The boxart.
Developer(s) Peanutjon
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) Racing
Release Date(s) TBA
Mode(s) Single Player, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s) ERating
Media Included 3DS Card
Mario Kart² is a Mario Kart game made by Peanutjon (tbc). It is for the 3DS, like Mario Kart 7. Like Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, it has pairs and special items.

Playable Characters


Image Names Weights Special Item
Marioluigikart Mario & Luigi Medium & Medium Fire Flower
Peachdaisykart Peach & Daisy Medium & Medium Heart
Yoshibirdokart Yoshi & Birdo Medium & Medium Yoshi Egg
Toadtoadettekart Toad & Toadette Light & Light Golden Mushroom
Bowserjrkart Bowser & Bowser Jr. Heavy & Light Bowser Shell
Babymariobabyluigikart Baby Mario & Baby Luigi Light & Light Chain Chomp
Koopaparatroopakart Koopa & Paratroopa Light & Light Triple Red Shell
Dkdiddykart DK & Diddy Heavy & Light Giant Banana
Wariowaluigikart Wario & Waluigi Heavy & Heavy Bob-Omb
Drybowserkingbookart King Boo & Dry Bowser Heavy & Heavy Lightning Bolt
Piantanokikart Pianta & Noki Heavy & Light Shine Sprite
Booshyguykart Boo & Shy Guy Light & Light Mini Boos


Image Names Weights Special Item How to Unlock
Ginalakitukart Gina & Lakitu Light & Light Magic Lamp Beat 50cc Mushroom Cup
Queenbeestingbyart Queen Bee & Stingby Heavy & Light Hive Beat 50cc Flower Cup
Babypeachbabydaisy Baby Peach & Baby Daisy Light & Light Parasol Beat 50cc Star Cup
Babywariobabywaluigikart Baby Wario & Baby Waluigi Light & Light Magnet Beat 50cc Special Cup
Metalbroskart Metal Mario & Metal Luigi Heavy & Heavy Metal Mushroom Beat 100cc Mushroom Cup
Wigglerpeteykart Wiggler & Petey Piranha Heavy & Heavy Flower Beat 100cc Flower Cup
Dixietinykart Dixie & Tiny Light & Light Banana Bunch Beat 100cc Star Cup
Cosmiclonedarkclonekart Dark Clone & Cosmic Clone Medium & Light Cosmo Ball Beat 100cc Special Cup
Funkykiddykart Funky & Kiddy Heavy & Light Surfboard Beat 150cc Mushroom Cup
Wrinklycrankykart Cranky & Wrinkly Medium & Light Cane Beat 150cc Flower Cup
Yvanwolleykart Yvan & Wolley Light & Light Mega Mushroom Beat 150cc Special Cup
Genomallowkart Geno & Mallow Medium & Medium Shooting Star Beat Story Mode.

QR Characters

Image Names Weights Special Item
N/A Dr. Mario & Nurse Peach Medium & Medium Megavitamin
Babyoshibabybirdokart Baby Yoshi & Baby Birdo Light & Light Bubble
Goombosschocoombakart Goomboss & Chocoomba Heavy & Heavy Goomnut
Rosalinalubbakart Rosalina & Lubba Heavy & Medium Power Star
Tumblemillenniumkart Tumble & Millennium Star Light & Medium Dice Block
N/A Boshi & Rex Medium & Medium Spike
N/A R.O.B. & Mii Varies & Varies Wiimote
N/A Hammer Bro. & Boomerang Bro. Heavy & Heavy Hammer
N/A Fire Bro. & Ice Bro. Heavy & Heavy Ice Ball
N/A Kamek & Baby Bowser Medium & Light Yoshi Cookie
Shadowmarioegaddkart E. Gadd & Shadow Mario Light & Medium Paintbrush

DLC Characters

First Pack (Nintendo Crew, 80 Play Coins)

Image Names Weights Special Item
N/A Link & Zelda Medium & Medium Triforce
N/A Sonic & Tails Medium & Medium Chaos Emerald
N/A Kirby & Meta Knight Light & Medium Warp Star
N/A Samus & Ridley Heavy & Heavy Power Beam
N/A Pikachu & Lucario Light & Medium Poké Ball

Second Pack (Paper Team, 90 Play Coins)

Image Names Weights Special Item
N/A Goombario & Goombella Light & Light Tattle Log
N/A Kooper & Koops Medium & Medium Shell Shield
N/A Bombette & Bobbery Light & Light Bob-Omb Storm
N/A Parakarry & Gonzales Jr. Light & Light Wings
N/A Bow & Vivian Light & Light Invisi-Spell
N/A Watt & Ms. Mowz Light & Light Snatcher
N/A Lakilester & Flurrie Light & Heavy Cloud

Alternate Partners

Some character teams do not have the same weight, yet the smaller one always has a kart. Since it is impossible to put a heavy/medium person in a medium/light kart, there are alternate partners. When these two are put together, one of their special items is used without the other one.

  • Bowser Jr. + Baby Bowser - Bowser Shell
  • Diddy + Kiddy - Giant Banana
  • Noki + Wrinkly - Cane
  • Stingby + Cosmic Clone - Cosmoball
  • Lakilester + E. Gadd - Cloud
  • Lubba + Millennium Star - Power Star


Track Items

These items lay on the track only.

  • Item Box - Gives you items
  • Coin - If you collect enough, you can get karts

Normal Items

These items can be gotten by anyone.

  • Name - Most Likely to be Found - Description
  • Mushroom - 5th-1st - Gives you a speed boost
  • Triple Mushroom - 10th-5th - Gives you three Mushrooms
  • Banana - 12th-1st - Drops a banana peel, which can spin out opponents
  • Triple Banana - 7th-1st - Gives you three Bananas
  • Green Shell - 3rd-1st - Ricochets around
  • Triple Green Shell - 4th-2nd - Gives you three Green Shells
  • Red Shell - 5th-3rd - Homes in on the racer directly in front of you
  • Blue Shell - 12th-7th - Homes in on first place
  • Blooper - 5th-2nd - Splatters ink all over opponents' screens
  • Fake Item Box - 7th-3rd - Looks like an Item Box, but spins out opponents
  • Poison Mushroom - 12th-5th - Shrinks whoever runs over it
  • Lightning Cloud - 3rd-1st - Shrinks you after a little while, but you can bump opponents to get rid of it
  • Lucky 7 - 7th - Gives you 7 random items
  • Star - 12th-5th - Turns you invincible and makes you faster
  • Bullet Bill - 12th-10th - Carries you to 3rd-1st place
  • Super Leaf - 12th-3rd - Gives you a raccoon tail you can spin
  • POW Block - 7th-5th - Spins out opponents, unless they're in midair
  • Bandit Mask^ - 12th-7th - Makes you faster
  • Triple Fake^ - 8th-4th - Gives you three Fake Item Boxes
  • Feather^* - 12th-3rd - Allows you to glide in midair
  • Fake Coin^ - 12th-1st - Looks like a Coin, but spins out opponents
  • Micro-Goombas^ - 3rd-1st - Lay on the track, and when an opponent runs over them, they slow them down
  • Spiny Shell^ - 5th-3rd - It works kinda like a Green Shell, but instead of ricocheting randomly before breaking, it bounces in one specific pattern and takes longer to break

^ = New item

^* = Old item with a new ability given to it

Special Items

Image Name Users/Use
New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Fire Flower Fire Flower Mario or Luigi can throw
several fireballs out at opponents.
185px-Heart Heart Peach or Daisy surround
themselves with hearts.
Yoshi Egg Build Yoshi Egg Yoshi or Birdo throw an egg,
which homes in on an opponent before
breaking and hatching out
three random items.
GoldenMushie Golden Mushroom Toad or Toadette can get several boosts
Bowsershell Bowser Shell Bowser or Bowser Jr. can throw
this humongous shell, which,
when hit, splits into three
green shells.
640px-ChainChompMP8 Chain Chomp Baby Mario or Baby Luigi can
pull out this dog-like ball,
which will drag them even
further than a Bullet Bill.
120px-Mk7 tripleredshells Triple Red Shell Koopa or Paratroopa throw three red shells.
Mkdd giant banana Giant Banana DK or Diddy can throw this
humongous banana, which will split
into three small bananas
if hit.
Bob-omb - Mario Kart X Bob-Omb Wario or Waluigi can throw this bomb, which
walks forwards a little
before blowing up.
Lightning-mario-kart Lightning Bolt King Boo or Dry Bowser can shock
their opponents, shrinking them.
Shine Sprite1 Shine Sprite Pianta or Noki can blind opponents,
kinda like the Blooper, but
BigBoo Mini Boos Boo or Shy Guy can send out
Mini Boos to steal an opponents item and turn them
invisible and invincible
Ginaslamp Magic Lamp Gina or Lakitu can use the lamp
to call a Mushroom Genie, which will carry them to
N/A Hive Queen Bee or Stingby can throw
a beehive, which will send out
bees to stun an opponent for a few seconds.
Babypeachparasol Parasol Baby Peach or Baby Daisy can
use this parasol to float in midair
for a few seconds.
N/A Magnet Baby Wario or Baby Waluigi can
use a magnet to steal an opponent's coins.
Metalmushroom Metal Mushroom Metal Mario or Metal Luigi can
turn their karts metallic.
Flower Flower Petey or Wiggler can make a flower path for themselves, so they can't get hit by items.
Bananabunch Banana Bunch Dixie or Tiny can drop several bananas, similarly to the Golden Mushroom.
Cosmoball Cosmoball Cosmic Mario or Cosmic Clone can throw several Cosmoballs, similar to the Fire Flower.
N/A Surfboard Funky or Chunky can pull out a surfboard and, when they get close enough, smack an opponent off course.
N/A Cane Cranky or Wrinkly can pull out their cane, which they will drop on the road. If run over, the car will flip over and be stunned for about 3 seconds.
MTUS Mega Mushroom Mega Mushroom Yvan or Wolley can grow humongous and flatten opponents.
Shootingstar Shooting Star Geno or Mallow can make shooting stars land. Unlike the invincible stars, shooting stars will attempt to land on opponents to spin them out.
Megavite Megavitamin Dr. Mario or Nurse Peach can throw megavitamins like the Fire Flower. However, unlike fireballs, megavitamins can't bounce.
N/A Bubble Baby Yoshi or Baby Birdo can spit out a bubble, which can trap opponents for a little while.
N/A Goomnut Goomboss or Goomba can throw a Goomnut, which will lay on the track. If it hits someone, they will instantly spin out. If it's run over, a Poison Mushroom will come out and lay on the track.
N/A Power Star Rosalina or Lubba can use a Power Star, which works like a normal Star, but lasts longer.
200px-Diceblock MP9 Dice Block Tumble or Millennium Star can throw a dice block, which will roll at the top corner of the screen. Depending on which number it lands on (1-6) is how many Mushrooms they will get.
N/A Spike Boshi or Rex can throw a spike (not an enemy, but sharp thing), which lays on the track to be run over.
Wiimote Wiimote Mii or ROB can use a Wiimote, which allows them to control an opponent. During this, they will drive automatically- this will avoid any pits or other obstacles.
N/A Hammer Hammer Bro. or Boomerang Bro. can throw a hammer, which will fly through the sky undetectable until it lands on an opponent's head, spinning them out.
N/A Ice Ball Fire Bro. or Ice Bro. can throw Ice Balls, which work like a Fire Flower or a Cosmoball, but they freeze opponents for 5 seconds.
N/A Yoshi Cookie Kamek or Baby Bowser can throw a Yoshi Cookie, which will lay on the ground invisible. If anyone runs over it, they will be stopped for 5 seconds eating the cookie.
N/A Paintbrush E. Gadd or Shadow Mario can paint a pile of paint on the track, which can slip opponents- or them!
N/A Triforce Link or Zelda can pull out the Triforce, which blinds everyone else and turns them invincible- basically, it's a Shine Sprite merged with a Star.
N/A Chaos Emerald Sonic or Tails can pull out the Chaos Emeralds, which allows them to fly and turns them invincible- basically, it's a Parasol merged with a Star.
N/A Warp Star Kirby or Waddle Dee can pull out a Warp Star, which flies them to 1st and turns them invincible- basically, it's a Magic Lamp merged with a Star.
N/A Power Beam Samus or Ridley can pull out an arm cannon/breathe a fireball which will fly straight forwards. If it hits someone, they will be spun out.
N/A Tattle Log Goombario or Goombella can throw the Tattle Log, and when it gets run over, different pages flip in front of whoever ran over it, keeping them from seeing.
N/A Shell Shield Kooper or Koops can cover their kart with a huge shell, which keeps them from being hit by items for a little while. However, they are much larger, making it hard to avoid walls.
N/A Bob-Omb Storm Bombette or Bobbery can throw multiple Bob-Ombs, kinda like the Golden Mushroom or Banana Bunch.
N/A Wings Parakarry or Gonzales Jr. can make their kart grow wings, allowing them to stay in midair if they fall off a cliff until they hit B. The item lasts until the end of the race.
N/A Invisi-Spell Bow or Vivian can turn invisible, keeping them from being hit by items. It fades away after a little while. They can't bump opponents, however.
N/A Snatcher Watt or Ms. Mowz can steal someone else's item.
N/A Cloud Lakilester or Flurrie can make a cloud, which, when they hit B, allows them to rise upwards, even over walls or opponents.


Mushroom Cup

  • Toad Town
  • Peach's Castle
  • Mario Circuit
  • Dry Dry Desert

Flower Cup

  • Luigi's Mansion
  • Wario's Factory
  • Yoshi Park
  • Chomp Farm

Star Cup

  • Boulder Path
  • Waluigi's Bomb Shelter
  • Funky's Barrel Factory
  • Waki Waki Beach

Special Cup

  • Baby Island
  • Mii Plaza
  • Bowser's Castle
  • Rainbow Road

3DS Cup

  • 3DS Daisy Hills
  • 3DS Wuhu Loop
  • 3DS Bowser's Castle
  • 3DS Rainbow Road


  • WII DK Summit
  • WII Moonview Highway
  • WII Bowser's Castle
  • WII Rainbow Road


  • GCN Peach Beach
  • GCN Mario Circuit
  • GCN Bowser's Castle
  • GCN Rainbow Road


  • SNES Koopa Beach 1
  • SNES Mario Circuit 4
  • SNES Bowser's Castle 3
  • SNES Rainbow Road

Rainbow Cup

  • N64 Rainbow Road
  • GBA Rainbow Road
  • DS Rainbow Road
  • WII Rainbow Road
  • 3DS Rainbow Road
  • GCN Rainbow Road
  • SNES Rainbow Road
  • Rainbow Road

Story Mode

Mario Kart² introduces Story Mode to the Mario Kart series. Ten of the default pairs and two unlockable race against Bowser and his minions


It's time for the annual Mushroom Kingdom Grand Prix once again! Peach has invited all of her friends to join in the fun! But did she forget someone?

Enraged at being left out, Bowser called his 9 Koopalings and 15 of his favorite minions and ordered them to cause havoc. First, Lemmy and Iggy Koopa popped Toad and Toadettes tires via spikes. Then, Boom Boom and Pom Pom replaced all of the Item Boxes with fake Item Boxes, knocking Wario and Waluigi out of the race. Just before Peach and Daisy got to the final lap, Wendy and Ellen made a fake detour, sending the princesses into the lake! It's madness!

Enraged, Mario challenges Bowser. If the pairs from the real grand prix can defeat Bowser's pairs, Mario and his friends get to have fun. If not, Bowser can do whatever he wants. Bowser, with a smirk, agrees.


  • Level 1
    • Characters: Yvan & Wolley
    • Rivals: Goomboss & Goomba
    • Course: Toad Town
  • Level 2
    • Characters: Wiggler & Petey
    • Rivals: Larry Koopa & Dino Piranha
    • Course: Peach's Castle
  • Level 3
    • Characters: Boo & Shy Guy
    • Rivals: Ludwig & Red Boo
    • Course: Mario Circuit
  • Level 4
    • Characters: Pianta & Noki
    • Rivals: Metal Mario & Metal Luigi
    • Course: Dry Dry Desert
  • Level 5
    • Characters: King Boo & Dry Bowser
    • Rivals: Queen Booline & Booline
    • Course: Luigi's Mansion
  • Level 6
    • Characters: Wario & Waluigi
    • Rivals: Boom-Boom & Pom-Pom
    • Course: Wario's Factory
  • Level 7
    • Characters: DK & Diddy
    • Rivals: Kip & Kass
    • Course: Funky's Barrel Factory
  • Level 8
    • Characters: Koopa & Paratroopa
    • Rivals: Roy & Morton
    • Course: Yoshi Park
  • Level 9
    • Characters: Baby Mario & Baby Luigi
    • Rivals: Kamek & Baby Bowser
    • Course: Chomp Farm
  • Level 10
    • Characters: Toad & Toadette
    • Rivals: Lemmy & Iggy
    • Course: Boulder Path
  • Level 11
    • Characters: Yoshi & Birdo
    • Rivals: Rex & Dino-Torch
    • Course: Waki Waki Beach
  • Level 12
    • Characters: Peach & Daisy
    • Rivals: Wendy & Ellen
    • Course: Baby Island
  • Level 13
    • Characters: Mario & Luigi
    • Rivals: Bowser & Bowser Jr.
    • Course: Bowser's Castle

After Level 13 is beaten, everyone begins to celebrate, but suddenly Bowser roasts Mario's kart. Enraged, Yvan reminds Bowser that they made a deal that Bowser only got to do what he wanted to if he won. Bowser then breathes fire at Yvan, telling him he always does what he wants. Bowser roasts all of the karts and grabs the princesses before beginning to flee. However, a portal opens up and Geno and Mallow come out on the Parade Kart. They challenge Bowser to a final race.

  • Level 14
    • Characters: Geno & Mallow
    • Rivals: Bowser & Bowser Jr.
    • Course: Rainbow Road

Bowser, enraged at losing again, tries to roast Geno, since he is made of wood. However, Geno calls down some shooting stars, which knock Bowser off of Rainbow Road and back down to the planet. Bowser Jr., the Koopalings and the minions call three Clown Cars and chase after Bowser, Jr. swearing revenge. Geno and Mallow then join the grand prix as it finally gets back into action.


All karts from Double Dash!! and the Standard Kart. The Standard Kart looks like MKAGP2's karts.

Voice Actors

Unlike previous games (other then Hotel Mario), this game has full voice acting for most characters.

  • Charles Martinet as Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Metal Mario, Baby Wario, Baby Waluigi, Shadow Mario, Geno, Pianta
  • Samantha Kelly as Peach, Baby Peach, Toad, Toadette, Yvan, Wolley, Mallow, Noki
  • Deanna Mustard as Daisy, Baby Daisy, Birdo
  • Kenny James as Bowser, Dry Bowser, King Boo, Boo, Shy Guy, Petey, Wiggler
  • Caety Sagoian as Bowser Jr.
  • Lani Minella as Larry Koopa, Lemmy Koopa, Wendy O. Koopa, Morton Koopa Jr., Boom-Boom, Pom-Pom
  • Mike Vaughn as Iggy Koopa, Ludwig von Koopa
  • Dan Falcone as Roy Koopa
  • Kazumi Totaka as Yoshi, E. Gadd
  • Takashi Nagasako as DK
  • Katsumi Suzuki as Diddy

All other characters (and a few of these) have the normal voice effects from other Mario Kart games. Only Story Mode characters are truly voiced.


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