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Mario Golf: Superstar Tour is an upcoming game in the Mario Golf series. It is the seventh game in the series, and will be released in mid-2012 for the Nintendo 3DS.


Game Modes




The final roster.

There are a total of 20 characters in the game; 14 default, and 6 unlockable. Each character is categorized as either Powerful, Technical, or Balanced. Powerful characters drive the ball the hardest, but curve the most. Technical characters drive the ball the weakest, but barely have any curve. And Balanced characters drive the ball fairly far and curve slightly.

Default Golfers

Hidden Golfers



There are 13 courses in Mario Golf: Superstar Tour. Each course's difficulty is represented by a star, ★ being the easiest, and ★★★★★ being the hardest.

  • Mushroom Meadow - A basic course set entirely on a grassland with a few trees and bunkers. ★
  • Mole Valley - A course set on a rugged plain. A few bunkers as well as deep pits and Monty Moles are spread across the course. ★★
  • Blooper Shore - A course set by a beach. Lots of bunkers and water, as well as Bloopers acting as obsticles. ★★★
  • DK Jungle - A course set around, and partially on, a large tree in a jungle. A couple bunkers along with large gaps between branches. ★★★
  • Galaxy Trench - A course based in outer space. Mostly includes features from the Comet Observatory. Black holes and Lumas are found in various locations. ★★★★
  • Bowser's Badlands - A course set around Bowser's Castle. There is quite a bit of lava around it, along with a Chain Chomp, and numerous Bob-Omb's and Whomps. ★★★★
  • Dry Bowser's Palace - A course set around a Bowser-esque castle with lots of lava and Dry Bones around the course. ★★★★★