Mario Baseball Stars is an upcoming Nintendo Wii U baseball sport game, which is the overall third title in the Mario Baseball series, also the game continues the tradition of being on a home console once again. This new installment will be called Mario All-Stars Baseball in Japan, but the other regions where the game will be sold stick to the main name, Mario Baseball Stars. The game will be released January 13 in America and Japan, then, breaking a tradition, for the baseball titles only be sold in Japan and America, the game will be released in Europe and Australlia July 21. The game will have many old and new features that appear, and the game will also include some new characters added to the roster and all new colorful and high quality stadiums based on some retro characters and some new characters, such as Koopa Beach, Waluigi Pinball and Diddy Kong's Western Junction.

Developer(s) Hammers R Us Inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii U
Genre(s) Sports
Release Date(s) 13th January 2013 (JAPAN/AMERICA)

21st January 2013 (EUROPE/AUSTRALLIA

Mode(s) See section "Modes"
Age Rating(s) E for Everyone
Media Included Nintendo Wii U Disc


The gameplay is very similar to both previous installments, although with some of the new features Nintendo Wii U brings a few new gameplay elements are added to the game itself, the developers trying to make a better experience for the players;


Instead of actually setting up fielding and batting places by moving the Wii remote and selecting players can use the Tablet, this new features allows the player to set up characters and also when the next batter hits where the computers runners should run, if a computer runner is about get out, the computer is smart enough to go back, but it depends on how fast they get back to determine if they are out or safe.

Players can now favourite teams and set-ups for teams so it's just a quick tap and your team is ready!


Batting stays the same as in the previous installments, although every character now has their very own unique Special Swing to use is their team has filled the gauge to perform one. Also returning is Superstar Match Ups, this time being called Star Rivals.


Running is mainly like other installments, but instead of pressing when to stop running, before the next bat the players will set-up where the players should go (see Set-Up) and the computers will follow. Also before running the players will chose who they'd like to be to run on the bases (either the batter, or a team member on the bases) and will have to shake the Remote up and down as if running to the next base, pressing A to stop on a base and B to quickly run back to the previous.


Pitching is the same as the other two installments, throwing different balls so the batter can hit the ball, but now all team players have Special Pitches which are performed when filling the team's Special Gauge up. Like mentioned in Batting, Superstar Match-Up returns, but called Star Rival in which if the Pitcher gets three strikes on the batter their team will get their gauge filled (which can be filled up to five times) or if changing on settings, they will get a point, but if the batter gets around to base 2 or 3 then they will get the prize, sometimes neither member will get the prize.


Fielding has changed slightly but the gameplay is mainly the same as it normally is in other installments, buddy jumps, fielding abilities and chemistry all apply, and fielders can still get used items on by Batters, the new features is that you will instantly become the player closest to the ball when it goes into mid-air.


Items are back on the stadium, but there are a few major changes;

  • Batters will get an item every turn, batters have the most selection of items out of each of the four roles
  • Pitchers have very few items but can also use items, these have the least selection of items
  • Fielders can use items and have the 2nd largest amount of selection
  • Runners can use items but there are only a few, this role has the 3rd largest amount of items




Playable Characters

116 Characters are playable in Mario Baseball Stars, 72 Returing characters and 44 Newcomers.15 of which are Captains, and there are 101 teamates. All of these have their own type which gives them advantages and disadvantages on the stadium.

  • Balance: Balance characters have balanced stats but don't exceed in a certain skil.
  • Skill: Skill characters have great, throws and pitches, but aren't as good with trick moves like curve balls.
  • Power: Power characters have amazing strength and powerful hits, but are the slowest of all characters.
  • Speed: Speed characters have great speed and can get to a base in no time, but are lacking raw power.
  • Tricky: Tricky characters have lots of tricky moves and are very lucky, but have lots of low stats, few high.

Captain Characters

Icon Name Type Fielding Ability Star Swing Star Pitch Team Symbols
Mario~ Balance Enlarge Fire Swing Fire Ball

Fire Flower, Mario Cap, Shine Sprite

Luigi~ Balance Enlarge Thunder Swing Thunder Ball Green Cap, Kinght, Lightning Bolt
Peach~ Skill Quick Lipstick Throw Heart Swing Lovely Ball Heart, Crown, Angel Wings
Yoshi~ Speed Tongue Catch Egg Swing Rainbow Ball Egg, Rainbow, Dinosaur Fossil
Wario~ Power Coin Dive Garlic Swing Gassy Ball Garlic, Wrench, Weights
Waluigi~ Skill Croupier Throw Gambling Luck Swing Confusion Illusion Ball Coin, Blue Shell, Ace of Spades
Daisy~ Speed Flower Jump Blossom Swing Flower Power Ball Daisy, Boat, Orange Blossoms
Birdo~ Balance Suction Catch Heart Broken Swing Suction Swing Bow, Ring, Emerald
DK~ Power Earthquake Banana Curve Swing Banana Ball Banana, Barrel, Ukiki
Bowser~ Power Winged Shell Jump Bullet Bill Swing Banzai Ball Bowser Face, Flames, Bullet Bill
Bowser Jr.~ Tricky Paintbrush Slide Graffiti Swing Paint Ball Bob-Omb, Paint Splat, Jr. Mask
Diddy Kong~ Speed Jet Pack Jump Ninja Shadow Swing Shiruken Ball Cowboy Hat, Peanut, Shiruken
Rosalina Skill Cosmic Dash Star Bit Swing Ice Flower Ball Star, Freezie, Iceberg
Lubba Tricky Launch Star Throw Comet Swing Cosmic Ball Planet, Galaxy, Comet
Shadow Mario Tricky Shadow Transport ~ ~ Shadows, M Logo, Paintbrush

~= Default Captain


Icon Name Type Fielding Ability Star Swing Star Pitch Default Captain
Baby Mario Speed Rattle Dash Mallet Swing Baby Ball Mario
Baby Luigi Speed Super Cape Super Swing Bouncy Ball Luigi
Baby Peach Tricky Parasol Jump Perry Swing Royal Curve Ball Birdo
Baby Daisy Speed Moo Moo Ride Blossom Bomb Swing Cry Baby Ball Birdo
Baby Yoshi Speed Balloon Catch Glow Swing Bubble Ball Yoshi
Baby DK Tricky Clamber Vine Swing Tiki Ball DK
Red Toad Speed Mushroom Bounce 'Shroom Swing Speedster Ball Peach
Toadette Speed 1- Up Run Melody Swing Rhythm Ball Daisy
Toadsworth Skill Fungus Throw Poison 'Shroom Swing Slow Curve Peach
Blue Pianta Power Palm Tree Catch Tropical Swing Power Punch Mario
Blue Noki Speed Bubble Jump Seaside Swing Super Ball Mario
Mona Balance Motorbike Boost Pizza Frisbee Swing You just got served Ball Wario
Jimmy T. Skill Boogie Down Dive Diva Swing Groovin' Ball Wario
Funky Kong Power Surfer Speed Surf's Up Swing Tidal Wave Ball DK
Candy Kong Balance Vine Catch Candy Cane Swing Sugar Rush DK
Dixie Kong Skill Cannon Catch Pinky Peanut Swing Pink Power Ball Diddy Kong
Tiny Kong Balance Totem Pole Jump Monkey Swing Arrow Ball Diddy Kong
King K. Rool Power Barrel Roll Flaming Barrel Swing Strong Throw DK
Green Kritter Balance Chain Catch Klaptrap Swing ??? Diddy Kong
Goomba Balance Headbonk Dive Headbonk Headbut Headbonk Ball DK
Paragoomba Balance Super Jump Wing Swing Gale  Force Wind Ball DK
Green Koopa Balance Shell Spin Golden Shell Swing Wario
Red Paratroopa Skill Sky High Dive

Cloud Swing

Red Lakitu Balance Cloud 9 Catch Spiny Swing Daisy
Blue Magikoopa Balance Magical Catch Magic Swing Bowser
Hammer Bro. Power Bro. Jump Giga Hammer Swing Bowser Jr.
Boo Tricky Invisiboo Thriller Swing Luigi
Dry Bones Tricky Scatter Dive Electro Swing Waluigi
King Boo Tricky Phantom Throw Spooky Swing Luigi
Dry Bowser Power Flame Throw Blue Inferno Swing Bowser
Petey Piranha Power Sludge Slide Sludge Swing Daisy
Wiggler Skill Flutter Jump Angry Attack Swing Daisy
Monty Mole Power Burrow Underground Bunt Swing Daisy
Red Shy Guy Skill Shy Dive Thunder Swing Birdo
Fly Guy Skill Turbo Propeller Spear Swing Waluigi
Blooper Tricky Ink Dive Inksplosion Swing Daisy
Boom Boom Power Pow Block Stop Bowser Shell Swing Bowser
Pom Pom Power Pomerang Throw Pomerang Swing Bowser
Metal Mario Power Metal Conveyor Metallic Magic Swing Shadow Mario
Yellow Luma Skill Mini Star Throw Power Star Swing Lubba
Star Bunny Tricky Bunny Hop Crazy Carrot Swing Rosalina
Honey Queen Tricky Slippery Honey Honey Bomb Swing Rosalina
Penguin Tricky Iceberg Slide Blizzard Bunt Rosalina
Whittle Tricky Leaf Veil Catch Autumn Days Swing Rosalina
Dino Piranha Power Dino Tail Whip Prehistoric Swing Rosalina
Geno Balance

7 Stars Throw

Puppet Swing Rosalina
Mii Optional Spotlight Catch Super Swing Extra


Type/Color Name Type Fielding Ability Star Swing Star Pitch Default Captain
Yoshi Speed Tongue Catch Yoshi
Yoshi Speed Tongue Catch Extra
Yoshi Speed Tongue Catch Yoshi
Yoshi Speed Tongue Catch Yoshi
Yoshi Speed Tongue Catch Yoshi
Yoshi Skill Tongue Catch Extra
Yoshi Speed Tongue Catch Yoshi
Yoshi Power Tongue Catch Extra
Yoshi Balance Tongue Catch Extra
Yoshi Tricky Tongue Catch Extra
Toad Speed Mushroom Bounce Peach
Toad Speed Mushroom Bounce Peach
Toad Speed Mushroom Bounce Peach
Toad Speed Mushroom Bounce Peach
Kritter Balance Chain Catch Diddy Kong
Kritter Balance Chain Catch Diddy Kong
Kritter Power Chain Catch Diddy Kong
Koopa Balance Shell Spin Luigi
Paratroopa Skill Sky High Dive Mario
Lakitu Balance Cloud 9 Catch Wario
Magikoopa Balance Magical Catch Bowser
Magikoopa Balance Magical Catch Bowser Jr.
Magikoopa Balance Magical Catch Bowser
Fire Hammer Bro. Power Bro. Jump Bowser Jr.
Ice Hammer Bro. Power Bro. Jump Bowser Jr.
Boomerang Hammer Bro. Power Bro. Jump Bowser Jr.
Boo Tricky Invisiboo Wario
Boo Tricky Invisibomb Wario
Dry Bones Tricky Scatter Dive Waluigi
Dry Bones Tricky Scatter Dive Waluigi
Dry Bones Tricky Scatter Dive Bowser Jr.
Shy Guy Skill Shy Dive Wario
Shy Guy Skill Shy Dive Birdo
Shy Guy Skill Shy Dive Birdo
Shy Guy Skill Shy Dive Birdo
Luma Skill Mini Star Throw Lubba
Luma Skill Mini Star Throw Lubba
Luma Skill Mini Star Throw Lubba
Luma Tricky Mini Star Throw Lubba
Luma Tricky Mini Star Throw Lubba
Pianta Power Palm Tree Catch Mario
Pianta Power Palm Tree Catch Mario
Noki Speed Bubble Dive Mario
 Noki Skill Bubble Dive Luigi

Downloadable Teamates


Only two characters appear in the game that are not playable, these characters act as hosts and will comment on the game and at the end of the game, highlighting the best parts, players of the match and generally talking about how the game went.

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