead of in them.

Racing Levels are ways for matchmaking in online modes. You will be matched with people with similar levels to you- if you were level 5, you would race levels 4-6. Racing Levels can also unlock things.

Miiverse Compatibility also returns, which'll let you post from a button on the title screen. Stamps are unlockable by beating a Staff Ghost on certain tracks, and also can be unlocked randomly. On some tracks, you will see posts from the "MK: Paper Power" community.

The drifting system is overhauled, with a similar functionality to the Mario Kart Arcade GP series. Instead of 2 drift colors, you get 3. Instead of having to charge a whole drift, you have a "Boost Bar" As long as you press the button, you'll get a boost, but the longer you hold it, the bigger boost it will be.

The game is updated a BUNCH, in the same functionality as Splatoon. Vehicle parts, characters, and tracks will be added commonly across the game, as well as "secret challenges". Secret Challenges


There are 45 planned drivers for the game, not counting DLC. The characters are divided into groups based off of power-ups in the games, with the Mini Mushroom being the lightest, and the Mega Mushroom being the heaviest.

  • Mini Mushroom drivers are the fastest, but don't have much traction. They are also very light, and are easily bounced around.
  • Super Leaf characters are less fast than Mini ones, but they have more traction. They are heavier than the minis.
  • Mushroom characters are all-around, with no weaknesses or strengths.
  • Star characters are heavy. They are sorta slow, but they have high traction.
  • Mega Mushroom characters are super heavy. While very slow, they have the best traction of all, and can barely be jostled.



New Items

Item Description
Ice FlowerIce Flower This item acts like the fire flower, as it gives the user 10 iceballs to throw at the opponents. When it hits someone, instead of knocking them out, it freezes them in a Freezie, causing them to be forced to go forward at the same velocity as they were when frozen.


Item Description
Coin NSMB2Coin Found on the track, and not in item boxes. They cap at 20 coins at a time, and each one gives you a small boost on touch, and an overall stat boost.
ItemBoxMK8Item Box Gives you a random item upon contact. Only one item can be in your inventory at a time.
SuperMushroomMushroom Gives a short speed boost to the user of it.
TripleMushroomTriple Mushroom Has 3 Mushrooms circle the kart. You can use all three, but nearby opponents can get the speed boosts as well.
GoldenMushieGolden Mushroom Gives infinite boosts to the user for 10 seconds.
GreenShellMK8Green Shell Gives you a koopa shell which will be thrown in a straight line, but can also bounce off of walls 3 times.
RedShellRed Shell This red koopa shell is thrown just like the green counterpart, but it will not bounce off of walls. However, it can home in on enemies.
BlueSpikedShellSpiny Shell The Spiny Shell- or better known as the Blue Shell, will rampage through the track, knocking out anyone in its way, before exploding on the leading racer. This can only be dodged with a Super Horn, or a well-timed Mushroom. It's also pretty rare, one of the rarest in the game.
BananaPeelBanana This cartoonish banana peel will be either thrown or left behind, and will stay on the track until someone runs into it, which will then cause them to spin out.
TripleBananasMK8Banana Bunch Three bananas will circle the kart, letting you use all 3. Nearby opponents, if they try to bump into you with this on, will spin out.

Kart Parts

In this game, with the addition of the paper gimmick, you can customize paper airplanes and paper boats, which'll effectively replace gliders and underwater racing respectively. You can also customize the propeller which comes out when you go underwater.


There is something special with the bodies this time around, giving them special abilities for each of them. Whether it be just a normal stat boost or a special ability which can effect other people, each one has a unique one. Bikes and ATVs return in this game.

Body Description Power Unlocking Criteria
Standard Kart This kart is all-around and doesn't have strengths or weaknesses. Its appearance is based off of a mix between Mario Kart Wii's standard and Mario Kart 8's standard. N/A- has equal stats, unlike the others. Starter.
Standard Bike This Bike is the bike equivalent to the standard kart. It looks almost exactly like the Mario Kart Wii standard bike. N/A- has equal stats, unlike the others. Starter.
Bumble V The fan-favorite kart from Mario Kart 7 returns, with great air stats, and is pretty fast, but is very light, causing it to be jostled around, and also has bad underwater stats. When using a trick, honey will spray out of the exhaust pipes, which will cause racers behind it to spin-out if hit. Starter.

Gliders/Paper Airplanes



Easter Eggs

8-Bit Luigi

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