Mario Kart: Double Dash!! The Sequel!!
Game Card contains BOTH a Wii Disk and 3DS Game Cartridge.
Developer(s) ZGP
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii and Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) Party, Kart racing
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Japan 14 December 2012
25px-Flag of USA 20 December 2012
25px-Flag of Europe 16 December 2012
25px-Flag of Australia 18 December 2012
Mode(s) Up to 8 Players (4 Wii Controllers and 4 GCN controllers)
Up to 8 Players via WiFi
Age Rating(s) E for Everyone
Media Included Wii Optical Disk and 3DS Game Cartridge.
Mario Kart: Double Dash!! The Sequel (Mario Kart: Double Dash!! 2!! in EUR) is the sequel to the original Mario Kart Double Dash.

Characters and Partners

There are 44 characters in total. The 20 Starters, 24 Unlockable, There are 5 weight classes Feather, Light, Medium, Cruiser, and Heavy.


Mariothumbsup Luigi PrincessPeach Daisy
Mario Luigi Peach Princess Daisy
Mario's Rainbow Castle Luigi's Mansion II Peach's Palace Vanilla Lake (GBA)
Yoshi Birdo 277px-NSMBW Toad Toadette
Yoshi Birdo Toad Toadette
Dino Dino Jungle (GCN) Yoshi Park 1 (ARC) Toad Turnpike (N64) Mushroom Raceway
Koopa Troopa Paratroopa Goomba Paragoomba
Koopa Troopa Paratroopa Goomba Paragoomba
Koopa's Seaside Soiree Paratroopa Party Shroom Woods Heatwave House and Sky Garden (GBA)
ShyGuy FlyGuy Wario Waluigi2
Shy Guy Fly Guy Wario Waluigi
Shy Guy Beach Fly Guy Isle Diamond City (ARC) and Wario's Gold Mine (Wii) Waluigi Stadium (ARC)
Rosalina Pauline NO IMAGE Bandit.
Rosalina and Luma Pauline Mowz Bandit
Rainbow Road 1 Rainbow Road 2 Mowz's Hideout Bomb-omb Brigade Prix

Teams of Double Dash Mode

Mario & Luigi

Peach & Princess Daisy

Yoshi & Birdo

Toad & Toadette

Koopa Troopa & Paratroopa

Goomba & Paragoomba

Shy Guy & Fly Guy

Wario & Waluigi

Rosalina and Luma & Pauline

Mowz & Bandit



Baby Mario Baby Luigi Baby Peach Baby Daisy
Mario Beach (ARC) Rio de Janeiro and Luigi Raceway (N64) Kalimari Railway Mariachi Mole Mine
Bowser Bowser Jr Donkey Kong Diddy Kong
Bowser Bowser Jr Donkey Kong Diddy Kong
Bowser's Fortress Bowser Jr's Castle DK Jungle Hijinks and Banana Ruins (ARC) Grumble Volcano (Wii)
King Boo Petey Piranha Dixie Kong Funky Kong
Luigi's Mansion (NDS)

Biddybud Dash

Music Mania and Rainbow Road (Wii) Funky Kong Circuit
Dry Bones Dry Bowser Noki Pianta
Kalimari Desert (N64) Koopa City (3DS) C'est Defino! Cheep Cheep Beach (NDS) and Rainbow Road (SNES)
Lakitu Honey Queen Hammer Bro. Blooper
Dry Dry Ruins (Wii) Melody Motorway Dry Dry Ruins(Wii) and Choco Mountain (N64) Sherbet Land
Bullet Bill Banzai Bill Mii Kart Outfit Mii Bike Outfit
Moshpit Playroom Bullet Bill Highway Maka Wuhu (3DS) Mushroom Bridge (GCN)

How to Unlock

You unlock 2 characters in every criteria, the teams of Double Dash Mode:

Baby Mario & Baby Luigi Win the 50cc Mushroom Cup
Baby Peach & Baby Daisy Win the 50cc Flower Cup
Bowser & Bowser Jr. Win the 50cc Star Cup
Donkey Kong & Diddy Kong Win the 50cc Special Cup 1
King Boo & Petery Piranha Win the 50cc Special Cup 2
Dixie Kong & Funky Kong Win the 50cc Shell Cup
Dry Bones & Dry Bowser Win the 50cc Banana Cup
Noki & Pianta Win the 50cc Leaf Cup
Lakitu & Honey Queen Win the 50cc Lightning Cup
Hammer Bro. & Blooper Win the 50cc Mega' Shroom Cup
Bullet Bill & Banzai Bill Complete all 150cc Cups
Mii Kart Outfit & Mii Bike Outfit Complete all 100cc Cups


Nitro Courses

Mushroom Cup Super Mushroom Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Flower Cup FireFlowerSM3DL Star Cup Star Special Cup 1 Special Cup Special Cup 2 Special Cup
Mario's Rainbow Castle

Mario Castle

Luigi's Mansion II Bowser Jr's Castle Peach's Palace C'est Defino!
Mushroom Raceway Koopa's Seaside Bonanza

Koopa Beach

DK's Jungle Hijinks

Kong Jungle

Fly Guy Isle

Fly Guy Skies

Rio de Janeiro
Rainbow Road 1 Shroom Woods

Woody Woods

Bullet Bill Highway Mosh Pit Playroom Biddybud Bash
Bowser's Fortress Mowz's Hideout

Mowz Fort

Funky Kong Circuit Rainbow Road 2 Bomb-omb Brigade Prix

Bomb-omb Slide

Mariachi Mole Mine Paratroopa Party Music Mania

Music Mall

Heatwave House Kalimari Railway
  • Extra Cup (Hammer Cup) only appears in 50cc and 100cc.
  • Music Mania is different that Melody Motorway.

Retro Courses

Shell Cup Shell Banana Cup BananaPeel Leaf Cup SuperLeaf3D2 Lightning Cup ThunderboltNoGlow Mega 'Shroom Cup Mega Mushroom
Luigi Mansion (NDS) Shy Guy Beach (GBA) Grumble Volcano (Wii) Rainbow Road (SNES) Choco Mountain (N64)
Melody Motorway(Music Park in EUR)(3DS) Sherbert Land (GCN) Vanilla Lake (GBA) Toad Turnpike (N64) Maka Wuhu (3DS)
Kalimari Desert (N64) Dry Dry Ruins (Wii) Cheep Cheep Beach (NDS) Sky Garden (GBA) Luigi Circuit (GCN)
Dino Dino Jungle (GCN) Koopa City (3DS) Mushroom Bridge (GCN) Wario's Gold Mine (Wii) Rainbow Road (Wii)
Mario Beach (Arc.) Yoshi Park 1 (Arc.) Waluigi Stadium (Arc.) Banana Ruins (Arc.) Diamond City (Arc.)

Italic means owner of circuit confirmed

Bold means the circuit name for England.

Battle Courses

Course Name
Theatre Stage
Chocolate Cake
Isle Defino
Nintendo Wii
Nintendo 3DS
Delfino Pier (MKWii)
Pipe Plaza (GCN)
Tart Top (NDS)
Double Deck (N64)
Battle Course 2 (GBA)



  1. Red Shell- Aims for the person in front of you
  2. 3x Red Shell Same as above
  3. Green Shell- Hits against walls 7 times or until it hits someone.
  4. 3x Green Shell- Same as Above.
  5. Banana Peel- Can be thrown in front or behind and whoever hits it, spins out.
  6. 3x Banana Peel- Same as above.
  7. Mushroom- Gives a short boost.
  8. 3x Mushroom- Gives 3 short boosts
  9. Blooper- Sprays ink onto screens ahead of the user.
  10. POW Block- Spins out people in front of you.
  11. Spiny Shell- Aims for the person in first place and spins them out for 3 seconds.
  12. Bullet Bill- Turns the user into a bullet bill and automatically zooms across the track
  13. Star- When it is used, the user invincible for a short period.
  14. Fake Item Box- Looks like a item box, but not! When someone touches it, the same effect of a Banana Peel
  15. Lightning- Turns everyone in front of you tiny.
  16. Mega Mushroom- Turns the user bigger and when someone is driven over, that driven will be flat for a short period
  17. Fire Flower- When someone is hit by a fireball, the person who got hit will spin it.


  1. 3x Fake Item Box Same effect as Fake Item Box.
  2. Warp Pipe Swap places with the driver in first place.
  3. Boomerang 3 boomerangs can be used and when someone is hit, they'll spin out.
  4. Chain Chomp Sends the chain chomp on a chase for first place and anyone who gets hit during the chain chomp's "journey", they'll spin out.
  5. Ice Flower When someone gets hit by an ice ball, they'll freeze temporarily.
  6. E-Laser A laser will shoot infront of the player, temporarily, and whoever gets hit, will spin out.
  7. Super Tanooki A new item, like the Tanooki item in Mario Kart 7, it can hit anyone, and as a bonus, a star is added.
  8. E-Spanner- Everyone in front on you will slow down temporarily!
  9. Omega Star- Like the Star, except lasts longer.
  10. 3x Spiny Shell- Like the Spiny Shell, except 3 of them, when first place is hit, then second place will get hit and then third.
  11. Oil Puddle- An oil puddle will spill behind and whoever drives on it will either spin out or slow down.

International Mode

International Mode is a new mode in the Mario Kart series. The player is allowed to access the mode and play city-themed circuits around the world. THE IDEA HAS BEEN SCRAPPED.


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