Mario Basketball Ultra
Developer(s) LYON Games
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii
Release Date(s)
Exhibition, Tournament, Minigames, Options, Records
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Genre(s) Sports
Media Included Wii Disc

Mario Basketball Ultra is a basketball game for the Wii. Unlike its predecessor, Final Fantasy characters are not playable in this game. Many Mario characters return to this game, along with Special Shots. Unlock criteria for stages is much less complicated in this game. This game was originally going to be released for the 3DS.


Gameplay in Mario Basketball Ultra is similar to Mario Hoops 3-on-3. ? Boxes replace ? Panels in this game. Also, there are preset captains and players. Also, it is now 4-on-4 as opposed to 3-on-3.


Menu controls are in italic text. Wii Remote is held sideways.

2button: Shoot (Off.)/Jump (Def.)/Confirm selection

16px-Wiimote 1: Pass (Off.)/Steal (Def.)/Cancel selection

16px-Wiimote Dpad: Move/Select

12px-Wiimote B: Use item

Shake remote: Prepare special shot

Skill Types

Type Power Accuracy Speed Stealing
All-Around 5/10 6/10 6/10 5/10
Power 10/10 8/10 3/10 4/10
Speed 3/10 8/10 10/10 6/10
Technique 3/10 9/10 5/10


Special Shots

Special shots return from the DS game. In this edition, the player must first fill up all 5 units of the Star Meter, then upon filling, shake to charge up the shot. The next time the player shoots, the special shot will be used. Special shots always hit unless blocked. They count for however many points the shot would normally be worth, unlike Mario Hoops 3-on-3, in which they were always 4.

Playable Characters

Italics denotes unlockable. Underlined denotes newcomer.


There are 16 captains in Mario Basketball Ultra. 12 of them are default, and 4 unlockable.

Character + Team Skill Type Special Shot
Mario Fireballs All-Around Fire Shot
Luigi Vacuums All-Around Thunder Shot
Peach Hearts Technique Heart Shot
Daisy Flowers All-Around Flower Shot
Wario Garlics Power

Fart Dunk

Waluigi Spitballs Technique Tornado Shot
Yoshi Eggs Speed Rainbow Shot
Birdo Bows All-Around Egg Shot
DK Kongs Power Konga Slam
Diddy Monkeys Speed Bananarang Shot
Bowser Bombers Power Bullet Shot
Bowser Jr. Fangs Speed Paintball Shot
Koopa Shells Speed Shell Shot
Paratroopa Wings Technique Flying Dunk
Hammer Bro. Mallets Power Hammer Shot
Magikoopa Wizards Technique Magical Shot


An asterisk denotes that the character has a color change. There are 12 different partners in the game, 4 of which are unlockable.

Name Skill Type Special Shot
Toad* All-Around Shroom Dunk
Petey Piranha Power Gooey Shot
Blooper Speed Ink Shot
Pianta* Power Palm Tree Shot
Boo Technique Invisi-dunk
Shy Guy* All-Around Stilt Dunk

Baby Mario

Speed Mini-Fire Shot
Baby Luigi Speed Tear Shot
Monty Mole Power Burrow Dunk
Wiggler Technique Flutter Dunk
Dry Bones* Power Bone Shot
Mii* All-Around Laser Shot
Mbu css

The CSS for Mario Basketball Ultra. I know, its bad quality.

Unlock Criteria

  • Koopa Shells: Win an exhibition match with Bowser 10 times.
  • Paratroopa Wings: Win the Special Cup with Koopa.
  • Hammer Bro. Mallets: Win the Special Cup with Bowser Jr.
  • Magikoopa Wizards: Win an exhibition match with all captains once.
  • Monty Mole: Win the Special Cup with DK.
  • Wiggler: Win a cup with Petey Piranha on your team.
  • Dry Bones: Win a cup with Bowser and Koopa.
  • Noki: Win a cup with a Pianta on your team.


There are 6 stages in Mario Basketball Ultra. Unlockables in italics.

Stadium Description
Mario Stadium A stadium that is perfectly normal. Played in the Mushroom Cup.
Piranha Gardens A garden stadium where Piranha Plants occasionally pop out. Played in the Flower Cup.
Bowser's Castle A castle stadium where lava occasionally falls onto the stage. Played in the Star Cup.
Rainbow Road A space stadium where meteors can crash down, and players can fall off. Played in the Special Cup.
Classic Court: Sunset Beach A beach stadium where Cheep-Cheeps will jump out onto the court.
Classic Court: Bloocheep Sea An underwater court where Bloopers and Clams can harm the player.

Unlock Criteria

  • Piranha Gardens: Win the Flower Cup.
  • Bowser's Castle: Win the Star Cup
  • Rainbow Road: Win the Special Cup.
  • Sunset Beach: Ultra-rank a character.
  • Bloocheep Sea: Win all normal tournaments with Blooper on your team.



Choose custom teams, rules and stages and head to the courts. Can be played with up to four players. The list of options is as follows:

  • ? Panels: On/Off
  • Time: 1:00 to 5:00 in increments of :30.
  • Periods: 2/4
  • Difficulty: Beginner, Amateur, Professional, Champion (Unlocked by winning Ultra Special Cup)


Choose your team and cup, and start a three-round tournament. Once the normal Special Cup is beaten, the Ultra Cups are unlocked, which are harder versions of the original four. When any Ultra Cup is won, the four players on the team turn into Ultra characters, enhanced versions of their original.


There are four minigames in which you can hone your skills. Each game has four difficulty levels, unlocked by beating the previous one. (i.e. level 2 is unlocked by beating level 1, and so on)

  • Around the World: See here
  • Boss Battle: Battle a boss. (In order of level, Boom Boom, Ludwig Von Koopa, Dark Bowser, Culex)
  • Horse: A game of HORSE.
  • Special Drill: Have a game with a computer in which only special shots can be used.


Where several options are accessed, such as volume level, screen adjustment and more.


A list of exhibition, tournament and minigame records.


Items can be received by walking through ? Boxes. The B button should then be pressed to use the item. Here is a list of items in the game.

  • Banana Peel: Causes players to slip when stepped on.
  • Green Shell: Bounces 5 times, stunning players on impact.
  • Red Shell: Homes in on the ball carrier, but cannot bounce.
  • Spiny Shell: Homes in on the ball carrier, and can go in the air. Upon impact, it explodes.
  • Bob-omb: Throw to detonate.
  • Mushroom: Speeds up a player.
  • Bullet Bill: Homes in on a random player, exploding on impact.
  • Star: Makes a player invincible for a brief period.
  • Lightning: Shrinks all opponents.
  • Fireball: Launches 5 fireballs that bounce everywhere!

References to Other Games

  • Super Mario Bros. 3: Boom Boom is fought in this game along with Ludwig Von Koopa, both of whom originated in this game.
  • Super Mario RPG: Culex is fought in this game. His theme plays during the fight.
  • Paper Mario: A remix of the first part of the final battle is played on the Bowser Castle court.
  • Mario Hoops 3-on-3: Much content returns from this game, including two courts.
  • Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story: Dark Bowser, the final boss from this game, is fought on level 3 of boss battles.
  • Super Mario 3D Land: Boom Boom's special shot and steal are like his attacks from this game.
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