MGGT Boxart
The game's boxart.
Developer(s) Shooting Star Studios Logo
Camelot Software Planning
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Sport
Predecessor Mario Golf: World Tour
Release Date(s) TBA 2014/2015
Mode(s) Single Player
Age Rating(s) ERating3RatingA CERO cero
Media Included Wii U Optical Disk

Mario Golf: Grand Tour is an upcoming sport game, the sixth installment in the Mario Golf (series) and it's going to be for the Wii U. The game is in development by Shooting Star Studios and Camelot Software Planning  with an unknown date at the moment. The game will have wi-fi capabilities, using Nintendo Network procedures.


The gameplay of the game is similar to past installments in the series. Players use the Wii U Gamepad to play this game using the buttons and the Touch Screen to play. Players can use the screen by tapping it to put the character ready to perform a shot and start charging. By sliding it the character will perform the shot. Buttons can also be used, it all depends on the player's desire and comfort. This discards the option to just change the selecting clubs, initiating shots and adding spin in the touch screen though. The player can use the screen or the Control Stick to change the shot trajectory while the character prepares their shot. There's also the impact zone feature. The Item Shots from Mario Golf: World Tour returns too, with a few new items. You can also customizeyour character with gears using Coins won in the game.

The Speed Golf and Mini Golf modes return from Mario Golf for the Nintendo 64. There's also a new mode called Maze Golf where players play in maze-like courses trying to find the hole in a determined amount of time. The time the player finishes this is what determines the number of Coins the player will win after the game. A Story Mode has also been announced and it will feature RPG elements like in past handheld installments. In this mode the player can use their Mii or one of the determined Mario characters for the story.

You are now also able to customize characters by unlocking their clothing or palette swap. Some of them can also be bought using Coins, others by buying exclusive future packs and others by scanning QR Codes with the Wii U Gamepad's NFC sensor. The same applies to Mii's customization, except this one doesn't contain gear unlocked with QR Codes.

Interaction with Mario Golf: World Tour

This game along with Mario Golf: World Tour seem to follow the series' tradition on having both a handheld and home console game connecting with each other. The Wii U and Nintendo 3DS connectivity is shown in this game as well, using it to transfer characters from one game to another and vice-versa. Exclusive characters from packs will not be into this though (with the exception of both Rosalina and Toadette, who became unlockable characters in this game).


The game contains various returning modes as well as a new one.

Solo Modes

  • Story Mode - Play as your Mii or one of the available characters for this mode (Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Yoshi, Toad, Donkey Kong, Wario, Waluigi or Bowser) in an role-playing adventure, challenging various opponents and winning badges and cups to progress in the game and the Golf League Tournament. Become the Golf Champion in the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • Tournament - In this mode players compete against others for the first place in a 18-hole golf round, earning badges on holes. The winner is the one with the lowest score at the end.
  • Character Match - An one-on-one challenge against a computer character on a course of your choice with match play rules.
  • Ring Shot - Compete by hitting the ball into various rings on the course, still trying to finish at or under par.
  • Speed Golf - Compete a round of golf in the fastest time possible.
  • Maze Golf - Play in a maze-like course and try to find the hole in a determined amount of time.

Multiplayer Modes

  • Doubles - A game where you compete in a 2-on-2 golf game. Up to 4 players.
  • Club Slots - Play using a limited amount of clubs. If you play with four slots then a gimmick is added in the fourth one like the lack of wind, double points and others.
  • Ring Shot
    • ​Ring Showdown - Play against other players and see who can get the most rings and complete the most holes successfully.
  • Coin Golf - Play hitting the ball near Coins to collect them. Earn the highest Coin total to win. Sometimes you'll also earn a Gold Flower for your advantage after gaining a high amount in a chain, same with other players.
    • Cash Cup -  Collect as many Coins as possible and try to perform a Par or better. If you fail you'll end up with 0 Coins for the hole.
  • Match Play - Standard golfing with a different scoring system. Winning a hole earns you a medal; earn the highest amount of medals or mathematically eliminate the opponent to win. For 2 players only.
  • Skins Match - Similar to Match Play, but for 2-4 players. The player who finishes with the lowest score on a hole earns a point. Whoever has the most amount of points at the end wins.
  • Maze Golf
    • ​Maze Race - From 2 to 4 players only. Everyone plays in the same maze, trying to find the hole. There's no time limit. The one that finds the hole and hits the ball for it first wins.

Unlockable Modes

  • Grand Tournament - This is like Tournament mode, except characters as well as courses and holes are more difficult. This includes more holes and missions as well as more gimmicks and harder characters.
  • Mini Golf - Play in small courses while avoiding small obstacles to get to the hole.
    • Mini Race - From 2 to 4 players only. In this mode players must reach the hole to win. The one that reaches it first wins.
  • Ace Computer Difficulty Mode - Completed (in first place) all Grand Tournaments with all Non-Hard Characters. 102 Tournaments in total.


Starting Characters

These characters are available from the start of the game.

Mario Luigi Peach Daisy
Mario Artwork - Mario Golf World Tour Luigi Artwork - Mario Golf World Tour Princess Peach Artwork - Mario Golf World Tour Daisy Artwork - Mario Golf World Tour
Distance 213 yards Distance 210 yards Distance 208 yards Distance 212 yards
Trajectory Straight Trajectory Fade Trajectory Straight Trajectory Draw
Height High Height Low Height Moderate Height High
Impact 13 Impact 15 Impact 14 Impact 13
Control 7 Control 10 Control 14 Control 9
Spin 14 Spin 8 Spin 7 Spin 14
Yoshi Koopa Troopa Donkey Kong Diddy Kong
Yoshi Artwork - Mario Golf World Tour Koopa MGGT Donkey Kong Artwork - Mario Golf World Tour Diddy Kong Artwork - Mario Golf World Tour
Distance 209 yards Distance 203 yards Distance 216 yards Distance 205 yards
Trajectory Straight Trajectory Draw Trajectory Slice Trajectory Draw
Height Moderate Height Moderate Height Low Height High
Impact 12 Impact 14 Impact 10 Impact 13
Control 10 Control 15 Control 4 Control 9
Spin 9 Spin 6 Spin 13 Spin 8
Toad Baby Mario Shy Guy Wiggler
Toad MGWT Baby Mario MGGT Shy Guy MGGT Wiggler MGGT
Distance 205 yards Distance 202 yards Distance 207 yards Distance 214 yards
Trajectory Draw Trajectory Draw Trajectory Straight Trajectory Hook
Height Moderate Height High Height Low Height High
Impact 13 Impact 9 Impact 10 Impact 14
Control 8 Control 14 Control 12 Control 10
Spin 12 Spin 14 Spin 7 Spin 8
Wario Waluigi Bowser Jr. Bowser
Wario Artwork - Mario Golf World Tour Waluigi Artwork - Mario Golf World Tour Bowser Jr. Artwork - Mario Golf World Tour Bowser Artwork - Mario Golf World Tour
Distance 212 yards Distance 209 yards Distance 210 yards Distance 218 yards
Trajectory Slice Trajectory Draw Trajectory Straight Trajectory Hook
Height Very Low Height Moderate Height High Height Moderate
Impact 13 Impact 10 Impact 10 Impact 12
Control 8 Control 10 Control 7 Control 6
Spin 9 Spin 11 Spin 13 Spin 16

Unlockable Characters

These characters must be unlocked first by doing a certain task to obtain them.

Birdo Toadette Baby Peach Hammer Bro.
Birdo MGGT Toadette MGGT New Baby Peach MGGT Hammer Bro MGGT
Distance 209 yards Distance 203 yards Distance 200 yards Distance 215 yards
Trajectory Fade Trajectory Draw Trajectory Fade Trajectory Straight
Height High Height Low Height Moderate Height High
Impact 13 Impact 15 Impact 12 Impact 14
Control 7 Control 9 Control 10 Control 8
Spin 14 Spin 10 Spin 15 Spin 5
Polari Rosalina King Boo Petey Piranha
Polari MGGT Rosalina MGGT King Boo MGGT Petey Piranha MGGT
Distance 206 yards Distance 210 yards Distance 214 yards Distance 220 yards
Trajectory Straight Trajectory Fade Trajectory Hook Trajectory Slice
Height Very Low Height Very High Height Moderate Height Very High
Impact 12 Impact 14 Impact 12 Impact 10
Control 15 Control 12 Control 10 Control 5
Spin 6 Spin 9 Spin 9 Spin 13

Transferable Characters

These characters can be unlocked by transfering them to the game by connecting Mario Golf: World Tour from the Nintendo 3DS with the Wii U.

Boo Paratroopa Kamek
Boo Artwork - Mario Golf World Tour Paratroopa MGGT Kamek MGGT
Distance 209 yards Distance 204 yards Distance 213 yards
Trajectory Hook Trajectory Fade Trajectory Draw
Height High Height Very High Height Low
Impact 15 Impact 10 Impact 14
Control 9 Control 6 Control 8
Spin 7 Spin 14 Spin 10


Tumble Pianta Neil Ella
Tumble MGGT Pianta MGGT NeilMGAT EllaMGAT
Distance 204 yards Distance 216 yards Distance 208 yards Distance 205 yards
Trajectory Hook Trajectory Slice Trajectory Draw Trajectory Straight
Height Moderate Height Very High Height Low Height High
Impact 11 Impact 9 Impact 12 Impact 9
Control 13 Control 12 Control 15 Control 14
Spin 8 Spin 15 Spin 6 Spin 10
Dry Bowser Cosmic Mario Queen Merelda Sprixie Princess
DryBowser MGGT Cosmic Mario MGGT New Queen Merelda MGGT Sprixie Princess MGGT Green
Distance 220 yards Distance 214 yards Distance 212 yards Distance 206 yards
Trajectory Hook Trajectory Fade Trajectory Draw Trajectory Fade
Height Very Low Height Low Height Moderate Height Low
Impact 12 Impact 14 Impact 10 Impact 15
Control 8 Control 10 Control 15 Control 5
Spin 14 Spin 8 Spin 7 Spin 10


Various items can be used during gameplay to affect the player's shots. Some return from the previous game and some are new.


Name Picture Description
Mushroom MushroomMK8 Makes the ball roll further. Also comes in the Triple variety.
Fire Flower FireFlowerMK8 Increases the shot distance and burns through trees and obstacles.
Ice Flower Ice Flower2 Freezes terrain to allow the ball to bounce multiple times.
Bullet Bill BulletBillMK8 Ignores wind.
Bob-omb BobOmbMK8 Causes the ball to fly high into the air.
Boomerang Flower BoomerangFlowerMK8 Increases the draw or fade of the shot.
Note Block Note Block Creates a Jump Block in midair, letting the ball avoid water hazards.1
Tornado TweesterSMG3 A tornado that sucks up nearby coins.
Kab-omb N/A Explodes mid air to drop the ball straight down.
Gold Flower GoldFlower Gives the player coins for every yard hit.


Name Picture Description
Mini Mushroom MiniMushroomNSMB2 Turns the ball tiny while in air reaching a really long distance than normal, but getting affected more by the wind.
Cannon Pipe NSMB Warp Pipe A pipe pops out from the ground, getting the ball and then shooting it again to the desired direction without counting it as another shot move.

Alternate Costumes

Main Article: Alternate Costumes

A new addition to customize characters as well. Some characters obtain color palettes while others have costume changes. All alternate costumes must be unlocked by buying them with Coins obtained in the game or by scanning QR Codes with the Wii U Gamepad's NFC sensor. Others are included in DLC packs.

Customizable Gear

There is a variety of purchasable gear that can be used to customize the player's Mii that will affect their stats. The game will have 600 customizable gear items and some of them can be obtained in DLC packs. If a player equips a Mii with a full character gear set the Mii will play similarly to that character.

In-Game Purchasable

These can be bought in the game using Coins earned.

Golf Clubs

  • Normal Club
  • Mario Club
  • Luigi Club
  • Yoshi Club
  • Peach Club
  • Daisy Club
  • Wario Club
  • Waluigi Club
  • Toad Club
  • Birdo Club
  • Petey Piranha Club
  • Blooper Club
  • Fire Flower Club
  • 1-Up Mushroom Club
  • Power Star Club
  • Spiny Blue Shell Club

Clothing Combos

  • Normal Combo
  • Mushroom Combo
  • Pokey Combo
  • Koopa Kid Combo
  • Piranha Plant Combo
  • Bullet Bill Combo
  • Dry Bones Combo
  • Power Star Combo

Golf Balls

  • Normal Ball
  • Mario Ball
  • Luigi Ball
  • Toad Ball
  • Waluigi Ball
  • Bowser Ball
  • Polari Ball
  • Toadette Ball
  • 1-Up Mushroom Ball
  • Ice Flower Ball
  • Whimp Ball


  • Normal Cap
  • POW Block Cap
  • Birdo Cap
  • Diddy Kong Cap
  • Wiggler Cap
  • Chain Chomp Cap
  • Rosalina Visor
  • King Boo Visor
  • Daisy Visor
  • Luigi Visor


  • Normal Shirt
  • Luma Shirt
  • E. Gadd Shirt
  • Mario Shirt
  • Peach Shirt
  • Toad Shirt
  • Shy Guy Shirt
  • Banana Shirt
  • Thunderbolt Shirt
  • Bob-omb Shirt
  • ? Block Shirt


  • Normal Gloves
  • Mario Gloves
  • Yoshi Gloves
  • Daisy Gloves
  • Wiggler Gloves
  • Birdo Gloves
  • Wario Gloves
  • Donkey Kong Gloves
  • Bowser Gloves
  • Plessie Gloves
  • Cat Gloves
  • Boxing Gloves


  • Normal Pants
  • Yoshi Egg Pants
  • Luigi Fireball Pants
  • Thunder-stripped Pants
  • Power Star Pants
  • Heart Pants
  • Coin Pants
  • Piranha Plant Pants
  • Poison Mushroom Pants
  • Cheep-Cheep Pants
  • Mushroom Pants
  • Cat Bell Pants


  • Mario Shoes
  • Peach Shoes
  • Bowser Shoes
  • Yoshi Shoes
  • Birdo Shoes
  • Toad Shoes
  • Red Shell Shoes
  • Rosalina Shoes
  • Bob-omb Shoes
  • Bullet Bill Shoes
  • Mini Mushroom Shoes


  • Mario Costume
  • Luigi Costume
  • Peach Costume
  • Wiggler Costume
  • Bowser Jr. Costume
  • Toadette Costume
  • Rosalina Costume
  • Petey Piranha Costume
  • Shy Guy Costume
  • Hammer Bro Costume


THese can be obtained by transfering them to the game by connecting Mario Golf: World Tour from the Nintendo 3DS with the Wii U.

Golf Clubs

  • Goomba Club
  • Mushroom Club
  • Banana Club
  • Cheep-Cheep Club

Clothing Combos

  • Green Shell Combo
  • Banana Combo
  • Thwomp Combo
  • Chain Chomp Combo
  • Blooper Combo
  • Lakitu Combo

Golf Balls

  • Wario Ball
  • Boo Ball
  • Peach Ball
  • Thwomp Ball
  • Mushroom Ball


  • Yoshi Cap
  • Green Shell Visor
  • Banana Visor
  • Chain Chomp Visor
  • Peach Visor
  • Mario Visor


  • Peach Gloves


  • Green Shell Shoes
  • Banana Shoes
  • ? Block Shoes


  • Wario Costume
  • Waluigi Costume
  • Daisy Costume
  • Donkey Kong Costume
  • Bowser Costume





Picture Name Description
MGWT Desert Course Shy Guy Wastelands  A plain and simple course where various mountains and rocky statues depicting different Shy Guys in the course. It's the easiest course in the game.
MoonlitMidnightMP5 Goomba Forest A forest where trees are much more abundant and work as the most notable obstacle here. Various Goombas can be seen around as well as Goomboss' cameo appearance at the end of the course.
Crystal Canyon Crystallized Cove  A small bay with really shiny water and crystallized caverns. There are boats and yachts around the water, as well as jumping Cheep-Cheeps and Cheep-Chomps, with the latter being able to eat the ball if they're in the way.
DaisyCruiserIcon-MKDD Daisy's Vacational Cruiser A great dock and beach where Daisy's Cruiser is located and works like the hole location. There are also various Sarasaland references such as the Marine Pop and the Sky Pop seen in the background.
Peach Garden1 Peach Falls  This course plays at the backyard of the castle. The waterfall that comes from the high mountain is the most noticeable element in this course. Various elements from the Super Mario 64 game can be seen, even the Star statue but drastically bigger (where the hole is located) and some Red Boos watching.
MHWiiYoshi's Island Yoshi Park  A Yoshi-themed park featuring various elements like enemies, obstacles and other things from different Yoshi games such as Yoshi's StoryYoshi's Island and Yarn Yoshi.


Picture Name Description
WarPalace Wario's Gold Castle  A big palace with elements seen in Wario games. There are a lot of Coin mountains as decoration and Wario statues and monuments, jewels and various other elements from said games. The main obstacles here are the pillars.
Desert Hills Deep Sand Desert A big, dry and plain desert that has many hazards such as Pokeys, quicksand and tornadoes. The hole is located on a big broken pyramid that seems to be cut in half.
BowserCastleMK7 Bowser's Magma City  A destroyed city with various hazards. There is lava and various enemies such as Koopa Troopas, Bob-ombs, Thwomps, Whomps and more. 
FluffyBluffStar Shining Star Galaxy A course located on a golf-like course planet with various elements from the Super Mario Galaxy games. There are LumasOctoombas and cameos such as Dino Piranha and the Toad Brigade


Nostalgia Pack

Picture Name Description
MKDS Tick Tock Clock  Tick Tock Clock A giant clock tower with many gears based on the Super Mario 64 course. The course has different holes, each made of gears. The first 17 holes in the course slowly rotates around the 18th one, which is a giant gear that controls the clock hands. There are a few sand pits and no lakes, but there are many cliffs, and it is not uncommon to get a out-of-bounds.
SSBB Rainbow Ride Stage Rainbow Cruiser Also based on the Super Mario 64 course, Rainbow Ride. This beautiful place located in the sky takes place in various grassy and palace-like platforms with the ending being at the big, winged flying cruiser. There are also many flying carpets that can prevent the ball from falling or not.
Tilt-a-kart 8-Bit Valley A course based on the Super Mario Bros.. Everything in this course is plain and pixelated except for a few elements like the playable character and the ball. The hole and flag however, are 8-bit as well. There are many pixelated Goombas, Koopa Troopas and other classic enemies around.

Retro Pack

Picture Name Description
Cheep Cheep Falls Cheep-Cheep Falls A course returning from Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour. This course has a conventional nature but also contains ponds and rivers as water hazards. Trees and subtle traps are also abundant.
BlooperBay Blooper Bay A course from MArio Golf: Toadstool Tour as well, using more elements from Super Mario Sunshine. This course features some unconventional elements, such as Fast Fairways (surfaces on which the ball roles further than normal), and is set in a tropical resort area. Many of the bunkers are shaped like recognizable objects, such as gulls or bananas.
Peach Castle Grounds Peach's Castle Grounds Another course returning from Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour. This course features many elements unique to the Mario series, such as Warp Pipes, Chain Chomps, and giant Mushrooms. Big Bob-omb also still makes a cameo here, as well as Pikmin.

Galaxy Pack

Picture Name Description
Cosmic Blooper Good Egg Galaxy A course based on the Super Mario Galaxy course. It has almost the same desgin, but a little bit modified for golf plays. There are many gravity elements here and enemies such as Octoombas, Spiky Plants and more are seen around. King Kaliente makes a cameo here.
SkyStationStar Sky Station Galaxy This course is based on the Super Mario Galaxy 2 course. It aslo has the same design but modified for golf matches. There are many round houses and hills as well as floating platforms that move around. Banzai Bills and Paragoombas make appearances here.
N/A Super Mario Galaxy A great course that has different hole based on a character each, starting with Luma and ending with Mario. There are also many Super Mario Galaxy elements. The Starship Mario and the Starshrooms can be seen in the background along with the Comet Observatory.

Koopa Pack

Picture Name Description
Bateau-volant Airship Armada Fields This course is based on the airship levels from numerous Mario titles, mainly Super Mario 3D Land. It takes place on rocky, almost destroyed buildings and towers, with Airships being part of the field itself and also seen floating around and shooting Bullet Bills and meteorites that work as obstacles, as well as Rocky WrenchesBoom BoomPom Pom and the Koopalings make cameo appearances here.
SMG2 BLL Lavalairroadplanet Bowser's Lava Lair It's based on the galaxy of the same name from Super Mario Galaxy 2. Most holes take place on the green carpet, floor platforms while some ones do it on the lava planets with volcano-like platforms. Whomps, Lava Bubbles and Bullies make appearances as cameos and obstacles.
Bowser jrs room Bowser Jr.'s Playroom Based on the course from Mario Super Sluggers. Bowser Jr.'s Playroom is a big, toy castle. Some holes take place on toy fields outside of it, and it seems to be located on an island as well. Chain Chomps can be seen sleeping, and will be awakened whenever the ball hits their territory, eating the ball and conducing to an OB.

Wario Land Pack

Picture Name Description
N/A Greenhorn Ruins Greenhorn Ruins is a little bit different from the level it's based of from Wario World. It's more of a jungla rather than a forest where the ruins are located. The holes are mostly outside of the ruins. There are AnkironsMagons and Cractyls making cameo appearances here.
ShakedownSchooner Shakedown Schooner The Shakedown Schooner is based on the ship of the same name from Wario Land: Shake It!. It's located on a really big ship with many wooden platforms around that change of directions depending on the hole. There only hazard here is the water that is abundant, so players must be careful, as it is easy to get out of bounds here. Shake King makes a cameo appearance here, and Captain Syrup's ship, The Sweet Stuff, can be seen in the background sometimes. 

3D World Pack

Picture Name Description
WiiU SM3DW 10.01.13 Scrn10 Mount Beanpole This course is based on World 1-3, which has the same name, from Super Mario 3D World. In this course the field is on various floating, grassy platforms with various shapes. Players must be careful since they have to hit the ball from platform to platform without making it fall to the sky, as it is also considered an hazard. There are also some holes where platforms are connected by deformed wooden bridges. There are also some bean poles that constantly grow up as obstacles. Some SprixiesPiranha Plants and Cat Goombas can be seen here.
Blast Block Skyway Beat Block Land This course is based on World 6-4 from Super Mario 3D Land. It's mostly a floating wooden platform on the sky. However, there are some beat blocks that will start changing to the beat whenever the ball gets hit. When the ball lands, the Beat Blocks will stay quiet. If the balls lands on an invisible Beat Block, it will unfortunately lead the player to an out of bound. Some Wallops and Prongos work as obtacles here.
WiiU SM3DW 10.15.13 Scrn09 Sunshine Seaside Also based on the course (World 5-1) of the same name from 3D World. This one is a sandy beach where holes take place on islands and the water works as an hazard. Chargin' ChucksPara-Biddybuds as well as Splounders can be seen.  Plessie also makes a camep appearance.




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