Mario Basketball: Mushroom Tourney is a sequel to Mario Hoops 3-on-3 for the Nintendo 3DS. It features new characters, new courts and new modes. It is unknown when it will come out.

Mario Basketball: Mushroom Tourney
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Developer(s) Superfiremario inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) Sports; Basketball
Release Date(s) Early 2012
Mode(s) Single Player

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Age Rating(s) N/A



There are three courts in each cup. (with the exception of Special Cup) Some of them are gimmicky and some are easy.

3DS Cups

Mushroom Cup

  • Mario Stadium
  • Koopa Troopa Seaside
  • Peach's Castle

Fire Cup

  • Luigi's Mansion
  • DK Backyard
  • Daisy's Racetrack

1-Up Cup

  • Toad Valley
  • Flame Field
  • Hammer Bro.'s Island

Rainbow Cup

  • Wario Casino
  • Bowser Jr. City
  • Bowser's Castle
  • Rainbow Ride

DS Cups

Ice Cup

  • Mario Stadium
  • Koopa Beach
  • Peach Field

Lightning Cup

  • DK Cruiser
  • Luigi's Mansion
  • Daisy Garden

Star Cup

  • Wario Factory
  • Jr. Street
  • Bowser's Castle

Special Cup

  • Sherbet Land
  • Bloocheep Sea
  • Piarate Ship
  • Rainbow Ship


These are the items you can get by an Item Box. Item Boxes are all over the court. When you touch an Item Box a roullette will appear at the top of the screen and it will become an item.

While coins cannot be found in Item Boxes, they  



  • Toad: Beat Mushroom Cup on easy mode.
  • Toadette: Play at least 1 online match or enter a secret cheat code: 1RYINB
  • Petey Pirhana: Beat the Rainbow Cup on Easy Mode
  • Baby Mario: Beat the Ice Cup on easy mode
  • Funky Kong: Beat the Special Cup on Easy mode.
  • Rosalina: Beat the mission: "Save the Luma!"
  • Mii: Collect 50,000 coins in total.

Alternate colors

  • Red Yoshi: Beat the Fire Cup on Easy mode.
  • Blue Yoshi: Beat the Mushroom Cup on Hard mode
  • Yellow Yoshi: Beat the Lightning Cup on Easy Mode
  • Pink Yoshi: Beat the Star Cup on Easy Mode
  • Blue Toad: Beat the Fire Cup on Hard Mode
  • Yellow Toad: Enter Cheat code: GHYTEGM04
  • Green Toad: Beat Ice Cup on Hard Mode
  • Fire Mario: Beat Fire Cup on Expert Mode
  • Ice Mario: Beat Ice Cup on Expert Mode.
  • Fire Luigi: Beat Lightning Cup on Expert Mode
  • Ice Luigi: Beat Star Cup on Expert Mode
  • Green Paratroopa: Beat Rainbow Cup on Hard Mode
  • Yellow Birdo: Beat Mushroom Cup on Expert Mode
  • Green Birdo: Beat the mission: "Do fifty goals in a minute!"
  • Thunder Mario: Beat Lightning Cup on Hard Mode.


  • DS Cups: Do all 3DS Cups in whatever mode you need to unlock them.
  • Battle Courts: You get them via SpotPass.
  • Secret Starway: Unlock all the characters and alternate colors.


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