Mario Baseball 3DS is an upcoming 3DS game for the Mario Baseball series (3rd in total.) The game features a total 121 characters (133 counting downloadable) in the game, including 50 (+12 downloadable) new characters. Hammers R Us Inc. have stated it will come out close to Summer but before the Wii U comes out. They have also answered in an interview that there will be new actions such as shaking the 3DS to get to a base and tapping the touch screen when you want to get to a certain base!

Retro Features and New Features (listed)


  • RBI Challenges
  • Story Mode like previous in Mario Super Sluggers
  • Star Players return
  • Items
  • All stadiums return
  • Chemistry Good/Bad
  • Options of how many Innings
  • 9 on a team is available


  • New actions and controls
  • All new characters
  • Any character can be a captain
  • New stadiums
  • Downloadable characters
  • Every character gets a special hit and pitch.
  • Tournament Mode
  • Optional to be Mushroom Kingdom style with 12 on a team or standard baseball.


Story Mode

Play through story mode and defeat Bowser!

Match Mode

Play a match, multiplayer or single

Records Mode

Check your records

Options Mode

Select the options.

Toy Field

Practice Mode

Practice different things

Mission Mode

Play missions from Story Mode.



A Button: (Hold) Charge up.

A Button: (Release) (After hold) Preform charge bat.

A Button: (Press) Hit the ball.

B Button: (Press) Bunt.

X+B Buttons: (If enough energy)(Press) Special Bat.

L/R Button: Swap which way batting.


Pitching is using touch screen mechanics;

Straight Line: Normal pitch..

Press on one spot and hold: (If enough energy) Star Pitch.

Curved Line: Curve.

Straight Line: (fast swipe) Fastball.

Straight Line: (slowly) Change up.

Straight Line: (pointing to any base) Pick-off throw.

Circle Pad: Move pitcher

A+Y and Straight Line: (hold then release) Charge up pitch.

L/R Buttons: Change which hand the pitcher throws with.


When fielding you will control one character at a time, first the closest character to the ball will be activated to use these are the controls;

  • Circle Pad: Move the player
  • Touch a player's face on touch screen: throw to that player

If the player does not need to throw and is near the bases they can then;

  • Tag a base preventing any runners to stop running and if not on a base they are out by going near a base and pressing the A' Button'.


  • Tag a runner before they get to a base causing them to be out, by coming next to a runner and pressing the A Button

Fielding Ability: L/R Button


Before you bat you will need to set up the following

  • Which base each runner will go to by touching that player and moving them to a spot

While runners run, there may be a problem of character tagging a base if so you can;

  • Make any player retreat to the previous base by dragging them back and shaking the 3DS.

When running;

  • When the screen says GO! start shaking the 3DS to run.
  • When the screen says STOP! it means all players are on the preferred bases and you must stop shaking the 3DS.

General Options

Start Button: Pause game (while playing a match)

When setting your team up;

  • L/R to change a characters colour
  • Touch a character to confirm

Playable Characters (including Alternate Colours)

Note: Stat Key is; P=Pitching, B= Batting, F=Fielding, R=Running

Note 2: Special Bat and Pitches are not in this section

Note 3: Most descriptions are the same as Mario Super Sluggers


The characters selection screen on the bottom screen of the 3DS (no alternate colours or downloadable characters included)

Character: Description: Stats: Fielding Special Team Name: Best Area:
Mario A 5-tool player who can hit, run, and pitch!
  • P:6/10
  • B:7/10
  • F=6/10
  • R=7/10
Fire Speed Dive Mario Fireballs Batting/Running
Luigi A 5-tool player who can jump, pitch, and hit!
  • P:6/10
  • B:6/10
  • F:7/10
  • R:7/10
Poltergust Suck Luigi Ghouls Fielding/Running
Peach A slap hitter who can pitch the lights out.
  • P:9/10
  • B:4/10
  • F:8/10
  • R:5/10
Ball Charm Grab Peach Royalty Pitching
Daisy Her amazing glove is her best feature but like Peach she lacks Running and Batting skills.
  • P:7/10
  • B:6/10
  • F:8/10
  • R:5/10
Flower Spin Twirl Jump Daisy Flowers Fielding
Yoshi A top speedster who will run best on base or field!
  • P:4/10
  • B:4/10
  • F:6/10
  • R:9/10
Tongue Catch Yoshi Eggs Running
Birdo An All-Around good player which has a hard time hitting curves.
  • P:4/10
  • B:8/10
  • F:7/10
  • R:5/10
Suction Catch Birdo Bows Batting
Wario Good stamina and a great contact zone but with fielding, like money he tends to keep the ball as a habit.
  • P:5/10
  • B:8/10
  • F:3/10
  • R:4/10
Money Bag Dive Wario Garlics Batting
Waluigi Charge swings drop power, but increase hits.
  • P:8/10
  • B:4/10
  • F:8/10
  • R:5/10
Bob-Omb Bounce Waluigi Spitballs Pitching/Fielding
DK A powerful hitter who can also climb up walls!
  • P:6/10
  • B:9/10
  • F:3/10
  • R:2/10
Barrel Catch Donkey Kong Wilds Batting
Diddy Kong His hits and pitches move like crazy!
  • P:5/10
  • B:4/10
  • F:8/10
  • R:6/10
Jet Pack Jump Diddy Kong Bananas Fielding
Bowser His almighty strength makes up for his lack of Running and Fielding skills.
  • P:5/10
  • B:10/10
  • F:3/10
  • R:3/10
Flamethrower Bowser Monsters Batting
Bowser Jr. A pitcher with great ball and bat control!
  • P:5/10
  • B:7/10
  • F:4/10

Official Teams

Captain Sub-Captain M1 M2 M3 M4 M5 M6 M7
Mario Luigi B. Noki G. Noki R. Noki B. Pianta Y. Pianta R. Pianta Monty Mole
Peach Daisy R. Toad Y. Toad B. Toad G. Toad P. Toad Toadsworth Toadette
Wario Waluigi Boo Blooper Petey Piranha B. Kamek G. Kamek Y. Kamek R. Kamek
Yoshi Birdo R. Yoshi LB. Yoshi B. Yoshi Y. Yoshi P. Yoshi W. Yoshi Black Yoshi
DK Diddy Kong Kritter Baby DK Funky Kong Dixie Kong Red Kritter Blue Kritter Brown Kritter
Bowser Bowser Jr Hammer Bro Fire Bro Boomerang Bro Dry Bones Red Dry Bones Green Dry Bones

Blue Dry Bones


Name How to Unlock
Mario Stadium Unlocked
Peach Ice Garden Unlocked
Yoshi Park Unlocked
Wario City Unlocked
DK Jungle Unlocked
Bowser Castle Unlocked
Luigi Mansion Complete Mario Stadium
Daisy Cruiser Complete Peach Ice Garden
Birdo Palace Complete Yoshi Park
Waluigi Field Complete Wario City
Diddy Kong Gigantic Tram Complete DK Jungle
Bowser Jr Playroom Complete Bowser Castle


See here

Special Hit, Pitch and Bat

For the first time in the series, any character has the ability to use a special hit or pitch. Note that Miis do have specials 

Character: Special Batting Hit Special Pitch When to use
Mario Fireball Bat Fireball Pitch 5 batters safe
Luigi Tornado Bat Tornado Pitch All batters safe
Peach Love Bat Love Pitch 6 batters out
Daisy Flower Bat Flower Pitch 4 -1
Yoshi Egg Bat Egg Pitch 10 - 6
Birdo Bow Bat Bow Pitch 78 - 69
Wario Garlic Bat Garlic Pitch 1000 - 999
Waluigi Spitball Bat Spitball Pitch All batters safe
Diddy Kong
Bowser Jr.
Mii Extreme Mii Bat Extreme Mii Bat


see here


There are new items introduced some being special to certain to some stadiums.

Retro Items

  • Bob-Omb
  • Pow-Ball
  • Mini Boos (Appears as item for Luigi's Mansion)
  • Green Shell
  • Banana Peels (Appears as item for DK Jungle)
  • Fireballs

Special Area Items

Name of Stadium and Item Effect
Mario Stadium Mushroom Boosts speed when running.
Peach's Castle Heart Confuses some fielders for a short period of time.
Yoshi Park Piranha Plant Thrown close to where ball lands and will bite players who come close for a short time period.
Wario City Garlic When the ball lands a gas will appear and fielders will want to stay away for a short period of time
DK Jungle Banana Peels Makes opponents slip if they contact with them.
Rosalina's Ice World Freezie Will freeze an opponent for a short period of time
Mushroom Gorge Mega Mushroom The batter will grow bigger and this will increase the chance of getting a home run!
Koopa Troopa Beach Blue Shell Works like Bob-Omb but reacts when players come near.
Bowser's Castle Bowser Shell Works like a Green Shell but is more powerful and causes more destruction.
Bowser Jr.'s Playroom Chain Chomp This will attack fielders for a short period of time.
Luigi's Mansion Mini Boos The ball will be invisible for a short period of time.
Daisy's Cruiser ??? ???.
Birdo's Candy Land ??? ???.
Waluigi Pinball ??? ???.
Toadette's Music Room ??? ???.
Shy Guy Airplane ??? ???.


Additional Credits


  • Artwork of Toadbert, if you want it without a glove you can get to it here.
  • Artwork of Baby Mario, if you want it without a glove you can get to it here.

Roster Credits

  • SonicWiki made some images I made into icons one of which being Flutter
  • Arend made some images that I made into icons too
  • McQueenMario also did too.
  • TOM.V.12 made the 3D Ashley artwork and Ashley,Jimmy T., Penguin, Kat and Ana's icons for me
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