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Mario Kart: Gold
Mario Kart- Gold Boxart
Developer(s) Button Studios
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Distributor(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan September 6th 2018
25px-Flag of Europe September 6th 2018
25px-Flag of Australia September 7th 2018
25px-Flag of USA September 13th 2018
1-4 players (offline)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action, Racing
Series Mario Kart
Predecessor Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
Media Included Cartridge, Nintendo eShop
Available Input Joy Cons, Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, Wiimote
Storage Needed 7.31GB

Mario Kart: Gold is a 2018 Mario Kart game for the Nintendo Switch that was first released on September 6th 2018 in Japan and Europe. Mario Kart: Gold is the second Mario Kart game for this platform after Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and it introduces the Plasma Gauge mechanic as well as many new tracks and racers.



New Features


Plasma Gauge

The new Plasma Gauge mechanic relies on a point-based system where players can earn points during a race to try to fill their Plasma Gauge. When the capacity of the gauge reaches 100, players earn an 8-second speed boost before their gauge resets to 0. The plasma in the gauge can be affected by a wide range of different actions, which are listed below.

Effect on Plasma Gauge Actions
Add 25 Release a purple turbo drift.
Add 15 Hit a player with a Green Shell or Bob-Omb.
Release an orange turbo drift.
Add 10 Hit a player with a Red Shell, Lightning Bolt, Bullet Bill or Super Star.
Steal another player's item.
Add 5 Have a player slip on your Banana Peel.
Attack a player with a Potted Piranha Plant.
Perform a trick.
Release a blue turbo drift
Add 1 Collect a Coin or Item Box.
Lose 1 Crash into a wall.
Lose 10 Be hit by a Red Shell, Lightning Bolt, Bullet Bill, Super Star or Potted Piranha Plant.
Lose 15 Be hit by a Green Shell or Bob-Omb.
Slip on a Banana Peel.
Crash into a track obstacle such as a Goomba.
Lose 50 Fall off the track.
Lose 100 Release the Plasma Gauge's 8-second boost.

Waluigi's Slot Machine

A new feature is Waluigi's Slot Machine. If the player wins a race, they will receive a Purple Slot Token which they can use in the Slot Machine. Here, they have a chance to receive a Playable Character, Vehicle Parts, Stamps or Coins. The slot machine which is seen by the player is based on Waluigi's design, however it is a Purple Toad which operates the device.

Wa Token

A Wa Token.

In order to use Waluigi's Slot Machine, the player must first acquire a Wa Token. The player starts the game with one Wa Token but they can be obtained either through completing tasks, or by purchasing them with real money. Wa Tokens can be achieved by:

  • Winning a Grand Prix with a 3-Star Rank.
  • Beating an Expert Staff Ghost in Time Trials by at least 1 second.
  • Winning 10 Online Races or Battles in a row.
  • Purchasing them in bundles in the Nintendo Switch eShop.
  • Scanned amiibo have a 1% chance of yielding a Wa Token.
  • Gifted for free on rare occassions. On December 25th 2018, all players received three Wa Tokens for free.

Once a Wa Token is obtained, players must put the token into the machine to receive their prize.


Mario Kart: Gold includes 100 collectible stamps that can be obtained from the Slot Machine, and beating other players' time trial times. When another player's time is beaten, the user can select a stamp from their Stamp Book to copy into their own Stamp Book. All stamps can be won from Waluigi's Slot Machine but some stamps have alternative methods of unlocking.

  • Character stamps can be unlocked by completing a Grand Prix whilst playing as that character.
  • Track stamps can be unlocked by recording a Time Trial on that track.

Stamps 1 through 100 are in the base game and further stamps were released in future updates, with more released in the DLC package.

List of Stamps in Mario Kart: Gold

Stamps 1-100 are available in the base game.

Stamps 101 - 136 were added in Version 1.0.1, which was released on September 15th 2018 worldwide.

Stamps 137 - 146 are added to the game when the player purchases the Mario Kart Gold x Nintendo DLC package.

Vehicle Customisation

Player now have even more customisation options when it comes to vehicles. Instead of being stuck with one color, players can choose whatever color they would like their kart to be. For example, the Pipe Frame kart would normally be the same color as the racer (eg: Mario's would be red), but now players can change this, adding thousands of possibilities to vehicle design.

Propellers are now the fourth vehicle part which can be customised. Each one affects underwater racing, affecting stats such as speed, off-road and traction while underwater.

Game Modes

Every game mode in Mario Kart: Gold has a host character which becomes playable after requirements are met within that game mode. They are all costumes for Toad.

Grand Prix

Grand Prix is one of the main game modes available from the start of the game. At first, players have access to only the Mushroom, Flower, Shell and Banana Cups, but by completing all four of these, they can unlock the Star, Special, Leaf and Lightning Cups. There are five modes in Grand Prix with increasing difficulty.

  • 50cc - Easy Difficulty. All Karts move relatively slowly and CPU characters are restricted to a certain range of items (Green Shell, Red Shell, Blooper, Super Star, Mushroom, Bob-Omb, Ice Flower, Lightning). Players may only use Karts in this mode.
  • 100cc - Normal Difficulty. Karts move faster than in 50cc and CPU characters will perform tricks and use shortcuts. They also now have access to more items (Spiny Shell, Triple Banana, Super Horn, Golden Mushroom, Metal Box, Huckit Crab). Players may only use Bikes in this mode.
  • 150cc - Hard Difficulty. Karts move very quickly, with CPU characters now being able to drift and use items to protect themselves. They have access to more items (Thunder Cloud, Bullet Bill, Triple Green Shell, Boo) and players can only use Quads (ATVs) in this mode.
  • Mirror Mode - Same speed and difficulty as 150cc. All courses are flipped, so a left turn in 150cc becomes a right turn in Mirror Mode. Players and CPUs have no restrictions on vehicle choice.
  • 200cc - Expert Difficulty. Karts move extremely quickly, and CPU characters can now use all items. No restrictions to vehicle choice apply.

Additionally, All-Cup Tour makes its return for the first time since Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. Up to 4 Players race on all 32 tracks in the game in a randomised order, but always starting with Rosalina Circuit and ending with Wii Rainbow Road. Grand Prix is hosted by Blue Toad.

Grand Prix How to Unlock
Mirror Mode Earn a trophy in 150cc Cups.
200cc Earn a trophy in all Mirror Mode Cups.
All-Cup Tour Unlock every cup in 200cc.

VS Race

Up to 4 Players can play together on the same console. VS Races are essentially free-play. All sorts of settings are customisable by the user, including number of CPU opponents, item frequency, Engine Class, Vehicle Restrictions, item restrictions. Items can even be turned off to make for competitive races. Team Races are also possible, with up to 4 teams of three; Blue, Red, Yellow and Green teams. VS Race is hosted by Green Toad. Results points awarded are somewhat more strict than in recent iterations of the franchise, as positions 9th - 12th will recieve no points at all.

Games 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th
Super Mario Kart
Mario Kart 64
Mario Kart: Super Circuit
9 6 3 1 0 0 0 0 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
Mario Kart DS
10 8 6 4 3 2 1 0 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Mario Kart Wii 15 12 10 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
Mario Kart 7 10 8 6 5 4 3 2 1 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Mario Kart 8
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
15 12 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Mario Kart: Gold 10 8 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 0 0 0

Elimination Circuit

A new mode that shows up alongside Grand Prix and VS Race, Elimination Circuit is an event which lasts about 20 minutes. 12 racers begin the race, but at the end of every lap (or track segment), the last racer to cross the finish line is eliminated from the event. As the number of racers decreases, the game becomes more chaotic, with enemies filling the track and portions of the course crumbling away. Elimination Circuit is hosted by Yellow Toad.

Time Trials

Time Trials returns to the Mario Kart franchise. This time around, multiplayer time trials are available, allowing two players to record their own time trials simultaneously. Staff Ghost Data returns as well - this time, there is only one staff ghost per track, however the difficulty is quite high and the ghosts require a lot of practise to beat, particularly on the harder tracks. All Time Trials are recorded at 150cc.

Time Trials are hosted by Pink Toad.


Battles are similar to those in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, with the option of playing in teams (default) or individually (in certain modes, there is no option for individual play). This time, there are 12 Battle Courses to select from, and the introduction of several new battle modes.

Balloon Battle MKG

Every racer starts with five balloons. For every balloon that they lose, their team loses 1 point. However, if they manage to pop another racer's balloon with an item, their own team gains a point.
Coin Runners

The racers compete to collect the most coins within a time limit. Racers will lose half of their coins if they are hit by an item or obstacle.
Renegade Roundup

One team, the Authority, must catch all of the members of the other team, the Renegades, before the time enders. If the renegades are not all caught by the end of the time, the renegades win. (Teams only).
Moon Thief

A new version of Shine Thief. One Power Moon is found at the center of the course, and in order to win, a player's team must hold the Moon for 30 seconds.
Balloon Blast

Similar to Balloon Battle, racers have five balloons that can be popped by items. However, in this mode, once a player loses all of their balloons, they will not respawn. The team with the most players at the end will win.
Chomp Guardians

Each team has a coloured Chain Chomp that moves around the track. The opposing team must deplete the Chain Chomp's health using items. The first team to fully deplete the health of the opposing chain chomp will win. (Teams only).

Battle mode is hosted by Orange Toad.


Online mode returns, with up to four players being able to play online from the same console. Players can enter 'Regional' or 'Global' leagues. Regional leagues are exclusive to the user's country, while in Global leagues, players from all over the world can play together. The user also has the option to set up rooms to play with their friends, either exclusively with friends, or against strangers with friends. Online is hosted by Black Toad.


Missions return to the Mario Kart series for the first time since Mario Kart DS, as a single-player mode where players can earn Vehicles and collectable stamps. There are 8 levels, each with 8 missions and a boss fight for a grand total of 72 missions. Missions mode is hosted by Light Blue Toad.

Level Objective Time Limit Stage Character
Level 1
1-1 Pass through the numbered gates in order. 01:00 Rosalina Circuit Peach
1-2 Defeat 3 Goombas using Green Shells. 00:50 Mario Circuit Baby Mario
1-3 Pass the finish line before Waluigi. None Gloom-Gloom Jungle Luigi
1-4 Collect 20 Coins. 00:45 3DS Daisy Hills Toad
1-5 Complete two laps of the circuit. 01:40 New Donk Junction Metal Mario
1-6 Perform 15 tricks in one lap. 00:50 Wii DK Summit Donkey Kong
1-7 Perform 6 mini-turbo boosts in one lap. 00:35 Rosalina Circuit Koopa Troopa
1-8 Win the race against the original Super Mario Kart roster. None SNES Choco Island 1 [Choose]
1-Boss Defeat Mummipokey. 03:00 Tostarena Square Mario
Level 2
2-1 Defeat 7 Goombas using Super Stars. 00:40 Starfall Lake Rosalina
2-2 Complete three laps. 02:25 The Bulletworks Bowser
2-3 Open 5 Item Boxes in one lap. 00:55 Bubble Pier Baby Peach
2-4 Pass through the numbered gates in order. 01:00 GBA Cheep Cheep Island Yoshi
2-5 Go down the mountain while reversing. 00:35 Starlight Mountain Baby Luigi
2-6 Pass the finish line before Petey Piranha. None 3DS Shy Guy Bazaar Birdo
2-7 Perform 4 mini-turbo boosts. 00:25 Toad's Farm Baby Mario
2-8 Win the race against the Mario Kart 64 newcomers. None N64 Wario Stadium [Choose]
2-Boss Defeat Pymaw 02:30 GBA Battle Course 4 Daisy
Level 3
3-1 Collect 25 Coins. 00:50 Peach Park Shy Guy
3-2 Perform 3 Tricks in one lap. 00:30 SNES Choco Island 1 Diddy Kong
3-3 Pass the finish line before King Boo but after Koopa Troopa. N/A Koopa Cave Dry Bones
3-4 Complete one lap while reversing. 01:25 Mario Circuit Mario
3-5 Hit King Boo with three Green Shells. 01:00 King Boo's Mansion Luigi
3-6 Perform 4 super mini-turbo boosts in one lap. 00:50 U Cloudtop Cruise Rosalina
3-7 Defeat 3 Pokeys using Red Shells. 00:20 Wii Dry Dry Ruins Birdo
3-8 Win the race against the Mario Kart: Double Dash newcomers. N/A GCN Mushroom City [Choose]
3-Boss Defeat Porcupuffer. 03:00 Wii Delfino Pier Toadette
Level 4
4-1 Perform 12 mini-turbo boosts in one lap. 00:55 Koopa Cave Koopa Troopa
4-2 Collect 20 Coins while reversing. 01:20 Wii Dry Dry Ruins Baby Daisy
4-3 Pass through the numbered gates in order. 01:00 Wildfire Woods Monty Mole
4-4 Pass the finish line before Topper, Rango and Spewart. N/A Rabbit Ridge Hariet
4-5 Defeat 5 Piranha Plants using Bob-Ombs. 00:45 GBA Lakeside Park Pianta
4-6 Complete one lap without hitting any obstacles. 01:10 Bowser's Castle Peach
4-7 Perform 12 Tricks in one lap. 00:55 Rainbow Road Pink Gold Peach
4-8 Win the race against the Mario Kart DS newcomers. N/A DS Shroom Ridge [Choose]
4-Boss Defeat Bouldergeist. 03:00 Boohemoth's Crypt Baby Rosalina
Level 5
5-1 Complete one lap while reversing. 01:10 Rosalina Circuit Topper
5-2 Win the race against Toad. N/A Toad's Farm Toadsworth
5-3 Open 16 Item Boxes in one lap. 01:40 N64 Wario Stadium Rango
5-4 Perform 13 mini-turbo boosts in two laps. 01:35 The Bulletworks Spewart
5-5 Win the Balloon Battle against Luigi. 02:00 Skyview Stadium Mario
5-6 Pass through the numbered gates in order. 02:00 3DS Honeybee Hive Honey Queen
5-7 Defeat 20 Goombas using Super Stars. 00:45 Koopa Cave Wario
5-8 Win the race against the Mario Kart Wii newcomers. N/A Wii DK Summit [Choose]
5-Boss Defeat Mechawiggler. 02:00 New Donk Junction Pauline
Level 6
6-1 Pass through the numbered gates in order while reversing. 01:25 3DS Daisy Hills Wiggler
6-2 Perform 2 ultra mini-turbo boosts in one lap. 00:50 U Cloudtop Cruise Hammer Bro.
6-3 Defeat 8 Piranha Plants using Super Horns. 00:25 DS Mario Circuit Yoshi
6-4 Win the race against Metal Mario and Pink Gold Peach N/A Rainbow Road Blue Silver Luigi
6-5 Win the race against King Boo N/A King Boo's Mansion Luigi
6-6 Perform 6 tricks. 00:25 SNES Choco Island 1 Donkey Kong Jr.
6-7 Open 1 Item Box. 00:10 GCN Bowser's Castle Boom Boom
6-8 Win the race against the Mario Kart 7 newcomers. N/A 3DS Shy Guy Bazaar [Choose]
6-Boss Defeat the Ruined Dragon. 03:00 Skyview Stadium Waluigi
Level 7
7-1 Win the race against Donkey Kong. N/A Gloom Gloom Jungle King K. Rool
7-2 Open 6 Item Boxes while reversing. 01:20 SNES Vanilla Lake 2 Baby Mario
7-3 Complete two laps without hitting a car. 01:35 GCN Mushroom City Dry Bones
7-4 Complete a lap while reversing. 02:00 Wii Rainbow Road Funky Kong
7-5 Pass through the numbered gates in order. 00:45 DS Shroom Ridge Bowser Jr.
7-6 Defeat 7 Boos using Green Shells. 00:40 King Boo's Mansion E. Gadd
7-7 Find the 4 hidden coins on the track. 01:30 Bubble Pier Baby Wario
7-8 Win the race against the Mario Kart 8 newcomers. N/A U Sunshine Airport [Choose]
7-Boss Defeat Gobblegut. 02:45 Rainbow Space Station Dry Bowser
Level 8
8-1 Collect 20 Coins using a Golden Mushroom. 00:10 Mario Circuit King Boo
8-2 Defeat 8 Crabs with Green Shells while reversing. 01:20 GBA Cheep Cheep Island Koopa Troopa
8-3 Complete 5 laps. 04:00 Peach Park Pink Gold Peach
8-4 Perform 4 ultra mini-turbo boosts in one lap. 01:00 3DS Shy Guy Bazaar Shy Guy
8-5 Win the race against Boom Boom. N/A Bowser's Castle Pom Pom
8-6 Collect 20 Item Boxes. 01:40 GBA Lakeside Park Diddy Kong
8-7 Perform 16 tricks in one lap. 01:35 N64 Wario Stadium Hammer Bro.
8-8 Win the race against the Mario Kart: Gold newcomers. N/A Rainbow Road [Choose]
8-Boss Defeat Shadow Bowser. 05:00 Royal Gardens Mario



Playable Racers

Mario Kart: Gold features a wide range of playable characters, 20 of which are available at the start of the game. The rest have to be unlocked from completing challenges. The costumes feature returns from Mario Kart 8, with many returning costumes including Tanooki Mario.




Racer Statistics

Within weight classes, there are further sub-classes of character that have different stats. There are six stats in Mario Kart: Gold which all appeared in Mario Kart 8, which are Speed, Acceleration, Weight, Handling, Traction and Mini-Turbo.

Characters Speed Acceleration Weight Handling Traction Mini-Turbo
Baby Peach MKGBaby Daisy MKGBaby Rosalina MKGBaby Yoshi MKGOlimar MKG 1 10 1 10 6 4
Baby Mario MKGBaby Luigi MKGShy Guy MKGLakitu MKG 2 9 1 10 3 7
Toad MKGToadette MKGToadsworth MKGMii MKG 2 8 2 9 7 3
Monty Mole MKGDry Bones MKGBaby Wario MKGPenguin MKG 3 8 2 9 6 4
Koopa Troopa MKGKamek MKGNabbit MKGDixie Kong MKG 3 7 3 8 2 8
Bowser Jr MKGDiddy Kong MKG 4 7 4 7 8 2
Peach MKGDaisy MKGHariet MKG 4 6 5 5 5 5
Yoshi MKGBirdo MKGTopper MKGProf E Gadd MKG 5 6 5 5 2 8
Hammer Bro MKGFalco MKGMii MKG 6 5 6 5 3 7
Mario MKGLuigi MKGSpewart MKGPauline MKGFox MKG 6 5 6 5 4 6
Waluigi MKGRango MKGKing Boo MKGPom Pom MKGLubba MKG 7 4 6 5 7 3
Rosalina MKGDonkey Kong Jr MKGBoom Boom MKGCaptain Falcon MKG 7 4 7 4 8 2
Wario MKGPianta MKGWiggler MKG 8 3 8 4 6 4
Donkey Kong MKGFunky Kong MKGDry Bowser MKGHoney Queen MKGBig Bob-Omb MKG 9 2 9 3 4 6
Metal Mario MKGBlue Silver Luigi MKGPink Gold Peach MKGMii MKG 10 2 10 1 6 4
Bowser MKGPetey Piranha MKGKing K Rool MKGCookatiel MKG 10 1 10 1 5 5

Vehicle Frame Sizes

In addition to a weight class, each character has a size, which determines the size of the vehicle that they drive. These sizes do not necessarily correlate with weight.

Size Characters
Small Baby Mario MKGBaby Luigi MKGBaby Peach MKGBaby Daisy MKGBaby Rosalina MKGBaby Wario MKGBaby Yoshi MKGToad MKGToadette MKGToadsworth MKGNabbit MKGShy Guy MKGKamek MKGKoopa Troopa MKGLakitu MKGDry Bones MKGMonty Mole MKGMii MKGPenguin MKGOlimar MKG
Medium Mario MKGLuigi MKGPeach MKGDaisy MKGYoshi MKGBirdo MKGMetal Mario MKGPink Gold Peach MKGBlue Silver Luigi MKGDiddy Kong MKGDixie Kong MKGBowser Jr MKGTopper MKGHariet MKGSpewart MKGProf E Gadd MKGPauline MKGHammer Bro MKGMii MKGLubba MKGFox MKGFalco MKG
Large Wario MKGWaluigi MKGPianta MKGRosalina MKGBowser MKGDry Bowser MKGDonkey Kong MKGFunky Kong MKGDonkey Kong Jr MKGRango MKGKing Boo MKGWiggler MKGBoom Boom MKGPom Pom MKGPetey Piranha MKGHoney Queen MKGKing K Rool MKGMii MKGBig Bob-Omb MKGCookatiel MKGCaptain Falcon MKG

Unlocking Criteria

Characters can be unlocked in two ways - either by completing a specific amount of races, or by another method. Once the criteria has been met, the player must beat the character in a 1 v 1 race at a random track at 150cc.

Character Play VS Races Alternative Method
Mii N/A Connect your save file to a Nintendo Network account.
Toadette 5 Beat 1 Time Trial Staff Ghost.
Baby Luigi 10 Win the 50cc Flower Cup.
Daisy 15 Win the 50cc Shell Cup.
Boom Boom 20 Record Time Trials on 8 Tracks.
Donkey Kong Jr. 30 Win the 50cc Special Cup.
Dry Bones 40 Win the 50cc Leaf Cup.
Lakitu 50 Record Time Trials on 32 Tracks.
Nabbit 60 Beat 12 Time Trial Staff Ghosts.
Diddy Kong 70 Win the 100cc Mushroom Cup.
King Boo 80 Win the 100cc Banana Cup.
Honey Queen 90 Win the 100cc Star Cup.
Monty Mole 100 Win the 100cc Lightning Cup.
Pauline 115 Beat 24 Time Trial Staff Ghosts.
Hariet 130 Win the 150cc Flower Cup.
Topper 145 Win the 150cc Shell Cup.
Rango 160 Win the 150cc Special Cup.
Spewart 175 Win the 150cc Leaf Cup.
E. Gadd 190 Beat all 32 Time Trial Staff Ghosts.
Baby Daisy 205 Win all Mirror Nitro Cups.
Pink Gold Peach 220 Win all Mirror Retro Cups.
Wiggler 235 Win all 200cc Nitro Cups.
Funky Kong 250 Win all 200cc Retro Cups.
Toadsworth 265 Unlocked from Waluigi's Slot Machine.
Baby Wario 280 Unlocked from Waluigi's Slot Machine.
Pom Pom 295 Unlocked from Waluigi's Slot Machine.
Baby Rosalina 300 Win all 50cc Cups with a 3-Star Rating in every cup.
Hammer Bro 350 Win all 100cc Cups with a 3-Star Rating in every cup.
Blue Silver Luigi 400 Win all 150cc Cups with a 3-Star Rating in every cup.
King K. Rool 500 Win all 200cc Cups with a 3-Star Rating in every cup.

Alternate Costumes

Returning from Mario Kart 8, alternate costumes can be selected by choosing a character, which then gives options for costumes should they be unlocked. Most costumes are unlocked by scanning specific amiibo, but there are several other costumes that can be unlocked in other ways, such as the Toad costumes. All amiibo costumes that are unlocked from amiibo can also be unlocked from the Slot Machine after completing Missions Mode.



Dr.Mario Smash Bros

Dr. Mario
Scan a Dr. Mario amiibo


Mario (Classic Colors)
Scan an NES Mario amiibo

SMO Art - Wedding Mario

Mario (Wedding Outfit)
Scan a Wedding Mario amiibo

Tanooki Mario SM3DWd

Tanooki Mario
Won from Waluigi's Slot Machine.



SMO Art - Wedding Peach

Peach (Wedding Outfit)
Scan a Wedding Peach amiibo

Cat Peachsd

Cat Peach
Won from Waluigi's Slot Machine.

Bowser SSBL



Bowser (Wedding Outfit)
Scan a Wedding Bowser amiibo

Hammer Slam Bowser

Hammer Slam Bowser
Scan a Bowser Skylanders figure

Wario-Wario party 8



Wario (Biker Outfit)
Scan a Wario amiibo (Super Smash Bros.)




Red Yoshi
Won from Waluigi's Slot Machine.

OrangeYoshi YBA

Orange Yoshi
Won from Waluigi's Slot Machine.

YellowYoshi YBA

Yellow Yoshi
Won from Waluigi's Slot Machine.


Blue Yoshi
Won from Waluigi's Slot Machine.


Cyan Yoshi
Won from Waluigi's Slot Machine.

Brownyoshi mkg

Brown Yoshi
Won from Waluigi's Slot Machine.


Yarn Yoshi
Scan a Yarn Yoshi amiibo.




Blue Toad
Win every single 200cc Grand Prix.


Green Toad
Win 250 Races in VS Race.

MTOCG Yellow Toad

Yellow Toad
Win 20 Games of Elimination Circuit.


Pink Toad
Beat Expert Staff Ghosts on 16 Tracks.


Orange Toad
Win 50 Battles.


Black Toad
Win 25 Online Races.


Cyan Toad
Complete all Missions.

Donkey kong 01

Donkey Kong


Turbo Charge Donkey Kong
Scan a Donkey Kong Skylanders figure.

594px-Hammer Bro

Hammer Bro.

Boomerang Bro. SM3DL

Boomerang Bro.
Won from Waluigi's Slot Machine.

Fire Bro. Artwork

Fire Bro.
Won from Waluigi's Slot Machine.

200px-Metal Mario Artwork - Mario Kart 7

Metal Mario

MGWT Gold Mario (no club)

Gold Mario
Scan a Gold Mario amiibo.

Shy Guys (Mario)

Shy Guy

1.5.CSSB Orange Shy Guy Artwork

Orange Shy Guy
Won from Waluigi's Slot Machine.

MTOCG Yellow Shy Guy

Yellow Shy Guy
Won from Waluigi's Slot Machine.

MTOCG Green Shy Guy

Green Shy Guy
Won from Waluigi's Slot Machine.

MTOCG Blue Shy Guy

Cyan Shy Guy
Won from Waluigi's Slot Machine.

1.2.CSSB Blue Shy Guy Artwork

Blue Shy Guy
Won from Waluigi's Slot Machine.

MKDX Purple Shy Guy

Purple Shy Guy
Won from Waluigi's Slot Machine.

1.6.CSSB Pink Shy Guy Artwork

Pink Shy Guy
Won from Waluigi's Slot Machine.

MTOCG King Boo

King Boo

King Boo

King Boo (Alternate)
Won from Waluigi's Slot Machine.

King k

King K. Rool

King k rool super sluggers outfit by decatilde

King K. Rool (Alternate)
Won from Waluigi's Slot Machine.


Similarly to most other Mario Kart games, Mario Kart: Gold features 8 cups, each containing 4 tracks. The first four cups - Mushroom, Flower, Star and Special - are 'Nitro' cups, comprised of new tracks, while the other four - Shell, Banana, Leaf and Lightning - are 'Retro' cups with tracks from older Mario Kart games. Four more cups were added as DLC later.

  • (Note: PAL names for tracks are displayed below North American names in smallprint)
Cup First Course Second Course Third Course Fourth Course
ACL Super Mushroom
MKG Rosalina Circuit
Rosalina Circuit
Starfall Lake
Starfall Lake
MKG New Donk Junction
New Donk Junction
MKG Gloom Gloom Jungle
Gloom-Gloom Jungle
Fire Flower NSMB2
MKG Mario Circuit
Mario Circuit
MKG Bubble Pier
Bubble Pier
Sea Bubble Pier
MKG Toad's Farm
Toad's Farm
MKG Starlight Summit
Starlight Summit
MKG Peach Park
Peach Park
MKG King Boo's Mansion
King Boo's Mansion
The Bulletworks
The Bulletworks
MKG Rabbit Ridge
Rabbit Ridge
Lunar Ridge
MKG Koopa Cave
Koopa Cave
MKG Wildfire Woods
Wildfire Woods
MKG Bowser's Castle
Bowser's Castle
MKG Rainbow Road
Rainbow Road
Green Shell
MKG Choco Island 1
SNES Choco Island 1
MKG Daisy Hills
3DS Daisy Hills
MKG Cheep Cheep Island
GBA Cheep Cheep Island
MKG Sunshine Airport
U Sunshine Airport
MKG Mario Circuit DS
DS Mario Circuit
MKG Shy Guy Bazaar
3DS Shy Guy Bazaar
MKG DK Summit
Wii DK Summit
DK Snowboard Cross
MKG Mushroom City
GCN Mushroom City
MKG Dry Dry Ruins
Wii Dry Dry Ruins
MKG Vanilla Lake
SNES Vanilla Lake 2
MKG Cloudtop Cruise
U Cloudtop Cruise
MKG Shroom Ridge
DS Shroom Ridge
MKG Lakeside Park
GBA Lakeside Park
MKG Wario Stadium
N64 Wario Stadium
MKG Bowser's Castle GCN
GCN Bowser's Castle
MKG Rainbow Road Wii
Wii Rainbow Road
Cosmo Terminal MKG
Cosmo Terminal
Vibrant Volcano MKG
Vibrant Volcano
Ghost Valley 3 MKG
SNES Ghost Valley 3
Bulborb Gardens MKG
Bulborb Gardens
SMO Yoshi Egg
Figure 8 Circuit MKG
DS Figure-8 Circuit
Sparkling Lagoon MKG
Sparkling Lagoon
Spewart's Swamp MKG
Spewart's Swamp
Rock Rock Mountain MKG
3DSRock Rock Mountain
Alpine Pass
Toad's Factory MKG
Wii Toad's Factory
Mt. Buzzy MKG
Mt. Buzzy
Buzzy Mountain Highway
Sunset Wilds MKG
GBA Sunset Wilds
Space Gate Assault MKG
Space Gate Assault
Super Bell
Mario Circuit 4 MKG
SNES Mario Circuit 4
Phanto Temple MKG
Phanto Temple
Electrodrome MKG
U Electrodrome
Super Mario Driftway MKG
Super Mario Driftway
  • Cups in orange are default cups that are available from the start of the game. These are the Mushroom, Flower, Shell and Banana Cups.
  • Cups in green are unlockable cups. The Star, Special, Leaf and Lightning Cups are unlocked simultaneously when the player places 1st, 2nd or 3rd in all of the default cups.
  • Cups in purple are downloadable cups. The Falcon, Egg, Arwing and Super Bell Cups can be purchased as a part of the Mario Kart: Gold x Nintendo expansion.

Retro Tracks

In Mario Kart: Gold, half of the game's default tracks are ones which have previously appeared in a Mario Kart game and are returning to the franchise. 'Retro tracks', as they are called, make up 4 of the game's 8 cups. Many of these tracks have been updated with new features and aesthetic changes to make them feel both fresh and nostalgic at the same time. In the downloadable expansion, 7 out of 16 of the added tracks are retro tracks, scattered throughout the four new cups added in the expansion.

Retro Tracks in Mario Kart: Gold

Shell Cup

SNES Choco Island 1

MKG Choco Island 1

In the first half of the lap, there are many Goombas on the track which get in the way of the racers. The final segment of the lap goes into a lake of chocolate, where the racers drive 'underwater', beneath the surface of the chocolate lake. The track is still fairly short but it has been decorated with scenery such as a giant bar of chocolate and cakes around the center of the track, and lollipop trees around the outer edge. The race takes place in the evening, where the sky is orange and the sun is setting.

3DS Daisy Hills

MKG Daisy Hills

The goats that can be found crossing the track in the original version from Mario Kart 7 have been replaced with the cows that are present in other tracks such as Toad's Farm and Koopa Cave. The only major change to the track's layout is the anti-gravity section which comes before the glider ramp, which sees the racers drive along a very steep, almost vertical, hillside and bridge.

GBA Cheep Cheep Island

MKG Cheep Cheep Island

This track is very reminiscent of GBA Shy Guy Beach as it appeared in Mario Kart Wii. Crabs exist as obstacles on the beach sections, while Cheep Cheeps jump out of the water sections, stunning racers. Additionally, a pirate ship in the background of the stage occasionally fires bombs at the track, though this happens much less frequently compared to Shy Guy Beach. Also, like in DS Cheep Cheep Beach's appearance in Mario Kart 8, racers can go off the track and explore the underwater sections.

U Sunshine Airport

MKG Sunshine Airport

Since Sunshine Airport appeared so recently, very little has changed about the track from its appearance in Mario Kart 8. The only major difference is that the anti-gravity feature in the anti-gravity section has been removed. There are now Spinies in that area which can disrupt the race.

Banana Cup

DS Mario Circuit

MKG Mario Circuit DS

The part of the track that goes past the lake has collapsed into the water, forcing racers to drive underwater for a short amount of time. There are fewer Piranha Plants around the track and several Goombas around the starting line area. Another change is that a part of the hillside has been replaced with a small bouncy mushroom segment, which begins with a glider ramp.

3DS Shy Guy Bazaar

MKG Shy Guy Bazaar

Few changes are made to this track. Phantos will occasionally appear and move across the track, stalling racers that hit them. The main change happens to the streets that the racers drive through after going through the market. An anti-gravity section has been added, offering an alternate path that allows racers to drive on the walls for a short while.

Wii DK Summit

MKG DK Summit

At the start of the section with bumps in the snow, there is a glider ramp which allows racers to glide over this part of the track. Furthermore, the bendy parts of the track that exist about halfway through the lap now have more guard rails, which prevents players from skipping large portions of the track. The half-pipe has been extended to a "3/4 pipe" with anti-gravity and large masses of snow on the ground.

GCN Mushroom City

MKG Mushroom City

This track has been made more difficult and there are now three lanes on the road, each very busy with traffic. Bomb Cars from Mario Kart Wii return, as well as the Wiggler Buses and Mushroom Cars from Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. Some parts of the track have anti-gravity on the walls.

Leaf Cup

Wii Dry Dry Ruins

MKG Dry Dry Ruins

The bridge across the now larger lake has disappeared, meaning racers must go underwater to cross it. Drastic changes have been made inside the ruins, where the floor has been removed, leaving a dark abyss beneath. Racers now have the option to drive on either the left or right walls, both of which have several hazards. There is a glider ramp at the ruins' exit, and Pokeys are now found in the outside sections rather than the inside.

SNES Vanilla Lake 2

MKG Vanilla Lake

The blocks of ice found around the track have been entirely removed. The first half of the track has had Cooligans dded as stage hazards, and several ramps where tricks can be performed. The second half of the track has now been titled to be almost vertical and it is now an anti-gravity section. The track also takes place at night.

U Cloudtop Cruise

MKG Cloudtop Cruise

Almost nothing has changed about this course due to the fact that it is quite new. One of the only changes is the addition of Rocky Wrenches in the airship section, and Spinies in the cloud section before the airship.

DS Shroom Ridge

MKG Shroom Ridge

The road now has much busier traffic, and to avoid this, players can race on the sides of the mountain that have anti-gravity. There is also a portion after the tunnel where racers go off the main road in order to jump across some bouncy mushrooms, with the final one enabling the racers' gliders. The race takes place at sunset.

Lightning Cup

GBA Lakeside Park

MKG Lakeside Park

The race now takes place at night and the fireballs produced by the volcano will frequently crash into the road, similarly to the fireballs from Wii Grumble Volcano. The jump across the road now has a glider section, and the bridge near the start of the lap has broken, allowing racers to go underwater. Goombas and Pokeys appear as enemies throughout the track.

N64 Wario Stadium

MKG Wario Stadium

The track has been filled with many ramps and boost pads for the racers to perform tricks, speeding up the time it takes to complete a lap of this very long circuit. Two glider sections have been added, with one halfway through the track, and another where racers jump over a portion of the track. The final stretch is filled with Goombas. Additonally, the track takes place in the daytime.

GCN Bowser's Castle

MKG Bowser's Castle GCN

The section with the Bowser statue launching fireballs now takes place in anti-gravity, where racers drive along the track, which is now in a corkscrew-like layout. The jump across the lake of poison water now has a glider ramp.

Wii Rainbow Road

MKG Rainbow Road Wii

Most of the track now takes place in anti-gravity, including the steep slope at the start and the half-pipe segment. Rainbow Goombas fill the course and a glider ramp exists in the area with split paths. Another addition is the inclusion of a bouncy mushroom, in the bendy part of the track before the cannon, which now enables gliders.

Falcon Cup

SNES Ghost Valley 3

Ghost Valley 3 MKG

A main change is the addition of anti-gravity to the track. When driving through the holes in the middle of the track, racers will be able to drive on the underside of the track, which is almost identical to the top, aside from several added boost pads. There is also a glider ramp added after the first turn.

Egg Cup

DS Figure-8 Circuit

Figure 8 Circuit MKG

The first half of the race takes place in anti-gravity, with racers driving over waterfall features built into the road, similar to the power plant area in Mount Wario. Likewise, there are boost pads here. At the end of the anti-gravity section, where the track loops over itself, there is a glider ramp. Also, the race now takes place at night.

3DS Rock Rock Mountain

Rock Rock Mountain MKG

Large Wigglers have been added to the forest section, which has had the decorative warp pipes removed. The final stretch of the lap, which goes up the mountain, is now in anti-gravity, having altered to be much steeper, with boulders falling down more frequently. Flying Paratroopas can also be seen in the air above the track.

Arwing Cup

Wii Toad's Factory

Toad's Factory MKG

The first part inside the factory is a split path in anti-gravity, where the conveyor belts and crushers still remain. Furthermore, the red smoke room is now in gravity, which ends with a glider ramp over the lake, which can now be driven through. A second glider ramp exists before the start of the muddy half-pipe section, where the edges of the track are in anti-gravity.

GBA Sunset Wilds

Sunset Wilds MKG

The three sharp turns in the track are all now anti-gravity sections, on the side of a rock formation in the middle of the desert. Furthermore, the final stretch before the starting line, where the Shy Guys were, is now an oasis. The Shy Guys now reside in all the parts of the track between the anti-gravity areas.

Super Bell Cup

SNES Mario Circuit 4

Mario Circuit 4 MKG

The sharpest turn in the track, about halfway through, has been elevated and tilted 45 degrees, now being in anti-gravity. Oil slicks remain across the entirety of the track, with Goombas and Piranha Plants also present in places. The race takes place at sunset.

U Electrodrome

Electrodrome MKG

Since Electrodrome appeared so recently, there are practically no changes to the course, aside from the signs saying "Star Cup" being replaced with "Super Bell Cup".

Battle Courses

There are a total of 12 Battle Courses in Mario Kart: Gold. 8 of these are available from the beginning and 4 must be unlocked.

New Courses
N64 Controller
Retro Courses
MKG Skyview Stadium
Skyview Stadium
MKG Double Deck
N64 Double Deck
MKG Royal Gardens
Royal Gardens
MKG Tart Top
DS Tart Top
MKG Iceberg Beach
Iceberg Beach
MKG Delfino Pier
Wii Delfino Pier
MKG Tostarena Square
Tostarena Square
MKG Honeybee Hive
3DS Honeybee Hive
MKG Boohemoth's Crypt
Boohemoth's Crypt*
MKG Battle Course 4
GBA Battle Course 4*
MKG Rainbow Space Station
Rainbow Space Station*
MKG Tilt-A-Kart
GCN Tilt-A-Kart*

(* Stages marked with an asterisk must be unlocked before you can play there.)

Unlocking Criteria

Course How to Unlock
Boohemoth's Crypt Win 5 Games of Balloon Blast.
Rainbow Space Station Win 5 Games of Chomp Guardians.
GBA Battle Course 4 Win 5 Games of Coin Runners.
GCN Tilt-A-Kart Win 5 Games of Moon Thief.


Mario Kart: Gold features a selection of both new and returning Mario Kart items. Several items, such as the Thunder Cloud, make their first appearance outside of their debut.


Item Image Effect Range
Mushroom ACL Super Mushroom Gives the player a short speed boost. 2nd - 5th
Triple Mushroom T730TripleMushroom Gives the player three mushrooms, letting them use three short speed boosts. 6th - 10th
Green Shell Green Shell A small projectile that does not track players but bounces off walls. 1st - 5th
Triple Green Shells T730TripleGreenShell Gives the player three Green Shell items to use. 3rd - 6th
Red Shell T730RedShell A small projectile that will track down players but is easily destroyed. 2nd - 5th
Triple Red Shells T730TripleRedShell Gives the player three Red Shell items to use. 5th - 9th
Banana Peel T730BananaPeel Drops on the ground, causing karts to spin out of control if they drive over it. 1st - 3rd
Triple Banana Peels Triple Bananas Gives the player 3 Banana Peels which follow behind their kart until usage. 1st - 5th
Bob-Omb Bob-Omb32131323232 The user can throw a Bob-Omb, which explodes on contact with another racer. 1st - 6th
Lightning Lightning4444444 Strikes every player ahead of the user with a bolt of lightning, shrinking them. 10th - 12th
Bullet Bill 800px-BulletBillMK86 The user transforms into a Bullet Bill, becoming extremely fast while being controlled automatically. 10th - 12th
Golden Mushroom T730GoldenMushroom Allows the user to use infinite speed boosts until the time limit for the item ends. 10th - 12th
Super Star PowerStar3333333 The user becomes immune to all hazards and becomes very fast for a short duration of time. 10th - 12th
Blooper 461px-MP8 Blooper Sprays ink over the racers' windshields, blocking their vision of the race. 5th - 9th
Spiny Shell 3DSWingedBlueShellMK8 Strikes the leading racer with a giant explosion. 4th - 9th
Boo Boo (Mario) The user becomes invisible and immune to hazards, while a Boo steals an item from another racer. 4th - 8th
Thunder Cloud MKSSthundercloud The user gains a speed boost and can pass on the cloud to another racer by bumping into them. After a time limit ends, the holder of the cloud is struck with lightning. 2nd - 7th
Super Horn 86px-SuperHornMK8 When used, a sound wave is emitted which destroys any item within a short radius. 2nd - 7th


Item Image Effect Range
Ice Flower Ice Flower SMWU-0 Allows the user to shoot icy fireballs, slowing down any racer that makes contact. 5th - 9th
Cappy Cappy3333333333333333 The user can throw Cappy at another racer, allowing them to take control of the target's kart for a short amount of time while their own kart is automatically controlled. 1st - 12th (very rare)
Metal Box Metal Box Icon The user's kart turns into a metal form for 30 seconds. In this state, the user cannot be knocked by other racers and they gain immunity to shells and bombs. 3rd - 7th
Huckit Crab NSMBU Huckit Crab solo A Huckit Crab will appear on the user's kart, throwing rocks at nearby racers for a short period of time. 4th - 9th
Warp Pipe NSMB Warp Pipe The user drives into a Warp Pipe, which warps them 6 places ahead of where they currently are. 10th - 12th

Downloadable Content

MKG x Nintendo

Mario Kart: Gold x Nintendo is the only DLC pack for Mario Kart: Gold, which was released on January 8th 2018. The package costs $5.99 in the US. (£4.29 in UK), and includes 16 new tracks in 4 new cups, 10 new playable characters and a new battle mode.

Amiibo Functionality

Amiibo are functional with Mario Kart: Gold. The player can unlock alternate costumes for some characters by scanning their amiibo. See the Alternate Costumes section for information about the costumes that these amiibo unlock. Furthermore, the player can scan any other amiibo once a day to collect 25 coins. All amiibo, when scanned, have a 1% chance of giving the user a Wa Token.

Demo Version

On 14th August 2018, a free Demo Version was made available on the Nintendo eShop. In this version, the player is able to play a Grand Prix of the Mushroom Cup or Shell Cup. The only playable characters are Mario and Luigi, and the only kart available is the Pipe Frame.



  • This is the first game to feature Donkey Kong Jr., Petey Piranha, Funky Kong, Honey Queen and Wiggler in Mario Kart since they were cut after their debut appearances in the series.
    • This makes Paratroopa and R.O.B. the only characters to have appeared in a Mario Kart game, been cut, and never returned.
  • This game references The Legend of Zelda series. The icon for the Wa Token Jackpot in the eShop resembles the Triforce. Additionally, the Master Cycle Zero and Hyrule Wheels unlocked with the DLC pack.
  • Mario Kart: Gold is the first Mario game on a Nintendo console to have microtransactions.
  • Mario Kart: Gold is the first game for the Nintendo Switch to include compatibility with the Wiimote Controller.
  • The image for Mario's Classic Colors was produced by Arend (tbc), not me.
  • The image for Chocoomba was produced by Ziegs (tbc), not me.

Unused Features

  • Originally, the creator of Mario Kart: Gold, thepuddlecat, wanted to make a Mario Kart Arcade GP game to make the project stand out among other Mario Kart games. However, he later decided to make a traditional Mario Kart game since his ideas for the project better suited the main series.
  • Datamined files from the free Demo Version suggest that Paratroopa, Dixie Kong, Ice Bro. and R.O.B. were originally going to be implemented as playable characters, but were later scrapped. This was likely due to Dixie Kong being replaced by King K. Rool, and Ice Bro. being replaced by Hammer Bro.
    • Furthermore, there exists audio files for a character named "GR_WAR_28", however these files are unplayable. It is possible that the name refers to a character based on Wario, or from the Wario series.
    • In a talk with Famitsu magazine, lead developer, thepuddlecat, states that he was originally going to do a Smash Bros. Ultimate-style Mario Kart game with all playable characters returning. Eventually, the Koopalings, Paratroopa, R.O.B., Link, Villager, Isabelle and Inkling were cut, after all being considered for the game, Paratroopa and R.O.B. even having files in the game.
  • There are image files that depict billboards, akin to those found on Moonview Highway in Mario Kart Wii. Some of these have been redesigned and used in New Donk Junction and/or GCN Mushroom City, however several remain unused, suggesting that Moonview Highway may have been considered as a retro course at some point.
  • An unused music track in the game's code can be found and listened to, sounding like a remix of N64 Frappe Snowland.