'Mario Chase'
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Developer(s) Hammer Egg House, Inc.
Publisher(s) Nin10
Platform(s) Arcade Machine
Genre(s) 2D Platformer
Series Mario
Lava Path
Successor Lava Path 64
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of USA January 26, 1991
Age Rating(s) ESRB: ESRB K-A (Kids to Adults)
Available Input Joystick
Mario Chase is an arcade game developed by Hammer Egg House, Inc. and the first game in the Lava Path series. It takes place during the events of Super Mario World and is from a Blargg's perspective. The gameplay is to chase Mario across a lava lake and eat him, clearing the level. It was only released in the USA.



A gameplay screenshot.

The gameplay is simple: you control a Blargg chasing Mario. Though you can go faster than Mario, Mario can jump on ledges. Mario can also use Yoshi when he finds a Yoshi Egg. When he does, he can flutter jump, or throw eggs to slow you down. Yoshi only lasts for 10 seconds. Both players can also use items. Coins also appear. If you fall into a pit or Mario makes it to a gate, you get game over, but you proceed if you catch him.


All items can be used by either Mario or the Blargg. Each one is temporary.

Name Image Points Awared Rarity Description
Coin SMW Coin 100 1/5 These common items are key, because they are the only way to get extra lives. Grab 100 to do so, but they work on Mario too, so watch out.
Dragon Coin 120px-YIDS coin 500 N/A 5 will appear in a stage. They will not affect you, but grabbing them is important, due to the fact that Mario will get an extra life if he gets them all.
Cape Feather 120px-SMW Cape Feather 300 3/5 This item will give Mario flight powers, making him harder to catch and jumps more neccesary for you. If you gain it, you will be able to use two very high jumps.
Ice Flower Firefloweredit2 250 2/5 These items will give Mario the ability to shoot snowballs that create breaks in the lava. If you gain one, you will have the ability to spit snowballs that will travel in straight paths and will stun Mario if they make contact with him.
Yoshi Wings 119px-SMW Yoshi Wings 600 5/5 These amazing items will make you huge! They will only affect Mario if he has Yoshi, which will give him flight abilities.
Star 118px-SMW Star 500 4/5 These items will make Mario impossible to catch, giving you Game Over if you touch him! However, if you have it, you can go straight through obstacles and move much faster.


Original Track Track Music
Vanilla Dome Map - Super Mario World Title Screen
Super Mario World - Vanilla Dome

Super Mario World - Vanilla Dome

Koopaling Battle - Super Mario Bros. 3 Gameplay Theme
Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros. 3 - Koopa Kid Battle Theme

Death - Super Mario Bros. 2 (International Version) Game Over
Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros. 2 - You're Dead Theme

Course Clear - Super Mario Bros. 3 Mario Caught
Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros. 3 Music - Course Clear

Star World Map - Super Mario World High Score Leaderboards
Super Mario World - Star Road

Super Mario World - Star Road

Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World Hack


A screenshot (By HomestarSB9 (tbc))

Though the game was only officially released on an arcade cabinet, the game could also be played via hack on Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World. The game used the data from many of the games on the actual game, including the SMB2 and SMW character sprites, SMB3 tiles, SMB pipes and more. The only differences in this version was the graphics, Mario had a score as well, which would be recorded onto the high score leaderboards with yours, and the fact that Mario would exit the area via pipe.



  • The giant gate is smaller than it was in Super Mario World.

Beta Elements

  • The game was originally known as Lava Path. It was changed for unknown reasons.


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