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Mario Golf Z is a Golf Game for the Neptune Z made by Moonlight Studios. It set to be released in 2012 and will contain many new characters.


There are 41 characters in the game; 16 Default, 17 Unlockable and 8 Downloadable.






Name Description Type Rank Home to
Toad Meadow A very basic course with few trees and bunkers. The whole course is set on Grassland. Grassland Very Easy Toad
Ghost Valley A basic course set in a spooky valley with swampy bunkers and hidden ghosts, which can move the ball. There is also a lot of fog around the course. Valley Easy Luigi
Peach Castle Grounds An intermediate course set outside of Peach's Castle. Rabbit Holes and Drain's act as bunkers and statues act as trees. Castle Ground Average Peach
Flower Forest An intermediate course set in an forest. Many bunkers and falling Scuttlebug's act as hazards. Forest Average Daisy
Shroom Falls An expert course set beyond a waterall.This unausteric land is hard to cross and there are many places to fall off. Lake Hard Toadette
Bowser Hauntings A pro course with many lava pitfalls and flying Podoboo's. The course has many sections of lava, which need to be crossed. Volcanic Very Hard Bowser
Toy Box A pro course, with moving contraptions which will change the ending position of the ball. Plastic Very Hard Shy Guy


Name Description Type Rank Home to
Dry Desert Desert Hard Dry Bones
Shadow Shore Tropical Average Shadow Mario
Ice Lands Tundra Hard Rosalina
Toy Heavens Cloudy Ultra Hard Mini-Mario
Shell City City Ultra Hard Koopa Troopa
Baby Temple Stone Easy Baby Mario
Bubble Reef Sea Very Hard Baby Yoshi
Piranha Grasses Grassland Average Petey Piranha
Galaxy Path Crystal Ultra Hard Luma
Paper Gulley Paper Very Hard Paper Mario

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