Mario Badminton is a 3DS game set to be released in the holiday of 2012. It is the first installment in the Mario Badminton series. It is a game by Lucoshi Productions.


Game Controls

The player has to shoot with the stylus or with a button. Here are all the shot types:

  • Serve - A 3DS
  • Drive - A 3DS
  • Smash - X 3DS
  • Drop - B 3DS
  • Super Shot* - Y
  • Every Character got his/her own Super Shot

Game Modes


Similar to the Mario Tennis games, exhibition mode is a basic versus mode. Players can choose a singles or doubles match. After that, they can choose their character and opponents. The opponent's CPU's difficulty can be chosen after that, ranking from lowest to highest: novice, intermediate, expert, pro, and champion. After this, players can choose any court they currently have, and then they can determine the games and sets. After this, the match starts.

Tournament Mode

Tournament mode is very similar to the tournament mode in the Mario Tennis games. Players must have to win the first cup to unlock the next.





There are 4 normal Tournaments:

Mario Badminton Channel

At the Mario Badminton Channel Players can play online with other players. From time to time there is a tournament with 2 or more characters to unlock.

Egg Cup



Yoshi Falls

Good Egg Galaxy



  • Officially, this game should been produced in 2011, but it was cancelled. Now it has started up again.
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