Mario Adventure 2
Developer(s) Playtendo
Publisher(s) Legend, Playtendo
Platform(s) Legend Hyper Computer, Others
Release Date(s)
May 20XX
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer
Media Included Games
Mario Adventure 2 Is a Platforming Game created by Playtendo. It was released on May 20 20XX in All countries. It was released on the 15th Anniversary of Playtendo.

It is the sequel to Mario Adventure and returns with more playable characters. This is the first game Daisy and Browser are Playable in as well as Dark Mario and Dark Peach.

The game was a commercial success and was a hit on the Platendo 123 Console. The game also had a fan remake on the Legend fan computer. The game was then renamed as Mario Adventure 2 Battle.


The game Takes place 4 Months after the events of Mario Adventure.....

The game stars with browser breaking into a top secret mushroom kingdom base looking for a science escpearament. He then finds a pod which he opens with a shine star. Dark Mario then aperaers with the other dark versions of Mario and his friends. Browser then looks and thinks its mario and friends trying to stop him. But Dark Mario introduces himself and he destroys a Mushroom Kingdom S.W.A.T bot.

After this. Browser is amazed of Dark Mario's Power, but Dark Mario says it was only a sample. Browser then retreats with them back to his secret base and orders them to go and capture the other shine sprites. They do as they are told. (To be continued)


The gameplay is separated into two sides, Good and Evil sides. The Character the player selects determines the Gameplay.

Mario: Get to Point A to Point B

Luigi: Suck up all the ghost

Peach: Defeat all Koopas

Yoshi and Daisy: Get to Point a To Point b As fast as you can

Dark Mario: Get to Point A to Point B

Dark Luigi: Suck up all the ghost

Dark Peach: Defeat all Koopas

Dark Yoshi and Dark Daisy: Get to Point a To Point b As fast as you can

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