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Mario Fighters 3D is a fighting game for the 3DS made by Moonlight Studios.


The game offers two ways to play: Against an opposing team or a free for all fight. Each player is a captain and commands an army. The player can send out as many army members as they wish to fight the opposing army. To successfully win the fight, they must either defeat the whole team, the boss or the commander. The captain can also fight, and is twice as strong as an army member, but the player will lose the campaign if the player's captain dies.


16px-3DS Stick svg Control Stick Move the Character
A 3DS A Button (Press) Punch/Light Item Attack
16px-3DS B.svg B Button (Press) Kick/Heavy Item Attack
16px-3DS X.svg X Button (Press) Special Attack 1
16px-3DS Y.svg Y Button (Press) Special Attack 2
3DS L Button L Button (Press) Pick up item
3DS R Button R Button (Press) Taunt
3DS Start Button Start Button (Press) Start Menu
3DS Select Select Button (Press) Controls
DS Stylus Stylus (Drag) Move the Character
DS Stylus Stylus (Slide) Perform Attack/Perform Item Attack
DS Stylus Stylus (Touch Item) Pick up Item
DS Stylus Stylus (Touch Left Icon) Special Attack 1
DS Stylus Stylus (Touch Right Icon) Special Attack 2



Image Name Team Special Move 1 Special Move 2 Taunt
Images (2)-1
Mario Fearless Fireballs Flaming Fireball - Mario fires a huge fireball, which takes out some enemies Star Spin - Mario performs a Star Spin Mario swishes his cape
220px-Luigi MP9 Luigi Ghost Hunters Tornado - Luigi summons a tornado to take out some enemies Luigi Bullet - Luigi performs his bullet attack Luigi cowers away
MKXL Peach Peach Royal Rioters Heart Attack - Peach attacks the army with one of her love hearts Perry - Peach performs an attack with Perry Peach clenches her fist and punches the air
309px-DaisyMP8Official Daisy Blossom Brutes Deadly Flowers - Daisy summons a flowerbed which swallows a group of enemies Sneaky Buds - Daisy summons a flower which traps some of the enemies Daisy jumps up into the air
241px-Bowser NSMBW Bowser Devilic Monsters Fire Breath - Bowser breathes fire over the enemies Extra Enemies - Bowser summons some extra enemies for free Bowser laughs menacingly
150px-BowserJr.SMG-1- Bowser Jr. Jr. Warriors Airship Attack - Bowser Jr. summons attacks from one of his airships Paintbrush - Bowser Jr. covers some enemies in paint Bowser Jr. pulls up his mask and swings his brush
830px-WarioMPDS Wario Garlic Goliaths Ground Pound - Wario ground pounds the area and takes out some enemies Gas Attacks - Wario gasses the local area with garlic fumes Wario pulls out a coin and teases the opponents
250px-WaluigiMP8a Waluigi Waluigi Warlords Whirluigi - Waluigi creates a water storm, which defeats a group of enemies Waluigi Time - Waluigi distracts some opponents and turns them against their team Waluigi looks through his Waluigiscopes
MKXL Rosalina Rosalina Galactic Conquests Star Bit Rain - Rosalina makes it rain Star Bits, which defeat lots of enemies Magic Bubble - Rosalina shields herself in a magic bubble that also defeats enemies Rosalina swings her wand around in circles
Lubba Lubba Luma Knights Lubba Slam - Lubba slams himself onto the ground and defeats enemies around him Luma Guard - Lubba is surrounded by Luma's which attack his opponents for him Lubba spins around in the air
143px-DonkeyPartyDS Donkey Kong King Kongs Bongo Earthquake - Donkey Kong plays his bongoes, which cause an earthquake Barrel - Donkey Kong pulls out a barrel, which rolls along the battlefield DK begins to play his 3DS
437px-DiddyKong2 Diddy Kong Dynamite Dodgers Giant Peanut - Diddy Kong shoots a giant peanut that takes out a group of enemies Giant Peel - Diddy Kong throws a giant peel at the ground that damages some enemies Diddy Kong shakes his tail in the air
100px Boom Boom Shelled Menaces Boom Boom Spin - Boom Boom spins around the battlefield defeating lots of enemies Ground Punch - Boom Boom punches the ground and knocks over lots of enemies Boom Boom punches his hands together
BabyMario Baby Mario Baby Bucaneers Baby with Big Hammer - Baby Mario takes out lots of enemies with his big hammer Hidden Brick Blocks - Baby Mario gets 10 free coins every time he jumps for a short amount of time Baby Mario starts crying

Army Members

When the commander wants to create his/her army. He/she must purchase army members from the shop with the amount of money they have. The player begins with 1000 coins and receives 10 coins for every enemy defeated, 50 coins for every boss defeated and 100 coins for every commander you defeat.

Image Name Cost Special Move Unlockable? How to Unlock
Toad MF3D Toad 100 Coins (Comes in different colours) Zooming Shroom - Toad bounces off a shroom into the air and drops lots of shroom bombs along his route No N/A
Toadette MF3D Toadette
Toadsworth MF3D Toadsworth
Toadbert MF3D Toadbert
Toadiko MF3D Toadiko
Toad Brigade CaptainMF3D Toad Brigade Captain
Mail Toad MF3D Mail Toad
Bank Toad MF3D Bank Toad
Yoshi MF3D Yoshi
Birdo MF3D Birdo
Baby Yoshi MF3D Baby Yoshi
Baby Luigi MF3D Baby Luigi
Baby Peach MF3D Baby Peach
Baby Daisy MF3D Baby Daisy
Baby DK MF3D Baby DK
File:Baby Wario MF3D.png Baby Wario
Baby Waluigi MF3D Baby Waluigi
File:Baby Diddy Kong MF3D.png Baby Diddy Kong
File:Baby Funky Kong MF3D.png Baby Funky Kong
Pianta MF3D Pianta
File:Noki MF3D.png Noki
Koopa MF3D Koopa Troopa
Paratroopa MF3D Paratroopa
Dry Bones MF3D Dry Bones
Parabones MF3D Parabones
File:Bomb Koopa MF3D.png Bomb Koopa
File:Dark Bones MF3D.png Dark Bones
File:Piranha Plant MF3D.png Piranha Plant
File:Inky Piranha Plant MF3D.png Inky Piranha Plant
File:Putrid Piranha Plant MF3D.png Putrid Piranha Plant
File:Bone Piranha PlantMF3D.png Bone Piranha Plant
File:Chewy MF3D.png Chewy
File:Elasto Piranha Plant MF3D.png Elasto Piranha Plant
File:Frost Piranha MF3D.png Frost Piranha
File:Lava Piranha MF3D.png Lava Piranha
File:Muncher MF3D.png Muncher
File:Ptooie MF3D.png Ptooie
File:Spiky Piranha Plant MF3D.png Spiky Piranha Plant
File:Venus Fire Trap MF3D.png Venus Fire Trap
File:Venus Ice Trap MF3D.png Venus Ice Trap
File:Thunder Ice Trap MF3D.png Thunder Ice Trap
Blooper MF3D Blooper
Boo MF3D Boo
File:King Boo MF3D.png King Boo
Bomb Boo MF3D Bomb Boo
Dark Boo MF3D Dark Boo
File:Boohemoth MF3D.png Boohemoth
File:EerieMF3D.png Eerie
File:Fishing BooMF3D.png Fishing Boo
File:Stretch MF3D.png Stretch
File:Tail Boo MF3D.png Tail Boo
File:Terikuribo MF3D.png Terekuribo
File:Flying Squirrel MF3D.png Flying Squirrel
Shy Guy MF3D Shy Guy
Fly Guy MF3D Fly Guy
Bandit MF3D Bandit
Snifit MF3D Snifit
File:Beezo MF3D.png Beezo
File:Mummy Guy MF3D.png Mummy Guy
File:Pirate Guy MF3D.png Pirate Guy
Pyro Guy MF3D Pyro Guy
Flyro Guy MF3D Flyro Guy
File:General Guy MF3D.png General Guy
Kamek MF3D Kamek
File:Kamella MF3D.png Kamella
File:Kammy Koopa MF3D.png Kammy Koopa
File:Wiggler MF3D.png Wiggler
File:Flutter MF3D.png Flutter
File:Squiggler MF3D.png Squiggler
File:Fuzzy MF3D.png Fuzzy
File:Dixie Kong MF3D.png Dixie Kong
File:Funky Kong MF3D.png Funky Kong
File:Tiny Kong MF3D.png Tiny Kong
File:Sumo Kong MF3D.png Sumo Kong
File:Lanky Kong MF3D.png Lanky Kong
File:Candy Kong MF3D.png Candy Kong
File:Dread Kong MF3D.png Dread Kong
File:Kritter MF3D.png Kritter
File:King K. Rool MF3D.png King K. Rool
File:Pauline MF3D.png Pauline
Goomba MF3D Goomba
Paragoomba MF3D Paragoomba
Hyper Goomba MF3D Hyper Goomba
Hyper Paragoomba MF3D Hyper Paragoomba
Headbonk Goomba MF3D Headbonk Goomba
Tail Goomba MF3D Tail Goomba
Tanoomba MF3D Tanoomba
File:Gloomba MF3D.png Gloomba
File:GoombeetleMF3D.png Goombeetle
File:Goombario MF3D.png Goombario
File:GoombellaMF3D.png Goombella
Bone Goomba MF3D Bone Goomba
Hammer Bro. MF3D Hammer Bro.
Boomerang Bro. MF3D Boomerang Bro.
Fire Bro. MF3D Fire Bro.
Ice Bro. MF3D Ice Bro.
Thunder Bro. MF3D Thunder Bro.
Sledge Bro. MF3D Sledge Bro.
Curve Bro. MF3D Curve Bro.
Blaze Bro. MF3D Blaze Bro.
Frost Bro. MF3D Frost Bro.
Storm Bro. MF3D Storm Bro,
Monty Mole MF3D Monty Mole
File:Rocky Wrench MF3D.png Rocky Wrench
File:Morty Mole MF3D.png Morty Mole
File:Undergrunt Gunner MF3D.png Undergrunt Gunner
File:Monty Tank MF3D.png Monty Tank
File:Whacka MF3D.png Whacka
File:Mummimole MF3D.png Mummimole
File:Dino Piranha MF3D.png Dino Piranha
File:Fiery Dino Piranha MF3D.png Fiery Dino Piranha
File:Icy Dino Piranha MF3D.png Icy Dino Piranha
File:Peewee Piranha MF3D.png Peewee Piranha
Lakitu MF3D Lakitu
Lakithunder MF3D Lakithunder
File:Giga Lakitu MF3D.png Giga Lakitu
File:Lakipea MF3D.png Lakipea
File:Thunder Lakitu MF3D.png Thunder Lakitu
File:Lakilester MF3D.png Lakilester
File:Fire Cloud MF3D.png Fire Cloud
File:E. Gadd MF3D.png Prof E. Gadd
File:Mona MF3D.png Mona
File:Jimmy T. MF3D.png Jimmy T.
File:Ashley MF3D.png Ashley
File:Red MF3D.png Red
File:Kat MF3D.png Kat
File:Ana MF3D.png Ana
File:9-Volt MF3D.png 9-Volt
File:Orbulon MF3D.png Orbulon
File:Pom Pom MF3D.png Pom Pom
File:Luma MF3D.png Luma
File:Star Bunny MF3D.png Star Bunny
File:Whittle MF3D.png Whittle
File:Gearmo MF3D.png Gearmo
File:Bob-omb Buddy MF3D.png Bob-omb Buddy
File:King Bob-omb MF3D.png King Bob-omb
File:Bee MF3D.png Bee
File:Queen Bee MF3D.png Queen Bee
File:Geno MF3D.png Geno
File:Mallow MF3D.png Mallow
Spike MF3D Spike
Ice Spike MF3D Ice Spike
File:Shadow Mario MF3D.png Shadow Mario
File:Cosmic Mario MF3D.png Cosmic Mario
File:Metal Mario MF3D.png Metal Mario
File:Larry MF3D.png Larry Koopa
File:Roy MF3D.png Roy Koopa
File:Lemmy MF3D.png Lemmy Koopa
File:Wendy MF3D.png Wendy O. Koopa
File:Iggy Koopa MF3D.png Iggy Koopa
File:Morton Koopa Jr. MF3D.png Morton Koopa Jr.
File:Ludwig MF3D.png Ludwig von Koopa
File:Dragonia MF3D.png Dragonia Koopa
File:Penguin MF3D.png Penguin
File:Coach MF3D.png Coach
File:Rambi MF3D.png Rambi
File:NES Mario MF3D.png NES Mario
File:Paper Mario MF3D.png Paper Mario
File:NES Luigi MF3D.png NES Luigi
File:Paper Luigi MF3D.png Paper Luigi
File:Pixls MF3D.png Pixls
File:Dr. Crygor MF3D.png Dr. Crygor
File:Penny Crygor MF3D.png Penny Crygor
File:18-Volt MF3D.png 18-Volt
File:Squawks MF3D.png Squawks
File:Stanley MF3D.png Stanley
File:Maria MF3D.png Maria
File:Luise MF3D.png Luise
File:Jibberjay MF3D.png Jibberjay
File:Boshi MF3D.png Boshi
File:Croco MF3D.png Croco
File:Baby Bowser MF3D.png Baby Bowser
File:Dry Bowser MF3D.png Dry Bowser
File:Petey Piranha MF3D.png Petey Piranha
File:Fawful MF3D.png Fawful
File:Goomboss MF3D.png Goomboss
Bullet Bill MF3D Bullet Bill
File:Banzai Bill MF3D.png Banzai Bill
File:King Bill MF3D.png King Bill
File:Bill Blaster MF3D.png Bill Blaster
File:Torpedo Ted MF3D.png Torpedo Ted
File:Skull Box MF3D.png Skull Box
File:Spiny MF3D.png Spiny
Buzzy Beetle MF3D Buzzy Beetle
File:Bony Beetle MF3D.png Bony Beetle
File:Para-Beetle MF3D.png Para-Beetle
Dark Boo MF3D Dark Boo
Cheep Cheep MF3D Cheep-Cheep
Cheep Chomp MF3D Cheep-Chomp
Deep Cheep MF3D Deep-Cheep
Bob-omb MF3D Bob-omb
File:Podoboo MF3D.png Podoboo
File:Ember MF3D.png Ember
Fire Snake MF3D Fire Snake
File:Fishbone MF3D.png Fishbone
File:Mr. Blizzard MF3D.png Mr. Blizzard
File:Swooper MF3D.png Swooper
Mecha Koopa MF3D Mecha-Koopa
Pokey MF3D Pokey
Poison Pokey MF3D Poison Pokey
File:Mummipokey MF3D.png Mummipokey
Cactburn MF3D Cactburn
Cactice MF3D Cactice
File:Spear Guy MF3D.png Spear Guy
Goomba Stack MF3D Goomba Stack
Shy Stack MF3D Shy Stack
Chain Chomp MF3D Chain Chomp
File:King Chomp MF3D.png King Chomp
Chomp Head MF3D Chomp Head
File:Thwomp MF3D.png Thwomp
File:Whomp MF3D.png Whomp
File:Whimp MF3D.png Whimp
File:Wallop MF3D.png Wallop
File:Shroob MF3D.png Shroob
File:Bandinero MF3D.png Bandinero
File:Blockhopper MF3D.png Blockhopper
File:Evil Snake Block MF3D.png Evil Snake Block
File:Tiki Goon MF3D.png Tiki Goon
File:Tiki Buzz MF3D.png Tiki Buzz
File:Tiki Tank MF3D.png Tiki Tank
File:Tatanga MF3D.png Tatanga
File:Baron Brrr MF3D.png Baron Brrr
File:Baron Brrn MF3D.png Baron Brrn
File:Bouldergeist MF3D.png Bouldergeist
File:Topmaniac MF3D.png Topmaniac
File:Topman MF3D.png Topman
File:Topmini MF3D.png Topmini
File:Gobblegut MF3D.png Gobblegut
File:Sorbetti MF3D.png Sorbetti
File:Eviluma: MF3D.png Eviluma
File:Eyerok MF3D.png Eyerok
File:Big Bully MF3D.png Big Bully
File:Wart MF3D.png Wart
File:Mouser MF3D.png Mouser
File:Dimentio MF3D.png Dimentio
File:Amp MF3D.png Amp
File:Broozer MF3D.png Broozer
File:Bumpty MF3D.png Bumpty
File:Tap-Tap MF3D.png Tap-Tap
File:Bully MF3D.png Bully
File:Crabber MF3D.png Crabber
File:Crazy Dayzee MF3D.png Crazy Dayzee
File:Mr. I MF3D.png Mr. I
File:Amazy Dayzee MF3D.png Amazy Dayzee
File:Bubble Dayzee MF3D.png Bubble Dayzee
File:Mii MF3D.png Mii





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